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Top 10 Data Recovery Services in Toronto

Best Data Recovery Services in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Smartphones and computers have definitely made life easier, giving us quick access to everything we need, from information to entertainment. But, it’s all fun and games until you lose all your files, pics, and countless screenshots of memes.

Thank God for the best data recovery services in Toronto! Whether it’s accidentally deleted files, corrupted hard drives, or even water-damaged devices, these experts will work their magic to retrieve your digital treasures.

The time and effort required for each case vary, so prices are adjusted accordingly. 

Expertise: The best data recovery services in Toronto employ highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in recovering data from various devices.
Technology: Leading data recovery services utilize cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficient and effective recovery processes.
Confidentiality: Top-tier data recovery services prioritize the confidentiality and security of clients’ sensitive information, implementing strict protocols to safeguard data privacy.
Customization: The best data recovery services offer personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.
Speed: Efficient turnaround times are a hallmark of top data recovery services, with expedited options available for urgent cases to minimize downtime.
Transparency: Transparent pricing structures and clear communication throughout the recovery process distinguish the best data recovery services in Toronto.
Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is a key characteristic of top data recovery providers, with responsive support staff available to address inquiries.
Success Rate: The best data recovery services boast high success rates in recovering lost or inaccessible data, backed by testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients.
Follow-up Support: Comprehensive follow-up support, including data backup solutions and preventive measures, is offered by top data recovery services.

1. ASK Computers

ASK Computers
ADDRESS111 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4S5

(416) 862-9595


Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM

ASK Computers has been serving the Toronto region for over 15 years, earning a loyal customer base with their mantra, “A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer!” 

Specializing in data recovery and transfer, they can retrieve accidentally deleted data and files lost due to hardware failures. 

Aside from iPhone data recovery, they offer a range of services. This includes screen and battery replacements, charging port repairs, and other iPhone issues, making them a convenient one-stop shop for Apple device users. 

They perform data recovery and backup services for desktops and laptops as well. Plus, they boast swift repair times, often completing repairs within an hour.

As a cherry on top, all repairs come with a warranty.


  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Free estimate
  • iPhone, PCs, and laptop data recovery
  • One-stop shop for Apple device users
  • Password retrieval and data transfer
  • Swift repair times
  • Repairs come with a warranty


  • Reports of using fake parts

Professional and tactful data recovery folks

“I’m yet to meet such professional and tactful data recovery folks. They managed to recover all my data and fix my phone’s motherboard as well.  Best folks in the business!”

Zoya Retiwalla, Google Review

Magician with tech and super friendly

“A truly amazing wizard of tech, Max! I came back from a trip south my iphone was underwater. Came to apple store and their only solution was to erase from scratch and I would lose all photos. Called Max he said bring it in. Took the phone called me back in 30 mins with a final price and amazing news that its possible to restore everything. Took another 45 minutes and I came back to pick it up. If you have any issues this is the place to go to! He is a magician with tech and super friendly, will answer very honestly and you can see his level of expertise with technologies. You won’t be disappointed! Highly recommend.”

 Mishka Rubezin, Google Review

2. The Tec Fixer

The Tec Fixer
ADDRESSThe Village by the Grange, 275 Dundas St W Store No. 5, Toronto, ON M5T 3K1

(416) 684-1234

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs: 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Friday: 11:30 AM – 2 PM; 3 PM – 5:30 PM

Saturday: 11:30 AM – 5 PM

The Tec Fixer is a go-to destination for smartphone, laptop, and PC data recovery and repairs, earning much of its business through referrals from satisfied clients. 

They boast a wide range of serviced brands, including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Acer, and Huawei. 

The store also offers free diagnostic services and estimates. In fact, they have a “no fix, no fee” policy, wherein customers don’t pay if their issue is not addressed.

Moreover, they specialize in data transfers and recovery for smartphones, laptops, and desktops. They also have a high success rate in fixing liquid-damaged logic boards/motherboards and retrieving data from them.

All repairs also come with a warranty. Additionally, customers are guaranteed genuine parts.

Beyond repairs, The Tec Fixer also deals in used and refurbished gadgets like laptops, iPhones, and MacBooks.


  • Earns much of its business through referrals
  • Wide range of serviced brands
  • Offers free diagnostic services and estimates
  • “No fix, no fee” policy
  • High success rate in fixing liquid-damaged boards
  • All repairs come with a warranty and guaranteed genuine parts
  • Deals in used and refurbished gadgets


  • Lack of responsiveness

Always very helpful and kind

“Highly recommend. Not just a Tec Fixer he is “The Tec Guru” my iPhone was beyond fixing but Mr.Gaffar fixed my iphone without losing any data,as I didn’t updated my iCloud. I am using his service past 5-6 years he is always very helpful and kind,but most importantly very knowledgeable as he can fix anything,he is very trustable person.”

Rutuja Jagtap, Google Review

Excellent service and great customer support!

“Excellent service and great customer support! I fixed my devices here with no hassles , and at very affordable rates, especially for a student like me. Do visit ! 100/10 review.”

 D.O.D, Google Review

3. Memofix Hitech Services

Memofix Hitech Services
ADDRESS4-330 Millway Ave, Concord, ON L4K 3W2

(905) 660-4936


Memofix Hitech Services has been providing hardware solutions to the North American IT industry since the mid-80s. They were also the first Seagate-certified hard drive repair center in Canada.

Their data recovery lab is ESD compliant, temperature-controlled, and maintains Class 100 clean-room conditions. With an inventory of over 25,000 hard drives, they ensure even the most obscure parts are readily available for recovery efforts.

Their data recovery services cover a wide array of devices. Examples include damaged hard drives, RAID systems, desktops, laptops, flash drives, cameras, magnetic tapes, smartphones, and tablets. 

Clients receive a free evaluation within an hour of submitting their media. Afterward, they get a detailed quotation covering issues found, success chances, recovery time, and fee breakdowns.

Upon approval, their customer service team provides updates via their online portal.


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Has a hi-tech data recovery lab
  • Inventory of over 25,000 hard drives
  • Recovers data from a wide array of devices
  • Free evaluation within an hour
  • Provides a detailed quotation
  • Customer service team provides updates


  • Very pricey

The recovery team at Memofix is absolutely amazing!

“David and the recovery team at Memofix are absolutely amazing! We had our data originally sent to another large reputable company and they sent us our drive back saying that it was unrecoverable. I contacted Memofix and they said they had a high recovery rate. I sent them my drive for the free evaluation. They kept me up to date with the progress. In less than 1 month, I had my drive back with practically all my files including our baby pictures, wedding photos and all of our memories! Couldn’t of been more impressed and thankful! I would highly recommend using them.”

Kevin, Google Review

These guys are magicians!

“These guys are magicians! I have had two occasions to get their help. The first was on a driving trip when a passenger in my car put my beloved BlackBerry into the cup holder after making a call. Unfortunately, there was a cup of coffee there. The device was toast. Bob Giannoulis and his lab technicians tried several different strategies that didn’t work, but they didn’t give up. Eventually they sent the phone to a contact in Russia and my treasured photos from that trip were recovered. (We know what great hackers the Russians are.)”

Charles, Google Review

4. Computronic

ADDRESS344 Bloor St W Suite 206, Toronto, ON M5S 3A7

(416) 599-5588


Saturday: 11 AM – 4 PM

Established in 1996, Computronic has been a trusted provider of professional computer repair and IT services to businesses and individuals. They earned the 2019 Consumer Choice Award in Toronto for their success in data recovery services. 

Using the latest technologies, they maximize the chances of data recovery from external hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, and USB memory sticks. They also recover data from internal hard drives of laptops, desktop computers, servers, NAS, and SAN storage systems.

Customers can first use their free consultation service. Then, they can conveniently drop off or send their drives for a recovery analysis. Within 24 hours, they’ll receive a detailed quote.

They specialize in Mac data recovery for iPad, iPhone, and iMac devices. They also handle brands such as Seagate, Lacie, G-Drive, and Toshiba to name a few.

Additionally, they provide file and folder recovery services and can also recover deleted emails and pictures.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • 2019 Consumer Choice Award
  • Handles external and internal hard drives
  • Free consultation
  • Detailed quote within 24 hours
  • Specializes in Mac data recovery
  • File and folder recovery services 
  • Deleted email or picture recovery


  • Reports of long turnaround times

The folks at Computronic are life-savers, miracle workers

“The folks at Computronic are life-savers, miracle workers. When my very first computer’s hard-drive crashed, more than 20 years ago, I remember the sheer end-of-the-world panic I felt. But Computronic recovered all my data and got my computer working again. Since then, whenever the inevitable computer melt-down has occurred, rather than panic, I just think: Well this is inconvenient, but I know that Computronic can fix it. Jeff, the owner is a lovely man with a calming presence, and he hires very good people. I trust them with my data. In the 20-plus years since that first computer crash, Computronic has come through for me every single time. I could not recommend Computronic more highly.”

Steven Davis-Mendelow, Google Review

Amazingly efficient!

“Amazingly efficient! Staff were very helpful. Not too pricey. They fixed up my laptop perfectly!”

 Joshua Koh, Google Review

5. Taking IT Mobile

Taking IT Mobile
ADDRESS10520, 297 Yonge St Unit 35B Suite, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C7

(905) 597-6223


Taking IT Mobile, also known as T.I.M., boasts a highly skilled staff. They came from the ISO-certified Action Front Data Recovery Labs, a leading data recovery operation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Specializing in affordable data recovery with guaranteed results, T.I.M. operates on a “No data, No charge” policy. They also provide free evaluation and complimentary pickup and shipping services. 

T.I.M. excels in Solid State Drive (SSD) recovery, utilizing specialized equipment to recover data from traditional head/platter drives.

They also offer RAID data recovery for various makes and models of hard drives, from the simplest dual-drive external backup unit to intricate multi-disk RAID systems.

Additionally, they specialize in flash recovery for memory sticks and camera-cell phone flashcards.

They also offer services beyond data recovery, including media disposal, recycling, and certified professional data erasure services. 


  • Over two decades of experience
  • “No data, No charge” policy
  • Free evaluation, pickup, and shipping
  • SSD recovery
  • RAID data recovery


  • Pricey

Best in Data Recovery Services

“The best in Data Recovery Services.”

Athol Cohen, Google Review

Many thanks to Bob and the techs at Taking IT Mobile

“I owe many thanks to Bob and the techs at Taking IT Mobile. They were able to recover virtually all the data from a laptop hard drive that crashed unexpectedly recently with some important photos and files that had not yet been backed up. Their service was fast and professional, and was much appreciated! I am so relieved to see photos again that I feared had been lost forever. Hopefully I will not require their services again myself anytime in the near future, but now I know who I can recommend!”

Marie Heidebrecht, Google Review

6. Macguys

ADDRESS1022 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1A4

(647) 786-4274


Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM

Macguys, a service provider for both Apple products and Windows computers, has established itself as a trusted name in London, UK, over the past decade. Now, they proudly extend their services to Toronto and Oakville, Canada. 

With an expanded team of qualified engineers, they offer a range of repair services in Canada starting from just $75.

Specializing in data recovery, Macguys offers a comprehensive service to back up and restore personal files, music, photos, and critical data. 

As Apple Mac repair specialists, Macguys delivers a full range of repair and data recovery services for Apple Macs.

While a diagnostic fee is charged upfront, Macguys guarantees transparency, informing customers of the size of data and associated recovery costs before proceeding. 

They also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • 10 years of experience
  • Has an expanded team of qualified engineers
  • Offers backup and restoration
  • Apple Mac repair specialists
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Upfront charges

Recovered all my data after sea water damage

“They recovered all my data from my s20 after it had sea water damage, and everywhere else said was hopeless. I was shocked they did it within a week after i thought was impossible, and so I gave & entrusted them with my external hard drive which became unreadable. It was my entire life on it & they were able to recover it all! It took some time but they kept in the loop through out the whole process as it was a challenging job & critical data repair. I’m beyond Thank Full, money well spent, very trust worthy.”

Amol Gupta, Google Review

Fantastic service from MacGuys!

“Fantastic service from MacGuys! They fixed my MacBook Pro laptop screen quickly and efficiently. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and the repair was done in no time. I highly recommend them for any Apple device repairs.”

 Eli Herschorn, Google Review

7. Critical Data Recovery Lab

Critical Data Recovery Lab
ADDRESS1 Leaside Park Dr #5a, Toronto, ON M4H 1R1

(416) 425-2404

OPERATING HOURSTue - Thurs: 10 AM – 5 PM

Fri - Sat: 10 AM – 3 PM

Critical Data Recovery Lab has been conducting professional data recovery solutions for over two decades. They have a track record of fixing more than 4000 drives from over 30 countries. 

Their Standard Data Recovery Package offers free diagnostics, email quotes, and 24/7 updates within 7-12 days. And, their Expedited Package offers faster recovery results in 3-4 days. 

For urgent situations, they offer Rush Jobs, dedicating full attention until the result is achieved. 

They also have a “No Recovery, No Charge” policy and free phone consultations.

During the evaluation stage, they determine the extent of damage. Each client is assigned a client care professional who provides updates. 

Upon project completion, recovered data is returned on the media of the client’s choice, accompanied by simple instructions for reinstallation.

Their clientele includes students, banking companies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government departments.


  • Fixed more than 4000 drives from over 30 countries
  • Offers Standard and Expedited Data Recovery Packages
  • Also accepts rush jobs
  • “No Recovery, No Charge” policy
  • Free phone consultations
  • Assigns a client care professional
  • Wide range of clientele


  • Some communication gaps

So deeply grateful for recovering all of my data

“Ali is the best! I am so deeply grateful to Ali and his team for recovering all of my data. I had a USB drive that was so badly damaged I had lost all hope of being able to recover my files. Ali recovered all of my data quickly. He is incredibly kind, caring, skilled, and knowledgeable, and will go above and beyond to help you. I had a difficult case, and Ali went above and beyond to make sure I got all of my data back. I chose Critical Data Recovery Lab based on Google reviews, and I’m so thankful I did. Thank you so much, Ali! I highly recommend Critical Data Recovery Lab to anyone in need of their services – you will be very glad you went with them.”

Nicole, Google Review

Able to rebuild a failed drive and recover all my data

“Excellent service. They were able to rebuild a failed drive and recover all my data from a raided drive. Very impressed and grateful. Would highly recommend.”

 Leonard Harris, Google Review

8. ESS Data Recovery

ESS Data Recovery
ADDRESS12 Concorde Pl #203, Toronto, ON M3C 3R8

+1 800-237-4200


ESS Data Recovery, Inc., established in 1996, offers round-the-clock data recovery services with labs located in Minnesota, Illinois, California, and Ontario. They also have certified ISO Class 4 level cleanrooms and advanced data recovery labs.

As proof of their skills, they have exclusive arrangements with some of the world’s top businesses, nonprofits, and government institutions. In fact, their client portfolio includes NASA, Sprint, Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, they can handle large RAID arrays, data tapes, flash media, and any brand of desktop or laptop hard drives.

They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, covering the entire service offering. In the rare event that they cannot recover the needed data from a drive in excellent condition, there is no charge. 


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Offers round-the-clock data recovery
  • Advanced data recovery labs
  • Certified ISO Class 4 level clean-rooms
  • Exclusive arrangements with known companies
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Reports of unfair pricing

10/10 for real!

“10/10 for real! As a videographer, these guys saved me big time and did so at a fraction of the cost of the other super high end recovery places. Seriously – major shoutout to the folks here for helping me retrieve footage from a corrupted 2 TB Sandisk external SSD drive. Sandisk has been having severe issues with their SSD’s and mine finally bit the dust. After calling them and bringing in my drive to their lab, I knew I was in safe hands. Justin was very knowledgeable and showed incredible professionalism, assurance and communication letting me know what he was doing and what their procedure was through every step of the recovery process. They diagnosed my hard drive and within 2 business days, my recovered footage was ready in a new hard drive. Once again big-up Justin. These folks at ESS are your guys!”

Omono Udo, Google Review

Went above & beyond to make sure all my files were safe

“Amazing service. Did the work fast, very friendly. Really fair price. Head guy Justin went above & beyond to make sure all my files were safe in a raid 1 set-up. Great business, & the folks there are really nice & care about their customers. Would recommend to anyone that needs to recover their precious lost files. ESS will take care off you, & won’t leave you with a crazy bill!! :)”

Divna Sardelic, Google Review

9. Secure Data Recovery Services 

Secure Data Recovery Services
ADDRESS5075 Yonge St Suite 303, Toronto, ON M2N 6C6

(647) 559-2622


Established in 2007, Secure Data Recovery Services has a highly experienced team of engineers. They’re also known for their 96% success rate.

They offer a free diagnostic before any commitment, including a price quote and estimated turnaround time. 

Plus, they operate on a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee, ensuring you only pay if they successfully recover your data.

Notably, they use certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms. This minimizes the risk of permanent data loss by preventing harmful airborne particles from contaminating your storage media.

Their expertise covers a wide range of media types, including hard drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, and virtual servers.

And, they also address diverse data loss scenarios, from physical damage due to water or fire to accidental deletion and complex server failures. They can even recover data from media suffering from degradation due to age or natural wear and tear.


  • 17 years of experience
  • 96% success rate
  • Free diagnostic before any commitment
  • “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee
  • Uses certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms
  • Covers a wide range of media types
  • Can address diverse data loss scenarios


  • Quite pricey

These guys saved my life!

“These guys saved my life! I’m a photographer and I usually use Seagate but there was a WD drive on sale so I thought what the hell. About 2 weeks ago it stopped reading. I thought I had lost over six months of work. I found these guys online and thankfully they were able to restore the drive IN FULL. It wasn’t cheap but it was very much worth it.”

Benjamin Gibson, Google Review

So happy to have found the Secure Data Recovery team

“We’re a video production company based in Toronto, and we had the worst thing that can happen in this industry – a project that we just shot and saved on our drive… it was gone. The drive wouldn’t show up, none of the use-at-home tools would work and we were stuck with our project. Reshooting wasn’t possible, the projected financial loss was unimaginable… We just needed the drive back. I’m so happy to have found the Secure Data Recovery team. Not only they were professional and efficient, they worked with us to get the most critical data out first before moving to the rest of it! The project is back and we’re on track with post production! Thanks guys!”

Nik, Google Review

10. Data Lab 247

Data Lab 247
ADDRESS2275 Lake Shore Blvd W Unit 221, Toronto, ON M8V 3Y3

(416) 762-1632

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

For more than 20 years, Data Lab 247 Recovery Services has had a team focused on hard drive recovery and digital data restoration. As their name suggests, they’re available 24/7.

They specialize in cutting-edge data recovery services for various devices like hard drives, servers, SSDs, and removable media. Their RAID Data Recovery Rate also guarantees a price for data restoration.

As a bonus, if the recovery result does not meet expectations, there will be no charge for the service.

They also offer emergency file repair services, allowing clients to upload damaged files for data recovery attempts.

They’re experienced in working with a wide range of hard drive brands including Western Digital, Seagate, HGST, Hitachi, Samsung, and Toshiba. 


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Available 24/7
  • 100% guarantee
  • Emergency file repair services
  • Works on hard drives, servers, SSDs, and removable media
  • Recovers data from a wide range of hard drive brands


  • Pricey

The people at Data Lab 247 are lifesavers

“To say that the people at Data Lab 247 are lifesavers would be an understatement. They managed to save almost 2TB worth of data off my failed drive. If you are having problems with your external harddrive do not mess around with it. Make an appointment with datalab247 right away. The level of professionalism and service I received from Irina and the team are unmatched. Cannot thank you guys enough!”

 Frank The Good, Google Review

Don’t think twice, call Data Lab 247

“Honestly, if you have lost data that is important to you, don’t think twice – call Data Lab 247. I NEVER write reviews. I had to write this after my experience. I am not related to or friends with anyone in the company, this is an HONEST review. Irina, thank you for your patience, your kindness, and all of you great advice about how we can prevent this type of situation in the future.”

 Linda Gazo, Google Review