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Discover the Best Dog Walking Services in Toronto That Everyone Has Been Barking About

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

I have two cats and a dog named Peepers—who sometimes thinks he’s a cat. 

Now, I usually walk Peepers in the afternoon, but I recently took on additional projects and can no longer walk him as often as I used to. Feeling really guilty, I asked around for the best dog walking services in Toronto (because nothing’s too good for my baby).

Luckily, most people I know are also fur parents, and they gave me some fantastic recommendations! 

Now, I don’t feel as guilty, although I do feel a bit jealous because I think Peepers now prefers his dog walker over me.

Anyway, for those of you who are in a pinch, here are the city’s top dog walking services—ready to step in and give your fur baby the exercise and attention they need!

Some premium services or experienced walkers might charge more. Additionally, discounts are often available for regular, long-term bookings.

Reliability: We looked for dog walking services with a track record of punctuality and dependability.
Safety Practices: We evaluated the safety measures in place, including leash protocols and emergency procedures.
Customer Reviews: We considered feedback from other pet owners to gauge overall satisfaction and trustworthiness.
Customization: We sought services that offer personalized walking plans tailored to each dog’s needs.
Communication: We valued services that provide regular updates, including photos and walk reports.
Group or Solo Walks: We checked if the service offers both group and individual walks to match your dog’s social preferences.
Training Knowledge: We appreciated walkers who have knowledge of basic training commands and can reinforce positive behavior.
Service Area: We ensured the service covers a wide range of neighborhoods across Toronto for convenience.
Pricing and Packages: We compared the cost-effectiveness of different packages, looking for competitive rates and flexible options.

1. Spot Dog Walkers

ADDRESS73 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 2P6, Canada

(437) 291-7400


Spot Dog Walkers burst onto the dog walking scene in 2016. They connect busy folks with a carefully curated network of insured dog walkers, making it their mission to build the safest, easiest, and most reliable dog walking service around.

With over 100,000 walk requests handled seamlessly, Spot has become the go-to for on-demand dog walking. In fact, they haven’t had a walker no-show in more than four years, which we think is pretty impressive. 

As a bonus, if your walker does happen to be a few minutes late, the walk is free—how cool is that?

For one-on-one walks, they offer two prepaid discount walk packages: a 5% discount for five prepaid walks and a 10% discount for ten prepaid walks. We do recommend booking recurring walks since you can save up to 20%!

The best part is that these prepaid walks can be used anytime and never expire. 

However, we heard about a few hiccups in professionalism. 


  • Open since 2016
  • Handled 100,000 walk requests
  • Free walk for late arrivals
  • Offers two prepaid discount walk packages
  • Prepaid walks can be used anytime with no expiry


  • Reports of issues with professionalism

Best dog walking service in Canada

“Spot Dog Walkers is the best dog walking service in Canada. The support team is highly efficient and it really serves it clients and employees.”

Anaisha Rachel Paul, Google Review

Spot is a great app for both Walkers and Pet Owners alike!!

“Spot is a great app for both Walkers and Pet Owners alike!! I am a walker and have just started using this app to walk, and have been loving it’s ease of use as well as support team. Since you are able to pick up walks & see them on the map, it has made the experience very user friendly and team focused – therefore everyone is there to step up and make sure the pups get taken out! Some other apps are hard to understand/see what you actually make, as well as the headache of scheduling, however on Spot, everything is all visually lined up for you! I would absolutely recommend this app for walkers or puppy owners, as your pet is guaranteed to be taken care of.”

Alysse Ernewein, Google Review

2. Liberty Pooch


(647) 296-3896


Liberty Pooch, founded by owner Helga AuYeung, really understands the struggle busy professionals face when they have to leave their pets at home. Her goal is to ease that guilt by providing quality pet care services.

We like that they’re able to customize their services to meet each client’s unique needs, though they only accept dog walking clients who need at least three visits per week. 

Speaking of dog walking, they offer two main types of walks. 

Group walks are an hour long with a focus on pack dynamics and a mix of walking and park play. Plus, you’ll get photos and updates throughout the walk.

For dogs that aren’t quite ready for group walks, we recommend their 30-minute semi-private walks. 

Clients can also join the VIPooch Members Only Club. Membership provides exclusive rates and access to fun community events like paint nights and pub crawls.

However, some clients have reported bad attitudes from the staff, which we agree can be a bit off-putting. 


  • Customizable services
  • Offers group and semi-private walks
  • Offers park play and photos
  • Has a VIPooch Members Only Club


  • Needs a minimum of three visits per week
  • Occasional bad experience with staff

The best Pooch walkers in downtown Toronto

“The best Pooch walkers in downtown Toronto. My frenchie has some mobility problems and Liberty Pooch are very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to my dog. They work with all type of dog personalities and also update me with picture’s and information when they walk my dog. Would recommend them in a heartbeat for all your dog’s needs.”

Michelle, Google Review

We love Liberty Pooch!

“We love Liberty Pooch! When we moved into Liberty with our puppy Daisy, Helga and her team welcomed us and worked with Daisy to help her become a confident member of the pack! We trust them every time they bring Daisy out, and she always comes home happy and tuckered out. They take the time to understand every dog’s individual needs and provide great updates during the walk. Couldn’t recommend this amazing squad enough!”

Matthew Kennedy, Google Review

3. Candie Paws

ADDRESS42 Camden Street Toronto

(416) 528-7052


Saturday: 11 AM – 4 PM

Candie Paws, owned by Hollie Miller, has been a trusted name in the dog care industry for over 18 years. The company was named after her late dog Candie, a Bernese Mountain Dog mix who was with Hollie from just 8 weeks old until 14 years old.

We felt reassured when we learned that each walker must complete a pet aid class before they start caring for your furry companion.

And their group walks are a hit, offering 30-minute walks for $19.50 and 1-hour walks for $24. Pack walks are also kept small, with no more than 4 dogs at a time. 

But for those who prefer private walks, perhaps for a senior dog or one who needs a slower pace, they also offer 30-minute walks.

Additionally, Candie Paws provides puppy check-ins, ideal for new puppy owners.

Note, however, that they’re comparatively pricier than some other options. 


  • Over 18 years of experience
  • Each walker has completed a pet aid class
  • Offers small group walks
  • Also offers private walks
  • Has puppy check-ins


  • Comparatively pricier

The BEST dog walking/boarding service around!

“The BEST dog walking/boarding service around! Hollie is so incredibly thoughtful and caring. She genuinely cares for every dog. With each dog walk she’ll send the cutest pictures of your pooch. Highly recommend Candie Paws!”

Caroline LeBlanc, Google Review

Candie Paws is a fantastic team

“Candie Paws is a fantastic team and I have nothing but great things to say about their services. They are caring, always professional and super responsive and I’ve been very pleased with their services for my dog. Would definitely highly recommend to anyone!”

Mary Y, Google Review

4. Gussy and Company

ADDRESS 530 Richmond St Toronto, ON, Canada

(437) 551-9647


Shawni Hnatiuk has been a dog lover for as long as she can remember, and her dream is to create a superior pet care experience for the community. This led to the creation of Gussy and Company. 

To promote pack safety, their walkers undergo pack leader and pet first aid training. They also assess compatible dog personalities and adjust walk times during bad weather. 

For social dogs, they offer 1-hour pack walks, while private walks are available for those who need extra space and care. On the other hand, semi-private walks are great for young pups excited to make new friends or for older dogs looking to take it easy. 

We also love that they offer evening and weekend walks.

Their online booking system and smartphone app make scheduling, canceling, and invoicing accessible 24/7. They even have a WhatsApp chat option for easy communication.

Note that some might find their pack size limit of 5 slightly larger than other services. 


  • Walkers undergo pack leader and pet first aid training
  • Assesses compatible dog personalities for walks
  • Adjusts walk times during bad weather
  • 1-hour pack, private, and semi-private walks
  • Offers evening and weekend walks
  • Online booking system and smartphone app
  • WhatsApp chat option


  • Pack size limit of 5 is slightly larger

Gussy and Co is simply the best!

“Gussy and Co is simply the best! Gussy and Co took care of our Peach for the last couple years and we only had great experience. Peach always came back from her walks very happy and energized and I had easy communications with the Pack Leaders.  Everyone at Gussy and Co is very professional and reliable. I highly recommend!”

Jihee Choi, Google Review

A wonderful dog walking company!

“A wonderful dog walking company! I have used them for years and am now sadly having to say goodbye as me and my pup are moving out of Toronto. All the dogwalkers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting have been so lovely and attentive to my dog, and he was always so excited to go for his pack walks. I absolutely would recommend Gussy and Company to anyone looking for a dogwalker! It’s easy to set up a walk template and their app makes it simple to add or cancel walks as needed. I loved getting the post-walk pictures and note of how the walk went that day. 100% recommend!”

Laurel Robinson, Google Review

5. We Wag

ADDRESS17 Love Crescent, Toronto, ON M4E 1V6, Canada

(647) 901-7367

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs: 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 4 PM

Founder Nicola Smith grew up on a farm outside of Guelph, surrounded by animals and four family Rottweilers. Her love for dogs sparked a deep interest in canine behavior, leading her to establish We Wag.

We Wag’s services include group walks lasting an hour, where your dog is matched with others of similar energy levels. Also, no more than four dogs are walked at once. 

Now, if your dog does better with fewer companions, their semi-private walks might be ideal. And for dogs that need one-on-one attention, solo walks will give your pup the walker’s full focus.

During walks, fur parents get a full update, with a timed check-in and check-out.

Walkers also use a safety belt/waist harness, and all dog leashes are securely clipped using industrial-strength carabiner clips for added security.

We’re impressed to learn that they’ve been featured in CP24, CTV, Toronto Life, and Her Collection. 

But keep in mind that they’re closed on weekends.


  • Offers group semi-private, and solo walks
  • Full updates given
  • Timed check-in and check-out
  • Uses a safety belt/waist harness
  • Uses industrial-strength carabiner clips
  • Has been featured in the media


  • Closed on weekends

Best walking agency in the city

“Best walking agency in the city. Super responsible, makes sure all the dogs are safe, and sends great updates every day. My dog Charlie loves their group walks and has learned to walk better and his walkers allow me to go back to the office without worries.”

Francis L, Google Review

The We Wag team has been incredible

“The We Wag team has been incredible. We have had their team walk our dog Calla for nearly 4 years. The walkers are reliable, respectful and always take the best care of our fur baby. Highly recommend We Wag!”

David Langelier, Google Review