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50 Fun Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults


50 Fun Things to Do in Toronto for Young Adults

1. Canada’s Wonderland 

North America’s largest variety of roller coasters and wave pool can be found in Canada’s Wonderland. This amusement park includes acrobatic shows, live entertainment, fun events, games, and a gigantic waterpark. 

2. Casa Loma

Explore Toronto’s very own castle! Try the castle’s escape games based on historic facts blended with fiction and gaming. 

Casa Loma also features many exhibitions and events. 

3. Go Karting

Go Karting

Experience some thrilling action with go karting. You will be able to accelerate around corners like a rocket. 

If you have a need for speed, or want to challenge your friends, this is a place for you! 

4. Food Events 

Toronto’s famous food events occur year-round with flavourful offerings that satisfy every palate. Try new foods at Taste of the Danforth, The Mac & Cheese Festival, Caribbean Night, and so much more – you’ll love the buzzing atmosphere. 

5. Beaches

Get your tan on at Toronto’s beaches and relax and enjoy the basking in sun – better yet, have a picnic. 

Many Toronto beaches offer recreational activities like beach volleyball, swimming, spike ball and much more, making for a great social atmosphere. 

6. Ice Skating 

Grab your ice skates and head over to the many different locations of ice rinks that Toronto has to offer. If you’re looking for a fun night out, The Bentway located underneath the Gardiner features Friday DJ nights while you’re skating around the loop. 

7. Arcade Bars

Arcade Bars

Immerse yourself in competition at The Rec Room or Dave and Buster’s. These arcade bars feature many classic arcade games, as well as new virtual reality games. 

Have some food, drinks and entertainment all in one place and make a night of it with your friends. 

8. Sky Zone 

You and your friends can challenge one another in Toronto’s trampoline park with the games that Sky Zone has to offer. You can show off all your tricks and flips or land in the foam pit. 

9. Paddle Boarding/ Kayaking

Paddle Boarding Kayaking

Right on the waterfront of the city, Ontario Place is a beautiful place to check out! Explore the lakes from a different viewpoint by renting a paddle board or a kayak.  

10. Board Game Cafés 

Test your gaming skills and challenge your friends to a huge variety of games and trivia contests. Snakes & Lattes is a great chain around the city that serves food and alcoholic beverages while you get your game face on! 

11. Bowling


Countless spots around Toronto offer bowling, whether you’re looking for something chill or boutique and upscale. Get the drinks flowing and snacks going with its retro environment, weekend discos and glow-in-the-dark events. 

12. Boat Cruises 

Check out the skyline features of the city while cruising in style, whether it be the sunny reflection off the buildings, or the beautiful pink sky when the sun sets. 

Many of these boat cruises offer food and drinks, but you may also go on some that are purely for soaking in the views. 

13. Picnic


Toronto has a range of beautiful parks – and what better way to enjoy a beautiful summer day there than grabbing your coziest blanket, some snacks, and a bottle of wine? 

14. Museums 

Toronto’s selection of museums holds so many different areas of interest – there’s definitely something for everybody. Many of these museums also hold events, including DJ nights.

There’s always food and drinks on these occasions, so it’s a great way to enjoy a particular exhibition. 

15. Drink Tour

Drink Tour

Just like Toronto’s food tours, there are drink tours all around the city, all year round! There is something for everyone, whether it be Craft Beer Festival, Cider Fest, or Wine Fest – you can set your heart on trying something new! 

16. Cabana Pool Bar 

Cabana Pool Bar is a getaway in the city. It is a very social place that features great music while you chill on the lounge chairs by the pool with a drink or dance to the beats. 

Tons of DJs hit this spot, so be sure to check out who’s coming when!

17. Drag Show + Brunch 

Toronto is brimming with beautiful drag queens waiting to perform for you! Check out the village on Church Street for tons of bars and venues that showcase many drag queens from all around Canada.

You can also enjoy a brunch with some mimosas at Gladstone House.

18. Sports Games

Sports Games

What better way to cheer on your city than at a sports game? Sports games occur in the city year-round, afternoon and evening. 

Enjoy hot dogs, drinks, and a fun atmosphere with your sport-loving friends.

19. Axe Throwing 

Feeling like throwing something? Axe throwing is a perfect way to get that off your chest in a safe and fun way. 

There are many axe throwing facilities around the city with professionals that will show you exactly how to throw them!

There are even drinks and food there for you to enjoy, as well as challenges that you can compete with your friends by hitting the target. Get those arms ready! 

20. Distillery District 

The Distillery District is most famous for their winter market, including their lights festival, stands with shopping and snacks to try, mulled wine and a Ferris wheel that overlooks the city’s lights.

In the summer it features live entertainment, an outdoor movie theater and shopping. There are many restaurants and patios that you can enjoy in the area as well. 

These historic cobblestones feature many events throughout the year, winter, or summer.

21. Kensington Market 

Kensington Market features delicious restaurants, thrift shops and outdoor artwork. The market also holds specialty stores selling must-tries like Montreal bagels, specialty meats and cheeses.

In the warmer months, you will be able to find outdoor stands with so many things to check out, drinks to-go, and even a few tattoo shops! 

22. Comedy Show

Comedy Show

Looking to have a laugh with some friends over drinks? A comedy show is a great way to be social and unwind with others over a few drinks! 

Comedy Bar, The Second City and Yuk Yuk’s all have different locations around Toronto where you can see new comedians and famous ones!

23. Patios 

Whether you are going for brunch, dinner or drinks, Toronto has countless outdoor spaces where you can take advantage of the warmer months by sitting outside in the sunshine or in the shade.

These patios can range from crowded to cozy, even dive bar to chic to rustic – there is something for everyone’s liking! 

24. Concerts


Concerts are a fun way to get your mind to just relax and listen to some music.

There are many smaller venues around Toronto that offer inexpensive tickets to many up-and-coming bands. You may not yet be familiar with some of them. but what better way to discover your new favourite song than checking them out?

25. Canadian National Exhibition 

The CNE has many games including toss-the-ring, roulette, and basketball, as well as some fair rides. There’s some indoor shopping. where you will be able to find lots of things for back-to-school season on sale! 

Also, be sure to check out all the interesting food concoctions they have.  

26. Puppy Yoga

Puppy Yoga

In need of some cuddles and love? Puppy yoga is a perfect way to feel all that love from a cute puppy. 

It is a perfect way to pet and play with some cuties! Beware, though: cuteness overload is inevitable. 

27. The Lockhart 

Whether you are a Harry Potter die-hard fan or not, The Lockhart is the perfect place for you and your friends to enjoy a wizard themed bar/restaurant.

It is entirely decorated in a Hogwarts theme. On their menu, all their food is Potter inspired, and it gives you a chance to try the famous butter beer! 

28. Stackt Market 

Stackt is a market created entirely out of shipping containers with a mix of shops that change every few weeks, so you’ll never get bored of the same place! 

The market has the perfect view of the CN tower and city skylines, as well as a microbrewery with a top chef. 

Stackt features many events throughout the warmer months, so be sure to check out what’s going on. 

29. Paint & Wine 

Paint & Wine night is a perfect way to spend time with your friends. Don’t be afraid to do this if you’re not an artistic person – no experience is needed!

The night is guided step by step by experienced local artists to create the exact vision you want to make. 

30. Pottery Class

Pottery Class

Explore the art of clay by using your hands in a pottery class. This is a fun way to make something with your own hands and get to bring it home with you after.

It is also a great way to laugh with your friends when you make a mess! 

31. Ice Fest 

Toronto’s central cultural district transforms into a magical wonderland of ice sculptures during wintertime. Walk around Yorkville and see all the people participating in the ice sculpture carving competition. 

32. Nuit Blanche 

An all-night celebration of contemporary art around downtown Toronto, you’ll encounter works from more than 100 artists shown around the city. 

33. Pursuit OCR

Let loose and be a kid again with this indoor obstacle course. You will climb, crawl, and hang from bars – but don’t worry, if you fall, you’ll land in the huge ball pit. 

34. Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Explore the art of cooking with Toronto’s many different cooking classes. There are so many options – and they’re all designed for everyone looking to explore their culinary skills. 

Whether ethnic cuisine, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, or others, you will be able to learn from top chefs in Toronto. 

35. Lipstick Workshop 

Need to find the perfect lipstick color? Just make your own!

Bite Lab features a lipstick-making workshop where you can design the perfect color, flavor, and texture so you can bring home your new favorite. 

36. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Test your climbing skills with an indoor rock-climbing facility. You’ll be able to test how much higher you can get than your friends. 

37. Golf 

Whether you’re a professional or beginner, mini-golf and driving ranges are always a fun way to practice. Check out those glow-in-the-dark rooms or the open field. 

38. Medieval Times 

A show that offers a meal from the past, you’ll get to enjoy a spectacle of knights fighting for princesses whilst sipping from your goblet of beer.

39. China Town 

Toronto’s China Town takes up a huge portion of downtown and is bigger than it seems. Try some Asian restaurants and check out the stores. 

40. Movie Night

Movie Night

Look at what’s new in theaters, grab your favorite snacks and head over to watch on the big screen. 

41. Escape Room

Work alongside your friends or strangers to find clues and get yourselves out of the locked rooms! 

42. Rage Room 

Need to get something off your chest? Rage Rooms are a great way to get all that anger off. 

Suit up, put on those goggles, and grab a baseball bat – then head into the room to destroy everything in sight. 

43. Music Festival

Music Festival

Toronto is home to many popular music festivals! Check out what’s happening near you, get dressed in your favorite festival outfits, and spend the day outdoors listening to and watching your favorite artists.

44. The Bubble 

Miss the inflatable castles you had when you were a kid? Well look no further – The Bubble is an entire facility with inflatable castles and obstacle courses for you to enjoy again. 

45. Harbourfront Music Garden 

Harbourfront’s park features a music garden with stone steps, so you can enjoy all types of live music while enjoying the sunshine and outdoors. 

46. Mixology Class 

Ever wanted to learn how to make your favorite drink at the bar? Well now is your chance – take a mixology class and try new recipes, you might find your new go-to concoction.

47. Ripley’s Aquarium 

Check out all the fancy fish at Ripley’s Aquarium, with many interactive games to keep you occupied. You can pet the stingrays, too! 

Ripley’s also holds many night events featuring drinks and food. 

48. Toronto Island 

Take the ferry to the island and enjoy a sunny day on the beaches or at the parks. The island is home to many restaurants and trails to explore. 

49. Night Out on the Town 

Toronto’s night scene is vibrant and there’s a place for everyone. Check out the entertainment district or Queen Street West for a more chill vibe. 

50. St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is home to all fresh food and delicious pastries. Walk around, explore, and sample all the mouthwatering eats they have to offer!

These are some of the enjoyable things young adults can do in Toronto! We hope we were able to help you see how fun the city can be. 

Did we miss out on any fun activities? Let us know in the comments! 

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