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7 Best Spots for Stargazing in Toronto

Best Spots For Stargazing

7 Best Spots for Stargazing in Toronto

Nothing helps you unwind better than a spectacular view of the stars after a hard day at the office. Fortunately. there are some incredible places near the city where you can do just this – take in the beauty of the northern lights and clusters of distant constellations.

Here is our list of the seven best spots for stargazing in Toronto for that much-deserved breather.

Best Spots for Stargazing in Toronto

1. Binbrook Conservation Area

Just over an hour-and-a-half drive from the big city lights of Toronto, the Binbrook Conservation Area is one of the best spots to truly experience a clear view of the skies above. 

Well worth the drive from the city, Binbrook Conservation Area allows you to explore thousands of twinkling stars under a blanket of darkness while you gaze up at the awe-inspiring night skies.

Catch a glimpse of breathtaking views of the Lake Erie horizon, meteor showers, and plenty of stars when you make a pit stop at this gorgeous stargazing destination near Toronto. 

2. Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve

Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve
Image from Ontario Travellers

The perfect weekend excursion, Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve is about a two-hour drive from Toronto. 

Discover the world’s first Dark Sky Preserve, it’s known for its astonishing nighttime views. You can stargaze and be in awe of the panoramic cosmos without the interruption of tall city buildings and light sources for miles. 

Visitors are encouraged to respect the area and clean up after themselves when they leave to help preserve the land for others to enjoy the beautiful night sky views as well.

3. Bayview Village Park

On clear nights, you can get a stellar look at the skies from Bayview Village Park in North York. Discover the planets, galaxies, star clusters, and colorful nebulae within Toronto city limits at Bayview Park.

Just a short bus ride from the nearest station, Bayview Village Park holds a stargazing event during the first week of August where members of the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) can take in the views of the breathtaking city skies.

Signing up for membership allows you to get together with other stargazers and astronomers, take astrophotos, use telescopes, and discover the best times and places to gaze at the night skies in Toronto.

Annual memberships start at $96.00 a month. 

4. Millennium Square

Millennium Square
Image from Yelp

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Toronto, enjoy stargazing along the Lake Ontario shorelines at the Millenium Square in nearby Pickering, Ontario. 

Millennium Square is the perfect spot to aim your telescopes at the skies for gorgeous views of planets and stars. 

The beach area has several benches and a boardwalk for stargazing. You can also bring a blanket and make yourself comfortable on the beach to get a better look at the night skies overhead. 

5. Riverwood Conservancy

Located right in the heart of the city, heading to Riverwood Conservancy makes for an easy trip. Explore the night skies with the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) as they hold regular astronomy nights here throughout the summer.

Reserve your spot to view the skies through a telescope with stellar views of the planets, stars, and moon. Stars are best observed on clear nights, so pay close attention to the weather forecast when choosing your booking date.

Reservation fees cost $5.00 a person. If you can’t make it, no worries – you can cancel your spot anytime within five days of the event for a full refund. 

Riverwood Conservancy provides an excellent opportunity to take in the beauty of the city skies without traveling.

6. Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area

Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area
Image from Naturally LA

If you are looking for a weekend getaway close to Toronto where you can enjoy some great stargazing, Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area is one of the most beautiful spots to visit.

Get ready to be wowed by clear, star-filled skies rarely found in the big city. This scenic location has plenty of parking and concrete pads for placing your telescope or cameras when stargazing. 

Open all night long, you can visit the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area without a reservation. Best of all, it is also absolutely free. 

So, what are you waiting for? This 3-hour drive is well worth it to experience the breathtaking views.

7. Toronto Islands

Visit the Toronto Islands at night to discover breathtaking views of the city skylines, the CN Tower, and outstanding glimpses of the night skies.

On clear evenings, snap panoramic photos of stars twinkling along the skyline, stroll along the boardwalks, or set up your telescope to stargaze the beautiful city skies.

Ferries to the Island run until midnight during the summer months, giving you plenty of time to unwind and take in the evening views.

Final Thoughts

Viewing the night skies has never been easier when you discover the best spots for stargazing in Toronto. 

Be sure to tell us about your favorite stargazing spots in Toronto in the comment section below. We are always thrilled to hear from you.

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