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Here are the top Korean grocery stores in Toronto where locals get their kimchi, tteokbokki, soju, and more!

Best Korean Grocery Stores in Toronto
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Late one night, I was struck by a fierce craving for spicy, cheesy ramen with tteokbokki and a side of kimchi wrapped in crispy seaweed. I eagerly dashed to my pantry, only to be greeted by a sad (and expired?) can of mushrooms.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to never run out of my beloved Korean staples again (*she declares dramatically)! 

Regular visits to my local Korean grocery store have become a sacred ritual. So much so that my friends are constantly asking me where to score kimchi and samgyeopsal fixings.

That’s why I decided to make a list of Toronto’s best Korean grocery stores. These awesome K-food joints have everything you need to satisfy your army stew and soju cravings– yum!

Galleria Supermarket



Address: 865 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3B 1Y6

Hours: Mon – Sun: 7 AM – 10 PM

Contact: (647) 352-5004

Galleria Supermarket has been bringing the best Korean products to Canadian shores since 2003. 

They have everything under one roof, from fresh produce to traditional cuisine and even culinary tools imported from Korea and Japan. Keep an eye out for their fresh rice cakes and kimchi, often on sale and bursting with authentic flavors.

If you love Korean BBQ but not the hefty restaurant bills, we recommend grabbing their fresh meats—perfect for grilling at home. Think juicy pork belly, succulent short ribs, and mouthwatering rib-eye steak—ideal for hosting your own K-BBQ feast!

But the offerings don’t stop there—from cooking ingredients to popular snacks and drinks, Galleria Supermarket has everything you need to recreate your favorite Korean dishes at home. 

For all you veggie lovers out there, they’ve got some awesome organic tofu options!




Address: 10 Bay St. #105, Toronto, ON M5J 2R8


  • Mon – Sat: 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 9 PM

Contact: (416) 532-2961

PAT is another trusted name in the city’s Korean supermarket scene. With five branches spread across Toronto, they proudly claim the title of being the first Korean supermarket in Canada!

We love not just their Korean staples but also their Japanese and Chinese offerings. From mouthwatering kimchi-flavored noodles to spicy chicken for the adventurous souls, PAT has something to satisfy every craving. 

Don’t miss their selection of pickled dill cucumbers, fresh veggies, and budget-friendly meats. Other tempting items include homemade kimchi, kimbap, and banchan sides.

We even scoped out their range of housewares, like cute pots and pans for your ramen and Korean portable grills for your next samgyeopsal BBQ.

With their mission of providing the best deals, you can score some fantastic finds without breaking the bank. They also offer a range of well-known cosmetic goods, making it a one-stop shop for all your Korean lifestyle needs. 

H Mart



Address: 703 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2B2

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 11 PM

Contact: (647) 340-3500

While smaller than other supermarkets, H Mart packs a punch as one of Canada’s largest Asian food market chains. 

In 2013, H Mart introduced its “M2M–morning to midnight” format, bringing urban convenience to Toronto’s Willowdale neighborhood.  Since then, it’s expanded to Richmond Hill and Downtown Toronto, becoming a staple for Korean groceries. 

We adore its cozy setup, which reminds us of a no-nonsense New York bodega. 

From chewy fish cakes and tangy kimchi to dried seaweed and Melona ice cream bars, H Mart has your cravings covered. 

It offers a range of yummy premade Korean snacks and quick meals—must-try items include kimchi fried rice, kimbap, and tangsuyuk from the front food stand. We also recommend going for their Korean fried chicken and chicken katsu—they’re irresistible! 

Luckily, more H Mart locations are popping up around the GTA—it’s a convenient option for Korean snacks and savory meals alike.

C&C Supermarket

Media credit: eatingwithwinnie



Address: 888 Don Mills Rd., North York, ON M3C 1V6

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 11 PM

Contact: (416) 510-8188

C&C Supermarket is like a treasure trove of goodies from all over Asia—China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines—you name it! 

Need ingredients for your next Korean feast or prepping for Lunar New Year? This place has got you sorted, though their Korean section might be a bit on the slim side.

For those craving some Korean snacks, desserts, or drinks, they’ve got a stellar selection! Plus, if you’re into cooking up some homemade samgyeopsal or jjigae, they’ve got the gear for it too. 

Don’t forget to swing by their hot food section for some wallet-friendly faves like chili fish filet!

For K-beauty fans, make a beeline for their health and beauty section. You’ll find all the popular Japanese and Korean skincare and makeup goodies at prices that won’t break the bank.

Lucky Moose Food Mart

Media credit: auntiessupply



Address: 393 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G6

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 10 PM

Contact: (416) 351-8688

Exploring Lucky Moose Food Mart is like going on a culinary journey through Asia, from fresh mangoes from the Philippines to ramen and Melona popsicles from Korea.

We’re impressed with their seafood section where tanks brim with fresh fish, shrimp, and crabs waiting to be chosen. Haemul sundubu-jjigae (spicy soft tofu seafood stew), anyone? 

For hardcore foodies—you know who you are-–they also carry the rare delicacy geoduck, as well as lobster, and Alaskan king crab.

In addition to seafood, we found cooking essentials like large ramen bowls and woks. 

And, we’re also happy to see fresh tofu, an enticing ramen assortment, and a variety of fun drinks like milk teas!

T&T Supermarket



Address: 297 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S2

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 10 PM

Contact: (416) 413-1113

T&T Supermarket, winner of the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award, was started by Cindy Lee, a Taiwanese immigrant and supermom. In fact, she named it after her daughters—adorable!

Now, if you’re a Korean food fanatic like us, T&T is the place to be—they’ve got everything from a bakery and food court to aisles packed with Korean goodies. Seriously, it’s like stepping into a Korean food wonderland!

All our Korean kitchen staples like rice and kimchi? Check. Plus, they’ve got all those specialty items like fermented bean paste and dried squid. 

And don’t even get us started on their selection of mouthwatering meats for Korean BBQ! Korean beauty products, cookware, and even home-goods—these truly help in making this your one-stop Korean shopping spot.

And here’s the kicker, you can even shop online if you’re feeling too lazy to hit up the store.

Nations Experience



Address: 1980 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6N 0A3

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 8:50 PM

Contact: (416) 767-5888

Nations Experience is a must-visit for hungry locals craving an international grocery haul. Beyond the aisles of Chinese and Korean treats, we were happy to find an arcade, VR zone, and kids’ play area—perfect for entertaining people of all ages.

But it’s not just about the fun and games—Nations Experience is serious about quality too. Their butcher counter boasts rare cuts like beef stomach, pork feet, and frozen goat legs, while the fish market offers a fresh selection of live seafood.

Feeling peckish? Grab a pre-made bubble tea or better yet, head to the self-serve hot table—with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese options ranging from value to premium.

Here, you can sample a wide range of hot dishes, from shrimp and lamb shank to butter chicken and curries. If you’re someone who loves mixing and matching meals like ribs, mango salad, burgers, pizza, and sushi, then we suggest giving it a go!

Kibo Market



Address: 65 Front St W Unit 434, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3


  • Mon – Sat: 7 AM – 9:30 PM
  •  Sunday: 7 AM – 9 PM


Nestled within Union Station, Kibo Market brings a fusion of Canadian, Japanese, and Korean flavors right to your table. Eco-conscious customers would also be happy to know that they source ingredients from local farms and suppliers.

This Japanese grocery store offers a limited (but delicious!) array of Korean essentials, from miso paste to savory snacks.

For those craving Korean street food, Kibo Market delivers with their mouthwatering options like kimbap and bulgogi rice meals (my personal favorite). And if you’re a Melona ice cream enthusiast, you’re in for a treat!

We’re also addicted to their kimchi selection, featuring classics like cabbage and radish, alongside limited editions like cucumber kimchi. 

For conscious consumers, prepared foods are thoughtfully labeled, making it easy for vegans to navigate.

While their prices may run a bit higher than other stores, we think the convenience and quality make it worth the splurge. 




Address: 420 Tapscott Rd Unit #2, Scarborough, ON M1B 1Y4

Hours: Mon – Sun: Open 24 hours


Haisue, a primarily Canadian online retailer, is your one-stop shop for all things Asian groceries and beyond. 

We think they have basically everything—from Korean buldak noodles and pancake mix to BBQ marinades and Mirin or Korean cooking wine. Their authentic Budae ramyun, inspired by the streets of Itaewon, is a must-try for any Korean cuisine enthusiast.

For BTS fans, they even have canned lattes with BTS packaging. Of course, note that collectibles like these tend to sell out fast.

For a quick and delicious meal, we sampled their Korean corn dogs paired with a cup of CJ’s cooked white rice with stir-fried kimchi – sweet, salty, and oh-so-delicious!

We also tried their online delivery, and they really went all out with the packaging, even bubble-wrapping the cooking wine bottle.

And, they’ve got such great prices (ranging from $3 to $14 or more) and a variety of Asian foods – they’re totally beating Amazon!

Heisei Mart



Address: J-Town South building, 3160 Steeles Ave E #118, Markham, ON L3R 4G9


  • Tue – Sat: 10 AM – 7 PM
  •  Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM

Contact: (905) 305-0108

If you’re in J-Town and craving some Korean goodies, swing by Heisei Mart. Despite being a Japanese grocery store, they’ve got a solid selection of Korean treats, from mouthwatering bibimbap to authentic Kimchi, all packed up in safe, fancy containers.

While Heisei stocks refrigerated items like sliced beef, frozen mochi ice cream, and fish cakes, the majority of their store space is taken up by dry goods.

For instance, we checked out their Korean aisle, which is stacked with Korean instant buldak noodles, snacks, desserts, and drinks. We also came upon some cool finds like Pokka coffee cans and jasmine green tea. 

If you’re up for a snack, they’ve got a killer dining area called Cafe Green Tea serving up delicious fried noodles, chicken rice omelets, and tempura dishes.

While their Korean lineup is pretty decent, don’t expect the same variety as a dedicated Korean store. 




Address: 1701 Martin Grove Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9V 4N4

Hours: Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 9 PM

Contact: (416) 742-8688

Bestco, a Chinese supermarket, is a treasure trove of Korean goodies, catering to various culinary cravings from across the continent. 

Whether it’s the perfect pre-cut meat for a Korean BBQ soirée or flavored soju to spice up your gatherings, Bestco seems to have it all. In fact, they certainly had our backs whenever we had kimchi cravings.

With a clean and well-stocked interior boasting quality fresh produce and meats sourced from local farms, Bestco prides itself on bringing the freshest ingredients to your table.

And for budget-conscious shoppers, there are plenty of bargains to be found, making your meals both delicious and affordable. For instance, we found chicken for as low as $1– crazy in a good way, right?

Hanamaru Market and Bento



Address: 862 Pape Ave, East York, ON M4K 3T8

Hours: Tue – Sat: 11 AM – 8:30 PM

Contact: (416) 901-8862

Hanamaru Market & Bento, a famed Japanese and Korean hotspot, is another must-visit for all your Asian grocery needs.

We saw shelves adorned with lots of sweet and savory Korean snacks, dinners, and frozen treats, from bento boxes and sushi rolls to Kewpie mayo and instant ramen.

Snack lovers can try their rice cookies, flavored chips, and the iconic Pocky sticks, alongside Hi-Chew candy galore, with affordable prices ranging from $3 to $16.

For those planning a samgyeopsal or hotpot, they have frozen dumplings, Korean BBQ marinades, and the fiery gochujang paste—perfect for adding that Korean kick!

If hunger strikes, you can also grab a fresh hot meal like rice, egg, and stir-fried beef, or opt for their prepared sushi and bento boxes. In fact, we strongly recommend their sumptuous bulgogi bowl, a winning sweet and savory combo!

Fur parents who hate leaving their doggos at home (like us!) would really love their dog-friendly policy, which is rare amongst grocery stores. 

KFT Wholesale Cash & Carry



Address: 8500 Keele St, Vaughan, ON L4K 2A6

Hours: Mon – Sun: 8 AM – 8 PM

Contact: (905) 660-0763

KFT Wholesale Cash & Carry, known as the “Korean Costco,” offers a wide range of Korean groceries backed by 20 years of distribution expertise. 

Be forewarned: they have over 2,000 key products available at great prices, so you might want to phase yourself OR stick to your shopping list to avoid overspending!

Their free membership offer is pretty cool. As a bonus, higher-tier membership options with additional benefits are also available for those seeking extra perks.

Inside, we explored more than 20 aisles brimming with groceries, freezer items, beauty supplies, kitchenware, and packaging products. From fish cakes and cold noodles to radish kimchi and Korean corn dogs, this joint has it all.

We especially enjoyed their selection of Korean cookies and frozen goods. 

And as fur parents, we were happy to see their well-stocked pet supplies section.

We also need to give a shout-out to the super-friendly staff at KFT. They were so nice and attentive, it really made our day!