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Posting Pics of Toronto? Use These Captions about The City

Use These Captions about The City

Posting Pics of Toronto? Use These Captions about The City

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in Canada known for its many iconic attractions, culture, and city life. As a popular travel destination, you’ll find snaps of the city posted all over social media.

If you’re having trouble thinking of captions for your Toronto travel pics, then here’s a list of funny, witty, and cool captions about the city that will spice up your caption game.

Posting Pics of Toronto? Use These Captions about The City

1. “Happiness takes flight with plane tickets to Toronto”

Kick off your Instagram posts about Toronto by using the caption “Happiness takes flight with plane tickets to Toronto” and including a picture of plane tickets to the ‘eh’-mazing city.  

The caption does a great job of characterising the city as a place that brings people joy. It also hints at the fun journey ahead and sets the stage for upcoming posts relating to Toronto. 

2. “The place where cultures collide”

If you’re looking for a straightforward caption to provide a commentary on the city’s diversity, you can use “The place where cultures collide.”   

3. “Living it up with my girls/boys in the 6ix”

“Living it up with my girls/boys in the 6ix” is a hip way of saying you’re experiencing Toronto to the fullest with your friends. 

This caption will earn you the approval of hip-hop fans in the know, thanks to the shoutout to “the 6ix,” a term coined by Drake. It complements pictures showcasing your squad’s shenanigans, be it at parties, museums, or on nature expeditions.  

It goes perfectly with photos showing your group having fun at parties, museums, or exploring nature. 

4. There’s so much to CN do in Toronto

Seeking a clever and pun-derful caption? Try “There’s so much to CN do in Toronto,” and you won’t be the only one giggling in the 6ix!

This caption playfully emphasises the CN Tower’s colossal presence to remind your followers that the city is teeming with activities and sights taller than Drake’s rap career. 

5. I had nowhere else Toronto

Here’s another witty caption you can use to get some laughs on Instagram: “I had nowhere else Toronto.”

It’s a funny and creative spin on the phrase “I had nowhere to run to.”

Tip: you can also use it as a caption for photos of the iconic Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square.

6. It’s the moose wonderful time of the year

Spending winter in Toronto is the perfect opportunity to use the caption “It’s the moose wonderful time of the year”

This playful twist on a beloved Christmas song adds a lighthearted touch to your posts and complements family photos taken around the Christmas tree.

Interestingly, there’s a grain of truth in this punny caption, as Toronto boasts a thriving population of moose that can be spotted roaming the city during the winter season. 

7. A quote about the city’s food by David Chang

Toronto boasts a renowned culinary scene, featuring food that’s a feast for the palate and a delight for the camera lens. Consider using restaurateur and renowned Michelin star chef, David Chang’s quote when sharing food pics.

Chang aptly remarked, “If people ask me, ‘What do you think could improve in Toronto dining,’ I’d say there’s nothing to improve on.” 

This quote perfectly sums up Toronto’s culinary excellence, covering its diverse dining options, exceptional flavours, top-tier service, and distinctive gastronomic identity. 

8. #views #views #views

Toronto is renowned for its myriad vantage points that offer breathtaking panoramas of the city. As you capture the skyline and cityscape in numerous photos, you can accompany your post with the phrase, “#views #views #views.”

If your Instagram account isn’t set to private, your post will also reach a wider audience since you’re using a hashtag. 

9. Bright lights & Toronto nights

Whether you’re capturing the mesmerising city skyline at night or Toronto’s vibrant nightlife, “Bright lights & Toronto nights” serves as a versatile and catchy caption, adding character to your posts. 

The ambiguity of the caption allows for multiple interpretations, which can be clarified by the content provided in your photos. 

Moreover, this caption offers a refreshing alternative to avoid cliché captions related to nighttime cityscapes or evenings out with friends.

10. Started from the bottom, now we here

Drawing inspiration from Drake, make sure to include at least one post featuring the iconic lyrics, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”

Similar to the other captions on this list, you can apply this one in various contexts. For instance, you could share a photo taken from the CN Tower, cleverly implying that you’re on top of the “world,” or that you rode the elevator up the tower. 

This caption can be used to announce your arrival in Toronto via an Instagram story immediately after landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport.