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Decluttering? Here’s where you can sell your used stuff in Toronto!

Places to Sell Used Items in Toronto

Decluttering? Here’s where you can sell your used stuff in Toronto!

It’s decluttering season again, which means you’re probably going to have to let some old stuff go. Before you toss away your items in the trash, you should try selling them online, since TO has lots of places to sell your old stuff. 

If you're wondering how you can give your old items a new home, here’s an awesome list of 20 places to try!

Decluttering? Here’s where you can sell your used stuff in Toronto!

1. Kijiji


Website: Kijiji

Customer Support Email: [email protected].

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Books, Electronics, Jewellery, Toys

When it comes to selling used items in Canada, nothing comes close to Kijiji, the country’s biggest buy-and-sell platform. The platform is packed with different types of products, so it’s safe to say you can sell just about anything here. 

You can easily access Kijiji through your phone or email after you register for an account. If you plan on selling items on this platform, expect that product to be gone in just a couple of days since tons of people use the site! 

2. Ebay


Website: Ebay

Customer Help Centre:

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Books, Electronics, Jewellery, Toys, Car Parts

Ebay is the most popular buy-and-sell website in the whole world. It charges seller fees that range from 4% to 9.15% of your product’s final sale price, which can vary depending on the type of item. 



Customer Support Email: [email protected].

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Books, Toys, Art, Furniture

One of our favourite marketplaces to sell our old books, clothes, and furniture is at, a Canadian-owned marketplace. It aids Toronto’s mission to go green by promoting the use of second hand items to keep them out of landfills. 

What’s great about is that it gets around 33 million monthly visits from users around Canada, so you’ll surely get inquiries about your listing. Also, the site is known for how fast listings come and go, with used books or clothes selling in just a few hours! 

4. Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace

Website: Facebook Marketplace

Things You Can Sell: Cars, Houses, Clothes, Electronics, Toys, Sporting Goods

Since its launch, Facebook Marketplace has steadily become one of the best places to buy preloved items around the world. It offers sellers the option to ship locally or overseas – and they don’t charge seller fees! 

Although the app is generally safe for sellers, buyers should be careful as Facebook Marketplace doesn’t offer any protection from scams. Likewise, there’s a convenient messaging system that allows users to directly arrange deals and negotiate prices.

5. Amazon Marketplace  

Amazon Marketplace

Website: Amazon

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Electronics, Clothes, Decor, Sporting Goods, Books

Amazon Marketplace is one of the best places to sell preloved items because the company allows third-party individuals to list used items on the site, reaching a huge audience! 

What really makes Amazon Marketplace stand out is its extensive categories, which can be used to label your item and make it easily searchable. One thing to remember, like most buy-and-sell platforms: Amazon also takes a percentage of your sales.  

6. Locanto 


Website: Locanto

Customer Support Email: [email protected].

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Decor, Furniture, Books, Electronics

Much like Kijiji, Locanto helps sell a variety of preloved and second-hand items for a good price. Your items will be shown to people near your location, which makes scheduling meet ups easier. 

Locanto is a great place to sell items because sellers get to advertise their listings for free, which can help you find a buyer fast. Likewise, you can also advertise your goods through a live feed on the site’s homepage. 

7. Swappa


Website: Swappa

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Electronics, Clothes, Books

If you’re looking to sell your old kindle or electronic devices, you should start using Swappa right now! This reselling site is primarily focused on old tech devices but it’s also a great place to sell old books and clothes because of its diverse market. 

One of the best things about Swappa is its seller protection, since you can only ship out an item if it’s been paid for by the buyer. Another great thing about Swappa is that you can instantly withdraw your payment even if it hasn’t arrived to the buyer yet! 

8. Karrot


Website: Karrot

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Furniture, Decor, Clothes, Books, Plants

One of the simpler ways to sell your preloved items is by using the Karrot buy and sell app on your phone or computer. This free website isn’t as popular as giants like Ebay but it’s definitely got a dedicated fan base because it allows users to sell things for free. 

Unlike other platforms Karrot doesn’t charge you any seller fees once you make a successful sale, which is great for people tight on money. Also the app has a wide range of filters that makes it easier for sellers to reach the right target buyer! 

9. Oodle Marketplace

Oodle Marketplace

Website: Oodle Marketplace

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Animals, Antiques, Jewellery 

When it comes to quirky listings and niche items that are hard to find, there’s no better selling platform than Oodle! Since the platform allows you to sell anything — even horses — it’s become the go-to platform for users looking to sell odd items for cheap. 

Oodle is the best place for you to sell your stuff if they lean on the weirder side of things, because you’re guaranteed to find a buyer within a week. You’ll usually find people selling things like dogs, antique swords, crystals, and even old pipes. 

10. Recycler


Website:  Recycler

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Books, Electronics, Jewellery, Toys, Animals

If you’re trying to let go of some items that are in great condition or were previously refurbished, you should check out recycler. The platform’s buyers are notoriously picky – but that’s okay since they’re willing to pay top dollar for preloved items in good quality! 

What really makes Recycler great is that they verify every product before allowing the seller to post it. It’s a great way to ensure the item you’re buying is as described and that there aren’t any hidden issues with it. 

11. VarageSale


Website: VarageSale

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Appliances, Gadgets, Furniture

A quick and easy way to get rid of your preloved items is by listing them up on VarageSale. This website is basically an online garage sale where users can list items up for sale just as fast as they can sign up on the website. 

The website’s user-friendly interface makes selling old items easy, since the app is easy to navigate and listings only require a photo and a price. Also, listings are location-based, which means people closer to you will see your products for sale. 

12. Etsy


Website: Etsy

Customer Help Centre: 

Things You Can Sell: Home Decor, Arts, Crafts, Vintage Furniture

If you have way too much decor and furniture, then it’s time to downsize your collection, by selling them on Etsy! This classic buy-and-sell platform is one of the most popular places to sell old home decor, arts, crafts, and vintage furniture. 

Etsy has an extensive analytics system that helps sellers check their performance and strategise the best ways to sell their old items. One thing to remember: this site charges $0.25 for you to put up a listing that will last 4 months, on top of other fees. 

13. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective

Website: Vestiaire Collective

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Luxury Clothes, Vintage Clothes, Designer Bags

If you’re running out of space at home because you’ve got way too many clothes in your closet, consider selling them on the Vestiaire Collective. This secondhand goods website was made specifically to sell branded clothing items and vintage pieces! 

With over 3 million users, it’s no surprise that this website has become the top place to buy high-fashion items and designer bags. If you’re planning on selling here, the company’s team will authenticate your item before approving your listing. 

14. Depop


Website: Depop

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Vintage Clothes

Another great site for anyone looking to sell clothes that aren’t necessarily designer or luxury items is good ‘ol Depop! The app is pretty straightforward, all you do is list an item, sell it to the highest bidder, and ship the item out the next day. 

What we really love about Depop is its simple interface: you can literally list an item in just 3 clicks and you can make unlimited listings. Also, you can directly chat with buyers through the app, making negotiations that much easier. 

15. Craigslist 


Website: Craigslist

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Electronics, Clothes, Decor, Sporting Goods, Books, Decor

If you’re in a rush to sell some of your second hand items, then we think you should check out Craigslist. This is one of the top websites for selling just about everything and anything imaginable in Canada.

One reason we recommend selling here is because you can quickly sell items without having to pay for any set-up costs or extra charges. Also, listings remain active for 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about them falling to the bottom of the feed. 

16. Vinted


Website: Vinted

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Vintage Clothes, Foot Wear, Accessories, Jewellery 

Vinted is the go-to for people looking to sell their old bags, footwear, or any type of clothing for a good price. 

Vinted is a popular website with over 20 million users, which means you can also sell your preloved clothes outside the country. One thing to remember is you can only sell clothing and cosmetics on Vinted and you need Paypal to sign up for an account. 

17. RealReal


Website: RealReal

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Cosmetics, Luxury Brands, Luxury Bags

RealReal is one of the best places to sell preloved high-end and luxury items. It’s also quite different from other websites, since you can’t set prices on your own and you need to send an item in for authentication before it gets listed. 

Although their process sounds weird, it’s pretty helpful especially if they price the product you’re selling at a higher value than you expected.  Also, since the site has such a strict authentication process, items usually sell in 30 days for really high prices. 

18. Buyselltrade


Website: Buyselltrade

Customer Help Centre:

Things You Can Sell: Cars, Bags, Clothes, Furniture, Decor

Another tried-and-tested way to sell your used items within Canada is by using Buyselltrade. This site allows users to sell anything they want, with the exceptions of alcohol, baby walkers, and counterfeit goods.  

What we love about selling here is how the site covers your listings delivery for free, which helps sellers earn more and spend less. You can also list ads on this website which can help add traffic to your listing, potentially making it sell faster. 

19. Poshmark


Website: Poshmark

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Clothes, Books, Decor, Furniture, Accessories 

When you need to get rid of all those old clothes and furniture taking up space in your house, you can always put them up for sale on Poshmark. This consumer-to-consumer platform is one of the most popular online markets  in Toronto for preloved items. 

Listings are quick and easy to make: all you need is a picture, description, and a price for you to post up an item for sale on the site. One thing we love about Poshmark is how you can share your listing on different platforms to attract more potential buyers. 

20. Grailed 


Website: Grailed

Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Things You Can Sell: Vintage Clothes, Designer Clothes, Accessories 

For selling anything streetwear, vintage, luxury, or sports related wear, we suggest  you get on grailed right away! This international website is all about fashion and niche fashion-related items, which makes it the perfect place to sell your preloved clothes. 

The site’s user base is very diverse, so expect vintage shirts and luxury items to sell at the same speed. Grailed also makes listing items easy and detailed; you can add shipping prices and item conditions in your listing to make communication easier.