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The Top 7 Places for a Car Wash in Toronto

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The Top 7 Places for a Car Wash in Toronto

One of the most regular maintenance services that car owners get is a car wash. Aside from what it can do for a car’s overall appearance, it also promotes proper sanitation and hygiene. 

We gathered a list of the top places for car wash in Toronto. We included relevant information such as prices and experience, along with their pros and cons. 

The Top Places for Car Wash in Toronto

We used the following criteria to evaluate each of the top places for car wash in Toronto: 

How much does a car wash cost in Toronto? 

Before we reveal to you our list, here is a sample price table to help you plan your budget for your next (or maybe first) car wash. 

Car wash service Average Price
Basic wash and dryCAD14
Wash and dry, with tire cleaningCAD17
Wash and dry, with tire cleaning and shineCAD22
Wash and dry, with engine cleaningCAD30
Wash and dry, with polishCAD45
Full car wash and cleanCAD50 and up
Premium car washCAD100

Please note that these are only average costs and that each shop has their own price list. 

Quality of cleaning –  We looked at how each of the services clean cars and whether or not they meet industry standards. 
Attention to detail – Details are very important in a car. We selected services that pay attention to each of these. 
Ease of process –  We examined whether the process of each service from booking to after wash is smooth and hassle-free. 
Customer Satisfaction – All a service needs is a happy car owner after a car wash. We read the testimonies of previous and existing customers and interviewed some of them. 

1. Nana Car Wash

Nana Car Wash's Banner
ADDRESS1125 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, Ontario
OPERATING HOURSSunday to Saturday

8:30 AM to 7:00 PM


Since 2004, Nana Car Wash has been serving the people of Toronto and helping them achieve the car wash they need for minimum up to premium prices. 

Their basic wash can cost as small as CAD18, while their most expensive and complete service is priced at CAD138. This is good because they can cater to all types of budget and are able to provide people with various packages. 

We admire that they have shine and protect wash, tire dressing, dashboard shine, and triple foam wax among their inclusions. You can get all of these in a single package or request them as add-ons should you just need a basic wash and special treatment. 

Anti-rust services such as rust prevention, proofing, and removal are also available here. We find this convenient because not many auto services offer this, especially car wash services. 

We do note that the anti-rust services are expensive, be it as solo services or add-ons to your car wash. You do get what you pay for, but you have to prepare a huge amount if you have requests or are aiming for their premium packages. 

Bookings are made easy as they have their own app. You can also call for a reservation or simply walk-in, depending on the number of their customers on your target day. 

We recommend Nana Car Wash for their tenure, knowledge, and skills. You can also join their car wash club and enjoy special discounts! 


  • 18 years’ car wash experience
  • Basic car wash costs less than CAD20
  • Offers anti-rust services
  • Has their own app for bookings and other information


  • Some services are very expensive
  • Walk-ins are not always guaranteed for a service

Customer Reviews

Made the car look at least 6 years younger

“These guys are so nice. I got my son an older car to drive around in until he gets used to driving everyday. 

I took it to this car wash (recommended by someone else) and they actually emptied the trunk for me..threw away all the garbage..and made the car look at least 6 years younger. Clean inside and out.” — Rayna Kirschner, via Google

They use so much colourful soaps and (the) soaps smell so good

“I come to wash my car here as they use so much colourful soaps and soaps smells so good. It’s always a different colour contrast. See pics below. My children love to come with me when I come here to wash my car and the other resin next door is MacD . 

Great service.” — Andy Desilva, via Google

2. Junction Car Wash

Junction Car Wash's Banner
ADDRESS3193 Dundas St W, Toronto, Ontario
OPERATING HOURSSunday to Saturday

7:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Junction Car Wash is a family-owned and operated business that has been in Toronto since 1978. They have grown their reputation over the years, allowing them to have loyal names in their car wash club. 

The best thing about this car wash business is their prominent drive-through exterior car wash, which makes it easier for customers to see how their vehicles are treated. This also makes one of the most convenient options for those who are in a rush. 

In terms of packages, this business has various sets that car owners can choose from. Each package comes with various services and are priced very reasonably, with discounts available for those who will purchase monthly packages. 

Their car services are worth getting and you can ask them for special inclusions should you wish. We especially like how their soft cloth body scrub gently cleanses a vehicle and how their turtle wax instant shine gives a car a new crystal look. 

Of course, this service still has areas to improve on. Given their tenure, some of their machines are showing signs of aging and can be inoperable sometimes. 

We also note that given their popularity, there may be times that the express won’t do the job and you have to endure lines or wait for your turn. 

On the bright side, self-serve vacuums are available across all their packages. 

What most customers love about this, aside from its convenience, is how the staff of Junction Car Wash assists them with it and even informs them should there be any technical problems.

We recommend Junction Car Wash not just for their tried and tested service, but also for the relationship that they have established with the community. 


  • Has been in the business since 1978
  • Offers a drive-through exterior car wash
  • Very affordable car was packages
  • Free self-serve vacuums


  • Some of their machines are very old and do not always perform their best
  • Queues and waiting time can sometimes be long 

Customer Reviews

Made my car look brand new inside and out

“Made my car look brand new inside and out for about 50 dollars. Best value and service I’ve found in the GTA.” — Jesse Dayen St. Pierre, via Google

Gives a variety of wash options 

“Washed my car here a few times, pretty decent. Gives a variety of wash options which is great. Always free on my visits, so in and out quickly.” — Damian Clarke, via Google

3. VIP Carwash

VIP Carwash's Banner
ADDRESS3595 Bathurst St, North York, Ontario

[email protected]


As a relatively new car wash business that pushes for innovation, VIP Carwash introduced their business by having an app where people can access their services. They began in 2020 with the concept of providing a high-quality car wash facility. 

An automobile spa experience is the selling idea of this business. They have unique touch-free bays and even self-service bays where customers can wash their cars and also experience top of the line equipment and products.

What makes this service more enticing is the fact that their self-service vacuums are available 24/7. This makes them a convenient choice for night riders and for those who may have unforeseen plans. 

Given their name, VIP Carwash will really treat your car to the finest wash service. Depending on what you choose, their packages can come with various conditioners, clear coat protectants, and even ceramic coating. 

We do note that prices at this business are quite higher than most. They really provide premium services, so expect elite prices. 

To save up, we recommend that you purchase redeemable bundles that will provide up to 30% discount. Just make sure to align with them for the terms and conditions, as some consumable redeemables have set claiming periods. 

VIP Carwash is a great place for those who are willing to pay for premium car wash. They really own up to their identity of being an automobile spa. 


  • High-quality car wash facility
  • Has their own app
  • Provides an automobile spa experience
  • 24/7 self-service vacuums
  • Top-of-the-line equipment


  • Expensive rates
  • Some services within packages have redeeming deadlines 

Customer Reviews

Basically a mini spa for your car

“Great car wash spot- basically a mini spa for your car. I love that you can purchase the wash online via an app and scan the code before proceeding into the wash.” — Donna Yuen, via Google

By far, the best, friendliest, easiest one I have ever used

“This self serve wash is, by far, the best, friendliest, easiest one I have ever used. Ali guided me through the process and was patient, honest, and just downright NICE. A revelation in this kind of business.

I will be back there regularly to clean up my MZ5 Miata. I was impressed. You will be too!” — Bernie Atlas, via Google

4. Splash N Shine Hand Car Wash and Detailing

Splash N Shine Hand Car Wash and Detailing's Banner
ADDRESS1901 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Monday to Wednesday

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Thursday to Saturday

8:00 AM to 7:00 PM


10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Known for their quality hand wash services, Splash N Shine Toronto has been patronised by many car owners in the community since 2016. 

While they may not be as innovative as the other services, the attention to detail and actual washing that they provide make them an excellent choice. 

Because their staff are skilled in looking at and eliminating dust and spots, you can rely on them to give your car a fresher and clean look. We also like how they have ala carte services that you can choose from to go with your car wash service. 

The a la carte services are actually quite cheap, so you can mix and match without breaking the bank. Their two main packages are exterior and interior and exterior wash, with no reservations required. 

They use fresh water and microfibre hand towels for both exterior and interior cleaning. They also have a rim cleaning service that guarantees to remove up to 60% of brake dust. 

A problem we see is that since there are no reservations required, queues can be really long and they may not be an advisable car wash service for those who are in a hurry. 

To add, there are also several reports of some staff members being rude. This is never right for businesses, so we hope they address it right away. 

All said, we still believe that this is a great place for car wash needs. If you want your car to be cleansed and worked on by an actual person who knows what he’s doing, go to Splash N Shine. 


  • Specialises in car hand washing
  • Offers affordable ala carte services
  • Uses fresh water and microfibre hand towels for cleaning
  • No reservations required


  • Queues can sometimes be very long
  • Some staff members are reportedly rude 

Customer Reviews

Fair price for a full hand wash service

“It has been my go-to car wash for a few years.  I have always been pleased with their courteous, attentive and fast service.  Today they took care of my convertible for the first time and didn’t disappoint.  It was a fair price for a full hand wash service.” 

— Lilian Hanson Zirk, via Google

Excellent service 

“Had my car washed by the guys at Splash n Shine for the first time today.  Some friends recommended them and I’m glad they did!  Excellent service and my car was looking like I just drove it off the lot!  

Fantastic service. You have a repeat customer with me!” — Tim Votskos, via Google

5. KA Car Care 

KA Car Care's Banner
ADDRESS110 Queen St W Green P, Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]


7:00 AM to 2:00 PM


For car hand wash and detailing services, KA Car Care positions themselves to be reliable. They have been serving car owners in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years now. 

Literally all their services are done by hand. What we like the most about their services is how specific they could get, from bed bugs, tree sap, winter salt, and even vomit cleaning. 

They also remove fine scratches and are proven and tested in terms of odour removal. For those with special needs, they welcome customisable services and will get the job done should they have the skills to perform it. 

If you visit their website, they also provide tips for your car and have an available booking form. 

One thing we can note is that their prices are quite higher than most. They don’t have those CAD20 packages that you can get from other shops. 

An appointment is needed for most detailing services and car washes can take some time too. However, we can argue that this is because of the meticulousness of their staff. 

We recommend KA Car Care simply because of their attention to detail. The products that they use are very fragrant as well, leaving your car looking and smelling clean. 


  • All services are done by hand
  • Specialises in different removals
  • Customisable services are welcomed
  • Provides tips for your car


  • Pricing is quite higher than most
  • Detailings take time and require booking appointments

Customer Reviews

Also took the time to wash the car mats inside 

“Amazing job on my car exterior wash!! Service was great with easy drop off and when they were finished they dropped off the keys at my work nearby. They also took the time to wash the car mats inside as well. 

Highly recommended if you are parking inside the parking lot at Nathan Phillips square.” — Christianne Saab, via Google

They handle difficult jobs with ease

“I have been going to KA Car Care for years.  Amazing customer service. The car always comes out looking great.  They handle difficult jobs (dog hair) with ease.  Thanks and keep up the great work!” — Bill McDonald, via Google

6. Mångata 

Mångata's Banner

[email protected]


8:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Next on our list is Mångata, a shop trusted by thousands of locals due to their constant deliverance of quality services.

The shop’s staff are some of the most professional we’ve come across so far, always keeping their customers updated with the status of their vehicles and providing genuine advice on what were the best options for them.

Not only that, but Mångata offers some of the best value in town – from competitive rates to promos and exclusive offers. On top of that, they are very responsive to customer inquiries and requests, oftentimes providing solutions in a short time.

All in all, Mångata stands out from the pack as one of the top car shops in Toronto. Their professionalism, value for money, and responsiveness make them a great choice for anyone looking to get their vehicle serviced with quality and without breaking the bank.


  • Detailing packages for every budget
  • Evening and weekend availability
  • Does not use aggressive chemicals


  • Some complaints about customer service

Customer Reviews

Easy Booking Process

Having a detailer come to your door and making a very dirty car come to life is an amazing experience. Easy booking process and genuine staff. Would recommend 👍 – Matthew K. via Facebook

Reliable in Showing Up for Appointments

I’m very impressed with the two services I had done on my car. They’re reliable in showing up to my home for appointments, quickly getting the job done efficiently and very clean. I would and have recommended them to friends 🙂 – Melva S. via Facebook

7. Kayz Auto 

Kayz Autos Banner
ADDRESS1750 Keele Street, North York, ON
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only


  • Various packages available
  • Operates in the Greater Toronto area
  • Mobile services
  • On-time arrival


  • May be fully booked and unavailable

FAQs on car washes in Toronto

You’ve reached the end of the road! That is all that we have for the top places for car wash in Toronto. 

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