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What to Do at the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Hockey Hall of Fame
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What to Do at the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Planning out a trip to the esteemed Hockey Hall of Fame? Leave the best parts to us so you’ll know where to start your tour.

Top Fun Things You Shouldn’t Miss

The Hockey Hall of Fame is truly a gem not only for Torontonians but for all hockey fans across the world. Compared to your typical art gallery, this premier destination is interactive, making the experience more immersive for fans.

Here are some fun things you shouldn’t miss during your visit:

  • Even our architect friends marveled at the nine-foot-tall statue of Gordie Howe at the entrance foyer. It’s one sight to behold and surely sets the tour ablaze for an exciting trip ahead.
  • If you’re suffering from a terrible TV experience, move along towards the TSN Theater to watch popular Stanley Cup playoff moments. As a nod to true entertainment, the screening combines both 3D animation and live-action.
  • History lessons at your college may bore you, so seeing the Honda NHL Zone can give you a push. For hockey fans, seeing the history and milestones of the NHL may be one of the most important trips of their lives.
  • If your hands can’t seem to play the right tunes on the piano, maybe you’re more fit for something more “adventurous”. Shoot a goal at the NHLPA Game Time and you might just unlock the hockey star in you.
  • Even the most expensive stones at jewelry stores have nothing against the exhibit hall of the Stanley Cup dynasties. Featuring the 9 franchises that dominated the NHL, it’s a true historic treasure for a true hockey fan.
  • You might want to renovate your basement after seeing the incredible Collector’s Corner and turn it into your own museum. One view of the area will have you gawking at the premium collectibles on display.
  • Make your heart flutter like a full stomach on a tasty brunch by walking through the Esso Great Hall. It’s the heart of the destination featuring important NHL trophies, and you know, the Stanley Cup that everyone is dying to see.
  • Shop like it’s a part of your workout routine at the Spirit of Hockey Retail Store. It’s pretty straightforward really – just make sure you have enough to splurge and you can get hockey souvenirs.

Other Activities to Try

Now that we have all the highlights out of the way, let’s get into other activities you can try within the area. For this one, we’ll focus on dining because we know every guest deserves a treat after the tour.

  • A taste of Italian cuisine will surely set the stage right for Biff’s Bistro. It features seasonal menus from Europe plus refreshing cocktails to drown the food down.
  • Like a well-loved cafe, Tim Hortons has all the best pastries and coffees for an afternoon trip. Plus it has some hockey exhibits too!

There are plenty of things you can see at the Hockey Hall of Fame that will surely make your hockey heart happy. Enjoy!