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The 5 Best Women’s Health Clinics in Toronto

The 5 Best Women’s Health Clinics in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

The 5 Best Women’s Health Clinics in Toronto

A woman’s body goes through menstruation, pregnancy, birth-giving, down to menopause. This is why there is a need for extra care and attention for women’s health. 

Women’s health clinics are specifically designed to assist a woman in preparation for the abovementioned, along with other phases and possible diseases. 

You will find a review of the best women’s health clinics in Toronto below. Please note that we listed them in no particular order. 

The Best Women’s Health Clinics in Toronto 

We used the following criteria to examine each of the women’s health clinics: 

How much does going to a women’s health clinic cost in Toronto? 

Visiting a women’s health clinic can be affordable or costly, depending on the service you require. There are clinics and countries that offer women’s health services for free. 

Here is a sample table to give you an idea about private clinic charges: 

Women’s health clinic services Average price
Pregnancy ultrasoundCAD235
UTI testingCAD200
STI treatmentsCAD8,000
HIV testingCAD100

Please note that all of these are just average prices and that charges will depend on your situation and the clinic you visit. 

Expertise – When it comes to anything health-related, it’s important to deal with people who have proper knowledge and skills. 
Facilities and Equipment – We chose clinics that have updated and fitting facilities and equipment for all the services they perform. 
Sensitivity – We selected places that are sensitive to the needs of their patients and those who show genuine care and concern during check-ups and procedures. 
Rates – Healthcare can be expensive at times, but it should always be reasonable. We only looked at places with charges that are proportional to the quality of service they provide. 

1. IWHC Toronto 

IWHC Toronto Homepage
ADDRESS489 College St #200, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Tuesday

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


12:00 PM to 7:00 PM


9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Initially known as Immigrant Women’s Health Centre, IWHC Toronto is a public health-funded sexual health clinic that has been around since the 1980s. 

They began with pap tests, breast exams, STI testing, birth control counseling and blood pressure checks and later on expanded their services. Their clinic is pretty neat, has just enough space, and proper equipment. 

What we like most about this clinic is that it promotes a safe, no-judgment environment and is open to all genders, making their services available to all who may need them. 

Most of their services are free as they are covered by health cards or federal papers. In case a service isn’t covered, they often cover the charge themselves or just ask for a very minimal amount. 

Some procedures are done by a recommended third-party, but you will still transact with them and they will help you navigate through your budget. They also give away free condoms and pregnancy tests. 

They are knowledgeable in different languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, and Filipino as well. 

Their services include, but are not limited to, STI/STD testing and treatment, pap smear tests, HIV testing and treatment, and birth control prescription and counseling. We do note that for all their services, they require an appointment and do not accept walk-ins. 

We also find that they are open every weekday but there are no available doctors during Fridays. 

All said, we find that IWHC Toronto is a great place for usual women’s health concerns. They will help you save on costs and their tenure and experience in the matter ensure that you are in good hands. 


  • Has experience that traces back to the 1980s
  • Most services are covered by health cards or federal papers 
  • Clinic is open to all genders
  • Proficient in various languages


  • Strictly by appointment
  • Some procedures may be done by a third-party
  • No doctors available every Friday

Customer Reviews

The doctor was very gentle during my Pap test

“I had a great experience at IWHC Toronto. The doctor was very gentle during my Pap test. The counselor that talked to me before the doctor was very nice and professional. 

The wait is totally worth it. Thanks for the amazing services you provide. “— Dayse Batista, via Google

The prices for birth control are very cheap

“Extremely nice and helpful staff. The prices for birth control are very cheap, which is great if you don’t have insurance. 

Very welcoming, non judgemental place.” — Carley Prior, via Google

2. Meridia Medical 

Meridia Medical Homepage
ADDRESS1881 Yonge St suite 501, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Thursday

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday



Meridia Medical is led by Dr. David Gerber, a trusted gynecologist since 1997. This makes them one of the most reputable women’s health clinics in Toronto. 

Procedures such as hysteroscopy, colposcopy, labiaplasty, IUD insertion, and vulva removal are performed in this clinic. They also have miscarriage management services. 

Aside from those already mentioned, they also have other services that are very helpful to women. They provide advice on how one can engage in sexual activities during menopause or how one can strengthen their vaginal muscle. 

The topics alone show how open-minded this service is and how they are a trustworthy place. We also like how their website is filled with informative content and how reading through pages alone can help one learn about the basics. 

We like how this place teaches you what to do and what to avoid at the same time, focusing on vaginal health. They even have aesthetic services relating to the skin and can even perform brazilian laser hair removal. 

Their aesthetic services are also open to other genders, which is really nice. 

We do note that they are only half-day during Fridays. Waiting times can also take up to two hours, which isn’t really good. 

On the bright side, we find that they have one of the most extensive lists of services across women’s health clinics in Toronto. This gives them a plus point. 

We recommend Meridia Medical for their efficient procedures and proper reproductive health care. They also have one of the nicest clinics in the city. 


  • Performs various vaginal health care procedures
  • Provides great advice in terms of proper sexual intercourse 
  • Assists patients in strengthening their vaginal muscles
  • Has aesthetic services such as laser hair removal 


  • Half-day during Fridays
  • Waiting time can take up to two hours or even more 

Customer Reviews

Ensured I am comfortable each time

“Dr. Gerber has been my doctor for over three years and I’ve had a wonderful experience. I’ve had my mandatory procedures done by him, which were done very professionally. 

While they can be a little painful, he’s ensured I am comfortable each time. If you’ve been referred to Dr. Gerber, you are in good hands.” — Olga Fes, via Google

Makes a not-so-charming experience delightful and enjoyable

“Dr. Gerber has been my gynecologist for about four years now. He is thorough, diligent, kind, and funny. He makes a not-so-charming experience delightful and enjoyable. 

There is usually a long wait, but totally worth it…just need to plan for it. He is very good at what he does.” — Sam Tawaststjerna, via Google

3. St. Michael’s Health Centre under Unity Health Toronto

St. Michael’s Health Centre under Unity Health Toronto Homepage
ADDRESS61 Queen St E #5, Toronto, Ontario

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Under the leadership of Catholic hospital network Unity Health Toronto, St. Michael’s Health Centre is one of the most reliable hospital clinics in Toronto. They have various clinics for various areas and patients. 

For women, they have pregnancy management, special pregnancy, gynecology, colposcopy, and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery clinics. This makes it easy for patients to determine where they can address their concerns and ask questions. 

Going to this clinic means going to an expert, because they are a certified hospital and have very professional doctors. We like their professional examination of each patient and how they are very straightforward in terms of what a patient needs to do and avoid. 

Their services are evidence-based and patient-centred, so you shouldn’t worry about their accuracy and delivery. We do note that they can be expensive given their reputation and that they only have enough equipment for their services. 

We also add that they do not perform certain procedures here and that they may refer you to a third-party. Still, they are knowledgeable in terms of women’s health and will help you find the best solutions. 

Prenatal and postnatal classes are also offered via Zoom for those who are interested. These include childbirth preparations, new moms’ groups, and even postpartum support groups. 

The obstetrics and women’s health wing of St. Michael’s Health Centre is a great place to visit especially for mothers. They will guide you throughout your pregnancy journey and other reproductive health concerns. 


  • Under the Catholic hospital network Unity Health Toronto
  • Has different clinics for various concerns
  • Has prenatal and postnatal classes and support groups
  • Performs minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries


  • Can be expensive
  • Does not perform certain procedures and may refer patients to a third-party

Customer Reviews

Highly skilled and professional

“I used to visit Dr Nirmala at St Michael’s in their high risk pregnancy clinic.

Complete staff including radiologist and reception were highly skilled and professional.

Dr. Nirmala is an amazing doctor and the best human being I have come across, the way she handled my pregnancy was commendable. Not only did she always give me answers to all my questions but also was very compassionate and friendly as well. 

She is a highly knowledgeable and confident doctor. If you are seeing her, be assured that you are in the best hands. 

Cannot thank you enough Dr. Nirmala for helping us bring our little bundle of joy into this world. God bless you 🙂 :-)”  — Priyanka Hooda, via Google

4. Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic

Bloor West Village Women's Clinic Homepage
ADDRESS2425 Bloor St W #403, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Saturday

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM




Known for their quality abortion and miscarriage services, Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic has been around since 2005. They have a good track record and accept same-day appointments. 

The best thing about this service is that they advocate for women’s choice. They assist their patients in going through the procedures that they decide to do and remind them that they are in control of their own bodies. 

Judgments are rampant in terms of abortion, so having a service such as this allows women to acknowledge their freedom and power over their bodies. They are also well-equipped, but their clinic can be quite smaller than expected. 

We also like how they have an emergency call available and how they usually pick-up any urgent concerns. We do note that these calls are not available during Sundays. 

For those who went through miscarriage, they also provide proper miscarriage management. What we like about this is that they also guide patients emotionally to make sure that their well-being is in place. 

Honestly, there isn’t much to dislike about Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic. We do acknowledge that their services are centred on abortion and miscarriage and that other women’s health clinics have a more extensive list of services. 

We find that this place is not only safe in terms of their procedures, but also in terms of handling your information. They will make sure that you are comfortable in letting them in on the details and will guide you throughout the choices you make. 


  • Over 15 years experience
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Promotes women’s power over their bodies
  • Helps women physically and emotionally


  • No emergency calls during Sundays
  • Services are limited to abortion and miscarriage

Customer Reviews

Thank you for all the help and detailed explanation

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff at the clinic. It wasn’t the greatest day for me to make such a decision, but they really help make sure everything will go well! 

I was super nervous about it before walking into the clinic, but how the social worker, doctor, and nurses treated you made me feel so much more comfortable. Once again, thank you for all the help and detailed explanation. You guys are Truly amazing!”

 — Sharon Mak, via Google

Every staff member is supportive and kind, which makes me calm down a lot

“Great clinic, I just finished my surgical abortion and writing this review on my way home.

Everything went smoothly, I didn’t wait for a longtime. 

The surgical procedure is fast, and the sedation really helps a lot. Every staff member is supportive and kind, which makes me calm down a lot.” — Ningyu Xu, via Google

5. Women’s Health Centre

Women's Health Centre Homepage
ADDRESS331 Danforth Ave 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]


By appointment


Women’s Health Centre is a female-based clinic that is focused on supporting women throughout their various life stages. This is more of a wellness clinic so they do not perform the usual physical procedures. 

What makes this clinic stand out, aside from the fact that they are not a medical or surgical clinic, are the services they offer. While women support usually include counseling, management, or simply advice, they offer activities for women wellness. 

Examples of the activities or services they have are acupuncture and pilates, which are activities that help a woman relax and be more in touch with her body. 

They also have nutrition guides, where they advise women what to eat depending on their current situation. This can be for nutrition for pregnancy, during menopause, or simple fitness. 

Natural remedies such as herbal medicines and therapies are also available. This naturopathic medicine is designed to treat a woman entirely to assist in their overall wellness. 

The only negative thing we can say about this place is that some services, especially the bespoke ones, can be expensive. We do argue that you pay for quality and efficiency. 

We also note that they are open daily, but everything is strictly by appointment, even virtual consultations. Booking online or via call is easy, but sometimes they are already fully-booked so you’d have to get on the waiting list. 

Overall, we find that the Women’s Health Centre is the place for women’s wellness and relaxation. You can trust them to help you achieve good overall energy. 


  • Has professional acupuncture services
  • Offers nutrition advice
  • Holds pilates classes
  • Provides herbal medicines and therapies


  • Strictly by appointment
  • Often fully-booked, has a waiting list
  • Some services can be expensive

Customer Reviews

Easy to communicate with

“Cindy has always been able to assist me in a timely fashion with acupuncture treatments to solve my issues. I always feel very comfortable and safe when having acupuncture with Cindy, and it is so easy to communicate with her to discuss my issues.” — Ann Humphreys, via Google

Able to tailor our sessions to whatever we need

“Cindy Willems has been my and my partner’s pilates teacher for over 10 years. Because of her extensive experience, she is able to tailor our sessions (and individual exercises) to whatever we need in any given week. 

Cindy is the reason we have maintained strength and mobility into our 70’s. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” — Beate Bowron, via Google

FAQs about women’s health clinics in Toronto

We hope that this review helped you learn more about women’s health clinics and where you can find the best ones in Toronto. 

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