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The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

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The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

If you’re a vegetarian who has a hard time finding the best restaurant in Toronto, then this article is for you! 

We reviewed some of Toronto’s vegetarian and healthy restaurants according to their taste, portions, reputation, and more. We also included some of their specialties to help you out in ordering. 

Please note that most of the restaurants in this list are for those who survive on vegetables and other non-meat options, not exactly for those on a vegan diet. Some menus can still come with dairy, honey, and eggs, which aren’t vegan-friendly

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

We examined Toronto vegetarian restaurants according to the following: 

What do vegetarians eat? 

Vegetarians can eat rice, selected dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and sometimes even eggs. 

Below is a sample table that shows what a vegetarian diet usually consists of. 


Egg, veggies, and toast

Overnight oats with fruits

Vegetable and/or fruit smoothie


Vegetable salad

Salad sandwich

Beans and rice

Noodle soup


Baby carrots

Celery sticks



Vegetable pasta

Vegetarian tacos

Vegetables and rice

Take note that the listed meal options are only ideas and that there are thousands of vegetarian meals that can be created at home or innovated by food businesses. 

Food –  What’s a restaurant if not for its good food? We only looked at places that serve flavourful vegetarian meals in good portions and have great value for money. 
Ambiance –  The atmosphere of a restaurant contributes to the overall sensory experience. Having good interior and/or outdoor design is a plus. 
Staff and Service –  We evaluated the service of each restaurant staff and how they serve and treat customers. 
Reputation –  Only restaurants that pass sanitation standards and are trusted by many were included in this list. 

1. Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant

Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant's Banner
ADDRESS1085 Bathurst St, Toronto, Ontario

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday

12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Sunday and Wednesday


Price(A higher score means better value)★★★★★

Serving South Indian and vegetarian dishes, Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. They began business in 1974 and have gained popularity given their craveable yet affordable dishes. 

Annapurna Vegetarian is popular not only because of their experience, but also because of their creative take on vegetarian dishes. Most of their meals come with an Indian flair, so their food is really flavourful and carries that distinct taste. 

We especially like their Daily Dosa Special, which is dosa stuffed with broccoli or cauliflower, cheese, barbecue tofu, spinach feta, fenugreek, and more. Take note that you have to call them prior to getting this, or you may have to wait a few when dining in. 

They also have pita pizza, greek salad, a broccoli bowl, and other fresh vegetable meals. We like that while they carry their Indian origin, they have vegetarian meals that can and will appeal to most palates. 

Honestly, there isn’t anything alarming about this service. We do find that there are a few reports on some of their waitresses being disrespectful and unwelcoming, which they have hopefully learned from. 

We also note that they may ask you to step out when taking calls as they try to maintain the atmosphere of their space. 

A couple of customers found this offensive, so we hope they will reevaluate how they handle this aspect as some guests may see this as a dealbreaker. 

All said, we believe that Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the best places to eat healthy without breaking the bank and sacrificing taste. Their menu shows both inclusivity and diversity. 


  • Has been in the business since 1974
  • Very affordable vegetarian meals
  • Most dishes are flavorful
  • Perfect for those who love Indian food


  • Has a few reports about an unpleasant staff member
  • Phone calls are discouraged inside the restaurants

Customer Reviews

Perfect place for Indian food

“Perfect place for Indian food. The interior is just perfect. Service is good as well.”

 — Aakash Shanischara, via Google

Super tasty and healthy

“ordered the potato masala and seasoned tofu – super tasty and healthy. portions were reasonable too 🙂 highly recommend!” — tracy-ange, via Google

2. Greens Vegetarian

Greens Vegetarian's Banner
ADDRESS638 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario

Sunday to Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday

11:30 AM to 9:30 PM



Price(A higher score means better value)★★★★★

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant is all about serving meals with meat substitutes. Most of their menu consists of Asian dishes, specifically Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai. 

What we like most about this place is the variety of food that they have. They don’t just carry usual green and leafy vegetables, they also have dishes with bamboo shoots, turnip, and even a few fruits. 

Mock chicken dishes are also served here, making them a perfect choice for those who are not purely vegetarian but are trying healthier options. We also like how they have noodles and vermicelli, as well as coconut ice cream desserts.  

Their meals, including their rice combos and specialties, fit the usual price range as well. We find their Sweet & Sour Mock Chicken, Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetables with Four Kinds of Mushroom, and Deep Fried Tofu as some of our favourites. 

We do note that they still need to be a bit more consistent in serving food, as some dishes in the same table may take longer. A few customers also say that some of their dishes still need to improve in terms of taste, which they should address soon. 

Still, we recommend Greens Vegetarian Restaurant for their promising menu, smart meat substitution, and friendly service. Their space is very simple, but it is clean and has that appropriate ambiance for a healthy restaurant. 


  • Carries Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai vegetarian dishes
  • Serves noodles and vermicelli
  • Has coconut ice cream dessert options
  • Staff is very friendly


  • Longer waiting times for some dishes
  • A few issues with dish consistency

Customer Reviews

All items are provided in large plates and at reasonable prices

“Being a vegetarian is difficult, but having vegan dishes with full flavours from this restaurant is easy! All items are provided in large plates and at reasonable prices. Absolutely recommended!” — Daniel Tran Torontonian, via Google

Perfect for family style dining

“Love going to Greens for delicious vegan Chinese food for a low price. Really big portions too, perfect for family style dining. Would recommend their vegan duck and beef hofun.” — Vicki Lee, via Google

3. PLANTA Yorkville

PLANTA Yorkville's Banner
ADDRESS1221 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario

Sunday to Wednesday

11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Thursday to Saturday

11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Price(A higher score means better value)★★★★☆

PLANTA is a plant-based restaurant chain business that has branches all over the United States and Canada. They started in 2016 with the idea of providing people with an unguilty pleasure when it comes to food. 

All three Canadian branches of PLANTA can be found in Toronto: PLANTA Cocina in the Financial District, PLANTA Queen in the Entertainment District, and PLANTA in Yorkville. PLANTA in Yorkville likely has the most menu offerings among the three. 

We especially like PLANTA Yorkville not only because of the variety of their selection, but also because of the consistent quality of their dishes. We also find the spatial design of the Yorkville branch as the most laid back, making it the most relaxing. 

Most PLANTA branches all carry the same atmosphere, with light and neutral colours in their palette. Plants can also be found on almost every corner, which we find to be a nice touch considering their business’ value proposition. 

We do note that PLANTA Yorkville can sometimes be out of tables, so it is best to make a reservation for planned occasions. Waiting can also take a while at times, which is something that needs to be addressed immediately as customers complain about this. 

Overall, PLANTA is great because their menu is not limited to any continent or country. 

We recommend their planta burger, chili crisp tofu, and their pizzas with gluten-free dough. 


  • Has a diverse set of vegetarian dishes
  • Great spatial design
  • Three branches in Toronto


  • Tables are sometimes full
  • Could improve on serving time

Customer Reviews

Loved every bite of the food

“I had been wanting to try this place forever and when I did, it did not let me down. I loved every bite of the food. I ordered vegan sushi for appetizers and it was delicious. It’s a must try! Definitely one of the best vegan restaurants and great for a date night.” — Dee Toronto, via Google

Good service and atmosphere

“Visited over the weekend and tried the Shakshuka which was delicious. The tuna roll is almost very tasty. Good service and atmosphere. Always enjoy coming here!” 

— Karena Cooper, via Google

4. Fresh on Eglinton

Fresh on Eglinton's Banner
ADDRESS101 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Friday

11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday

10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Price(A higher score means better value)★★★★☆

Another food business with multiple branches in Canada is Fresh, a kitchen and juice bar that is popular among vegetarians and health-conscious people. They have six branches in Toronto alone, with the one on Eglinton being one of the most visited. 

Fresh on Eglinton is great because of its almost excellent service and accommodating staff. We also like this branch because of their consistent food offerings and how they always attend to special requests or dietary restrictions of customers. 

Some of the favourites in the Eglinton branch are their various wraps, nachos, gluten-free chocolate cake, and of course, the fresh power juices. Fresh, in general, is known for their fruit and vegetable juices that other people also treat as meals. 

We like how Fresh highlights comfort above anything. They do not sacrifice usuals such as fries, fried food, and even create their own twists on fast food favourites to cater to people who live on vegetables. 

We do warn that some customers complained about the dryness of a burger served to them by Fresh on Eglinton, so we hope they can exert extra effort in terms of quality control. 

We also note that the place can sometimes get too crowded, especially at dinner. 

Fresh on Eglinton is among the go-tos of vegetarians and we find this reasonable. They have comforting yet healthy dishes, their service is great, and their businesses’ years of experience is evident in their performance.  


  • More than two decades of experience
  • Comforting yet healthy meals
  • Caters to special requests of customers 
  • Power juices available


  • Can be too noisy or crowded at night
  • Needs more work in terms of food quality control

Customer Reviews

Food tastes delicious and flavourful

“This vegan restaurant can bring an evolution of human diet structure change! Food tastes delicious and flavourful unlike some vegan restaurants which only want to make veggies look like meat.” — Rey, via Google

Servers go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience

“Fresh has quickly become one of my new favourite restaurants. The food is great and the service is phenomenal – servers go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. I highly recommend this spot!” — Leanne K, via Google

5. VegeDelight Vegetarian Restaurant

VegeDelight Vegetarian Restaurant's Banner
ADDRESS173 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Saturday

11:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Price(A higher score means better value)★★★★☆

VegeDelight is a Chinese and Thai restaurant that focuses on vegetarian dishes. They serve both authentic and innovative meals that are healthy and Asian-inspired. 

We believe that this place deserves to be on this list simply because of the quality of their vegetarian meals. They also have a branch in Markham, which pretty much carries the same standards. 

The Downtown Toronto branch is popular in its neighbourhood, as the smell from their kitchen is very inviting. We also commend their meal presentations, as everything usually looks well-prepared and sophisticated. 

We do find that some of the dishes here can be quite expensive considering their portions. Families may need to order two or more plates of some menu selections. 

We also note that some of their specials are quite more costly if compared to their competitors’ dish counterparts. Still, the taste and quality are both usually good and consistent. 

Mapo tofu, Mushroom skewers, and Chanterelle fried rice are some of our recommendations. Customers also love the Golden Curry and King Oyster Mushroom.

We also like how they have plant-based and healthy desserts that are very unique. These include the Taro Spring Rolls and their House Special Black Sticky Rice Snow Mountain.  

We recommend VegeDelight for those who want vegetable and healthy dishes with an Asian flare. Just make sure to allot a budget right away. 


  • Asian-inspired vegetarian dishes
  • Unique plant-based desserts
  • Great food presentations


  • Some portions too small for sharing
  • A few expensive menu items

Customer Reviews

Rich taste, fabulous display

“Absolutely delicious vegetarian dishes…has rich taste, fabulous display, there is also my favorite Sichuan flavor. Can’t believe the food that I’m tasting has no meat at all in it! Definitely will come again.” — Ellen Fu, via Google

Best vegetarian Chinese food we have ever had! 

“This place is a major hidden gem for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike! Best vegetarian Chinese food we have ever had! Try the spicy double sauté, mapo tofu and the fried rice!” — Nidusha Ranaweera, via Google

FAQs on Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

We hope that this article made you crave for great vegetable dishes and helped you find a next go-to vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. 

For those of you who are vegan, we also have a review of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto. Read about them here