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5 Romantic Places to Propose in Toronto

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5 Romantic Places to Propose in Toronto

1. Hotel X

Hotel X gets a lot of hype because of the outstanding views of the city from its rooftop. You can book a night or two at Hotel X, with so many amenities, some included in your stay, and some at an extra cost – you could just make a week of it.           

The ultimate Hotel X proposal would have to be on the rooftop overlooking the Toronto skyline and lakeside. You could propose at sunset while the buildings and lake are still clearly visible and it would make for the perfect photos. 

Or you can wait till nightfall when the mood feels more romantic with a private candlelit dinner for two. After the proposal, the two of you could take a dip in the year-round heated pool right next to where you’re dining.   

While you stay at Hotel X, pamper yourself as a newly engaged couple at the hotel spa, workout together at the athletics facility, watch movies in the screening room, visit the Kandy Art Gallery, eat at amazing restaurants and cafes and visit the gift shop before you check out.

If you would like to book a visit to Canada’s first Guerlain Spa, you can find a list of treatments they have on their website. These treatments include, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures and the use of a couples suite to do the treatments together. 

The spa offers ten treatment rooms, pre and post stay lounges with spectacular views of lake Ontario. If you would prefer a more intimate, and less grand proposal, ask about Hotel X’s romantic room transformation amenities that are available upon request. 

Before your arrival, or later in your stay, you can have the hotel staff decorate your room with everything you need to set the mood in your room. 

This includes decor such as rose petals, battery powered tea light candles, celebration balloons, a dozen red roses in a bouquet or vase and so much more! 

Be sure to check out the great line-up of restaurants they have in the hotel, or look at the room service menu to have a comfy night-in together. 

Hotel X
Image from Visa Luxury Hotels

2. Casa Loma

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is the perfect spot for a proposal if you want a place that will give you amazing royal-esque engagement photos. You can book the grounds for a private tour, and many beautiful backdrops to pop the question.

Completed in 1912, Casa Loma is a museum-style castle surrounded by beautiful gardens and landscape. From the backyard of the castle, you can even see the Toronto skyline featuring the CN Tower in the distance. 

It’s a rarity to find a castle in North America, and it’s a rarity to find such an amazing love to share the experience with.  

Not only is this an amazing venue to get married at, but it offers endless potential for romance.

You could propose outside with the city view in the background, in the gardens, on the terrace by the historic brick walls, at the top of the tallest tower or in the great hall with incredible 60 ft ceilings. 

You can also pop the question in the stained glass dome of the conservatory bringing in great natural light in the daytime, by the grounds, fountains and sculptures, or the library for bookies.      

We can just imagine a proposal outside on the terrace with beautiful photographic views from all angles. Then a private dinner for two on the terrace followed by dancing the night away in the great hall, like you’re at a ball, for two. 

You can check out Casa Loma’s official website for event details, packages. Be sure to give them a call if you have any questions and to make sure that you can have your proposal dreams come true in full effect. 

3. Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs

There are many beaches in Toronto and surrounding areas that would make great spots for proposals. Though, I have to say that the Scarbourough Bluffs is one of the best beaches and hiking spots in Toronto. 

If your partner and you are the adventurous or athletic type, maybe proposing while hiking the bluffs would be romantic. If the hike doesn’t take your breath away, the proposal will! 

There are many lookout spots on the trails where you can take a knee while looking out at the amazing view. If you are planning on proposing on your hike, make sure to look at the trail map online. 

That way, you can map out your hike and have a plan for the perfect spot to propose.

If your significant other and you aren’t really much for hiking, maybe it would feel more romantic to walk the beach until you find the perfect spot to drop into that sand and ask your partner to marry you. 

I suggest not dropping to your knee in the hot sand during a warm summer day. Maybe go to the bluffs in the evening when the sun is setting. 

If you’re going with friends or family, they can take your photos and videos for you to remember this day. You will have great views on both sides with the bluffs in the background as well as the beautiful waterfront on the other side of you.   

4. Unionville

If you enjoy those village vibes, step into Unionville located in Markham for a nice walk, dinner, and a proposal? Walking through Unionville makes you feel like you’re on the set of the Gilmore Girls walking through Stars Hollow.

It’s really magical, especially at night when all the lights are a glow, and in the winter-time when the snow is falling. 

If you’re looking to get dinner before your proposal, or to propose while eating dinner (if the two of you are big foodies), there are many nice restaurants to eat at in the village. 

Here are a few that you should look into: Il Postino, Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar, and La Grotta On Main. These restaurants all have different vibes. 

They are all in vintage buildings, mostly old brick each with their own romantic vibe about them. 

After dinner, you can walk down through the village and scout out more proposal places. I suggest the old train station, which is one of the oldest stations in Canada. 

It was once the heart of this village. Now, heritage rides are offered during the summer to Markham Station. The Unionville Railway Station was built by the Toronto and Nipissing Railway company in 1871, and acquired by the Town in 1989. 

At that time it was restored to the original condition in order to use it as a community centre.

If you want the proposal to go unnoticed, Unionville tends to be quieter at night, and especially by the train station, you should be able to propose without anyone else involved. 

However if you don’t mind a crowd, you can also do it in the middle of the village with all the cute shops, studios and restaurants in the background.

5. Allan Gardens 

Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens is a beautiful spot for a proposal for all you plant lovers. There are so many spots inside and outside the Conservatory to propose. And it’s free! 

There is also some history behind this Conservatory. It dates back to 1858 when a local politician, George Allan offered the Toronto Horticultural Society five-acres of land to develop this garden.

In 1864, the City of Toronto purchased the lands from Allan, and these were then given to the Horticultural Society. Toronto only gave them the land on the condition that these grounds would be accessible to the public and completely free of charge. 

After a fire in 1902, the structures had to be replaced. Thus in 1910, City architect Robert McCallum designed the replacement, which is the domed Palm House that stands on the site today. 

This Conservatory is over 13 acres in size with more additional gardens added. Thus there is a lot of space to plan for a proposal. 

If you want to hear water to go with your picturesque background, maybe you should pop the question next to the iconic fountain. There you can have your partner sit on the stone wall of the fountain as you propose. 

Or maybe on the little bridge next to where the turtles live, splashing around in the little pond below the bridge. There is also an open space with some benches featuring plants in the background which could make for amazing photos too! 

Final Thoughts 

I hope these proposal location ideas gave you some insight on where you’d like to pop the question. If all else fails, think about a place in Toronto the both of you particularly love. 

Maybe it’s the place that you met, or your most memorable date location. Sometimes, proposals are amazing when they are grand, but they can be as simple as the bowling alley on John street where your friends first introduced you. Be creative!

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