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What to Check Out at the Royal Ontario Museum

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What to Check Out at the Royal Ontario Museum

From permanent cultural collections to special exhibits, the Royal Ontario Museum has it all. Complete your tour checklist now using our list of sections and objects to check out in the place.

Permanent Exhibitions

With so many things to see, it’s best to start with the Museum’s permanent collections. There are three sections for these permanent displays: the Hands-On area, Natural History, and World Cultures.

World Cultures

This section is packed with many unique collections of cultural and historical objects around the world. Turn your trip into a learning journey with these exhibits:

  • Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume – The gallery is a rotating collection featuring various textiles and costumes from various cultural backgrounds. There is always something new to see each visit, share, and explore for guests.
  • Bishop White Gallery of Chinese Temple Art – Over the years, the gallery has become a top favorite among tourists and learners of Chinese culture. In here, you’ll find three of the most incredible Daoist and Buddhist sculptures that the world has ever seen.
  • Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada: First Peoples – After taking your share of delectable food, satiate your hunger for Canadian history in this gallery. This gallery displays more than 1,000 artifacts that represent the enduring history of Canada’s First Peoples. 

Natural History 

Exploring the history of the Earth, the Natural History section offers displays of retrieved specimens from millions of years ago. Here are some galleries to check out:

  • Schad Gallery of Biodiversity – The gallery gives a glimpse into the human’s impact on other life forms on Earth. It also shows the importance of biodiversity in the world with specimen collections for an insightful tour.
  • The James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs – Take a trip back in time in this gallery featuring fossilized plants and the enormous Barosaurus skeleton.
  • The Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth’s Treasures –  Time to make use of your 20/20 vision to enjoy the sparkle of some of the world’s most precious gems. From meteorites to minerals, these gems carry 4.5 billion years of geological history.

Hands-On Area

The Hands-On Area is more suitable for kids and the youth to try out various activities beyond their usual learning experiences.

After your weekly dose of self-care, you can take the youngsters to the Patrick and Barbara Keenan Family Gallery of Hands-on Biodiversity. The place showcases interactive displays and live and fossilized specimens.

There’s also the CIBC Discovery Gallery with a wide range of activities such as digging for dinosaur bones. Every activity takes inspiration from the Museum’s collections.

Iconic Cultural Objects

Aside from these permanent collections, guests also learn and look forward to photographing some of the most iconic and fascinating objects in the Museum. Here are some things to look out for:

  • The Striding Lion – A mural painting of a lion painted 2,200 years ago and displayed the throne room of King Nebuchadnezzar II.
  • Minoan Bull Leaper – A controversial piece due to questions on its authenticity. It’s a sculpture of a female bull leaper made of ivory and stone.
  • NWA 5298 – This groundbreaking meteorite from Mars helped scientists understand the origins of the planet.
  • Bull, the White Rhino – A gigantic two-ton white rhino preserved in a glass case at the entrance of the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.

The Royal Ontario Museum is home to many magnificent pieces of history and cultures in Canada and around the world. Book a ride to the museum today and you’ll go home with a head packed with knowledge!