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Why You Should Visit High Park Zoo


Why You Should Visit High Park Zoo

High Park Zoo is Toronto’s go-to attraction for animal lovers in the city and all over the world. If you’re still looking for a reason to see the zoo in person, here are a few things that may help you out.

Get the chance to meet various animals and de-stress

Forget your usual spa treatments for a while and give yourself some love instead by getting close to other creatures. A simple look at these adorable animals can give you a serotonin boost, perfect to fuel you throughout the day.

The boost of seeing these lovely creatures can feed right into your nutritional diet, really. Just remember the saying that man does not live by bread alone: it’s because food for the soul is necessary too. 

And one of the ways you can feed your soul is by enjoying the sights of cheeky capybaras, llamas, bison, and sheep once in a while.

Though the experience may not be as relaxing as your regular massages, the simple interaction can make a difference when you’re starting to feel hemmed in by work and the stress of other people. 

Try outdoor activities for fitness and education

Let’s face it – no one wants to wither of old age inside a nursing home – everybody wants to be young forever. And what’s a better way to preserve your youth than to get up and move as much as you can?

Fortunately, High Park Zoo offers various activities and programs that guests can participate in. For instance, there are guided tours around the park that can be customized depending on the needs of the touring group.

And hey, you’ll make your personal trainer proud by completing long walks around the zoo. The best part is, it’s also a learning experience, so it’s worth every drop of sweat you pour out. 

Experience various kinds of food

Though High Park Zoo isn’t exactly a place where foodies can enjoy hearty meals, there are still places to eat here. After all, trips to the zoo can be exhausting, making you want to chow down on your food faves immediately. 

There are various food places within the zoo’s vicinity that you and your family can try out. For instance, there’s Bangali Sweet House, which offers vegetarian-friendly meals tailored for those with dietary restrictions.

If your heart yearns for some local bars instead, you may want to check out Beerbistro. Aside from this, you can basically explore cuisines across the continent as long as you’re around the area.

Explore the zoo’s history

Oftentimes, it’s art galleries and museums that you’ll go to for short lessons on history. But a trip to the High Park Zoo can also give you that, considering that they’ve been operating for more than 12 years now.

Throughout your trip, you’ll see the real conditions of the animals at the present while also seeing glimpses of them in the past. The zoo feels a lot more like a farm, by the way, providing a more personal experience with the animals that have been with the zoo for a long time.

Arrange your own ride today and see the fun-loving animals at High Park Zoo while enjoying the activities we listed above. Learn, enjoy, and take pictures of your trip to make the memories last!