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Top 5 Places to Take Your Dog Swimming in Toronto

Top 5 Places to Take Your Dog Swimming in Toronto

Top 5 Places to Take Your Dog Swimming in Toronto

Thinking of ways to beat the heat this summer with your furry friend? A refreshing dip in an area beach or pool is one of the best ways we can think of to cool off.

We’ve done our research to uncover the top five places to take your dog swimming in Toronto this summer.

1. Cherry Beach

Beautifully set on Outer Harbor's north shore, Cherry Beach is one of the best places in Toronto to bring your dog for a swim. Enjoy free admission and parking to the beach, public washrooms, picnic areas, and a large fenced-in dog park.

Just a 20-minute jaunt from downtown Toronto, you can find a small piece of heaven, where dogs can be themselves and run free in the shallow waters or explore the wooded area of the dog park.

Enjoy the tranquility of a break-away from the city in this breathtaking setting as much as Fido does. Take in a scenic panorama of the water or enjoy a candid city view.

Afterward, enjoy some of the many takeout spots in the area with outdoor eating spots for you and your dog to savor the flavor.

Cherry Beach
Image from Great Blue Resorts

2. Sunnybrook Park

Located on Leslie Street in North York, Sunnybrook Bark boasts over 150 acres of land for visitors to enjoy nature amidst the city. Relax in the company of pine and maple trees, snapping turtles, red-winged blackbirds, and blue herons. 

Sunnybrook park offers wooded trails, picnic areas, and a large off-leash area for your dogs to break free and blow off some stink. There is also a separate gated area for smaller dogs to enjoy off-leash. 

There is a small stream near the dog park where Fido can clean off, go for a swim, or lap up a few sips of cool water after playtime. 

Pamper your pet with a trip to Sunnybrook Park this summer and treat yourself to some breathtaking views of nature.

3. Silver Birch Park

Silver Birch Park
Image from Bring Fido

At the end of Silverbirch Avenue in Toronto, discover the perfect pet-friendly spot for you and your dog to explore the shallow beach this summer. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the scenic boardwalk, or head over to the off-leash beach area and let Fido go for a dip.

There is no fence around the area, so this park is best-suited for well-trained pups who will not take off without a leash. 

After their swim, dogs can cool off under the many large trees blanketing the park. A beautiful location just south of Balmy Beach, Silver Birch Park is a must-see for any dog lover who wants to pamper their pooch this summer.

4. Kew Gardens

Nestled within the Toronto beach district, Kew Gardens runs along Queen Street. This beautiful park offers several amenities, a playground, wading pool, walking trails, shallow beach, sports areas, public washrooms, and an outdoor snack bar.

Kew Gardens also features a spacious off-leash dog park called Beaches Park, where pups can run, explore, and go for a splash in the shallow waters.

It’s a beautiful spot to spend the day with Fido while beating the heat and taking in the scenic views of Lake Ontario. 

5. Park 9

Park 9
Image from Toronto Star

Why not pamper Fifi with a trip to one of two Park 9 dog play care and grooming facilities in Toronto? 

Park 9 provides an excellent opportunity for your pup to meet some new fur-ends, exercise, and go for a doggie dip in their large pool.

The best part about it is that not only will your dog get spoiled. But, you can also enjoy some quality alone time while your pup is being pampered and having the time of its life. 

Prices for a trip to Park 9 for your pup are as follows:

  • 3-hour visit – $29.00
  • 6-hour visit $42.00
  • A full day $49.00

Discounted rates apply when you enroll your pup as a member of Park 9. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more fun for a dog than a refreshing splash in the water on a hot summer day. Toronto has some excellent pet-friendly beaches and pools around the city.

I hope you found our list of pet-friendly places for dogs to swim in Toronto useful. If you have any other favorite places we forgot to mention, please leave them in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!.

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