Best Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto

A Guide to the Best Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto

Don’t know where to find the right technicians to fix your AC? That’s okay – we have you covered. We’re here to share our picks for handyman companies that offer the best air conditioner repair in Toronto!

Before that, we’re going to detail the expected cost of air conditioner repair services in the area. That’s so you have an idea of what you may have to shell out for the repair.

Finally, we’ll also talk about air conditioner maintenance tips and common problems at the tail end of the article!

The Cost of Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto

The cost of repairing an air conditioning unit in Toronto can range from $75 to $2,350, depending on the problem and the parts that need to be replaced. Most households in the area spend about $413 on average.

Generally, simpler air conditioning repairs are cheaper, costing somewhere between $75 to $590. They usually involve rain line, fuses, control board, and contractors.

More complicated repairs for parts like the refrigerant, fan motor. condensate pump, and drain pans can cost about $240 to almost $800.

On the other hand, some of the most expensive services can cost about $400 to $2,900. These usually involve replacing the fan motor, condenser coil, and compressor.

It’s quite common for repair companies to charge clients by the hour, but most aircon technicians charge by the service provided. What influences the cost of the service is usually the replacements parts and the labour.

If you’re carrying an old air conditioning unit, you might end up spending more because some of its parts are difficult to find. With older aircon units, it’s more likely that larger system parts like the evaporator coil or the compressor need to be replaced or repaired.

Here’s table detailing the cost of the common air conditioning repair and services:

Flushing the condensate drain line$75 to $250
Fuses, circuit breakers, or relay repairs$75 to $290
Contactor replacement$150 to $350
Condensate pump replacement$240 to $450
Refrigerant leak repair$200 to $500
Control circuit board maintenance$100 to $590
Outdoor condensing unit fan motor service$200 to $650
Replacing drain pans$250 to $575
Condenser fan motor repair$450 to $750
Refrigerant recharge$250 to $750
Replacing the fan motor$400 to $1,200
Replacing the condensing unit coil$400 to $2,900
Replacing the compressor$1,350 to $2,300

The 12 Options for the Best Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto

Now that you’re aware of the costs of air conditioner repair in Toronto, we assume that you’re ready to see the aircon repair companies we believe are worth hiring.

Check them out below to see the range of their services and where they are located in the Greater Toronto Area:

1.   Certified Mechanical

BEST FORAppliance repair and maintenance
SERVICESFridge Repair, Freezer Repair, Stove Repair, Oven Repair, Washer Repair, Dryer Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Bath and Sauna Repair, Coin Laundry, Cooler Repair, Commercial Appliance Repair, Ice Machines, Furnace, and Air Conditioning
ADDRESS29 Lloyd Avenue Toronto, Ontario M6N 1H1
CONTACT NUMBER[email protected] | (647) 492-2696
OPERATING HOURSEveryday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Hiring Certified Mechanical will make you wonder why you haven’t contacted them before.

Given their years of experience in the industry, their technicians can basically fix anything. From domestic to commercial appliances, they can serve you.

If you are reading through this list, you must be experiencing something weird while using your air conditioner. As veterans in the industry, they can easily tell you what’s wrong with it by simply using their senses.

In comparison to others, aside from repairing our unit, they make sure that the coolant levels match up with the requirements of the manufacturer. They also check if the coolant pressure is correct.

After this, they also see if the ducts are all clean in order to ensure that airflow in the facility is great.

We believe that you should make them your go-to company for repairs as they offer a great range of services. From different appliances repair to commercial and HVAC, they got you covered.

In addition to all of these, if you are on a budget you do not need to worry as they have payment plans to match it. You are free to customize your plan, you may opt to pay monthly or biweekly depending on your preference.


  • Can repair any brand of air conditioner
  • Can do installations and tune-up
  • Loans are available


  • Rates are unavailable on their website

Customer Reviews

Here are customer reviews posted on HomeStars:

“When I called and spoke to the lovely receptionist, she made sure she connected me to the right person to help. The service is fast and reliable, and I highly recommend Anthony and his team to get the job done!! Thank you a million times.”

“Anthony and his team did a great job of fixing my AC. I damaged the Freon line and needed a repair and full refill. They were very responsive and efficient. They even helped with a separate issue the next day even though their schedule was full. Saved me from the heat wave.”

2.   Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair

Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair's Homepage
BEST FORResidential and commercial services
SERVICESAir conditioner and furnace repair repair, air conditioner and furnace maintenance, air conditioner and furnace installation, humidifier and dehumidifier repair, HVAC repair, and furnace cleaning
ADDRESS35 Ormskirk Ave, Toronto, ON M6S 1A8
CONTACT NUMBER416-962-5678
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 11:30 PM

We had to begin our list with one of the best-rated repair contractors in the GTA: Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair. It has a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Review, with customers mostly praising its fast and friendly repair services.

It services most residential and commercial addresses in Toronto and other surrounding areas such as Markham, Scarborough, Whitby, Oakville, Mississauga, Ajax, Oshawa, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Unionville, and North York, among others.

Its experienced technicians can take care of all sorts of aircon problems, from repairing fuses down to replacing compressors. Its services are open for both residential and commercial aircon units, but it specializes in large residential repair projects.

Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair’s office hours are from 6am to 11:00pm, but its services run round-the-clock. Customers who need emergency repairs are encouraged to call any time of the day.

Aside from providing the best air conditioner repair in Toronto, it repairs furnaces, heaters, humidifiers, and air quality systems as well.


  • 24/7 services
  • Accepts residential and commercial clients
  • Open for emergency calls
  • Good customer service
  • Coupons and discounts for new customers


  • Rates tend to be high

Customer Reviews

Take a look at some of the comments left by its customers:

“High quality service provided by high quality individuals. They came out during the last heat wave and fixed our AC unit with literally just hours of the initial call. Wickedly quick job – easy to see they’re experienced. Individual approach and highly professional. Highly recommended.”

“Can’t thank Vince enough for the work that was completed. My furnace broke on us last week right when it started getting cold. I called that evening and Vince showed up 30 minutes later (I’m in North York). That is great service. Quickly troubleshooted the unit and gave me different service options with prices. He was wearing a mask and was conscious of social distancing. I am a happy customer and would be happy to refer him to others.”

3.   Reliance Home Comfort

Reliance Home Comfort's Homepage
BEST FORCommercial and property management services
SERVICESAir conditioner repair, air conditioner maintenance, furnace repair, furnace cleaning, furnace maintenance, plumbing repairs, water purification systems, and water heater installation
ADDRESSToronto, ON, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER1-888-330-9167

If you’re looking for an aircon repair contractor that specializes in commercial repairs, then you might want to check out Reliance Home Comfort. It’s an all-around company that provides all sorts of handyman services, from appliance repair down to electrical work.

Some of the services provided by Reliance Home Comfort are air conditioner repair, furnace repair, plumbing works, installation of water purifying systems, installation of water heaters, and electrical works, among others.

Reliance Home Comfort is one of the few repair companies that can accommodate urgent repair requests because it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Its technicians can repair all types of air conditioning problems involving filters, thermostats, circuit breakers, compressors, and any types of leakage.

In addition, it’s upfront when it comes to fees to give customers a complete picture of the coverage of the repair and how much they’re expected to pay. No worries about last-minute and hidden charges.


  • Transparent fees
  • 24/7 services
  • Works with top AC brands and units
  • 10% off for long-term partnerships


  • Better for commercial and retail spaces

Customer Reviews

Here are a few samples of customer feedback posted on HomeStars:

“My heating system failed, I called in on Jan 13. Technical came, sighted and said something wrong with the hot water pump. Next day, Jan 14, 2021, another perhaps more senior Technician came – Ringo Team No. 2466. In no time, he found out the control board was malfunctioned, replaced and back to work in 30 minutes. Ringo is a very competent technician, courteous and fully explained to me the operational system. I have lived here for over 10 yrs. I just learnt that there is so much “unknown” to me. eg a small knob to adjust the fan speed. Very happy with the service rendered by Ringo although I need to bear a 2 day-cooling time.”

“The customer service we had with reliance was great. They called us in advance to let us know when they would be arriving, and they were on time for our apportionment. The installers were very professional, efficient, knowledgeable, polite, and the installation went very smoothly. We would highly recommend this company. The cost is on a monthly basis.”

4.   SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning

SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning's Homepage
BEST FORCompetitive and flexible rates
SERVICESAir conditioner repair, air duct cleaning, furnace repair and installation, boiler repair, air conditioner tune-ups, garage heaters installation, water heater repair and installation, and property management services
ADDRESS3283 Danforth Avenue, Unit # 111, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2
CONTACT NUMBER416-573-7212 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Equipped with more than 25 years of experience, SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning has earned the trust of thousands of residential and business owners in Toronto and in neighbouring areas.

SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning is an all-around repair contractor that deals with air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and even humidifiers.

If other repair companies offer same-day services as an option, SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning provides it as a default service. All requests are checked and repaired within the same day.

SunnySide Heating And Air Conditioning admittedly has shorter operating hours compared to its competitors, but its repair services are available 24 hours a day. Customers just need to book an appointment before 8pm to be accommodated within the same day.

Maintenance services are also open for those who want to minimize the downtime of their air conditioning units. Its technicians will regularly check their AC units to know if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

All of its services are covered by a one-year guarantee as well! In case your AC unit starts malfunctioning again after a month, its technicians will check it again free of charge.


  • Affordable fees
  • One-year service guarantee
  • 24/7 services
  • Same-day repair services


  • Shorter office hours

Customer Reviews

As one of the top sources of the best air conditioner repair in Toronto, it’s received close to a hundred positive comments from its customers. Here are some of them:

“Honest, trustworthy and reliable. They came and did everything they said they would in the time that they promised. All great from the front office to the service technicians. Great experience and I felt like Ersi provided me with honest advice that I knew I could trust in every discussion I had with him. The technicians were courteous and respectful of our home and were easy to talk to and get along with. I’d have no problem referring them to anyone in the future. Thanks everyone.”

“I have multiple rental houses throughout Toronto and have really come to rely on Sunnyside Heating and Air Conditioning for all of my HVAC needs. I find them to be extremely professional, competitive, reliable, and am always happy with their work. They have even helped me out with last minute issues in record timing prior to having new tenants move in. I highly recommend them, and love supporting a local business.”

5.   Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair

Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair's Homepage
BEST FORQuick repair services
SERVICESAir conditioner repair, air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner installation, furnace repair, furnace maintenance, and furnace installation
ADDRESS7-B Pleasant Blvd., Toronto ON M4T 1K2
CONTACT NUMBER416-258-3111
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Another top-rated air conditioner contractor in Toronto is Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair. It boasts a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews, with most customers praising its quick and effective repair services.

Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair isn’t as huge as some of its competitors, but it’s managed to stand out due to its competitively priced and efficient services. It can deal with all sorts of aircon problems, from dirty filters down to busted fan motors.

Speaking of quick services, a customer noted that its technicians reached his home within an hour of placing a call. Of course, that largely depends on the location of the client, but we haven’t received feedback about Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair ever being late.

Oh, and Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair’s expertise isn’t limited to repairing air conditioning units. Its technicians know how to repair and install a variety of furnaces as well.


  • Competitively priced services
  • Punctual technicians, according to customers


  • Small team of technicians
  • Doesn’t operate 24/7

Customer Reviews

Here are some comments proving that Fixed Right Toronto AC Repair can offer the best air conditioner repair in Toronto:

“These guys are simply awesome. Showed up right when they said they would. My technician quickly fixed my AC – much faster than the last guy I called. If you want it fixed right, call Fixed Right! :)”

“Provided a flawless furnace and aircon repair. Booked them since they managed to beat a couple of other quotes I got. Were in and out of the home pretty quick, and the young man just so happened to have the exact part that required replacement in his van. Working good as new. I can be warm in my home again.”

6.   Climax Heating & Air Conditioning

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning's Homepage
BEST FORFree in-home consultation
SERVICESAir conditioner repair, air conditioner maintenance, furnace repair, furnace maintenance, and water heater repair
ADDRESS586 Gordon Baker Rd, North York, ON M2H 3B4, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER866-625-4629
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning is an aircon and furnace contractor that services almost every corner of Toronto and its surrounding areas, helping homeowners and business owners deal with their malfunctioning AC units.

Other areas covered by Climax Heating & Air Conditioning are Maple, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, East York, Markham, Woodbridge, Unionville, Etobicoke, and many more.

Its technicians are certified by major air conditioning manufacturers, including Whirlpool, Goodman, American Standard, John Wood, Rinnai, Mitsubishi, Heil, Tempstar, Carrier, and Coleman, among others.

As such, all of its technicians are trained to repair different air conditioning brands and makes, even the oldest ones. You won’t have to worry even if you have an outdated air conditioning unit at home.

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning is licensed and insured to conduct aircon repairs for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

For interested customers, you may book an appointment online through its website, so there’s no need to call and risk being put on hold for minutes.


  • Licensed and insured technicians
  • Services most of GTA
  • Certified by trusted aircon brands
  • Verified by HomeStars


  • Expensive rates
  • Limited service hours

Customer Reviews

Climax Heating & Air Conditioning has an average rating of 5 out of 5 on Google Reviews based on more than 400 reviews. Previous customers posted the following comments:

“Great customer service! Not only they replied quickly but also accommodated all my requests, gave me reasonable options and did not try to sell me something I didn’t need. They care about your satisfaction and explain everything in detail. Moe was the technician that installed the furnace, digital thermostat and humidifier and he really was patient and knowledgeable. Super happy!”

“Exceptional service from Ehsan (Sam) – he was super responsive, came to us quickly and fixed everything. Most importantly, he saved us hundreds of dollars by avoiding part replacement that we already agreed upon once he discovered that it would not be necessary. Will definitely recommend – thank you for your honesty and hard work.”

7.   Home Trade Standards

BEST FORCondominium & Commercial HVAC
SERVICESResidential, Commercial, Condos Cooling and Heating Repairs
ADDRESS3983 Chesswood Dr, North York, ON M3J 2R8
CONTACT NUMBER(416) 736-7001 | 1-877-749-7990
For Service: [email protected]
General Inquiries: [email protected]

Home Trade Standards proudly provides complete HVAC solutions for Condominium High Rise Appartments, Commercial Buildings, and Residential Homes in Toronto & GTA Area. Home Trade Standards mainly specializes in Condominium & Commercial HVAC applications and has built an established reputation as a fair, reliable contractor.

They offer a wide array of services such as full installation, maintenance & repair for Water Source Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Units, Condo Packs, PTAC Units, Commercial Rooftop Units, Boilers, Fireplaces, Air Handlers, Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioners, HRV, ERV, Dryer Vents, Water Tanks, Tankless & Water Heaters systems for your home & business properties.

On top of this, their online platform also enables users to go through a seamless digital check out & booking process for all major residential and commercial HVAC installation, retrofit & replacement services.

Buy and replace your next heating and cooling system online with confidence at a fixed pre-determined installation rate in less than 5 minutes.


  • TSSA-licensed technicians
  • Online booking
  • Accepts all major credit cards


  • Diagnostic deposit fee
  • Additional fee per hour

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews that previous clients have left:

“Kevin and his team at Home Trade Standard are very efficient, reliable and professional. I used the company for a furnace replacement on one unit and then again 2 months later for maintenance on another unit. Thank you Kevin and team for your quick service and great customer service! Your team kept me updated throughout the process, which was much appreciated. The processes and systems that you have in place are quite efficient and user friendly. I would 100% recommend Home Trade Standards for your Residential and Condo needs.”

“Kevin and team were fantastic!. Kevin listened to my needs and were able to conduct a thorough condo heating & HVAC repair & report to help determine if there were any heating issues with my condo unit. I was very satisfied with their feedback and professional opinion and expertise. They were honest and told me everything was working fine despite my tenants complaint on issue which was never expressed by previous tenants in the past. I had received a honest non-bias 3rd party opinion. They were quick, and effective. I strongly recommend.”

8.   Airtronic

BEST FORHeating and Cooling repairs
SERVICESHVAC, Heating, Cooling, Air Quality, Water Heater Repairs
ADDRESS11 Quinby Ct, Etobicoke, ON M9V 2V3, Canada
CONTACT NUMBER647-406-4328 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Airtonic Heating and Cooling Ltd offers you hassle-free HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation. Their highly qualified, certified and licensed team of HVAC technicians can service your system no matter the make or model.

Their services include repairing furnaces, boilers, air conditioning units, rooftop heating equipment, water heater tanks and a whole host of other heating and cooling equipment. The best part is that they repair all makes and models as well as offers HVAC system replacements and installations.

With Airtonic’s crew being trade experts, they are known to give quality services to both residential and commercial units. They also serve Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas. On top of all this, they provide quick response times for all HVAC calls!


  • Coupons and discounts
  • 24/7 Repair Services
  • Quick Response Time
  • No Hidden Fees


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews that previous clients have left:

“The staff were very friendly and kind, they finished their job efficiently and professionally. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any HVAC assistance. We originally called Reliance who ended up deliberately destroyed our furnace and giving us a red tag to replace our furnace, they called their sales associate to our house who gave us a “deal” that would have cost us over $10,000 but Airtronic came to the recuse and install a brand new furnace for less than half the price, really happy and would definitely call them for any future assistance.”

“When our boiler died, we chose Airtronic Heating & Cooling LTD. to install a brand new replacement, as they were a local company and we heard several good things about them from our neighbours. The guy who came to visit make us feel comfortable in our home and he was genuinely concerned. The job was completed and done exactly right. Now our heating system has been working good for the last 2 months. Thank you really appreciate it!”

9. Service Pro Group

BEST FORHeating and Cooling Services
SERVICESServices for furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, water purifiers, plumbing, and electricity
ADDRESS28 Charlton Blvd North York, ON M2M1B9
CONTACT NUMBER647-725-3125

Every component in the house plays a critical role, and the airconditioner is known to keep it cool during the hotter seasons.

Should it break down when we need it the most… Well, there’s no time to fret. It’s best to quickly find a company whose services benefit us the most.

Here is where Service Pro Group comes in.

This service company is known for its extensive list of services, which include work with heating, cooling, plumbing, and electricity. The team at Service Pro Group comprises experienced, professional individuals who are all dedicated to providing quality work, which is why the company comes highly recommended.

Now, Service Pro Group may specialise in installations, having installed countless airconditioners and heaters during its time since first opening, but its repairs aren’t lacking either.

The company’s technicians are always ready to respond to any issues reported online and by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can count on them to deliver the solution that will fit your unique requirements for the summer, winter, and the seasons in between.


  • Wide array of services include repairs and installations for heating and cooling
  • Experienced, professional technicians
  • Open 7 days a week


  • Small service area

10. High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc.

BEST FORHeating and Cooling Services
SERVICESCooling, Heating, and Air Quality Services
ADDRESSHead office
570 Alden Road, Unit 3
Markham, Ontario L3R 9N5
West office
150 Britannia Road East, Unit 18
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 2A4
CONTACT NUMBERTel: 905-307-2988
Fax: (905) 248-1121
[email protected]

Accolades serve to show a company’s prowess in the field that they work in, and the next company on our list have plenty to prove theirs.

High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. is a locally owned and operated HVAC company. It operates 24/7, making it an excellent choice for those who are in need of emergency heating, cooling, or air quality services in Ontario.

It’s worth noting, however, that the company’s operating hours aren’t the only reasons why we strongly recommend High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc.

As previously mentioned, accolades mean a lot in this business, and High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc.has won numerous sales awards from Carrier including the prestigious President’s Award.

These awards are all thanks to High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc.’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The company makes use of the latest technology and products in every job they take on, which guarantees effective and thorough services.

Aside from the equipment, High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. also offers exemplary customer service, and is always prompt, professional, and friendly to every customer they take on.

All in all, the hours of operation, quality equipment and services, as well as excellent customer service make High Efficiency Cooling & Heating Inc. a top choice for heating and cooling services.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Uses top of the line equipment and products
  • Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer
  • Award winning company


  • May be booked and busy

11. Smile HVAC

BEST FORDuctless heating systems repairs
SERVICESDuctless HVAC Repair and Maintenance, Water Treatment, Humidifier, HEPA Air Filter Services, HRV Services
ADDRESS8540 Keele St Unit 41, Vaughan, ON L4K 2N2
CONTACT NUMBER+1 437-777-4555
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday 7AM – 8PM

Next on our list is Smile HVAC, a company that aims to offer high-quality HVAC services and expert advice. They aim to provide comfort and ease when it comes to their range of services.

They are a BBB accredited and a Google guaranteed company. In addition to this, they are also the 2020 and 2021 Homestars winners. 

They specialize in repairing and maintaining ductless systems. They’re the perfect option for you if you’re looking for  someone specializing in these energy-efficient systems. 

Part of their maintenance services includes checking the responsive controls, the functions of each electronic component, ensuring there are no cracks on the component, and ensuring that the filter is clean and unclogged. 

Beyond their AC services, they also offer water treatment services, humidifiers, HEPA air filter services, and HRV services. What we really like about Smile HVAC is the range of services that they offer in a fairly friendly price range.

We were really impressed with their website, they list the brands of the components that they repair so you can check if your AC is eligible for their services. They also have a list of areas that they service so you’d know if your area is part of their scope or not.


  • TSSA contractor fully certified
  • Free service call with your repairs
  • Coupons and promotions are available
  • Award winning company


  • Not a 24/7 service

Customer Reviews

Take a look at some of the comments left by some of their customers:

“Absolutely recommend Smile HVAC- professionals with a goal to prove best in class service and installed equipment. Valeriy highly knowledgeable, came over for an estimate, explained in details about installation and advantages about equipment offered. Provided reasonable pricing. On the installation day, timely starter replacement of furnace and AC, with consideration of all small detailed mentioned by me (customer). Once replacement was complete, dedicated time to explain functionality of the new equipment and how properly maintain going forward. Recommend with a confidence!”

I was beyond happy with Smile HVAC from my first interaction.  Jay was sent out and he was so kind and honest.  He explained the issue step by step and even provided a temporary solution until the part needed to fix our furnace came in.  This is an all around honest and decent company in a time where this cannot often been said.  Thank you for your great service and integrity!”

12. Air Flex Heating And Cooling Ltd

BEST FOR24/7 Emergency Repair Service for Residential and Commercial Areas
ADDRESS3252 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON M1H 1A4
CONTACT NUMBERTel: 416-439-7155

Another repair company on our list is Air Flex Heating And Cooling Ltd.

This is a family owned and operated heating and cooling company in the area. They service both residential and commercial spaces.

One of the things that caught our attention with this company is that they offer 24/7 services, which we think is important because we don’t usually know when our appliances will break down, so it’s good to know that we have Air Flex to call anytime.

It’s also nice that their services aren’t just limited to repairs. They also do installations, maintenance work, duct work, duct cleaning, oil/electric gas conversions, and also have rental programs.

We also particularly like how they offer free quotation for their services.

What’s more is that they also teamed up with financing companies to help their clients pay for the services, which we think is great.

However, we’ve come across feedback that customers experienced poor customer service and subpar workmanship. For the most part though, many customers are happy with their experience with Air Flex.


  • Free quotation
  • 24/7 emergency repair services
  • Services residential and commercial spaces


  • Complaints about customer service and workmanship in the past

Customer Reviews

Here’s some feedback from past clients:

What a great experience with tech Arif S. He was very professional and was following Covid protocol. He came and was able to fix my furnace quickly. I am so happy to use a company that cares about their customers. I recommend this company and services to anyone who wants to have a great experience

“Excellent Excellent Service! Total Transparency! Awesome Workmanship!

Lindon and his team installed a new Lennox furnace and central A/C.
Lindon and his team were very professional, punctual and answered my questions with total transparency. If something couldn’t be done or installed in a certain way, Lindon would take the time to explain and show me why it couldn’t be done that way because of the way my older house is built.
Great company to work with. I will call on Air Flex Heating and Cooling company from now on for any heating and cooling issues.”

Common Air Conditioner Problems

And with that, we conclude our list of the options for the best air conditioner repair in Toronto. Already made a choice? Or have a certain aircon contractor in mind worth checking out? Tell us all about it!

If you have other appliances at home that need to be checked or repaired, don’t hesitate to read our guide to the best appliance repair in Toronto. We include the most trusted repair contractors in there, along with the average cost of repairs and a few answers to questions about them.