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What’s a Toronto CityPASS and What Does It Include? 

What’s a Toronto CityPASS and What Does It Include

What’s a Toronto CityPASS and What Does It Include? 

Curious about the Toronto CityPASS and what to learn more about it? You’re just on the right page to explore its benefits and deals!

What’s a Toronto CityPASS?

Once you’ve had your fair share of art galleries in Toronto, the CityPass can be your next ticket to more exciting adventures. It’s basically a one-dollar-sized booklet of tickets that you can use to see certain attractions.

At only $58.40 dollars, we reckon your financial planner will be happy with this money-saving deal. By paying this small price, you can get up to 45% off the admission price to five Toronto destinations which are:

  • CN Tower
  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Casa Loma
  • Ontario Science Center OR Toronto Zoo

What are the benefits of the Toronto CityPASS?

Waiting queues at these five attractions are so notoriously long you can almost consider standing there as a kind of exercise. But with a CityPASS, you can basically skip most of the line and have your turn the moment you arrive.

This eliminates the need to book rides in advance since you won’t have to worry about being an early bird. Overall, the money you’ll save on admission tickets plus the time saved makes it worth the shot.

Where can you buy the Toronto CityPASS?

There are two ways to get a CityPASS: one is to get it at the first attraction in Toronto, and two is to order it online. If you pick the latter, you can have the tickets emailed to you and you have the option to print them out.

If you have a phone or tablet, you can present the CityPASS digitally at every attraction. Just make sure your phone screen isn’t broken so it can be read and assessed properly at the entrance. 

How to use the Toronto CityPASS?

Your CityPASS will be scanned and activated at your first stop. Once activated, you will have 9 consecutive to see the other four attractions on your trip (by the way, the counting starts and includes the first day that you used the pass).

If you plan to take photos of your friends, you can go together to the attractions at the same time. But in case you have individual plans ahead, it’s also possible to see the attractions on different days.

Side note – it’s not necessary to visit the attractions in order. You may even squeeze in a fun food trip in between days during your trip. 

Tip on how to use the CityPASS

Getting the best value out of your pass will feel so much better than scoring a new gem at a jewelry store. Here are some tips to make the most out of this pass:

  • Summer, Spring, and holiday breaks and the busiest seasons. Save a wink of sleep by reserving early so you won’t have to feel the tourist rush.
  • Don’t forget to always have your ID with you. Adults must always present this at every attraction.
  • Take advantage of the special offers that often come with each CityPASS. The savings you get is like getting a fine massage on an already good day.

There you have it – we hoped you liked our short guide to the CityPASS and how you can use it for your next trip. Tell us your thoughts so we can create more useful resources like this for you!