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Top 5 Options for the Best Disinfection Services in Toronto

Best Disinfection Services in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Top 5 Options for the Best Disinfection Services in Toronto

Ready to combat the world's biggest invisible enemy? Let's gear you up with our thorough reviews of Toronto's best disinfection teams!

We selected the best disinfection services in Toronto based on factors that will give you top-tier results. These include products, methods and technology, availability, and quality of work.

But first, we’ll go over what you can expect in terms of expenses.

The Cost of Disinfection Services in Toronto

We'll give it to you straight - it's almost impossible to even get an estimate for disinfection services unless you actually request a quote. But of course, we won't leave you without any idea of what you may face.

Many factors affect the cost of service including the products and methods used and the size of the area. Some companies may also charge per square foot or on a fixed rate.

The costs can be highly negotiable too if, for example, you decide to sign a contract with the company for regular disinfection. Naturally, companies are willing to lower the costs the more you use them, but still, it really depends.

To give you a rough estimate, we'll take the average costs of disinfection in the US. The median cost for square feet costs $.10 to $2.50 - the smaller the space the lower the range.

Sometimes, if a space exceeds a certain number of square feet, the charge increases too. For instance, any space that goes over 5,000 square feet may be charged at $.15 per square foot instead of the usual $.10.

Note that this is US-based pricing and we're only using it as a benchmark here. The best way to really get an estimate is to request a free quote from a company and compare your options.

The Best Disinfection Services in Toronto

1.   Disinfection Services Toronto

Disinfection Services Toronto's Homepage
SERVICESDisinfection services for homes, offices, warehouses, factories, vehicles, recreational facilities, places of worship, etc.
ADDRESS30 MacIntosh Blvd, Concord, ON L4K 4P1, Canada

Disinfection Services Toronto deserves a crown for being a powerhouse in stellar services. Here’s why it landed on our top recommendations:

We tremble at the sight of towering costs too, for one thing: that’s why we love its reasonable charges. Plus, you really can’t put a price on its fast and prompt response to needs.

They’re open 24/7 as well, making them a favorable choice for emergency disinfection. The best part is, they’ll accept jobs right away (even on short notice) regardless of where you are in Toronto.

On top of promptness, their meticulous services are also worth noting. They have a comprehensive decontamination protocol and they only use EPA-approved products.

By the way, earning EPA approval means that products are safe for kids, pets, and around food. So keep that in mind because it’s industry-standard for trustworthy disinfection companies.

Next, we took interest in how quickly they can disinfect residential homes. To give you an idea, it only takes them 30 to 60 minutes to disinfect a 1,000 square-foot space… and not as an empty claim either, since several of their clients have attested to this being true.

It’s also worth noting that they’ll leave your place with a distinct thyme smell in the air – it’s a nice final touch (we like thyme, ourselves, so we were pleased by it). It only lasts for 48 hours though, so take your time reveling in its fragrance.

An online booking appointment option would have made this a perfect company. But as far as everything else goes, this company is still a pretty good one.


  • EPA-approved products
  • Open 24/7 for emergency services
  • Services 25 cities
  • Discreet vehicles
  • Fast and professional service
  • Fair pricing


  • No online appointment booking option

Customer Reviews

Here’s what other customers have said about this company:

All around great experience. Our offices required this for the comfort of our employees and clients. We signed a 3 month contract to be serviced weekly and as long as the virus is around I will continue to use their services. –  Jared Levy

In the wake of COVID-19 it seems that you can never really be too safe now a days. After sourcing out many companies, Disinfection Services was easily the quickest to respond and accepted the job right away. They disinfected my home in a timely and efficient manner and I could not be more pleased! Professional, reliable, and priced extremely well compared to other companies I have spoken to. Highly recommend and would definitely use again! – Rose Dunkelman

2.   Rentokil

Rentokil's Homepage
SERVICESEducation facility disinfection, fleet disinfection, drone disinfection, food retail disinfection, pest control
ADDRESS99 Locke St Unit #1, Concord, ON L4K 0J2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-905-0055
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Apart from its witty name, Rentokil also caught our attention with its range of comprehensive services. And if you have a high-traffic business, it’s absolutely worth looking into.

To start off, we like its wide array of services that all use Advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology. This means that they can disinfect even inaccessible areas quickly.

Speaking of speed, it also has disinfection services for fleets of four-wheelers. What we liked about this is that they target specific touchpoints, such as handles and cup holders, for disinfection.

Its formula is EPA-approved too and claims to kill viruses within 10 minutes. This eco-friendly and hypoallergenic solution is great if you have kids or work around food all the time.

Anyway, they also have drone disinfection for outdoor spaces like football stadiums. So, if you own, or work in a large complex, this service is a nice choice.

All-in-all, this company is great for big business guys (and girls!) with a large fleet of service vehicles and space. And if you’re one of them, we think you’ll be pleased with its easy online booking feature, which is pretty convenient.

What won’t please you, on the other hand, is that they’re closed on weekends. They also don’t have emergency services, plus they’re more of a pest control company than a disinfection one – odds are you’ve heard of their pest control services before, not their disinfection ones.


  • EPA-approved products
  • Uses Advanced Liquid Dispersal Technology
  • Great for medium-to-large commercial spaces
  • Offers drone disinfection for outdoor spaces or indoor spaces with high ceiling
  • Disinfects fleets of vehicles
  • Easy online booking option


  • Not open every day
  • No emergency services
  • Still more of a pest control company than a disinfection one

Customer Service

Take a look at what past customers have said about this company:

Our Rent to kil technician Mansoor always works with my business with great care and the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend his services to any business, large or small.- Albion Macleod

A person who comes to our store to inspect/ conduct whatever is needed to be done is delightful and does his job perfectly. Good quality of work and customer service.

3.   Orkin Canada

Orkin Canada's Homepage
SERVICESCommercial and residential disinfection services and pest control services
ADDRESS1361 Huntingwood Dr Unit #3, Scarborough, ON M1S 3J1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 800-570-4157
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

When talking about comprehensive disinfection services, Orkin Canada is our top suggestion. For starters, they have two major disinfection services – let’s talk about the Orkin® VitalClean™ Service first, though.

This package is best for businesses trying to get back on track after COVID. It also makes use of a Health Canada-approved disinfectant that has the lowest EPA toxicity rating.

If you’re looking for a long-term and robust disinfection package, consider the Orkin® VitalClean™ 360 Training & Supplies instead. This service combines basic disinfection plus staff training and supplies for your team.

With this service, your staff will undergo an online course and knowledge-based assessment. This will give them industry knowledge on how to properly disinfect a place –  and they get a certificate too!

For the supplies part, you get a pack of marketing materials to show that your business has been disinfected. You’ll get signage, a certificate, floor decals, and a digital logo.

By the way, this 360 package comes as an a la carte service so you can customize your support. You’ll also get a disinfection starter kit to give your team a head start.

Orkin Canada is more of a pest control company but they’re also very satisfactory with disinfection. If it were only open every day this would have been stellar, but it already shines as it is, so we’re not whining too much about that.


  • EPA and Health Canada-approved products
  • Great for businesses and management
  • Offers training and supplies for disinfection services
  • Certain services are customizable
  • Easy and free business consultation online


  • Not open every day
  • No emergency services
  • No residential disinfection
  • Again, more of a pest control company than a disinfection one

Customer Reviews

Here’s what former clients have said about this company:

Recently Orkin did some work in our building. The technician Yoel, was so friendly and detailed. We all have piece of mind knowing he was in charge of securing our environment. I highly recommend this company and this technician as they terrific work. – Sophie Zivontsis

Quality, knowledgable service. Very professional and thorough. Highly recommend. Thanks Mike K. – Andrew Graham

4.   Disinfection Team

Disinfection Team's Homepage
SERVICESNon-profit organizations disinfection services, institutional & municipal disinfection, commercial & industrial disinfection, hospitality facility disinfection, healthcare facility disinfection, food industry disinfection, construction disinfection, residential disinfection, waste management disinfection
ADDRESS503 Oakdale Rd, North York, ON M3N 1W7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-904-3506
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Disinfection Team makes our cut by championing superb services with great technology. Let’s walk you through what they can offer:

First, we love their great attention to detail when disinfecting places. Their team is also one of the most reliable ones we’ve come across in Toronto.

Second, they always keep you in the loop with the service that they’re providing you. And once the deal is done, they tend to charge reasonably, according to most clients.

Third, they have Nano Shield Technology, which guarantees anti-microbial protection for 90 days. This also involves a biostatic agent that inhibits bacterial growth in the area.

Apart from this technology, we also like that they use an application with a fogger. This means minimal humidity, no odor, and no effects on the appearance of surfaces.

Finally, it’s easy to request a quote online, which always earns a thumbs up from us (we like convenience when shopping around for services). The only thing we didn’t like was the limited operating days and lack of emergency services but overall, we’re quite impressed with this company.


  • EPA and Health Canada approved products
  • Offers Nano Shield Technology
  • Application with fogger
  • Easy process of requesting a quote online


  • Not open every day
  • No emergency services

Customer Reviews

Here’s what past customers have said about this company:

The Disinfection Team has provided an amazing services for my law firm. We take care of all visitors that visit our firm’s office and the staff members that work in the office. So, we decided to create a very safe environment for all. We’re very happy with the services of The Disinfection Team! Highly recommended! Thank you! – Rakhmad Sobirov

I would recommend the Disinfection Team for anyone looking for environmentally friendly products and high-quality service. They take the time to get to know the client’s needs and keep you in the loop throughout the process. We look forward to working with you again. – Amanda Ram

5.   Disinfecting Services Canada

Disinfecting Services Canada's Homepage
SERVICESDisinfection services for commercial spaces, office spaces, and industrial spaces
ADDRESS9618 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0X5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 416-805-8433
[email protected]

No one embraces speed better than Disinfecting Services Canada, in our opinion. We’re pretty impressed by how much time we saved when dealing with them, actually.

To start, we loved the instant quote option, which is perfect for impatient customers. You don’t have to wait a day or two to receive an estimate, unlike with other businesses.

Speaking of waiting, you don’t even have to queue to get this company’s services. They’re open 24/7 with emergency options to accommodate clients any time of the day.

Now, let’s talk about their disinfection method, which we also like because it takes an extra step compared to many others. Before disinfecting your place, you see, they’ll actually perform a deep cleaning first to remove any debris on your services.

For disinfection, they use spray-mist and fogging technologies approved by the Health of Canada and EPA.

With their perfect 5-star rating on Google reviews, it’s easy to see why they made this list. In fact, the only shortcoming we found was that they don’t serve residential clients.


  • EPA and Health Canada approved products
  • Open 24/7 for emergency services
  • Instant quote option online
  • Two-step disinfection method that involves deep cleaning
  • Uses spray-mist and fogging technologies


  • Doesn’t serve residential clients

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what past customers have said about this business:

Professional team and great customer service, would definitely use again. They responded to our office’s inquiry very quickly and was able to send a team right away. Thanks for your excellent service. – Esther Benmoise

I was so impressed with the sanitation service that we decided to extend this value-added procedure to cover our fleet of vehicles. The crew is extremely careful and detail oriented. As we move from 2020 to 2021, Disinfecting Services Canada are really a must have to any company that values employee retention and well being. – Silvio Kusakawa

Benefits of Getting Professional Disinfection Services

Professional disinfection always beats DIY solutions. This is why you should let experienced companies do the job of disinfecting your home or business.

Here are the top benefits of getting professional disinfection services:

1. Ensures sanitation and cleaning standards are followed

Disinfection companies are required to comply with industry standards before getting a go-signal to operate. This includes using disinfectants and technologies approved by the EPA and Health Canada.

With this in mind, you’ll know that professional companies adhere to the national and local sanitation and cleaning standards. This guarantees that their services are non-toxic and are effective at eliminating contaminants.

2. Restores customer trust and image

Customers value their safety above all, especially during these trying times. Using professional disinfection services can help establish trust in the long run and make your patrons come back to you again.

For instance, you can get a certificate that your business has undergone disinfection. You can then post this on your door and website so that customers know that it’s safe to be on your premises.

3. Customized disinfection services

Another great benefit of getting professional disinfection services is the variety of choices you have for disinfection. You can choose services depending on what you need and what you want to achieve.

And remember: with customized services also come varying costs. This can help you build a budget and negotiate with the company so you can meet halfway.

4. Offers a faster and safer solution than trying it yourself

Disinfection is not a one-man’s job. It’s a project that requires a team to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Moreover, it’s not a job for inexperienced people. Without the right training, disinfecting on your own can risk further contamination, which is the opposite of what you want. Getting professionals is still the best choice.

FAQs About Disinfection Services in Toronto

The best disinfection services in Toronto deliver top-notch safety for both homes and businesses. If you want to supplement these services by getting your place put in order first, check out our list of the best cleaning services in Toronto for that sparkle and shine you need.