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Guide to the Museum of Illusions Toronto

Ultimate Guide to Museum of Illusions Toronto

We all need a break from the daily grind of adulting to embrace the childlike curiosity that resides within us. Luckily for us, the Museum of Illusions in Toronto is just a short car, bus, or bike ride away.

This quirky museum invites you to question what you see, challenging your senses with mind-bending illusions. Use our complete guide to explore this place, and upon visiting, prepare to be captivated, confused, and, above all, entertained!

What is the Museum of Illusions Toronto?

The Museum of Illusions Toronto is a fun space filled with optical illusions and holograms, perfect for selfies and interactive activities. From the Vortex tunnel to the Ames and Tilted rooms, it features over 80 illusions and exhibits, catering to all ages.   

It made its Canadian debut in Toronto in 2020, becoming the brand’s first location in the country. Situated at 132 Front St. East, the 4700 sq ft space is the second-largest globally, following Dubai. 

Originating in Croatia three years ago, the brand has expanded to 14 locations globally. Michaela Radman, its owner and curator, secured the rights to bring this museum experience to Canada, with plans for a second location in Vancouver next year. 

Ticket Prices and Entry Guidelines for the Museum of Illusions in Toronto

Ticket Prices and Entry Guidelines for the Museum of Illusions in Toronto

You can purchase tickets in advance on their website using this link. Below are their ticket prices and entry guidelines:

Adult (ages 16 – 64)$25.50
Child (ages 5 – 15)$19.50
Seniors (ages 65+)$22.50
To ensure a smooth entry, please have your identification ready at the door. 
Little ones aged 4 and under enjoy free admission. 
Younger guests aged 15 and under should be in the company of an adult. 
Please note that taxes and fees are not included in the ticket price.

How to Get to the Museum of Illusions in Toronto

How to Get to the Museum of Illusions in Toronto

Website: Museum of Illusions

Instagram: Museum of Illusions Toronto (@museumofillusions_toronto)

Address: 132 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E2

Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun: 10 AM–7 PM

  Fri-Sat: 10 AM–8 PM

Contact: (416) 889-2285

  • By Bus: Take the 121 Bus at Toronto Union Station, which will drop you off near the Museum. Travel time would be around 8 minutes.
  • By Subway and Streetcar: Hop on the 1 Yonge-University or 2 Bloor-Danforth subway lines and transfer to the 504 King streetcar at Queen station. Disembark at the Parliament St at Front St East stop, and the museum is just a short stroll away!
  • By Own Vehicle: The nearest parking option is the Go Park Garage, just a quick stroll from the museum. There’s also one at Lower Sherbourne St. and an underground parking lot at 35 Church St.

Things to Know About the Museum of Illusions in Toronto

Things to Know About the Museum of Illusions in Toronto
  • Accessibility: The Museum of Illusions is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators on all floors. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are also available. 
  • Safety: Some illusions and effects can play tricks on your equilibrium, making it challenging to walk straight and turn around. To be safe, avoid eating heavy meals before visiting the museum.
  • Discounts: Before booking tickets, check the museum’s website or Instagram for available discounts.
  • Duration: Allow approximately 45 minutes for your time-entry ticket visit. This provides ample time to explore exhibits, capture photographs, and enjoy interactive installations.
  • Events and Parties: Host your unique events with the museum, whether it’s a corporate party, team-building activity, or birthday celebration.
  • Gift Cards: You can purchase gift cards directly on their website.
  • Offer for Teachers: Teachers have a chance to win a free class trip to the Museum. One teacher per month will be selected, and the prize can be redeemed within one year for a class group of up to 50 people to experience over 70+ illusions.

What to See at the Museum of Illusions Toronto

Illusions Rooms

The Museum’s Illusions Rooms are captivating spaces where visitors can immerse themselves in mind-bending optical wonders. From holograms to distorted rooms, these interactive exhibits invite guests to challenge their perceptions of reality in a fun manner.

Tilted Rooms

The whimsical Tilted Room has a slanted floor, so you might find yourself feeling a bit unsteady. The optical illusion makes it seem as if the floor is perfectly flat, allowing for creative and entertaining poses – from appearing to defy gravity to exaggerated leans!

Vortex Tunnel

The Vortex Tunnel is a tarp-like feature that creates a dizzying illusion within an enclosed walkway. While it may be a bit disorienting, the experience prompts you to distinguish between reality and illusion, making it a fascinating exploration of perception. 

Reversed Room

The Reversed Room creates the amusing effect of standing or sitting upside down in a right-side-up subway car. It’s a playful and unique experience that offers plenty of fun opportunities for cool group shots with friends or family.  


The Museum also offers cool, fun, and mind-bending installations, where your senses will be shocked and your perceptions puzzled. You can swap noses with friends, hang out with your clones, and more.

Cloning Table

At the cloning table in the Museum of Illusions, visitors sit around a semi-circular table with a deck of cards. As they hold the cards, mirrors create the illusion that they’re playing cards with multiple clones of themselves.

Beuchet Chair

The Beauchet Chair offers a cool visual trick, featuring an oversized chair seat and regular-sized chair legs. From a specific viewpoint, a person standing on the seat appears much smaller than their true size.

Head On a Platter

The Head on a Platter installation promises laughter and fantastic photo opportunities. This playful exhibit creates a hilarious optical illusion, making it appear as if your head is sitting on a platter –  simply crawl under, place your head through the hole, and enjoy!


The Museum of Illusions’ collection of tricky imagery unravels the mysteries of vision, perception, and the human brain. Guests can witness the fascinating contrast between what they see and what they think they see.


The Museum has a collection of 3D images that playfully vanish and reappear, transform their patterns, or seemingly leap out of their frames. Brace yourself as 3D images come to life, their appearance changing based on your proximity and position.

Optical Illusions

The Museum offers numerous one-of-a-kind optical illusions. For instance, you can capture the magic in your photos, and you might find that the images continue to dance and move when you revisit them, adding an extra layer of fun to your memories.

Where to Eat

Cora Breakfast and Lunch

Website: Cora

Instagram: Cora Restaurants (@corarestaurants)

Address: 106 Front St E #102, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1

Hours: Mon-Sat: 6 AM–3 PM

  Sunday: 7 AM–3 PM

Contact: (416) 504-0303

Cora Breakfast and Lunch is a fantastic choice for an early breakfast, opening at 7 AM, perfect for those wanting to fuel up before the Museum of Illusions opens at 10 AM. This cozy diner offers fresh fruits, lovely smoothies, and a standout club sandwich. 

The service is prompt, and it has a comfortable atmosphere without loud music. The generous breakfast portions also make it a satisfying start to your day, and with awesome bottomless coffee, it’s a must-visit spot for a morning bite!

ARDO Restaurant

Website: ARDO

Instagram: ARDO Restaurant (@ardorestaurant)

Address: 243 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J9

Hours: Tue-Fri: 11:30 AM–10 PM

  Saturday: 5 PM–10 PM

Contact: (647) 347-8930

ARDO is just a 3-minute walk away –  it’s where Chef Roberto Marotta brings the sunny flavors of Southern Italy to Toronto. From classic orecchiette with sausage to fresh albacore tuna carpaccio, each dish reflects tradition and innovation.

We recommend trying their best selling dish – tender grilled octopus – and ending your meal with their sinful yet satisfying cannoli. You can even take a piece of Sicily home with their available olive oil, tomato sauce, and pasta. 

Bolets Burrito

Facebook: Bolets Burrito

Instagram: Bolets Burrito (

Address: 134 Lower Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M5A 4J4

Hours: Mon-Fri: 11 AM–9 PM

 Saturday: 12 PM–7 PM

Contact: (416) 364-5811

For those looking for a snack, Bolet’s Burrito offers a unique twist on burritos that goes beyond traditional Mexican flavors. Its casual and homestyle menu features an array of burrito options, including chicken, pulled pork, deep-fried buffalo chicken, and shrimp. 

It has a family-friendly atmosphere, with street and bike parking, making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a laid-back joint. Don’t miss their honey mustard fried chicken wings—it’s crunchy, juicy, delicious, and packed with flavor. 

The Corner Place

Website: The Corner Place

Instagram: The Corner Place (@thecornerplace)

Address: 11 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5E 1N3

Hours: Mon-Tue: 11 AM–12 AM

  Wed-Fri: 11 AM–1 AM

  Saturday: 10:30 AM–1 AM

  Sunday: 10:30 AM–12 AM

Contact: (416) 850-1738

The Corner Place is an upscale dive bar with a relaxed pub atmosphere. Recommended for Hazy IPA lovers, it’s a great spot to unwind – don’t miss their peanut butter espresso martini, a mix of rich espresso and creamy peanut butter. 

Their patio, adorned with fairy lights and big trees, provides a lovely ambiance, although reservations are weather-dependent. With happy hour specials and free Wi-Fi, it’s an inviting choice for a casual meal and drinks after your Museum of Illusions trip.

Where to Go

Berczy Park Dog Fountain

Website: Berczy Park – City of Toronto

Instagram: Berczy Park on Instagram

Address: 35 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C6

Hours: Mon-Fri: Open 24 hours

Contact: (416) 338-4386

Clarksville Foundry partnered with Robinson Iron and landscape architect Claude Cormier to bring the Berczy Park Dog Fountain to life. It features three tiers with sculptures of various dogs, including a Great Dane puppy and a Bernese Mountain Dog. 

The dogs joyfully spit water towards a giant bone atop the fountain, while a curious cat and two bird sculptures complete the charming scene. A playful addition to Berczy Park, this fountain celebrates the canine companions that frequent the area.

Big Heart

Website: Distillery District

Instagram: Distillery District

Address: 24 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Hours: Mon-Sun: Open 24 hours

Contact: (416) 364-1177

The “Big Heart” sculpture, a stunning 14-foot tall and 12-foot wide metal artwork, graces the Distillery District of Toronto. Crafted from hot-rolled steel, its modern design harmoniously complements the district’s retro brick walls and cobblestone streets. 

Its stark colors, achieved with high-grade car paint, make this heart-shaped sculpture a captivating spot for photographs and even marriage proposals! After visiting the Museum of Illusions, this would be a cool stop to make for couples or families.

Allen Lambert Galleria

Instagram: Allen Lambert Galleria on Instagram

Address: 181 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Hours: Mon-Sat: 6 AM–2 AM

  Sunday: 9 AM–2 AM

Contact: (416) 777-6480

The Allen Lambert Galleria, often dubbed the ‘crystal cathedral of commerce,’ stands as a covered 130-meter-long atrium. This elegant steel-glass masterpiece seamlessly connects Bay Street with Sam Pollock Square. 

This canopy creates a ‘tree-lined avenue’ where pedestrians can circulate sheltered from the elements. The resulting six-story-high thoroughfare evokes the charm of 19th-century European arcades, making it a unique architectural gem.

Where to Stay

Novotel Toronto Centre

Website: Novotel Toronto

Instagram: Novotel Toronto Centre (@novoteltorontocentre)

Address: 45 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E 1W2

Contact: (416) 367-8900

Price: From $215 per night for two people

The Novotel Toronto Centre offers a charming stay just a stone’s throw away from the Museum of Illusions and the iconic St. Lawrence Market. It boasts convenient amenities, including an indoor pool, hot tub, and spa. 

The well-appointed rooms feature large windows, flat-screen TVs, and minibars, ensuring a comfortable stay. Guests can savor international cuisine at Café Nicole, enjoy cocktails at the Stage Door Lounge, and take advantage of room service. 

The Ivy At Verity

Website: The Ivy at Verity

Instagram: The Ivy at Verity (@theivyatverity)

Address: 111d Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2

Contact: (416) 368-6006

Price: From $278 up per night for two people

The Ivy at Verity is a meticulously restored 1850s chocolate factory, where guests can indulge in spacious rooms with unique decor and private balconies. The handcrafted beds adorned with Italian linens ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

This hotel also houses the award-winning George Restaurant, serving delectable dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast, and the hotel features a women-only spa with an ozonated pool, sauna, and a well-equipped gym.