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How to Travel from Toronto to See Niagara Falls

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How to Travel from Toronto to See Niagara Falls

Toronto is your quickest access to get to one of the world’s most marvelous tourist spots. Here’s a rundown of ways to travel from Toronto to see Niagara Falls.

How to Travel to Niagara Falls by Car

It might be high time to finally flex the new exterior of your ride by traveling to Niagara Falls by car. That is, of course, if it’s ready to take in a quite long ride without sacrificing a bit of comfort and privacy.

Here’s how you can get to Niagara Falls if you prefer to drive there by car:

Riding your own car will take you about 90 minutes and 78 miles (126 kilometers). Don’t forget to get your auto insurance ready in case you meet any emergencies along the way (hope not!)

  • From Toronto, drive towards Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)
  • Drive southwest towards Hamilton following the road to Niagara Falls
  • Drive through Burlington through St. Catharines and head on to the Niagara Region
  • Follow the signs toward Niagara Falls until you take Exit ON-420

How to Travel to Niagara Falls by Tours 

This is nothing too different from driving your own car – except you won’t be able to show off your driving school learnings since you’re not behind the wheel. Options like this will cost you a bit since you’re also paying for the guided tours.

Tours often include casual sightseeing and a ride on the Niagara City Cruise ship. There’s also Table Rock which is a magnificent viewing area that allows you to enjoy the falls from the bird’s eye view.

Fun fact – you can actually book limo services that also offer exclusive tours to Niagara Falls for up to 12 people. It’s an option you might want to consider if you’re bringing along a lot of people on the trip.

How to Travel to Niagara Falls by Bus

Efficient, cheap, and won’t make you worry about that pending oil change you have in the books. A bus ride to Niagara Falls will take 2 hours and will only cost you roughly $10a practical option, right?

Here are some things to note when choosing the bus option:

  • Board the Megabus in the morning at the downtown coach station
  • Upon arrival, prepare for a 4-kilometer walk from the bus station to the falls itself
  • Enjoy the bit of exercise with the beautiful views as you walk

How to Travel to Niagara Falls by Train

If you’re one to take snapshots along the way, the train might be your best bet. There are two options for this: ViaRail and GO Train. Note that trains and buses leave at the Union Station in Toronto.

For ViaRail:

  • Get on to ViaRail before 8:20 AM. There is only one ride daily from Toronto to Niagara Falls. There is also only one return train as well.

For GO Train:

  • If you’re taking a summer break from college, this is a nice option. It’s only available from May to September. OR,
  • Take the GO Train to Burlington. Then from Burlington, take the Go Bus that runs to Niagara Falls

How to Travel to Niagara Falls by Riding Services

If you have a good night’s sleep knowing you have extra cash to spare, you may want to consider using shuttle or taxi services. It’s simple and convenient plus other services offer guide tours as well.

The only downside is you might drive your financial planner up the wall as the price starts at $189. You can’t put a price on convenience though.

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