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Top 5 Plant Nurseries in Toronto

Plant Nurseries
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Top 5 Plant Nurseries in Toronto

Plants have always been a source of joy, bringing a smile to anyone who sees them. 

Indoor plants are gaining popularity nowadays, used to spruce up a space that needs color or vibrancy. 

A nursery is the best place to go for all things related to plants. It usually carries a variety of plant selections, as well as garden materials.

Nurseries carry a wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and herbs that will thrive in your environment. Some will also have hard-to-find plants or plants that grow in a different climate.

Whether it is to find a rare plant, a new flowering plant, or you want to start an herb garden, we have found the top plant nurseries in Toronto. Read on further to jumpstart your gardening adventure.

The Best Plant Nurseries in Toronto

For a seasoned gardener or newbie, choosing which nursery to go to can be overwhelming. Since the choices are endless, we have come up with some criteria to help you. 

How much do plants cost in nurseries in Toronto?

Common plants for indoor and outdoor use are very affordable. But prices differ depending on where they are bought, their sizes, and their variety.

Below are indicative prices of plants that are sold in the best plant nurseries in Toronto.

Brace Type PriceAverage price per pot



Forget me not





Baltic Ivy

Creeping Jenny




















Juniper Blue Star

Silky Dogwood

Hydrangea Anabelle




Christmas Tree

Skinny Fraser Fir

Fraser Fir

Scotch Pine




Variety of plantsA nursery should be able to offer gardeners a wide variety of plants to choose from. 
Staff It is very helpful to go to a nursery and be able to talk with a staff that has great garden knowledge and excellent customer service skills. 
Delivery Plants delivered to your doorstep will be a big help. If not, curbside pick-up is a great convenience for buyers as well.
Landscaping or maintenance serviceThere are nurseries that offer landscaping or garden maintenance work. These additional services will surely attract people who don’t have time to tend to their gardens. 

1. Beech Nursery


Address4 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2R5, Canada
Contact details416-461-6555
Operating hoursMonday - Friday: 7 AM - 6 PM

Saturday - Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM

Plant variety★★★★★
Landscaping or maintenance service★★★★★
Garden materials★★★★★

A store with a wide array of plants and excellent service, Beech Nursery is a dependable spot for all your garden needs. 

It is located in an area in the city that is easily accessible and with ample parking, which are convenience factors that make customers keep coming back. 

It certainly helps that it offers a well-selected and expansive variety of indoor to outdoor plants as well.  

However, we think the prices are a bit steep compared to other nurseries in the metro. Some customers have also complained about bad trees recommended by the staff. 

Aside from these few instances, we are pretty happy with the service. We noticed that the staff is friendly and patient when dealing with customers.

With the help of the knowledgeable people at Beech, customers are given prompt and informative answers to their queries. The staff makes suggestions and gives guidance on picking the right plant for their space.

Beech Nursery also provides landscape and maintenance services. It offers this especially to urban spaces to help in beautifying residential gardens. 

Delivery service is available not just for home garden supplies but the company does gift deliveries as well. One of the customers we spoke to had a custom herb garden delivered as a birthday present and it arrived beautifully and fresh looking.


  • One-stop-shop 
  • Helpful staff


  • Pricey plants
  • Bad variety of trees

Customer Reviews

Helpful staff

We went today to get a couple of plants for my girls. The staff was very helpful suggesting good options for our space and Grace was very patient as she explained to my daughters how to care for their new plants. Wonderful customer service!- Edtufi

Go-to for the garden

My go-to place in the east end of Toronto for anything for the garden. They have a very supportive staff that is willing to go the extra mile. I’ve been able to find whatever I’ve been looking for here, from mulch to plants, and if they can’t find it…they’ll get it for me you. Great selection and great service from this outdoor nursery. Will be back the next time I need any type of landscaping. – Leighton

2. East End Garden Center


Address1395 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1C7, Canada
Contact details416-469-4925
Operating hoursMonday - Saturday: 8 AM - 6:30 PM

Sunday: 9 AM - 5:30 PM

Plant variety★★★★★
Landscaping or maintenance service★★★★★
Garden materials★★★★★

East End Garden Center is a family-owned business that offers a wide selection of quality live plants and gardening stuff. Operating for 30 years, it specializes in perennials with over 400 varieties.

The garden center carries everything you need for a lush garden, from garden soil to pots. The area is filled with plants, even on the sidewalk.

However, on days that they get a lot of foot traffic, these plants get trampled on. We think that more organization is needed so this will not happen.

The staff at the garden center are all certified horticulturists. They are more than willing to share information and help customers in picking the right plant or two for their gardens.

However, customers have encountered rude and grumpy remarks from the owner, who is said to be 80 years old. 

For your purchases made in the store, customers are asked to self-load the items, which, to be honest, we think is quite inconvenient. At the very least, the shop should help customers carry their purchases, especially if they buy large plants or in bulk. 

As a whole,  the garden center is a good choice for customers in Toronto’s East end. It has a lot of plant varieties, as well as full-service landscaping and maintenance services. 


  • Certified horticulturists
  • Helpful staff


  • No organization
  • Rude remarks from the owner
  • No delivery option

Customer Reviews

Best gardening center

Absolutely love it!  Easily the best gardening centre I know of in downtown Toronto.

I’ve bought numerous healthy pepper and tomato plants from here. Have also bought a good variety of herbs (basil, coriander, oregano, etc).

They also have bags of soil, and most other gardening wants and needs.

Great place all around! – Lee

Fair price

This garden centre has quite a selection of everything you would need for your garden.

It is very busy in early spring so shop on weekdays and be aware that there is only busy street parking.

Right now they have quite a pile of reasonably priced Christmas  trees. The owners do work very hard and are very busy so don’t expect pleasantries but that does not prevent me from supporting them and getting a fair price. – Marlene

3. Anga’s Farm and Nursery


Address89 Bankfield Dr, Toronto, ON M9V 2R2,
Contact details416-839-2111
Operating hoursMonday - Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM
Plant variety★★★★★
Landscaping or maintenance service★★★★☆ 
Garden materials★★★★★

Located at the outskirts of Toronto, Anga’s Farm and Nursery offers customers a wide selection of plants in its 4-acre space. A family-owned business that started as a hobby is now a full-blown garden center with farmland and a greenhouse filled with tropical plants.

For those looking for hard-to-find plants, you will most likely find them at Anga’s farm. Its wide selection of plants includes annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and houseplants.

We noticed that the perennial plants here are priced fairly compared to other garden stores. However, we were confused to find that the houseplants had steeper price points. 

In spite of the price differences, Anga is still a favorite plant shop because of its excellent staff. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful to seasoned and newbie gardeners alike.

Also, the nursery offers both delivery and curbside pick-up to give more convenience to customers. 

Its delivery service is made possible through a partnership with Plantzrun, which allows the nursery to cater to a wider customer base outside Toronto.

However,  Anga does not offer landscaping or maintenance work. It does, however, make garden baskets or plant arrangements that are great for gift giving or home decor.

A plus for this nursery is that it’s pet and kid-friendly. There are many things kids can enjoy like the chicken coop, apple picking, and the pumpkin patch.

Also, pets are free to explore the farm grounds. This makes the nursery a great place to relax on a Sunday afternoon. 

We think that getting to Anga is convenient because its location is near the city center. However, you can easily miss the turn as it is quite hidden from the road.


  • Kid and pet-friendly
  • Helpful staff
  • Good location


  • Pricey houseplants
  • Hidden location can easily be missed

Customer Reviews

Beautiful plants

Anga’s Farm & Nursery is a beautiful space with great selections for both indoor and outdoor gardening needs. They have so many beautiful plants, it’s so tempting to buy everything! On our last visit, I showed up with a list in hand lol, and picked up a few decorative pots for our indoor plants—I love how they’ve merchandised each shelf by color/texture/theme, almost like an IRL Pinterest board. And the staff was so helpful in recommending the appropriate soil for a winter sowing experiment I’m trying out this season. The staff and nursery are just lovely, and definitely recommend visiting Anga’s any time of year.- Jessica

Great selection

Anga’s is the closest nursery to me so it’s quite easy for frequent stops. They have a variety of house plants and outdoor plants. Their plants are typically strong and happy and are well-loved before they find their forever home. They have a great selection of pots and have recently expanded their operation to accommodate more plant accessories. – Meesh

4. Fiesta Gardens


Address200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G 3B6, Canada
Contact details416-537-1244
Operating hoursMonday - Sunday 9 AM - 6 PM
Plant variety★★★★★
Landscaping or maintenance service★★★★☆ 
Garden materials★★★★★

Fiesta Gardens, an independent garden center, can easily compete with the big named retailers around the area. The quality of its plants is much better and its service is more personalized.

Finding a nursery that can cater to all your garden needs is surely a gem. We love to go to Fiesta Gardens for a variety of reasons. 

It offers a wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. The garden shop also has vegetable plants for sale at reasonable prices. 

We love that it also has a great selection of Christmas trees. Coupled with Christmas wreaths and decors, it easily becomes a go-to shop during the Christmas season. 

Fiesta Gardens is well stocked with garden supplies as well. We must point out that the garden supplies are well organized on shelves so the place does not look cluttered.

The garden shop does not offer landscaping or garden maintenance work, however, it does have convenience services that we really appreciate. 

It now has ordering and payment methods on its website, as well as a delivery system. But we don’t like that you need a minimum purchase of $55 to schedule pick up or delivery.

For those who would love to know more about gardening, this is a good place to go. You will find the staff most helpful so you can purchase the right plant for your garden. 


  • Wide selection of plants 
  • Helpful staff
  • Convenient online ordering and delivery


  • Steep price points 
  • Requires a minimum purchase of $55 for pickup and delivery 

Customer Reviews

Great customer service

Wow! Just grabbed a Christmas tree and the service was outstanding. The young dude who was working today Wed, Nov 24 around 2 pm was super helpful, attentive, and even strapped the tree to the roof for us (we were in the X3). Awesome! Highly recommend – great trees, wreaths, decor, and service. Give the young guy a raise, he sold us on premium by simply telling they were hand-picked and groomed. You hardly see great customer service anymore. Nice job. – Heather

Variety of plants

Great atmosphere to enjoy if you like gardening. They have everything you need from seeds, to trees, perennials, and annuals, a great variety of tropicals and house plants. Great selection of food for your plants too. – Patricia

5. Evergreen Garden Market


Address550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8, Canada
Contact details416-596-0404
Operating hoursMonday - Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday - Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM

Plant variety★★★★★
Landscaping or maintenance service★★★★☆ 
Garden materials★★★★★

Evergreen Garden Market is not your typical nursery. It is a social enterprise that donates part of its profit to the development and advancement of cities. 

Another advocacy of Evergreen is to help artisans, craftsmen, and small-batch producers in the country.

This is done through its garden market, a general merchandise store, a gift shop, and a garden market all rolled into one. It offers well-curated gift and food items, as well as all plant-related items.

While there’s a premium on the price for all artisan products and good-quality plants, this certainly does not stop people from flocking to the market, especially on the weekends.

Unfortunately, the market does get crowded and there are often long lines outside the entrance. 

The plant selection is also limited due to changes in seasons, but the market does strive to stock up on plants before the next season starts.

Another reason why Evergreen is worth the trip is its beautiful facility located in an old brick factory. While we think the location is great, do bear in mind that parking will cost you 8 dollars for the whole day.

The garden center also offers workshops for budding gardeners and craftspeople. This is surely a service that other nurseries don’t offer, making Evergreen one of the best plant nurseries in Toronto.


  • Helpful staff
  • Offers workshops 
  • Supports artisans and craftspeople 


  • Parking is expensive
  • Can get crowded

Customer Reviews

Good selection 

They have a good selection of organic vegetable plants.  I’ve been getting tomato plants here for a few years and have always been happy with them.  Great selection of herbs too. – Ken

Great experience

Had a great selection of native plants. Joanna was very knowledgeable and helpful. Had a great experience and will definitely be back! – Lauren

FAQ on Plant Nurseries

Green thumb or not, gardening is an enjoyable activity that can turn into a hobby. The top plant nurseries in Toronto can help fill your garden with lovely flowering plants and greeneries. 

If you want to know more about plants, check out the best arborists in Toronto