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Things to Do in CN Tower


Things to Do in CN Tower

The CN Tower is more than an engineering marvel - it’s Canada’s most recognizable icon and has been since it punched through Toronto’s skylines in 2011.

But beyond these, it’s also a spectacular place to relax or pump your heart out with insane activities to try. Here are some things you can do in CN Tower to make up a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Experience Fine Dining at 360 Restaurant

If you’re tired of fancy yet boring dates, why not take fine dining to the next level at the 360 Restaurant? Not only will you get a full 360-degree view of the city, but you’ll also enjoy great food (including Italian-inspired fare) in the sky - 1,000 feet from the ground!

The busiest hours are usually after lunch and dinner time, so it’s advisable to book a week prior. Plus, the total culinary experience can set you back at a minimum of $250 (pretty reasonable for Canadian fine dining plus priceless panoramic views).

Apart from great dishes, you can also enjoy some top-tier wines in their “cellar in the sky”. Menus are seasonal, so there’s always something new to the table to look forward to.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush on the EdgeWalk

We can’t talk about the CN Tower without talking about the iconic EdgeWalk. As the highest full-circle, hands-free outdoor walk in the world, this one-of-a-kind experience is designed only for the bravest of tourists… or lovers, if you want to go on a thrilling date here.

At a height of 116 storeys (1,168 ft), the EdgeWalk encircles the top of the tower’s main pod. Guests are then asked to walk around the pod (secured with harnesses, obviously) and literally live life on the edge for about 30 minutes.

A full tour includes a training session and in total lasts for 1.5 hours. The best part is, you can take that selfie to brag about as you lean back onto the edge of the tower with nothing but the Toronto air on your back.

View the City From the LookOut Level

If you want to see the whole of Toronto but prefer something more casual (and hopefully doesn’t involve harnesses) the LookOut Level is a splendid place to visit. This innovative events space can fit up to 700 guests and you can even bring your kid with you for a family trip.

In 2018, the Glass Floor was installed on the level, giving viewers a more hair-raising display of the city. It can withstand a weight of 21,000 lbs, so the young ones can even jump up and down while you have a mini heart attack in the corner (it’s super safe though!).

Splurge at the Gift Shop

While it’s not an attraction on its own, dropping by the gift shop is a pretty memorable experience. The area features 8,000 square feet of space showcasing local goods to take home as souvenirs.

Here, you can get memorabilia like replicas of the CN tower. You can also browse through hundreds of First Nations arts and crafts to keep.

Refresh at VUE Bistros and Le Cafe

For casual food trips, VUE Bistros and Le Cafe are must-visit spots. Reservations aren’t required so you can do impromptu visits in case you get hungry during the trip.

Le Cafe is situated at the tower’s base where you can feast on pizzas, salads, baked goods, and more. There are three bistros that you can visit in the tower but the one at the observation level is the best. 

Have you gone up the levels of CN Tower before? Tell us your experience and we’d be happy to hear your stories of fun and memorable trips!