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The Top 5 Paper Shredding Services in Toronto

The Top 5 Paper Shredding Services in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Paper shredding is one of the ways to declutter office supplies and also lessen the amount of waste in your home or space. When there is too much paper, it is best to use a paper shredding machine or consult with a paper shredding company. 

Here are the top places for paper shredding in Toronto. We hope that these will help you discover more about paper shredding and eventually persuade you to avail their services. 

How much does paper shredding cost in Toronto? 

We gathered average prices of paper shredding in Toronto to give you an idea about all the costs. 

Paper Shredding Average Price
Per pound0.99 CAD
Per box6 CAD to 20 CAD

Please note that these are all subject to change and that the table is only a sample. 

The Top Places for Paper Shredding in Toronto

We used the following criteria to find the top places for paper shredding in Toronto:

Equipment –  Paper shredding all depends on and is done through a machine. We looked at places which have quality, functioning, and high-performing paper shredders. 
Services offered –  We selected businesses that offer flexible services relating to paper shredding. 
Efficiency –  We chose those with systematic and organised paper shredding processes. 
Reputation –  We only included companies that are trusted by many and are proven to serve their customers well. 

1. Carbon Neutral Shredding

The Carbon Neutral Shredding Homepage

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday (By Appointment)

With a focus on reducing carbon footprint since 1993, Carbon Neutral Shredding is one of the most trusted paper shredding services in the Greater Toronto Area. Their shredding standard meets that of both the OPP and the Treasury Board of Canada.

Like most paper shredding services, they offer on-site and off-site services, as well as Drop ‘n Watch shredding by appointment. Their selling point is their dimensions, as they shred a minimum dimension of 1/4″ while most competitors shred to 5/8″s. 

Their ratio is 150% smaller than most, making them a great choice for those who have smaller pieces or files. 

Another thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they use a carbon neutral fuel source across all their shredding services. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices always go a long way for businesses, in our opinion. 

Their prices are also competitive, so you a get a shredding service that’s good for the environment without having to break your bank. We also like how they do coffee cup recycling, which in a way, is also a means of reducing paper waste. 

With a capacity of over 1200 record storage boxes per day, they also shred a single bag for our many clients. They also have a specialty service, which is the destruction of electronic media such as Hard Disk Drives while you witness it being done.

We do note that their current address isn’t disclosed to the public, however, you can just simply call 416-445-7157 and speak with a human to discuss your needs and book service.

All said, we believe that Carbon Neutral Shredding is a good place to trust if you need any papers shredded. Just make sure to book an appointment as they don’t accept walk-ins. 


  • 30 years + in the shredding business
  • 5 Star Google Rating
  • Paper and electronic media destroyed
  • Carbon neutral fuel
  • ¼” shred for full destruction standard
  • Witness the destruction whether it be on, off-site, or Drop ‘n Watch.


  • Current address isn’t disclosed to the public
  • Strictly by appointment

Customer Reviews

Friendly and professional

“My shredding had been piling up and I needed help. The owners were friendly and professional. It was so easy! I would definitely use their services again!” — Lynn Mark, via Google

They use high security shredding size and provide us with a certificate of destruction

“We have been using CNS for over 5 years now. We have documents with clients personal information at our office and it is highly important to us that proper document destruction is followed. 

They use high security shredding size and provide us with a certificate of destruction. We also started recycling our coffee cups with them this year. We highly recommend them.” — Sophia Anassis, via Google

2. Papersavers Limited 

Papersavers Limited Homepage
ADDRESS380 Alden Rd, Markham, Ontario

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



A family-owned and operated company since 1991, Papersavers Limited is a leading provider of flexible shredding and recycling services. They are best known for their one-time shredding services that are affordable to the Ontario market. 

They have a list of paper shredding services and it is guaranteed that you will find something fitting to what you need. They even offer shredding services in your home, where they will be using their mobile truck shredding unit. 

Two other options are available. You can either drop your documents at their office and watch your papers actually go through the machines, or you can simply have the papers picked-up from your place and they will perform the shredding in their facility. 

What’s good about all these flexible options, apart from convenience, is that you can guarantee that your files will be shredded. 

 A “Certificate of Destruction” is included when they send an invoice, verifying that everything was shred on the day of removal. This makes them a great choice, along with the fact that they have no commitments or long-term obligations. 

They also perform document storage, various recycling services, and even organic waste composting. 

Honestly, we don’t really see anything alarming about this service. We do warn that given their popularity, waiting inside their facility can take a while. 

You also have to note that it is safer to have a booking, but this usually takes at least two days before they confirm you a slot. 

Overall, we find that Papersavers Limited is a great paper shredding service. They have rates that are within the usual range and they will get the job done wherever you feel comfortable and convenient. 


  • Has been in the business for over 30 years
  • Can perform the shredding in your home or their facility
  • Provides proof of completed shredding service


  • Long queues
  • Usually takes two days before confirming your booking slot

Customer Reviews

Had a great experience from the first phone call onwards

“I used their Drop-N-Watch shredding service and had a great experience from the first phone call onwards. The guys that unloaded the bankers boxes were super helpful and friendly. They even returned the banker’s boxes to me for reuse. 100% recommended.” — Daniel Ho, via Google

I certainly am very satisfied with their service

“Papersavers came to my condo for on-site Shredding.  The driver was punctual. He picked up 3 boxes from my locker and emptied the contents into a bin in the truck. I was able to watch from a screen the entire shredding process which took about 5 minutes.  

He then went up with me to my condo unit and emptied the contents of 3 more boxes into his bin. Again, I watched the contents of the bin being emptied onto the conveyor belt and witnessed the entire shredding process which took 5 minutes. 

The price was very reasonable. I certainly am very satisfied with their service. I will definitely use their service again.” — Selena Leung, via Google

3. Shred-It

Shred-It Homepage
ADDRESS6 Curity Ave Unit E, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Focusing on information security and document destruction, Shred-it is a recognised company in the paper shredding industry. Their headquarters are in the USA but they have expanded to different areas in the past 30 years. 

Their Toronto branch carries most of their services and employs the same processes the flagship branch has. 

The main advantage of using Shred-it’s paper shredding services is the fact that they are already an established brand. Their process and knowledge have been tried and tested and many people already know them as one of the go-tos. 

Regularly scheduled shredding services are available for companies who have a bulk of papers they need to have shredded. Of course, one-time shredding services can be availed of as well. 

On top of this, they also perform specialised shredding such as those for X-ray files and hard drives. They even have a secure media destruction service where they properly dispose items such as CDs and floppy disks. 

We do warn that there are a few complaints and reports about them failing to pick-up regularly scheduled items recently. There are also reports that their customer service seemed to have been unresponsive, which we hope they will address soon. 

Shred-it is already an established business, so choosing them is likely a safe choice. 


  • Over 30 years experience in the industry
  • Regularly scheduled shredding services are available
  • Performs specialised shredding for non-paper materials or items


  • Reportedly fails to pick-up regularly scheduled items
  • Customer service is sometimes unresponsive

Customer Reviews

Communication is great

“We have used Shred-it several times for our business. Communication is great. They arrive on time. Drivers are courteous and helpful. Would use this service again.” — Jeff Maguire, via Google

Great service

“Great service,  we shredded over 50 Banker boxes.  Driver was flexible to my schedule and assisted in loading the shredding bin.  :)” — Liam Morrison, via Google

4. Enviro Shred

Enviro Shred Homepage
ADDRESS197 Geary Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Enviro Shred is another environmentally-focused paper shredding service in the Toronto scene. They have been providing confidential destruction and archive storage needs of people in the Greater Toronto Area since 1990. 

Their services are basically confidential shredding, record management, and computer and media destruction. Their paper shredding services are all performed in their facility and you can either have your papers picked-up or drop them off. 

We like how their paper shredding services are all finished within the same day. Even the pick-up and booking happens on the same day, so they perform a really swift service. 

You can also have your papers stored at their facility should you need to keep them for a while and not actually shred them. Their storage is secure and climate-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality and condition of your files. 

We do warn that their paper shredding services are higher than most costs. While some usually price per pound, Enviro Shred has a minimum of about 150 CAD for shredding and pick-up and about 52 CAD for a drop-off of at least 4 boxes for shredding. 

We also advice that you call them prior to dropping-off your papers as there are days when they seem to be closed but they don’t get to update their hours or make online announcements. 

Nonetheless, we recommend Enviro Shred for their tenure and quality shredding services. They have a well-maintained facility that allows them to perform well. 


  • Over 30 years in the business
  • All shredding bookings are finished within the same day
  • Offers record management or storage services
  • Has a well-maintained facility


  • Prices are way higher than most
  • Shredding cannot be done in your home
  • Not completely transparent with their operating hours 

Customer Reviews

I love this place!

“I love this place! They picked up boxes off my porch and mailed me a certificate of shredding. I’m about to call them again with my next batch!” — Renovations Ruth, via Google

Awesome service

“Great friendly staff and awesome service. Would recommend.” — Hayden Ehler, via Google

5. RecordXpress Toronto

RecordXpress Toronto Homepage
ADDRESS124 Crockford Blvd, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



RecordXpress is primarily a records and document management service. They made it to this list simply because of their expertise with paper and quality paper shredding services. 

Their paper shredding services are calculated as one-time shredding services, so there are no long-term commitments required. 

If you’ve been keeping your files with them, they can simply send you a list of those for destruction and perform the shredding in their facility. 

If you contact them for paper shredding services alone, they will pick-up the boxes from your place. 

You can also witness the entire shredding process, but this is usually by-request and they will still have to make a few arrangements to ensure the process is smooth. 

We appreciate how this service takes security very seriously. Even the process of booking a shredding service is done carefully, with all drivers and staff going through a criminal background check. 

The boxes are also double-checked prior to shredding to ensure that only those on the decided list will be shredded. 

Honestly, the only problem we see for now is that everything should be done at their facility. This can be a dealbreaker for potential customers who want it done in their homes. 

We also find that drop-offs and walk-ins are not accepted, so contacting them prior to having papers shredded is really required. 

Still, we recommend RecordXpress for a safe and secured paper shredding process. You can rest assured that this company will keep everything confidential. 


  • Very strict with security measures
  • Drivers and staff go thropugh criminal background checks
  • Paper shredding process is very thorough


  • Drop-offs and walk-ins are not accepted
  • Only performs shredding in their facility

Customer Reviews

Document shredding service is very efficient

“We’ve worked with RecordXpress for the first time and their document shredding service is very efficient. The staff is friendly and very professional. I highly recommend RecordXpress, we will definitely continue doing business with them.” 


Always helpful

“Crossey Engineering Ltd. have been dealing with RecordXpress for over 6 years for our storage needs and we also moved our shredding services to RecordXpress.  The customer service is excellent.  

Whenever I need assistance with navigating the website, needing additional bins, boxes, etc. they are always helpful.  I highly recommend them! Great Canadian company!” — Lorraine Monico, via Google

FAQs about paper shredding in Toronto

And that’s it for our list of the top places for paper shredding in Toronto. We hope that this article was informative and worth the read. 

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