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What to See at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

What to See at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

What to See at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Awesome adventures don’t have to start on land or on the heights of the sky. Sometimes, all you need is to dive into the deep seas for a memorable adventure on your own or with the people you love.

You can get started right here, actually. Today, we’ll go over the most fascinating exhibits you can see at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Dangerous Lagoon

Dangerous Lagoon is the largest exhibit in the aquarium and one of the best ways to explore the place right after getting dropped off by your ride. Hop onto the moving walkway and you’ll wind through the jaw-dropping underwater tunnel where hundreds of sea creatures pass overhead.

With many featured species such as the green sawfish, sand tiger sharks, and green sea turtles, the Lagoon allows you to meet eyes with these majestic creatures. And if you join their Discovery Dive program, you get the chance to swim with their sharks for 30 minutes.

Rainbow Reef

Inspired by the coral seas of the Indo-Pacific Region, the Rainbow Reef is rich with a kaleidoscope of fish that’s best for that picture-perfect shot. With more than 100 species of fish, the reef is the most bio-diverse exhibit at the aquarium.

The reef is structured to create these micro-habitats to house the diverse number of species you can see here. Some of its most stellar creatures are the picasso tigerfish, harlequin turkish, lunare wrasse, and unicorn surgeonfish. 

Planet Jellies

After having a plate of delicious meals, Planet Jellies is the next best place to be. This extraordinary exhibit of jellies will make you feel like you’ve been transported in another dimension due to its sheer beauty.

Featuring four species of jellies in backlit kreisel tanks, the spot is one sight to behold according to our pro photographer friends, especially for lovers of deep-sea marvels. There’s even the Life Cycles Exhibit which displays all the stages of life that moon jellies undergo.

Apart from fun-loving fur pets, do you also want to get up close with sea animals? Then Shoreline Gallery is the best place to start! Guests can closely observe and even lightly touch stingrays in this fun and interactive display.

Apart from four different species of stingrays, guests can also witness baby sharks swimming around. There are also shark eggs displayed in cases so visitors have a lot to see once they get into this gallery.

Ray Bay

Apart from top-notch education, visiting the Ray Bay exhibit is another fun way to go for educational exploration. It is also one of the largest collections you’ll see at the aquarium at a staggering volume of 350,000 liters.

You can spot daily dive shows where trainers feed the stingrays out of their own hands. But if you’re in for a more casual experience, you can spend your trip viewing the small freshwater exhibit of freshwater river stingrays.

Discovery Center

For parents who want to pamper themselves, they can bring their kids to the Discovery Center, which is a fun area where they play. There’s a  pop-up research submarine to explore, as well as other interactive exhibits.

One of the icons in this area is the cylinder “pop-up” habitats. If you’ve had your fair share of sleepless nights, you can awaken yourself with short bursts of fun at the shark slide and rock climbing wall!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers majestic views of the sea world. Discover more of this destination and share with us your thoughts and the fun experience you’ve had!