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5 Best Strip Clubs in Toronto That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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My buddies from Chicago hit me up out of the blue, saying they were heading to Toronto for the weekend and needed a place—well, mine—to crash. Apparently, one of them was nursing a broken heart and was set on hitting up a couple of strip clubs. 

Now, I’m not exactly a seasoned strip club connoisseur, but hey, when duty calls, you gotta step up to the plate, right? 

After a bit of sleuthing and asking around, we decided to go on the ultimate weekend strip club crawl to check out the most awesome strip clubs the city has to offer. And let me tell you, it turned out to be one heck of a wild ride.

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or need a distraction from a broken heart, definitely check out this curated list of Toronto’s best strip clubs!

If you opt for private dances or VIP experiences, prices can vary widely based on the club and the dancer. Rates usually begin at around $20 per song but can climb to hundreds of dollars for longer sessions.

Atmosphere: We evaluated the overall ambiance of each strip club, including lighting, decor, and music, to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable experience for patrons.
Talent: We considered the caliber of performers, looking for clubs with skilled dancers who offer captivating performances and diverse styles.
Hospitality: We prioritized clubs with attentive staff who provide exceptional customer service, creating a comfortable and accommodating environment for guests.
Safety: We looked for clubs that prioritize patron safety, implementing effective security measures and maintaining a secure atmosphere for all visitors.
Amenities: We considered the additional amenities offered, such as bars, lounges, and VIP areas, to enhance the overall experience for patrons.
Cleanliness: We evaluated the cleanliness and hygiene standards of each club, ensuring a sanitary environment for guests to enjoy.
Reputation: We considered the club’s reputation and reviews from patrons, looking for establishments with a positive track record and satisfied customers.
Value: We weighed the overall value proposition of each club, considering factors such as pricing, drink specials, and entertainment value.

1. House Of Lancaster

ADDRESS1215 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N4

(416) 534-2385


Sunday: 6 PM – 2 AM

The House of Lancaster was founded by Spiro and his late brother in 1981, and it’s been a go-to spot for celebrities, athletes, and music icons. In fact, their clients include the who’s who of the entertainment world—from Led Zeppelin to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Inside the club, the stage DJ brings the energy to new heights, and we had fun watching their talented performers dance! We also love their amazing bottle service deals and the wide selection of liquor to boot.

We also learned that bachelor and bachelorette parties are held here regularly, which is pretty cool compared to other clubs that only have male guests.

What was not cool was the sometimes pushy upselling of the wait staff. But other than that, we had a blast here!


  • Open since 1981
  • Have had notable clients
  • Great bottle service deals and selection
  • Has a cool stage DJ
  • Known for bachelor and bachelorette parties


  • Pushy upselling

One of the best clubs – great service, girls, bartenders

“One of the best clubs – great service, girls, bartenders are amazing. It’s the place to be on weekends. Come here and pop bottles and you’ll have a blast. 10/10.”

Chanel Chanel, Google Review

Amazing dancers, really cheap bottle service

“Wow!! I had the best time for my friends to bachelorette party last weekend! Amazing dancers, fantastic waitresses, and really cheap bottle service. The Veuve was a great price for the city and they did mimosa service lol Amazing time! Will come back just to drink!”

D Corr, Google Review

2. Club Paradise

ADDRESS1313 Bloor St West, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1P1



(416) 535-0723


If you want a top-notch strip club experience, you gotta check out Club Paradise. They’ve got gorgeous dancers, top-notch entertainment, and classy service.

When we went into the club, we really dug their sophisticated yet modern decor, complete with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. They also have private booths and a smoking room at the back.

Furthermore, we have to give a shout-out to their friendly and down-to-earth dancers. We thought they were quite talented, too. 

Upon ordering drinks, we noticed their extensive list of top-shelf liquors and craft cocktails, pretty much covering the diverse tastes of our group.

We also saw that their VIP doors closed (a rarity in many clubs). Booking a VIP room seems like a win-win because they offer bottle service and no cover charge for VIP access.

On the other hand, we found their bouncer to be kind of rude, so watch out for that guy.


  • Sophisticated yet modern decor
  • State-of-the-art lighting and sound
  • Has private booths and a smoking room
  • Has a closed VIP room
  • Friendly and down-to-earth dancers


  • Some rude bouncers

Fine looking ladies, amazing service

“Worth every penny. Fine looking ladies, amazing service. Definitely going back.”

Sinnnceer, Google Review

Girls are friendly, beautiful, and down to earth

“They play music that you can vibe with, drinks are affordable and the girls are friendly, beautiful and down to earth just know ur place and don’t do too much and the security and manager are always making sure that ur having a blessed night.”

Efaz Kamal, Google Review

3. The Brass Rail

ADDRESS701 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2B2

(416) 924-1241


Sunday: 5 PM – 2 AM

Since 1958, The Brass Rail has been serving up quality adult entertainment. 

They’re located just steps from Yonge and Bloor subway station, which is pretty convenient. We think their spot is also ideal for a lot of scenarios—whether you’re chilling out, celebrating a stag do, or just out for a wild night. 

Another bonus is their professional dancers who really know how to work the pole. With over 300 girls on rotation, you’re guaranteed to find someone who catches your eye. 

As for seating, you can go downstairs for a club-like vibe with live all-nude performances, or upstairs for a more intimate lounge. The plush seating and gentle neon lights set the mood, so kick back and let the girls do their thing. 

Just watch out for the waitresses—they can be a bit pushy with the drink orders, even after we’ve had a few too many!


  • Open since 1958
  • Steps from Yonge and Bloor subway station
  • Over 300 girls on rotation
  • Can choose to go downstairs or upstairs


  • Some pushy waitresses

Girls were very skilled dancers and the drinks were well made

“A great experience!! I have never been to a strip club before and this place was great. The girls were very skilled dancers and the drinks were well made. The service was on par. I would definitely recommend it. A very clean establishment over all. Aby the bathroom attendant is an asset to the organization.”

Nathan Curley, Google Review

Staff was awesome and the ladies were beautiful

“Went there tonight and had an amazing time. The staff was awesome and the ladies were beautiful. Will definitely be going back.”

shaun bedford, Google Review

4. Filmores Gentlemen’s Club

ADDRESS 212 Dundas Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1Z6

(416) 921-2191


Sunday: 5 PM– 2 AM

If you’re looking for a classic strip club experience straight out of an old movie, then, we recommend Filmores Gentlemen’s Club. Nestled along Dundas East, it’s become a downtown landmark with its vintage charm. 

While it may have once been the go-to spot for lunchtime deliveries, today it’s known as the entry-level club for dancers on their way up the ladder. Speaking of which, we appreciated their attractive performers and cool stage show. 

Now, if you’re looking to splurge, try their Players Lounge for some VIP treatment, where the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up. From private corners with bad girls to bottle service, they’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable night. 

However, keep an eye out for the bouncers—they’ve been known to be a bit overly aggressive.


  • Classic strip club with a vintage charm
  • Attractive performers 
  • Cool stage shows
  • Has a Players Lounge


  • Reports of overly aggressive bouncers

Best strip club in the city, hands down!

“Best strip club in the city, hands down! Went there last night after the NHL skills comp. Girls are beautiful, staff was friendly and helpful (my buddy lost his phone but the security guys recovered it) highly recommend!”

Dee Samsonite, Google Review

Filmores is always at the top of the list every time

“Filmores is always at the top of the list every time. Truly a hidden jem. Classic layout, comfortable atmosphere. Interactive waitresses, welcoming door men/security and of course, good variety of beautiful girls. Guaranteed fun.”

Eglinton West, Google Review

5. Club Zanzibar

ADDRESSYonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1S1, Canada

(416) 977-4642


Club Zanzibar on Yonge Street opened in 1959, and it’s one of the last surviving strip clubs in the area. While it may have once hosted famous R&B and rock and roll acts, today it’s known for its beautiful and friendly girls, as well as a fun, chill atmosphere. 

We like that their drinks won’t break the bank, the music is on point, and the owner, Steve, is a nice dude who keeps things running smoothly. Basically, they gave us more bang for our buck.

Remember, though, Club Zanzibar is strictly 19+, and their dress code is ‘dress to impress’!

Also, a word to the wise—be cautious about the private dances because we heard people say they’re a bit overpriced. 


  • Opened in 1959
  • Hosted famous R&B and rock and roll acts
  • Beautiful and friendly girls
  • Affordable drinks


  • Pricey private dances

Hottest girls in Toronto and the best customer service

“The hottest girls in Toronto and the best customer service. Totally recommend this place!!”

Snow Bunny, Google Review

Some of the friendliest staff I have ever met

“Great establishment with some of the friendliest staff I have ever met. I don’t live in Toronto anymore but I always try to make the time to stop by when I’m in town.”

Ahmed M., Google Review