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The 5 Best Fencing Clubs in Toronto

Fencing Clubs
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The 5 Best Fencing Clubs in Toronto

Fencing is one of the most interesting sports and is also a great way to stay fit and safe. This makes it one of the most in demand in terms of lessons and training. 

In this review, we gathered the best fencing clubs in Toronto to help you decide on where you can learn about the sport and what activities you find most compelling. 

The Best Fencing Clubs in Toronto

We evaluated each of the fencing clubs in this list according to the these factors: 

How much do fencing clubs cost in Toronto? 

Before we reveal our list of the best fencing clubs in Toronto, we would like to show you the usual costs of being a fencing club member or taking fencing lessons. 

Please note that these rates are subject to change and are only average prices. 

Fencing packageCost
Per lesson$30 - $50
Personal training $50 - $75
Monthly membership$250 - $600
Facility –  We chose clubs with clean, spacious, appropriate, and safe spaces. 
Credibility-  We only looked at clubs that are experienced and trusted by many. Reviews by previous and current clients were also taken into account. 
Programs –  Programs are what makes sports clubs. Only those with reasonably priced programs were chosen. Those with affordable prices were given plus points. 
Professionalism –  We selected clubs with respected and professional coaches. We also evaluated them according to their performance and how they communicate with clients. 

1. Toronto Fencing Club

Toronto Fencing Club Homepage
PROGRAMSDog boarding, daycare, grooming
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-272-5438

[email protected]

ADDRESS50 Prince Andrew Place, North York, Ontario

Toronto Fencing Club was ultimately established to develop and refine all aspiring and professional fencers in the area. Its headquarters is in Prince Andrew Place where they have been pursuing their goal for 20 years now. 

What we like most about this club is how inclusive it is, promoting fencing as a sport for athletes aged 6-60 years old. This is why they are arguably the most prominent fencing club in Toronto. 

Their selection of programs and lessons are reasonably priced and diverse. They offer lessons for first timers, with discounts for enrolled members. 

Apart from beginner programs, they also have personal training services and group activities. They also host affordable outreach programs that immerse participants in the sport for 2-3 days. 

All three fencing sword types (namely epee, foil, and saber) are made use of in this club. There are also specific lessons for each of these classifications and their facility is organized per lesson. 

The club also takes pride in its list of friendly and respected coaches. Most of these coaches have professional training and experience in the sport, with some of them being recognized in sports tournaments. 

Honestly, the only negative thing we can say about Toronto Fencing Club is that it is schedule specific. While they utilize all three fencing sword types, lessons for each of these swords are set on specific days. 

They are also closed during Sundays, so those who may not have time during weekdays will likely choose a different club. These concerns aren’t really damaging, but they are worth noting as they contribute to gaining more members or enrollees. 

All said, Toronto Fencing Club is really a reliable place for fencing in the area. It is one of the most established and it has served many local residents and visitors since. 


  • Extensive experience
  • Inclusive, with programs for 6-60 year olds
  • Reasonably priced programs
  • Friendly and respected fencing coaches


  • Closed during sundays
  • Has set dates for specific sword lessons

Customer Reviews

So many things are great about this place

This is my second fencing centre I’ve been to. Honestly, so many things are great about this place. The space, the teachers, the safety, and most of all how the teachers teach the techniques for fencing. I am really satisfied. — Riya Puri, via Google 

Very friendly staff

Very friendly staff and i can’t wait to come back — Jimmy Singhj, via Google

2. My Fencing Club

My Fencing Club Homepage
PROGRAMSIntroduction Lessons, Youth Lessons, Adult Lessons, Camps
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-720-0202

[email protected]


Wychwood: 729 St. Clair Ave. W. Street, Toronto

Danforth: 310 Danforth Ave., Toronto

High Park: 95 Lavinia Ave., Toronto


With 3 branches in Toronto, My Fencing Club has grown to be one of the most popular names for fencing in the area. Majority of their students are 9-14 year olds as their mission is to to introduce children to the sport while teaching them about passion, challenge, teamwork and the will to achieve. 

My Fencing Club conducts fencing lessons in three different levels: introduction, youth, and adult. Despite their branding of being a place for beginners, they still encourage competitiveness. 

Price-wise, we would say they can be more expensive than others. They usually charge per 30 minutes and provide options for private lessons and twice a week intermediate programs. 

Apart from the usual fencing programs, this club also hosts birthday parties and corporate events. This gives them a huge plus point compared to clubs who offer only basic fencing lessons. 

The club primarily makes use of foil as its sword weapon. While this isn’t entirely bad, it can be a deal breaker for those who are looking for lessons for all fencing sword types. 

Their facilities are spacious, well-lit, and are aligned with usual fencing orientations. 

Another thing that we found is that this club is closed during Saturdays, which we believe is a great day to encourage more students. We do note that their weekday hours are convenient. 

Overall, My Fencing Club is really perfect for those who are eyeing to learn fencing and discover more about the sport. It is a safe place for kids that does not sacrifice expertise. 


  • Has 3 branches in Toronto
  • Perfect fencing place for kids
  • Has programs for introductory players to adult players


  • Does not utilize all three fencing sword types
  • Closed on saturdays

Customer Reviews

 The coaches were very professional, engaging, dedicated and happy to help 

My sister and I took a group intro lesson at My Fencing Club. We had a lot of fun while learning the new sport. The coaches were very professional, engaging, dedicated and happy to help. The owner is full of passion for people, her students, their parents, and those working for her. I would highly recommend going here to learn fencing whether for competitive sport or for recreational fun.” — Vincent Ecuban, via Google 

I am really happy that we found this place

My daughter has been attending this fencing club for over a year. Her physical abilities have improved significantly since she (has) started, but the greatest change I have seen is an increase in her confidence, social skills and self-discipline. I am really happy that we found this place, ran by the club’s owner, Katya. Highly recommended! — Maya, via Google 

3. Sword Players 

Sword Players Homepage
PROGRAMSMusketeers, Teenager Programs, Adult Membership, Adult Introductory Programs, Individual Lessons, Guest Lessons
CONTACT DETAILS+1 416-732-8582

[email protected]

ADDRESS5 Kodiak Crescent, North York, Ontario

Since 2005, Toronto Fencing Academy Sword Players has been working towards its mission of establishing a large fencing fellowship in the Greater Toronto Area. They are currently known as Sword Players and are one of the most trusted fencing clubs in Toronto. 

Having Olympic medalist Igor Tikhomirov as its founder is one of the many things Sword Players takes pride in. They are also partnered with Fencers Network, a company recognized as an established supplier of quality fencing equipment. 

In terms of programs, this club caters to students of all ages and fencing experience. They have a musketeers program for children ages 8 to 12, a program for teenagers, introductory and advanced lessons for adults.

We particularly like Sword Players because their facility can host gatherings as well! 

Sword Players’ package prices are fair enough – they’re not too high although not exactly the most affordable. They either charge per month or per lesson, depending on one’s preference. 

They also have guest programs for those who just wish to try out fencing. However, they are usually closed during weekends and all lessons are squeezed in starting at 6:00 PM during weekdays. 

We also note that their website uses the old interface and that it can do more in terms of layout. Most fencing clubs out there have updated websites. 

On the bright side, this club’s members are automatically registered as members of the Fencers Network and have discounts on fencing equipment. They also don’t need to pay Fencers Network Membership annual fees.

This club is honestly a good deal in general. They serve the ultimate purpose of educating people about fencing as a sport and offer fair deals for members and non-members alike. 


  • Founder is an Olympic medalist
  • More than 15 years experience
  • Members are automatically registered as Fencers Network members
  • Members have discounts on Fencers Network equipment


  • Closed during weekends
  • Outdated website layout

Customer Reviews

Coaches are great and people are friendly in the club

Coaches are great and people are friendly in the club. The price is also fair. Igor is terrific not only at transferring fencing skills, but also guiding fencers in the tournaments. That’s why there are so many good players there. — Gordon Chen, via Google 

The facility is well equipped and very clean too!

We’ve been here three times for team building workshops with our company and it’s been a fantastic experience every time. The facility is well equipped and very clean too! Arseni and the other instructors are always very patient with us and really put in a great deal of effort to make sure everyone’s engaged.

Overall, I’d recommend Sword Player for both kids and adults. We’ll definitely be back!! Thanks guys 🙂  — Growth Group, via Google

4. Bladeworks Fencing 

Bladeworks Fencing Homepage
PROGRAMSMonthly fencing memberships, drop-in fencing lessons
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-832-5947

[email protected]

ADDRESS206 Beverley St, Toronto, Ontario

Bladeworks Fencing is located right in the heart of Toronto and is a reputable place to learn about the sport. It is a good place for those who wish to commit to a fencing club long-term. 

Given its nature, this place’s disadvantage is that it isn’t the number one option for those who are just curious about fencing. It does offer drop-in fencing lessons for those who just want a session or two. 

What we find most beneficial about this club is that it has a reasonable price for monthly memberships. This is really good for those who want to take lessons as often as they can and make use of the facility every now and then.

They also offer beginner programs where one can learn all about the movements, terminologies, and strategies in fencing. This experience promises to be enjoyable and fun through the help of their clean facility.  

Fencing apparel is also available on their website, an authentic fencing shirt with the club’s brand. We recognize this as a very smart move in terms of marketing and gaining profit. 

Schedule-wise, this place is a little behind as compared to other clubs. They are only open for 4 days a week, so interested people and their members are not free to check them out during weekends and every Monday. 

Being in operation for more than 20 years, Bladeworks Fencing proves to be an experienced fencing club. It meets the standards and has an impressive panel of coaches. 


  • Has been in operation since 1999
  • Reasonably priced monthly memberships
  • Fencing shirts are available on their website


  • Open only during Tuesdays-Fridays
  • Focused more on memberships, not the best place for guest lessons

Customer Reviews

The class atmosphere is super positive and encouraging

I started fencing at Bladeworks 7 years ago and it’s become like a second family to me. The coaches are incredible and know how to push you as much as you want to be pushed but are also very willing to explain and breakdown the reasons for individual moves and strategies. The class atmosphere is super positive and encouraging, despite (or maybe because of) the very mixed levels of people fencing together. If you want to learn how to fence in Toronto, this is the place! — Fern, via Google

People were very helpful and did not mind offering 1-on-1 help

I enjoyed the beginner training. People were very helpful and did not mind offering 1-on-1 help. Would recommend this in the area wanting to learn about fencing. — Brady Eason, via Google

5. North York Fencing

North York Fencing Homepage
PROGRAMSBeginner classes, Advanced classes, Summer training camps, and Bi-monthly courses
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-928-8880

[email protected]

ADDRESS600 Gordon Baker Rd, North York, Ontario

A relatively new and small fencing club in Toronto, North York Fencing Club is a friendly sports center that mainly caters to students and children. 

This club uses foil as its primary fencing sword and is famous among Asian families in Toronto given the club’s coaches. One of them is Cao Ying, an award-winning and recognized fencing player in Toronto. 

Given that North York Fencing Club is suited for beginners, it isn’t the best place for advanced members. This makes their market a little more niche than that of the others and can lead to smaller profit. 

On top of that, the club is only open three times a week. Lessons are divided into morning and afternoon classes during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Despite these disadvantages, the club is able to manage because of its safe surroundings. It provides a safe environment for children and has up to date equipment. 

Membership and class prices are pretty much okay. Taxes are included in all the fees and are at par with the other fencing clubs in the area. 

In conclusion, we can say that North York Fencing Club is a good place for beginners. There isn’t really anything spectacular about it but we see it as a reliable place with potential for growth. 


  • Friendly fencing club
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Safe facility
  • New equipment
  • Affordable packages


  • Only open three times a week
  • Does not cater to advanced fencing players

Customer Reviews

A place where kids can  grow up with memorable experience

North York Fencing Club is not only a place where kids can try out and learn how to fence, but also a place where they can grow up with memorable experience. — Annie, via Google 

The coaches are so dedicated and professional

Small club very welcoming. The coaches are so dedicated and professional and with a heart for the young fencers — Annie Zhu, via Google

FAQs about fencing clubs in Toronto

We hope you enjoyed reading through our review of the best fencing clubs in Toronto. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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