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The Top 5 Places for Desks in Toronto

The Top 5 Places for Desks in Toronto
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The Top 5 Places for Desks in Toronto

A desk’s primary function is to act as a surface for studying, reading, writing, and other work or school activities. It can also serve as the statement piece of a work area. 

To help you find a beautiful and effective desk for your space, we gathered a list of the top places for desks in Toronto. Read more about them and their pros and cons below. 

The Top Places for Desks in Toronto

We used the following factors to examine the places we included in this list: 

How much does a desk cost in Toronto? 

Desks vary in shape, size, material, and even price. These are average prices that you can expect when you purchase a desk in Toronto. 

Desk Average Price
Engineered wood deskCAD 150 to CAD 500
Solid wood deskCAD 400 to CAD 1,500
Metal desk  CAD 600 to CAD 2,000
Standing deskCAD 200 to CAD 2,000

Note that these are only estimates and that rates differ for every item and store. 

Selection of items –  Having different options to choose from is always great when you are buying something. We chose shops that have desks in various shapes, sizes, materials, colour, and more. 
Quality of products –  Desks should be durable and able to act as a solid surface for work or study essentials. We selected shops that provide desks that are high in quality. 
Prices –  We checked shops that have affordable yet good desk options. We also evaluated whether or not those with higher prices have desk that are worth it. 
Credibility – Only those who are recommended by many and have good selling records were included in this list. 

1. Officestock — Office Furniture Toronto 

Officestock — Office Furniture Toronto Homepage
ADDRESS80 Rolark Dr, Scarborough, Ontario

Contact Form


Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Founded in Toronto in 2015, Officestock is a place for modern home office furniture that features a large inventory of desks, chairs, panels, cabinets, and more. 

We find this place a convenient way to choose a desk because they offer various configurations, styles, materials, and more. Sit-to-stand, reception desks, and even table style desks can be purchased through their website or in-store. 

Their overall inventory amounts up to more than 90,000 items, so you can only imagine the number of desk options you can choose from. 

We like how they allow customers to shop selectively by categorising their items. For desks, you can choose whether you like something rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped, or parallel. 

Buying online wouldn’t be a problem if you need a desk that meets your desired measurements. Most items have measurements along with their description, so you can already visualise or imagine how a desk would fit you and your space. 

Honestly, there isn’t much to dislike about this shop. We do warn that the majority of their desks have wood as their main material, so metal desk options are not as many. 

We also note that some of the manuals that come with their desks are not updated, so things can get confusing for customers. However, the materials are usually complete and assembling the items isn’t usually that complicated. 

Officestock is a great place if you want a reasonably-priced yet good quality desk. Local orders and those that go over CAD 1,300 get free deliveries too! 


  • More than 5 years in the business
  • Overall furniture inventory is almost a thousand pieces
  • Desk options come in different styles and configurations
  • Easy website purchasing
  • Free deliveries for local and over CAD 1,300 orders 


  • Metal desk options are way less than their wood desk items
  • Instruction manuals are reportedly outdated or missing from the packages

Customer Reviews

The products purchased were of excellent quality

“The staff were very helpful in the store. The products purchased were of excellent quality and the delivery and set up crew were very knowledgeable and courteous. 

We are very happy with our new desk with a hutch and office chair. Thank you.” — Joy Milando, via Google

I was very happy with the quality of my desk

“I was very happy with the quality of my desk.  I reached out to them on the day it indicated it was going to arrive just to double check and the response was almost immediate advising me the delivery will be there between a certain timeframe, it was!  

It was pretty simple to put together, however I wish it came with printed instructions, viewing from my phone was a little difficult.  Overall it’s perfect!” — Olga H, via Google

2. Parliament Furniture

Parliament Furniture Homepage
ADDRESS465 Parliament St, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Friday

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


10:00 AM to 6:00 PM




It is easy to remember where you can find Parliament Furniture, as the shop is located within a street of the same name. This family business has been serving Toronto since 1994 by selling quality furniture and items for home or business.

Their products range from anything needed in a specific space for a house or office such as bedroom, dining, living space, or home office. We like how they have a wide selection of office desks that can be used for residential and commercial. 

A good number of their office desks are actually corner desks that are usually used for computers and office setups. They also have various options for plain desks with detachable drawers and/or pedestals, along with desks with attached shelves. 

You can also find a few metal computer desks should you be into gaming or simply looking for that style. Their colour palette is neutral, so most desks could blend with any space. 

We like the special bar on their website where you can select the price range, size, colour, and features that you want to go with your desk. This will help you narrow down options and search faster. 

We do warn that there are several reports of some of their staff being rude, which is never a good thing. Most of their prices are affordable, but some items can be found in other stores for smaller prices. 

On the bright side, local deliveries are free and they assemble the items once delivered. 

Parliament Furniture has enough experience with and exposure to desks. You can count on them to help you choose, buy, and have a desk put up for your space. 


  • Family-owned local business
  • Has 28 years of experience
  • Desks can be used for residential or commercial spaces


  • Has reports of rude staff members
  • Some items are the same with other stores but are priced higher 

Customer Reviews

Great prices! Great options!

“I’m not really sure if there’s any reason for me to look elsewhere for furniture in the future. I have dealt with this mainly family run business for years. They are always super friendly, kind and very helpful. Free delivery, often on the same day. 

Great prices! Great options! It’s also important to support local business.” — Ingrid Yearwood, via Google

Received prompt communication around scheduling delivery

“Outstanding service. Ordered online, received prompt communication around scheduling delivery. The gentlemen that delivered were very helpful and friendly. Great Customer Experience.” — Devin Harris, via Google

3. AnthroDesk

AnthroDesk Homepage
ADDRESS240 Birmingham St Unit 1, Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]


Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Sunday and Monday



Providing ergonomic and sit-to-stand desks is AnthroDesk, a local shop that opened in Toronto in 2014. They sell their own brand and have a full commitment to their products. 

One of the strongest selling points of this shop is that they offer a great warranty and return policy for all their items. Returns can be within 60 days from purchase and do not come with restocking fees. 

They also do free shipping anywhere in Canada and can hold items for pick-up for free depending on the understanding with the customer. 

In terms of selection, they have a variety of standing desks and converters that people can choose from. These are mostly metal and durable plastic desks that highlight comfort for the users. 

A downside of this shop is that their selection is smaller as compared to others. Their decision to only sell standing and convertible desks is already a limit, so we hope they can add more to their collection. 

We do warn that there are several mishaps in terms of their deliveries. Some get delayed and other items even get damaged along the way, which is something they should address. 

Still, we recommend AnthroDesk because of their goal to bring efficient desks suitable for work and study purposes. Their price range is just right and they discuss their items  thoroughly. 


  • Provides ergonomic, sit-to-stand and convertible desks
  • Great warranty and return policy
  • Products are usually made of metal and durable plastic materials
  • Free deliveries anywhere in Canada


  • Selection is quite small, with around 10 items per category
  • Has reports of delayed or damaged deliveries 

Customer Reviews

Definitely would recommend 

“A great standing desk converter, holding my 2 monitors (one 28″ and the other 24″) very well with plenty of working spaces, the keyboard tray is big enough to hold the keyboard and mouse. 

And it is surprisingly effortless to lift it up and down. Definitely would recommend to buy.” — Kane Wang, via Google

Very high quality product that’s well worth the price

“The sit/stand desk I purchased from AnthroDesk is a very high quality product that’s well worth the price and the staff I dealt with were very helpful and accommodating of all my questions.  

I’ve already recommended them to a couple coworkers who are looking to purchase new desks.” — Eric B, via Google

4. Decorium

Decorium Homepage
ADDRESS363 Supertest Rd, North York, Ontario

[email protected]


Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Saturday

11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


11:00 AM to 7:00 PM


12:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Decorium was founded as a design trade shop in 1986, with a showroom that measures around 2,500 sq ft. Now, the business is open to the public and their showroom is held in a 5,000 sq ft space.

While this shop has products for all over the home, we especially like its line of desks that are very diverse in style, material, configuration, and even purpose. This store specifies whether a desk is for writing, reading, perfect for a corner, and more. 

They also sell furniture that can be added to a desk such as corner desk tables, detachable drawers, file cabinets, and others. We like how they even have glass desks, which aren’t really easy to find. 

The best thing about purchasing here is that you can interact with interior designers. Sometimes, they even provide free styling tips for a home or office workspace, so you can visualise what you want while choosing items in their showroom or website. 

We do note that some of their items are available for online purchasing only, so you have to read well before clicking on anything. A downside of this is that you cannot see the item before it gets delivered to you. 

We also feel like they could do more in improving warranty policies, as some have complained about receiving extended warranties yet not being able to claim them. Others have also experienced not getting a refund that they deserve. 

Still, we recommend Decorium as there are far more positive comments than bad and their items have proven to be good over time. If you want a desk that suits your style, chances are you can find one in their selection. 


  • More than 35 years in the business
  • Very diverse set of desks, with glass desks available
  • Often offers free styling tips for a workspace


  • Some items are available for online purchase only
  • Has reported issues about their warranty policy

Customer Reviews

I couldn’t be happier with the quality and sales experience

“Great shopping experience. Tons of selection. Most of my furniture was purchased at Decorium and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and sales experience.” — Craig Lindsay, via Google

Really take the time to make sure you get what you want

“Sales reps are great. They really take the time to make sure you get what you want and the furniture is quality. 

We purchased furniture here 18 years ago and were pleased to find out they were still in business when we needed new furniture. It’s not cheap but the furniture is high quality and well built and will last a long time.” — Tim DeSouza, via Google

5. Haworth

Haworth Homepage
ADDRESS55 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]


Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Haworth is a large family-owned and global business that designs, sources, and manufactures products relating to seating, workspaces, storage, accessories, and other architectural interiors. 

Their branch in Toronto is one of the most visited shops for office items given the brand’s reputation. You will find some of their most popular products in the Toronto shop, depending on when stocks get delivered. 

What we like most about the desks of Haworth is that they are customisable. While there are ready-made models, all these can be configured according to your height, length, and additional preferences. 

We do note that certain customisations can cost you more and that waiting time can take long, depending on the circumstance. The Toronto shop also has very few displayed desks, which can be a bit of a setback. 

On the bright side, if you’re from or staying in Toronto, you can contact Haworth to have a specific item delivered to their Toronto branch and pick it up there. Their staff can also arrange this for you, should you request it. 

You can also check their website for inspiration on how you can arrange your workspace. They also go on sale sometimes, so it would be best to catch some of their deals to save on costs. 

Overall, we recommend the Toronto branch of Haworth simply because it carries the legacy of the brand. You can rest assured that you will get quality items from them. 


  • Brand has been around since 2005
  • Desks are customisable
  • Orders can be made online from a different branch then the items can get delivered in the Toronto store


  • Very few desk displays are in the shops’ physical store and website
  • Some customisations can be very costly and take time

Customer Reviews

Amazing displays

“Amazing displays, easy to walk around and learn just by observing. Staff are friendly and caring” — Oleg Chuprys, via Google

Practical modern furniture for the workplace 

“Great looking practical modern furniture for the workplace and home.” — DA, via Google

FAQs on desks

That ends our unbiased review of the top places for desks in Toronto. If you know other stores or shops, share them with us in the comments! 

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