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When and Why to Go to St. Lawrence Market 


When and Why to Go to St. Lawrence Market 

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor in Toronto, St. Lawrence Market should be on your travel bucket list.

Why, you ask? This heritage site is brimming with all the goodies you can imagine, from food to wearable art.

With that said, here’s a short guide to when and why to go to St. Lawrence Market to enjoy the best of Toronto.

When’s the best time to go to St. Lawrence Market?

Obviously, you’d want to be driven to the place when it’s open so it’s important to take note of its operating hours. But there are certain days of the week where you can go if you want to score unique finds.

The market is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday to Thursday. It opens at the same time on Friday but closes at 7:00 PM.

On Saturdays, you can drop by as early as 5:00 AM and it will close at 5:00 PM. The market is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

But, every Sunday, The Antique Market opens from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On this day, the market kind of transforms into a flea market where more than 80 vendors converge to sell their pieces.

You may want to visit the market every Saturday too to buy seasonal produce. It’s the day when purveyors from Southern Ontario come to sell fresh goods so it’s a nice day to stock up your fridge.

Why got to St. Lawrence market?

The real question is – why not? The market has always been a staple in the humble Torontonian life, but with a little twist. It’s also a historical icon, a culinary hotspot, and a thriving social scene in the city’s Old Town.

Feeling a bit lost? We’ll walk you through the highlights of this market complex.

It’s a foodie’s paradise.

The market has three main buildings: South Market, North Market, and St. Lawrence Hall. If you’re eager to get your hands on amazing meals, the South Market is the place to go. 

Forget about your favorite brunch spot for a while and visit Buster’s Sea Cove to get a dip into fresh seafood.

While you’re at it, replace unhealthy snacks with fun crepes at the Crepe It Up Cafe – a quaint cafe where you can watch the chef prepare food for you.

But if you really want to immerse yourself in the cooking culture, you can book a cooking class at the Market Kitchen. 

And if all things fail, just wash your palette with greens and salads at Yianni’s Kitchen where Greek food is king.

It’s a sweet spot for the shopaholics.

If your idea of self-care is some retail therapy – we really won’t hold it against you! You can also come to the market to see hundreds of vendors selling jewelry, novelty items, clothing, and other artisan products. 

End your trips to the bar by buying your own wine at Wine Country Merchants. 

And if your financial plan agrees with you, maybe you can even splurge at Bright Sky Jewelry, Gift Works, Anything Goes Accessories, and a hundred more shops!

St. Lawrence Market is just one of the hundred iconic spots to shop and eat in Toronto. Get to know more about the city once you start traveling to these places.