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What to See and Do at the Aga Khan Museum?


What to See and Do at the Aga Khan Museum?

The Aga Khan Museum features some of the most prized collections of Islamic Arts. Here’s a guide to help you find some noteworthy pieces in the museum.

Top Things to See at the Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is more than just an art gallery of permanent cultural collections. Since its inception in 2014, it also served as an educational institution that promotes public engagement and innovation. 

The highlight of the museum, of course, is its sprawling collection of over 1,000 masterpieces. Every piece is a celebration of the rich Islamic arts and its enduring history across all of Canada.

Here’s a list of some of the most iconic areas and pieces you shouldn’t miss at the Aga Khan Museum:

  • Appreciate the complex that most architects would die to emulate. Its award-winning design is a remarkable feat for a light-inspired structure, giving the museum its signature interior.
  • You shouldn’t feel guilty about missing a piano lesson or two but it’s different if you miss electrifying art performances from musicians and dancers when they come here! You can also partake in workshops and simply occupy a seat in some of the film screenings they host.
  • If you’ve always had an immaculate eye for interior design, you may want to take a look at the Safavid Carpet. The massive carpet has been weaved together with highly intricate details perfect for creative inspiration. 
  • Why fix your TV if you can entertain yourself with good-old theater plays in the museum? There are no pause and play buttons here so you can really immerse in the riveting performances and plot.
  • Calligraphy isn’t something you’d easily learn about in a formal college. If you’re interested in this craft, you can take a look at the Spanish Qur’an Folio with its elegant calligraphy styles and scripts for inspiration. 
  • You might need help with sleep after seeing The Court of Keyoumars, Iran’s most popular painting in history. The intense details will surely keep you up at night, especially knowing that it took Sultan Mohammad 3 years to complete. 
  • Is your air conditioner down at the moment? You may want to cool off near the Mamluk Fountain for a while as you enjoy this beautiful geometric mosaic made of marble and sandstone. 
  • If a trip to the dentist is too expensive for you, then seeing the Hindustan Shell might give you a priceless smile. Mother-of-pearl shell has Qur’an verses engraved on its eight rings, said to offer protection and blessings.

Other Fun Things to Do at the Aga Khan Museum 

Apart from enjoy performances and masterpieces, you can also:

  • Feast on fantastic meals in the museum’s restaurant. It’s not as fancy as your go-to diner but it helps satisfy your day-long cravings. 
  • Drop by the gifts shop to score some souvenirs that will remind you of your trip to the museums. Don’t forget to get some for your loved ones too!
  • Take a picture with the museum’s iconic structure in the background. Nothing beats a great shot when it comes to enjoying an experience for a lifetime.

Have more fun things in mind that you’d want to share? Tell us your experiences and we might just try them out for ourselves very soon!