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The Top 4 Paralegal Services in Toronto

Paralegal Services
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The Top 4 Paralegal Services in Toronto

Legal matters are not free from times of trouble. In certain cases where small businesses and individuals may require assistance, paralegals make more practical options over lawyers. 

In this review, we have listed the top paralegal services in Toronto. Whether it is a small or urgent concern, it is best to seek help from the experts. 

The Top Paralegal Services in Toronto

We evaluated each of the paralegal services in this list according to the following factors: 

How much do paralegal services cost in Toronto?

Consulting and asking someone to represent you in court should always be aimed towards a good outcome. Spending money on it should be worth it. 

Here is an estimate of how much paralegal services in Toronto will likely charge. Please note that charges can change depending on one’s need, so it is best to ask for quotes for your concerns. 

Paralegal Service Average Cost
Per hour $100
3.5 hours Litigation$300
Drafting of letters or files $100-$275
Range –  We looked at the scope of their services and whether or not they cater to the entire paralegal market. 
Expertise –  Years of experience, credentials, and previous performance were all taken into consideration. 
Client Satisfaction –  We selected only those with high ratings, great feedback, and less to no complaints from previous clients. 
Global Business & Legal Services Homepage
SERVICES Small Claims & Debt Recovery, Property Management, Landlord and Tenant Board, Asset Search & Registration and Liens, Provincial/Traffic Offenses

ADDRESS117 Peter Street Suite 209, Soho District, Toronto

Phone: (416) 860-7177

Fax: (416) 860-9693

Email: [email protected]


For more than 30 years, Global Business & Legal Services — Toronto Paralegals (GBLS) has been providing legal assistance to companies, law firms, and individuals. They are known for their expertise in Asset Registration and Debt Recovery, minimizing risks and retrieving losses of their clients. 

The company offers a fair range of services, covering some of the most in demand paralegal services. Most of these are relating to corporate, real estate, and finance. 

What makes GBLS stand out is how it offers free initial consultations for their clients. This gives people a hint of how they perform and is honestly a good marketing strategy. 

On-top of that, they have reasonable rates. Their tenure and flexible appointment availability give clients what they pay for, along with personal attention by their expert paralegals on every case. 

Honestly, the only negative thing we can say about GBLS is that it does not offer and mention family law services. It also does not specialize in government services, so this puts them a few steps back from talking to the entire paralegal market. 

Client satisfaction-wise, most of the reviews by previous customers are positive and they have  a perfect 5-star rating on Google Services. They also won the 2009 Consumers’ Choice Award. 


  • Operating since 1990
  • Free initial consultation
  • Flexible appointment availability
  • Winner of the 2009 Consumers’ Choice Award


  • No family law services
  • No government paralegal services 

Customer Reviews

We won the case and were very satisfied with the outcome

Mr. Barrington and his team were fantastic! Within one phone call and an email from him, I had received more knowledge and advice than I had with a previous legal representative who gave me over the course of a month. Throughout his services he was available promptly and was very cut to the chase. In court he was prepared and presented himself with power and knowledge. We won the case and were very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommend Mr. Barrington and the Global Business and Legal services team. — Lauren Piotrowski, via Google 

The fees are more than reasonable and they work well beyond the expected working day hours

Thank you Barrington and your staff for all your hard work on my case. I am a landlord who had a tricky case with a tenant and Barrington advised and was committed to resolving the issues. The communication with him and his team was excellent (thank you Karen!). I was always able to speak to either Barrington or his assistant and was up to date with what was happening with my case. The fees are more than reasonable and they work well beyond the expected working day hours. Barrington’s knowledge and experience is top notch and highly recommend his services for whatever your needs may be. — Fiona Cheng, via Google

2. Civil Litigations Paralegal Services 

Civil Litigations Paralegal Services Homepage
SERVICES Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, Judgment Enforcement

ADDRESS3089 Bathurst St #302, Toronto
CONTACT DETAILS (416) 229-1479

Civil Litigations Paralegal Services has expertise in non-criminal disputes, as its name suggests. It started serving Ontario in 1996 and now has clients all over the area. 

This company takes pride in helping small businesses and individuals by defending them in small courts claims. This is arguably its strongest asset, as paralegal services are often compared to having a friend you can confide in in terms of legal matters. 

They help clients down to the smallest concerns such as nuisance, improper car repairs, change of locks by landlord, and others. Of course, given their expertise in small cases, they aren’t the experts to go to for corporate disputes, property management, and others.

On the bright side, the owner of Civil Litigations Paralegal Services is a well-experienced paralegal. Marshall Yamus is the former Vice-President of both the Paralegal Society of Ontario and the Paralegal Society of Canada.

Most of the clients of Civil Litigations Paralegal Services discover the company through referral, only because Yamus has a good record in terms of paralegal services. He and the company also stand by their ideal that paralegal regulation is in the public interest.

Overall, Civil Litigations Paralegal Services is definitely a good option for those who want to break free from everyday situations and problems. Its tenure and expertise assure good service that one can count on. 


  • Serving Ontario since 1996
  • Perfect for small businesses and individuals seeking paralegal services 
  • Has expertise in small claims courts and landlord and tenant board


  • Not the best place for corporate paralegal services
  • Not ideal for those seeking heavy legal assistance 

Customer Reviews

I am very pleased with his professional way of conducting business

Marshall Yarmus of Civil Litigations Paralegal Services acted for my company to fight a difficult case at the Landlord and Tenant Board.  I am very pleased with his professional way of conducting business.  Marshall guided me through with his knowledge and confidence every time I was puzzled during the litigation process.  Marshall possesses the quality of a professional paralegal and set an example for any newcomer to that profession.  Thank you Marshall. — Lewis Koo, via Google 

I give Mr. Yarmus the highest regard, respect and recommendation

I was referred to Mr. Yarmus —by a senior paralegal/legal educator— as “The Expert” at the Small Claims Court and the Landlord Tenant Board. His knowledge and experience developed over 20 years provides his clients’ with peace of mind that is rare in litigation. His prices are fair, he isn’t fancy or slick; he is efficient and effective, while incredibly detail-oriented and serious. His skills, strength, knowledge and confidence in front of the judge, are exemplary and balanced by his wisdom and passion for justice. It’s not a surprise that his business is all referral based; he treats his clients with respect while guiding them seamlessly through the dispute process. I give Mr. Yarmus the highest regard, respect and recommendation.  — Kristen Forsythe, via Google  

Ask Legal Homepage
SERVICES Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, Appeals and Reviews, Social Justice Tribunals, Provincial Offenses Court, License Appeal Tribunal, Employment standards matters, Other Administrative Tribunals

ADDRESS1800 Sheppard Ave E #55235, Toronto

(416) 201-8882

Contact Form


Representing clients for more than 20 years now, Ask Legal has grown to be one of the most trusted paralegal services in Ontario. It is among the paralegal service providers in Ontario which offer a wider range of services as compared to others in the industry. 

Probably the most enticing offer that Ask Legal has is its complimentary telephone consultation and complimentary email information, which allows a potential client to know how much their desired service will cost. 

On top of this, they also perform a paid in-depth legal consultation, with the fee subtracted from the client’s total bill should they decide to move forward with the company. 

Transparency in terms of costs is a very good way of selling a service and Ask Legal knows how to play around that. Its rates may not be the cheapest in the market, but the company ensures to make each payment worth it. 

What we don’t see Ask Legal excelling on is handling property management cases. Their record does not show much of this and this isn’t mentioned in their list of services, which can be bad as many clients look for paralegals for matters like this. 

However, Ask Legal has been successful in most of its cases thus far, and its scope is pretty much reflective of its versatility as a paralegal service. 


  • Wide range of services
  • Providing paralegal services since 1995
  • Free telephone consultation available everyday
  • Complimentary email information


  • Not responsive (according to a review)
  • Not much experience on property management cases 

Customer Reviews

I am thankful for Ask Legal

I highly recommend Ask Legal as Ask Legal successfully represented my business in a recent Small Claims Court Settlement Conference.  Ask Legal brought professionalism, the necessary details, and the expertise to help me through the Small Claims Court process.  I am thankful for Ask Legal. — Jinha Chung, via Google 

We were finally able to get the result we wanted and are very happy

Tried to collect a large sum of money that we paid which we did not get any services for. It was a breach of contract. We started a Small Claims court case and we thought it was simple. But we were in over our heads. We called ASK Legal Firm for representing us in our Small Claims Court case. Anthony is a true legal professional in and out of the courtroom. He is honest, legally knowledgeable and savvy. We were finally able to get the result we wanted and are very happy. We will recommend it to all our friends. — Arthur Zumaga, via Google 

4. All Traffic Tickets

All Traffic Tickets Homepage
SERVICES Disputes relating to traffic tickets, fines, and penalties

ADDRESS777 Warden Ave #215, Toronto
CONTACT DETAILS (416) 492-7900

[email protected]


Established in 1996, All Traffic Tickets has over 20 years experience in fighting traffic ticket cases and their experts have over 60 years of combined court room experience.

All Traffic Tickets is recognized as the number one place to go in Toronto for anything ticket-related. They even provide free online quotes for discerning clients.  

What makes this service convenient is how anyone in the midst of a ticket problem can text their ticket to the company’s mobile number. This is reflective of how reachable and responsive they are. 

Another thing that sells this service is that they have won 96% of their cases. In terms of insurance savings, they have also saved their clients over $58 Million in potential insurance increases.

While they seem to be really successful in their chosen path, the downside of this is that All Traffic Tickets’ market can be niche. Not all those seeking legal assistance have traffic and/or ticket related problems, so this can put them behind many other paralegal services out there. 

All said, this company is very straightforward. Its name suggests all that it can offer and its reputation thus far is one of the best ones among paralegal services in Toronto and Ontario. 


  • Over 20 years experience 
  • Over 60 years combined court room experience
  • Recognized as the number one traffic ticket fighter in Ontario 


  • Niche market
  • No other expertise aside from traffic tickets 

Customer Reviews

Would highly recommend All Traffic Tickets to everyone

I was recently involved in a collision and knew that I had to turn to best. Christian and his team completely handled everything in a professional manner and completed my case with an excellent result. Would highly recommend All Traffic Tickets to everyone. — Owen McKnight, via Google 

I wouldn’t go to anyone else for a traffic ticket

Christian and the team at All Traffic Tickets are definitely the best in the business. I spent 3 hours calling multiple companies and after listening to them all I decided to go with ATT. Safe to say I made the right decision. I got treated with kindness, was listened to, and no information was sugar coated. Christian was honest and truly fought hard for my case. I am super happy with the outcome of working with Christian, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else for a traffic ticket. Thank you Christian! — Riley Dillon, via Google 

FAQs about paralegal services in Toronto

We hope that this list was able to educate you more about paralegals and where you can find the best ones in Toronto. 

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