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Top 10 Recording Studios in Toronto

Best Recording Studios in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Toronto’s recording studios are where the magic happens – where beats are born and where dreams become tracks. 

From legendary spots to cozy hideaways buzzing with indie charm, these studios are where the city’s musical pulse thrives. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh-faced talent, it’s time to plug in, turn up the volume, and let your creativity run wild! 

Prices may vary based on factors like studio size and available amenities.

Equipment Quality: We assessed studios equipped with state-of-the-art recording gear, including microphones, mixing consoles, and software.
Studio Size: We considered the size of recording spaces, ranging from intimate booths to spacious rooms, catering to various project needs and ensemble sizes.
Acoustic Treatment: We looked for studios with proper acoustic treatment, including soundproofing and diffusion, to minimize external noise.
Engineer Expertise: We evaluated studios with experienced audio engineers who can provide professional guidance and assistance throughout the recording process.
Amenities: We assessed studios offering amenities such as lounges, kitchenettes, and relaxation areas to enhance the overall recording experience.
Reputation: We reviewed the reputation and track record of each studio, considering client testimonials, reviews, and industry recognition.
Flexibility: We looked for studios offering flexible booking options, including hourly, daily, and project-based rates, to accommodate diverse recording schedules.
Pricing: We evaluated studios offering competitive pricing packages and transparent pricing structures to ensure affordability and value for clients.

1. Lynx Music

Lynx Music
ADDRESS260 Emerson Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2A7

(416) 485-9999


Lynx Music was meticulously crafted by creatives, for creatives. Within its walls, you’ll discover a blend of rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and repair services, all conveniently housed under one roof. 

For instance, they boast nine state-of-the-art rehearsal studios, each intricately designed by the acclaimed sonic experts at Aercoustics Engineering.

When it’s time to lay down tracks, musicians can step into their cutting-edge recording studio. They feature four dedicated sound rooms and a world-class signal chain.

For a unique experience, explore their new hybrid recording/rehearsal rooms, seamlessly mixing rehearsal amenities with professional recording capabilities. 

Additionally, their on-site service shop offers guitar and bass setups, along with repairs for a wide range of electronic music gear. 

In terms of amenities, they have HD 4K TVs in every room, on-site client parking, free high-speed WiFi, and vending machines.


  • Nine state-of-the-art rehearsal studios
  • Four dedicated sound rooms
  • Hybrid recording/rehearsal rooms
  • On-site service shop
  • Free high-speed WiFi and vending machines
  • HD 4K TVs in every room


  • Reports of booths not being completely soundproof

Rooms here are the best I have ever experienced!

“After playing music for 30+ years I have to say the rooms here are the best I have ever experienced! Amazing sound, amazing gear, super clean everywhere,multimedia possibilities etc… highly recommended.”

Jason Ives, Google Review

Nicely designed and spacious rooms!

“I’ve been to many rehearsal studios in and around Toronto and Lynx is a great, clean space. As a drummer, it’s hard to find good gear at a rehearsal studio, but the gear here sounds great! Nicely designed and spacious rooms!”

Daniel Perri, Google Review

2. João Carvalho Mastering

João Carvalho Mastering
ADDRESS43 Laing St, Toronto, ON M4L 2N3

(416) 461-3535

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

João Carvalho Mastering is the brainchild of Chief Engineer João Carvalho, whose career began in the mid-1990s, producing records for Canada’s groundbreaking artists. 

Recognizing the need for a fresh approach to mastering, he introduced “indie style” mastering to Canada. He then opened his studio in 2003, which boasts rooms with top-of-the-line equipment and 75 years of combined engineering experience.

The studio uses unique, fully customized analog and digital signal paths, along with custom Wilson Audio Maxx playback monitors. 

Specialized services are also offered. For instance, Mastering for iTunes (MFIT) allows artists to preview their music in Apple’s proprietary software, and Mastering for Vinyl, which optimizes high-resolution files for vinyl cutting. 

Additionally, their Night Shift Mastering service offers independent artists the opportunity to have their music mastered at an affordable cost.


  • Specializes in “indie style” mastering
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fully customized analog and digital signal paths
  • Custom Wilson Audio Maxx playback monitors
  • Mastering for iTunes
  • Mastering for Vinyl
  • Night Shift Mastering service


  • A bit pricey

Not only super skilled at their craft but incredibly friendly

“Would highly recommend. These men are not only super skilled at their craft, but incredibly friendly, professional, and return your records in a timely manner. Thanks boys!”

Ty Richard, Google Review

Quality of the mastering never fails to be absolutely superb

“We’ve worked with João Carvalho on four separate releases, and the quality of the mastering never fails to be absolutely superb. Bryan’s communication is clear and prompt, and the vibe in the studio is always easygoing and creative. We’d highly recommend JCM to any artist who wants to make their mixes sounds the best they possible can.”

 M T, Google Review

3. Revolution Recording

Revolution Recording
ADDRESS36 Laing St, Toronto, ON M4L 2N2

(647) 352-4213

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

Revolution Recording provides aesthetic studio environments, top-tier gear, and skilled staff. They also boast a trifecta of recording studios, each meticulously designed to foster creativity. 

Studio A, the largest of the three, features high ceilings and cherry wood finishes, along with a meticulously restored NEVE console. It sets the stage for orchestral recordings or extended studio sessions. 

Studio B exudes rustic charm with reclaimed hickory barn board wall diffusors and a restored SSL console, perfect for mixing, overdubbing, or smaller tracking sessions. 

Meanwhile, Studio C offers an intimate retro vibe, ideal for budget-friendly projects. 

Revolution Recording earned recognition as a nominee for the prestigious NAMM’s TEC Awards in 2011. They were also featured in publications such as the Globe and Mail, National Post, MIX Online, and Professional Sound.


  • High ceilings and cherry wood finishes
  • Meticulously restored NEVE console
  • Reclaimed hickory barn board wall diffusors
  • Welcomes budget-friendly projects
  • NAMM’s TEC Awards nominee in 2011
  • Featured in publications


  • Comparatively pricey

Blown away by the space and quality of recording

“My band, Big Smoke Brass, spent a day recording at Revolution, and we were blown away by the space and quality of recording we were able to do. It was a super smooth session, and the tracks we recorded are sounding world class – even before mixing! I can’t wait to be back and record there again soon!”

Conrad Gluch, Google Review

Had a fabulous experience at Revolution Studios

“The Canadian Sinfonietta had a fabulous experience at Revolution Studios yesterday. The space is gorgeous with wood floors throughout, great acoustics, state of the art recording equipment (we used the largest of 3 studios but they were all modern and appealing). The studios has a fully equipped kitchen which was so helpful for our long day and even marble bathrooms! The attention to detail- fresh brewed coffee, water bottles, comfy sofas and everything set up and ready to go before we arrived made the orchestra feel welcome and pampered. The studio team (Stephen, Kohen and Sam) was efficient and professional and the snippets we heard of ourselves from the engineer booth instilled a great deal of confidence to continue recording. Revolution Studio made what was an intense and possibly stressful day easier and luxurious. Highly recommend!” 

 Joyce Lai, Google Review

4. Made Human Studios

Made Human Studios
ADDRESSGround Floor, 1714 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 2H5

(647) 848-7351


Established in 2011, Made Human Studios aims to ease the uncertainties of creative projects. This boutique recording studio and music production company provides a range of services customized for artists.

From recording vocals to shooting Grammy-worthy music videos, they’re a trusted partner for artists and creative companies alike. In fact, they have an impressive client roster that includes industry giants like Ubisoft, CBC, Uber, and Sony Music. 

Their state-of-the-art studios are equipped with gear from NEVE, SSL, MANLEY, and NUEMAN. They’re also backed by a team of experienced music producers, audio engineers, and musicians.

Unlike other recording studios, they provide indie artist development services. Meaning that they guide artists through the intricacies of the music industry landscape with expertise in music videos, marketing strategies, and digital distribution.


  • Over a decade of experience
  • Impressive client roster
  • Equipped with top-notch gear
  • Backed by a team of producers and engineers
  • Provides indie artist development services


  •  Might be hard to book

The audio quality is absolutely amazing!

“I had a fantastic experience working with MH Studios! I received mastering services from their studio and the audio quality is absolutely amazing! They offer an incredible range of services for artists and are very professional and supportive. They are awesome to work with, I highly recommend!”

Kaitlin Rybackin, Google Review

The professionalism and cost make it a no-brainer

“Jonathan and everyone at MH Studios are so easy to work with. We have had a long-standing relationship with them and keep going back. We will be recording our 20th season of a podcast, and it just keeps getting better. The professionalism and cost make it a no-brainer to keep working together. THANK YOU!!!”

Judy Victor, Google Review

5. Midnight Studios

Midnight Studios
ADDRESS1198 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON M1P 2L1

(647) 930-6952

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

Midnight Studios offers a safe space for artists to express themselves, from recording to mastering. Their mission is to help artists grow creatively by pushing boundaries and fostering innovation.

Their in-house videographer adds visual flair to music videos and photoshoots, while their talented artists craft unique and captivating album artwork. 

Plus, their team goes above and beyond, offering executive production assistance and expert guidance on songwriting and vocal production. 

When it comes to promoting your music, Midnight Studios pulls out all the stops, leveraging their networks to ensure your music reaches the widest audience possible. 

They also have three state-of-the-art studios equipped with industry-standard tools and technology, including Pro Tools and Apollo Twin Interfaces. These give the perfect environment for recording, mixing, and mastering projects of all sizes. 


  • Has an in-house videographer
  • Offers executive production assistance
  • Gives guidance on songwriting and vocal production
  • Helps with marketing and promotion
  • Uses industry-standard tools and technology


  • Reports of professionalism issues

Fantastic experience!

“Fantastic experience ! Very easy to work with the engineers. We worked with GP and he helped me record a song i wrote for my mother who passed away , he also helped my cousin record 2 songs wwlowry , and he also helped record his girlfriend Athena’s song. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a relaxing environment to record their music in.”

William Lowry, Google Review

Beautiful studio, great producers

“Great studio experience. Went there my first time, Jake hooked me up. Beautiful studio, great producers from what I have experienced who provide both a professional and facilitative environment to help you get the best out of your sound. Great quality sound, studio equipment and fire producer will definitely be returning.”

 Antwone Singh, Google Review

6. Secret Weapon Sound

Secret Weapon Sound
ADDRESS6 Denison Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M4

(647) 809-8033

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

Secret Weapon Sound is led by founder and senior engineer Jesse Yonge, whose decade-long expertise has earned him the moniker “Secret Weapon.” The studio prides itself on unlocking each artist’s distinct talents. 

Jesse’s remarkable work, including his contribution to Smiley’s hit “Over the Top” featuring Drake, underscores his prowess and innovation. 

His studio boasts premium software and hardware, such as the Universal Audio Apollo X8, Neve Shelford, and Neumann U87, making it an ideal space for creative expression. 

Recording rates start at just $60 per hour, which is cheaper compared to other studios. Sessions can also be booked conveniently online, from 2 to 5-hour periods.

Notably, they’ve attracted a diverse clientele including TV Gucci, Pressa, King Von, Golde London, and Mia Martina.


  • Decade-long expertise
  • Has worked with big names
  • Boasts premium software and hardware
  • Affordable recording rates
  • Online booking
  • Diverse clientele


  • Might be hard to book

The equipment is top quality, and the sound is amazing

“Always a great experience recording here, the equipment is top quality, and the sound is amazing. Zack is great to work with! He always understands my vision and brings it to life seamlessly. Easy to communicate with, and the price is fair as well. I will definitely continue to book sessions here!”

Miranda Delaney-Girotti, Google Review

Jesse is easily the best engineer I’ve worked with

“Jesse is easily the best engineer I’ve worked with. Very easy to work with and understands the hip hop/r&b genre at a deep level. The studio is a welcoming set up and a comfortable setting for those wanting to feel their music.”

Sandip Chowdhury, Google Review

7. Number 9 Audio Group

ADDRESS222 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2E8

(416) 348-8718


For over four decades, Number 9 Audio Group has been providing professional audio services. Not confined to just recording, their suite includes pro audio rentals, CD duplication, graphic design, video production, and audio/video transfers.

Their studio has hosted a myriad of high-profile clients for music recording and post-production needs. Plus, they’re backed by a quarter-century of industry experience. 

The main recording studio features two spacious isolated spaces – one has three isolation booths inside. The other one’s dedicated to their stunning 9-foot grand piano. 

For more streamlined projects, their production suite offers quick edits without compromising quality. 

Impressively, their client roster includes names like K-os, Van Morrison, Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Amanda Marshall, and The Rolling Stones.


  • Open since 1981
  • High-profile clients
  • Features two spacious isolated spaces
  • 9-foot grand piano
  • Offers quick edits


  • Pricey

The sound quality is amazing!

“Enjoyed watching my husband John Madill recording with Anne Lindsay on his song “Dream” at Number 9. The sound quality is amazing!”

 Valerie Madill, Google Review

Fantastic recording space in a beautiful building

“Fantastic recording space in a beautiful building – can’t say enough good things about Number 9! Great microphone selection and equipment for all kinds of audio work. George does an incredible job with making sure everyone is cared for… clients and engineers included! Very much looking forward to my next session there.”

Ken Nguyen, Google Review

8. Lacquer Channel Mastering

Lacquer Channel Mastering
ADDRESS297 Lesmill Rd, Toronto, ON M3B 2V1

(416) 876-7885

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

Lacquer Channel Mastering has a legacy dating back to 1975. It’s helmed by owner and Chief Mastering Engineer Noah Mintz, whose multifaceted background includes stints as a rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. 

Their goal is to deliver optimal sound quality across all playback devices, from high-fidelity systems to smartphones and portable speakers. They also use customized tools, blending tubes, tape, transformers, and vintage and modern analog technologies. 

In terms of gear, they’re equipped with a comprehensive selection of EQs, compressors, and playback systems.

Over the past 45+ years, they’ve mastered albums spanning genres and artists. Examples include iconic names like U2 and Rush to contemporary favorites such as Broken Social Scene, The National, and Daniel Lanois. 

Convenient online booking is also available.


  • 49 years of experience
  • Owned by rock singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Uses vintage and modern analog technologies
  • Wide selection of EQs, compressors, and playback systems
  • Has worked with iconic names
  • Convenient online booking


  • Almost always booked

Best mastering house in Canada

“3 years ago, I asked many industry professionals who the best mastering house in Canada was. The consensus was Lacquer Channel. I decided to give them a whirl. Best thing I ever did. I’ve been using them ever since. Noah Mintz is top-notch. The mixes that you’ll get back are SUPERB!! The other great thing, is that Noah is just an overall good guy. Never any attitude and always willing to make the project sound as good as it can. Lacquer Channel is HIGHLY recommended!! If there was an option to give 10 stars, I would.”

 Richard Rodwell, Google Review

Highly skilled mastering engineer with a great facility

“Noah is a highly skilled mastering engineer with a great facility at his fingertips. Mastering should be done by someone with Noah’s experience and knowledge, not by someone who is usually a recording engineer, or even worse, a bot. Noah brings to human touch to all of his interactions, and his impressive client list attests to his excellent work.”

 Blair Packham, Google Review

9. Noble Street Studios

Noble Street Studios
ADDRESS17 Noble St, Toronto, ON M6K 2C7

(416) 516-4444

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sat: 9 AM – 9:30 PM

Noble Street Studios is a creative oasis right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Its space was designed with one thing in mind: making awesome music.

The west wing houses Studio A, a massive live space where your music can soar. Plus, there’s a cozy lounge where you can chill with your crew.

Admirably, these folks have spent the past 15 years collecting the coolest vintage and modern equipment, and they take good care of it.

Now, the east wing is where you’ll find all the essential stuff, like Accurate Audio and the Technical Shop for all your gear needs. 

In terms of accessibility, just hop on the incline platform lift.

They’re also serious about being eco-friendly, with their green roof, LED lights, and a “tankless” hot water system.


  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Vintage and modern equipment
  • Eco-friendly and massive live space
  • Cozy lounge
  • Has a Technical Shop
  • Incline platform lift


  • More suited for professional musicians

One of the best recording studios in Canada

“Noble Studios is one of the best recording studios in Canada. Their facilities are A1, the Faziola Grand Piano is one of a kind and the services are delivered promptly and with competitive pricing. Recordings can be reproduced with Noble Studios as well. Highly recommended by professional musicians.”

Michael Gfroerer, Google Review

Best audio recording studio in downtown Toronto

“The best audio recording studio in downtown Toronto. We had tried a few studio for piano recording and Noble St. has the best facilities and engineer(Kevin)!!!”

Mjpn Steven, Google Review

10. Union Sound Company

Union Sound Company
ADDRESS89 Sackville St, Toronto, ON M5A 3E4

(416) 551-2992


Union Sound Company is a passion project born out of a love for music and community. Founded in 2015 by Chris Stringer, Ian Gomes, and former partner Leon Taheny, this studio is a go-to for musicians looking to create in an inspiring environment. 

Equipped with a spacious live floor and multiple isolation booths, they offer the perfect balance between a big, open room sound and controlled acoustics. 

At the heart of the control room sits a vintage 1971 Neve 8014 Console, complete with original 1073 preamps and 2254e compressors, alongside outboard gear. 

Plus, with a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano on hand, the studio is ready to accommodate everything from full bands to small orchestras. 

But it’s not just about the music—the studio also features a fully private lounge where artists can relax between takes. 

They have notable clients like the Wooden Sky, Elliot Brood, and Timber Timbre.


  • 8 years of experience
  • Spacious live floor and multiple isolation booths
  • Vintage 1971 Neve 8014 Console
  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano
  • Fully private lounge
  • Has notable clients


  • Might be hard to book a slot

Union Sound is a world-class studio right here in Toronto

“Believe me when I tell you I’ve worked in Studios around the world. Union Sound is a world class studio right here in Toronto. Great vintage and modern equipment in abundance, a fantastic mic collection and great instruments for any creative inspiration. But the best thing about it is the people who run it. Chris Stringer and Darren McGill are supremely talented engineers and musicians. They make the recording process a pleasure and help make every session effortless. And finally, I’ve always been pleased with how the sound recorded at Union translates out of the studio.”

David Bottrill, Google Review

One of the best places in North America to record music

“Union is an incredible creative space run by people who deeply care about the quality of sonics, and also about the integrity of the art created there. If they let me live in the A room I would. It’s one of the best places in North America to record music.”

Joshua Van Tassel, Google Review