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The Most Bohemian Things to Do at Kensington Market 


The Most Bohemian Things to Do at Kensington Market 

You’ve never been to Toronto if you’ve never been to Kensington Market. This attraction is noted by its lushly stylized portraits of eccentricity - in a good way, of course.

Known best for its Victorian houses and a lifestyle anchored in hip culture, Kensington Market offers a trip like no other. Discover your bohemian side with this list of fun things to do in the area.

Unleash your love for coffee.

Even the city’s best cafes can’t beat Kensington’s coffee scene. There’s Voodoo Child if you want espresso served in a glass skull and there’s also Little Pebbles for those who want French-inspired Japanese desserts.

You can even unlock the model in you and pose behind the book wall of FIKA Café. And if the coffee’s too much to handle, drop by Wanda’s Pie in the Sky for, well, a slice of pie.

Explore the beauty of art and music.

Kensington isn’t Kensington without art. On its own, it’s like a breathing art gallery where pieces from local artists get the spotlight. 

Bring your photographer friend with you to capture street art from awesome graffitis and murals. There are also brightly-colored houses that may even push you to consider repainting your home

If you’re a fan of music and art performance in general, the market is also a hub of street performers from musicians to sketch artists. Our friends swore that you’ll beg to be in the nearest piano lesson just out of sheer jealousy of their talents. 

Spoil the foodie in you.

Aside from food for the soul, there’s also a plethora of fun food options here at Kensington. You choose anything from vegan options to light snacks like street foods in various food stalls.

From the taste of Italian restaurants, travel to the German side of cuisines at Otto’s Berlin Döner. But if you just want a simple feast of chicken and waffles, Dirty Bird is our best recommendation.

If your favorite brunch spot doesn’t serve fish and chips, get into Fresco’s Fish & Chips to complete the experience. To wash all this food down, grab a drink at Kensington Brewing Co/ or at Cold Tea.

Shop like there’s no tomorrow.

Who needs a personal trainer if you can use your shopping bags as weights? In all seriousness, though, the market is the perfect heaven on earth if you want to get awesome fashion finds.

Sub Rosa Vintage is a great place to start to browse through amazing vintage clothing pieces. If you prefer to collect novelty items, on the other hand, see Blue Banana Market and see all sorts of gifts you can buy.

If it’s an art that you want to take home, look out for the Kensington Market Art Fair. It’s truly the best way to support the artist in this area which we also love. 

Kensington Market is Toronto’s proof that being different is beautiful. Get into the Bohemian lifestyle by spending a day or a week in this gem.