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Top 9 Cosmetic Procedures to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Top 9 Cosmetic Procedures to Boost Your Self-Confidence
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Top 9 Cosmetic Procedures to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Beauty is skin deep, but let's face it - your body is a temple that demands occasional investments over time to stay at its best. Sometimes, you may also feel as though you need just a couple of fixes here and there that will make you feel more beautiful in your own skin.

In this guide, we listed cosmetic procedures available in Toronto, for that ultimate beauty transformation. From methods of plastic surgery to common injectables, we laid them out for you, including the costs of each procedure plus the risks in each one. 

Facelift - Starts at $10,000

A facelift is an umbrella term for procedures that are designed to reduce the signs of aging on your face and neck. This is done by pulling back the skin and repositioning it to reduce sagging or folds on the jawline and cheeks.

Best Candidates for a Facelift

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Sagging or loose skin on the face and around the neck area
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Double chin and less defined jawlines
  • Moderate to severe signs of wrinkles 

To achieve the best results, it’s best for patients to have a balanced bone structure, natural elasticity in the skin, and overall great health with no history of serious diseases.

Potential Risks and Complications

The risks associated with a facelift are generally low. Still, keep an eye out for any of the following complications:

  • Abnormal bleeding that may develop into a hematoma
  • Infection around the incision areas
  • Facial nerve injury, scarring, and tissue loss
  • Changes in skin sensation, irregularities, and discoloration

Rhinoplasty – Starts at $700 (Non-Surgical) and $7,000 (Surgical)

Rhinoplasty can either be for physical or health improvement purposes or both. It can be done to modify the proportions, shape, or size of your nose or to address deformities that may have resulted from an injury or a natural birth defect.

Best Candidates for a Rhinoplasty

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Any physical issue such as a bump on the bridge or a drooping nose tip
  • A nose that’s too big or too wide
  • A broken nose (either a birth defect or injury-related)
  • A deviated septum

Candidates of this procedure must also be non-smokers or should have quit smoking a long time ago. They must also be healthy to ensure fast and safe recovery.

Potential Risks and Complications

Apart from unsatisfactory results, you must also look out for the following more serious health risks:

  • Discoloration on the skin, swelling, or changes in sensation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Infection, poor wound healing, or scarring
  • Hole in the nasal septum or nasal septal perforation (extremely rare)

Lip Augmentation – Starts at $500

The motivation behind lip augmentation is to get fuller and plump lips. Today, injectable lip fillers are the most common method of this procedure.

Best Candidates for a Lip Augmentation

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Uneven lips in terms of shape and proportions
  • Lips that are so thin that smiling exposes the gums
  • Loss in plumpness due to age
  • In need of a confidence boost 

Prior to your procedure, you may be asked to stop smoking and to avoid any medications that may increase the risk of bleeding (anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, etc).

Potential Risks and Complications

There are various types of dermal fillers that have different risks associated with them. Fat injections and implants usually have greater side effects with higher risks.

  • Skin eruptions on the lips (similar to acne)
  • Bleeding from the injected areas
  • Rashing with itching, swelling, redness, or skin necrosis (loss of skin from lack of blood flow)
  • Palpability of the filler under the lips’ surface

Botox Injections – Starts at $10 per unit

Botox actually refers to the brand name of a toxin used by doctors to treat wrinkles and other facial creases. Botox injections can also be used to help conditions such as chronic migraine, overactive bladder, strabismus, and excessive underarm sweating.

Best Candidates for a Botox Injection

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Moderate to severe facial wrinkles 
  • Prevent extensive lines from being engraved
  • Deep facial lines and other common signs of aging

Take note that you might want to put off Botox injections at the moment if you have weakness in the targeted muscle areas. The procedure isn’t also great for those with deep facial scars and very thick facial skin.

Botox Injection

Potential Risks and Complications

A Botox procedure is generally very safe as long as you’re under the hands of a seasoned specialist. Contact help when you see any of the following:

  • Bruising, pain, and swelling around the injection sites
  • Crooked smile (drooling), droopy eyelids, or cockeyed eyebrows
  • Either dryness of the eyes or excessive tearing
  • Flu-like symptoms or headache

Coolsculpting – Starts at $750

Also called cryolipolysis, coolsculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that involves freezing stubborn fat inside the body. The dead fat cells are flushed out of the body through the liver after several weeks of treatment.

Best Candidates for a Coolsculpting Procedure

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Stubborn fat in certain parts of the body such as the thighs, lower back, belly, and sides
  • Sagging skins around the targeted areas
  • Disproportionate body shape 
  • Nearing their target weight

Potential Risks and Complications

Due to the nature of the procedure, there are actually super low risks of complication here, unlike in liposuction. Still, expect some side effects after your procedure including the following:

  • A tugging feeling on the treatment areas
  • Skin sensitivity, redness, swelling, or bruising  
  • Stinging, aching, or other sensations of pain on the treatment areas (usually felt after two weeks – no additional treatment necessary)

Laser Hair Removal – Starts at $50

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure designed to remove unwanted hair in areas such as the face, underarm, bikini line, leg, chin, back, and arms. Note that this procedure isn’t permanent so maintenance treatments are required to delay hair growth.

Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Unwanted hair on commonly targeted areas (preferably dark enough for the laser to target the pigment)
  • Dislike for shaving, waxing, or using depilatories to deal with hair growth

Take note that to be eligible for laser hair removal, you must also meet the following conditions:

  • You have dark hair and light skin
  • You don’t have skin infections, open wounds, skin rashes, or tan lines
  • You have health conditions such as raised moles, herpetic lesions, cold sores, keloid scar formation, and more.
  • You have tattoos or any type of permanent makeup in the treatment area.

Potential Risks and Complications

This type of procedure is overall safe and there aren’t any expected long-term side effects. However, you still might want to look out for the following:

  • Redness and irritation
  • Changes to overall skin texture
  • Blisters, skin crusting, and scarring
  • Excessive hair growth in the treated area (rare)

Hair Transplant – Starts at $3,500

Simply put, a hair transplant is a type of surgery that can use either of two methods: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE). The goal, obviously, is to fill an area of your head where there is little to no hair growth.

Best Candidates for a Hair Transplant

Patients who have the following issues:

  • Hair loss due to male pattern baldness 
  • Balding for a long period of time
  • Hair loss due to accidents such as burns or trauma
  • Hair loss due to related cosmetic procedures (most commonly a facelift)

Potential Risks and Complications

Below are some possible complications that you might experience:

  • Severe, itchy, raised, or reddened scars
  • Tissues death along the wound
  • Nerve damage may include permanent loss of sensation
  • Death of skin grafts

Tattoo Removal – Starts at $200

In the past, tattoos were a permanent commitment. But thanks to tattoo removal services, anyone can erase unwanted tattoos with little to no side effects.

Best Candidates for Tattoo Removal

This procedure is for you if:

  • You are not taking medication that increases the skin’s sensitivity to light (antibiotics, retinol, retinoids).
  • You don’t have any injuries on the tattoo site.
  • You are not menstruating, breastfeeding, or currently pregnant.
  • You don’t have any strong allergic reactions to tattoo ink.

Potential Risks and Complications

Aside from the fact that the process will hurt pretty badly, here are some risks associated with tattoo removal:

  • Possible infection in the treatment site
  • A certain degree of undesirable skin coloration (either hypopigmentation – paler or hyperpigmentation – darker)
  • Change of leaving a permanent scar
  • Poor wound healing

Dental Implants – Starts at $3,000 per tooth

Dental implants are your best replacement for tooth roots. These are usually the strongest foundation for either removable replacement teeth or fixed ones.

Best Candidates for Dental Implants

This procedure is for you if:

  • You have sufficient bone density (this eliminates the need for bone augmentation, sinus augmentation, or ridge expansion).
  • You have overall good general health and oral health
  • You have no history of oral health problems

Potential Risks and Complications

Dental implants actually have a high (95%) success rate so you’ll generally be fine. However, you may experience some of the following issues:

  • Nerve damage in the treated area resulting in sensation changes
  • Infection of the implant
  • Movement of the implant or exposure above the gumline
  • Opening of the incision after the procedure

Well, it’s true – beauty really does come with a price. But how does that price tag weigh against the pure joy you feel once you get that confidence you’ve always wanted? 

Cosmetic procedures are just a few of the many ways to show that you love and appreciate yourself. And if you have that means to stay young forever, get the most out of it using this list as a guide!