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A Guide to the Best Memory Care Homes in Toronto That Provide Compassionate Service

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Finding the perfect memory care home for a loved one battling dementia can feel overwhelming. That’s exactly what my friend faced when her grandmother needed specialized care. 

Not wanting to settle for anything less than the best, I dove headfirst into researching Toronto’s memory care options. From scouring online reviews to talking to families with experience, I gathered all the intel I could.  

In the end, my friend found the ideal home for her grandmother, and I knew this valuable information couldn’t be kept secret!

So, whether you’re in Toronto yourself or helping a loved one from afar, this guide highlights the top memory care homes in the 6ix known for their compassionate service.  

Let’s find the perfect fit for your family.

It’s important to research individual facilities and explore options like government subsidies or veteran benefits that may help offset the cost.

Quality of Care Services: We prioritized homes with highly-rated care services. These include medical assistance, medication management, personal care, and engaging wellness programs.
Staff Qualifications & Compassion: We looked for homes with qualified, experienced staff who demonstrate genuine care and respect for residents.
Safety & Security: Secure facilities with 24/7 supervision, emergency response protocols, and secure outdoor spaces were a must.
Activities & Socialization: Homes offering diverse activities that cater to various cognitive levels and promote resident interaction were key in our selection.
Individualized Care Plans: We prioritized facilities that create personalized care plans based on each resident’s unique needs and preferences.
Accommodation Options: Homes with comfortable, resident-centered living spaces, including private or shared rooms, were considered.
Dining Services: We looked for options with healthy, delicious meals and the ability to accommodate dietary restrictions.
Cost Transparency & Financial Assistance: Clear communication regarding fees and the exploration of financial aid options were important aspects we considered.

1. Belmont House

ADDRESS55 Belmont Street Toronto, ON M5R 1R1

(416) 964-9231

OPERATING HOURS Mon - Sun: 8:30 AM – 7 PM

Belmont House isn’t your average memory care facility—founded way back in 1852, we’re impressed that they’ve been taking care of seniors for ages (literally!).

Recently they’ve been buzzing about something called the Butterfly Model of Care. This basically means they’re going all out to create a comfortable, home-like environment for residents with dementia.

Imagine ditching sterile white walls for bright colors and themed rooms, and they even have interactive hallways! Plus, access to a rooftop garden and personalized touches in their rooms make it feel less like a facility and more like a home.

Daily activities like art therapy, guest speakers, and even trips to see Shakespearean plays keep residents engaged and having fun. And of course, there’s delicious food made in-house with special dietary needs in mind.

The only downside we saw is that they seem to be pretty popular! Residents mentioned a bit of a waiting list, so planning ahead might be a good idea.  


  • Founded in 1852
  • Follows the Butterfly Model of Care
  • Bright colors, themed rooms, and interactive hallways
  • Access to a rooftop garden
  • A wide range of daily activities
  • Food made in-house according to special dietary needs


  • Long waiting list

Belmont House is the best of the best in Ontario

“It’s a well known secret that Belmont House is the best of the best in Ontario. The facility has elite accreditations with a highly skilled and compassionate management team. The satisfaction rate of Belmont families sits comfortably at 99%! They are currently rolling out the Butterfly program for dementia care, one of the first of its kind in Canada. With years of experience with family members at Belmont, I have no hesitations whatsoever to recommend.”

Chris Allen, Google Review

Best retirement and long term care home available in Toronto

“My mom has been here 3 plus years and I can tell you with confidence that Belmont House is the best Retirement and long term care home available in Toronto. The waiting list is 6 years for a reason and that time frame keeps growing. The staff is wonderful and many activities are offered daily. It’s almost like an all inclusive 5 star hotel for the elderly. The people you find here have all done great things for Canada in their youth. I am proud to belong to this community. ❤️”

Julia Torres, Google Review

2. Baycrest Terraces

ADDRESS55 Ameer Avenue Toronto, ON M6A 2Z1

(416) 785-2500


Baycrest Terraces’s goal is to maximize a resident’s potential, not just provide basic care. 

We think their “Possibilities by Baycrest” program used on their memory care residences sounds pretty darn impressive. It tailors care plans to each resident’s individual needs, hobbies, and even past experiences. 

The living spaces themselves are pretty swanky too—spacious bachelor and one-bedroom suites with kitchenettes and a secure outdoor patio for fresh air. We also appreciate the central kitchen on the floor which lets families join in on meals.

They have a highly trained staff available 24/7 to assist with daily activities and recreational programs. Think art therapy, group outings, or whatever sparks joy for your loved one. 

On top of that, there’s access to a whole team of healthcare professionals, from social workers to geriatric specialists, all under one roof.

The only thing to note is there have been some reports of unexpected tenancy terminations. It might be wise to inquire about their policies before committing. 


  • Has a “Possibilities by Baycrest” program
  • Swanky living spaces
  • Central kitchen on the floor
  • Highly trained staff available 24/7
  • Has daily activities and recreational programs
  • Whole team of healthcare professionals


  • Reports of unexpected tenancy terminations

Baycrest knows how to treat the elderly right!

“Such a great retirement home for the elderly to live out their independent lives. Clean environment, amazing staff, great food, awesome green house, pool and gym for the residents to enjoy. Also a new memory care unit had opened last year for people living with dementia. Baycrest knows how to treat the elderly right! If you have a loved one In need of a great home I wouldn’t hesitate. Come check it out.”

Alyssa Jackson Dante, Google Review

Staff are friendly; they have lots of programs

“If your looking for a nice Retirement for your Elderly this is amazing place 24 hours service of Nursing, the staff are friendly they have lots of programs like Bingo,Painting etc.”

Angelina Dangue, Google Review

3. The Briton House

ADDRESS720 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, Ontario M4S 2N6

(416) 487-3392


The Briton House has been around for decades and was founded on the idea of resident freedom and choice. Their memory care unit has a focus on security with an open-door feel. 

Each resident gets their own private studio with a cute Juliet balcony and a bathroom with safety bars. The rooms might not be huge, but they come with basic furniture, linens, and even climate control—all included.

They also have a dedicated dining room and lounge for memory care residents. And, residents can access all the amenities of the main house when accompanied by someone.

One of the coolest things we learned about is their Britonian Club. It’s basically a daily program with activities designed to keep residents engaged and promote their well-being—baking, gardening, games, and even theater and music! 

There are also optional add-on services like hairdressing, laundry, and even escorts to events. However, be prepared for a bit of a price tag.


  • Has been around for decades
  • Own private studio with a balcony
  • Come with furniture, linens, and climate control
  • Dedicated dining room and lounge for memory care
  • Has a Britonian Club
  • Optional add-on services


  • Pricey

Daily activities were creatively geared for the diminishing mind

“My sister and I are forever grateful that we found Briton House. When our mom developed dementia, we tried her in a couple of places with disastrous results because they didn’t have the expertise or sensitivity to deal with her disease. From the moment she moved into Briton House, we could breathe again because everyone involved in her care knew exactly how to make her feel safe and loved and content. The daily activities were creatively geared for the diminishing mind, and there was always lots of laughter. When we wanted to give Mom a change of scenery, we had options to go to in the building: a lovely leafy atrium, where we could have tea, a “beach” room, with the soothing sound of the ocean, and an outdoor patio, with gardens, trees and sky. Finally, Mom loved her room: it was just big enough for us to make it comfy and cosy, but not so big that she felt lost. It was such a relief to know she was comfortable, surrounded by people who genuinely cared for her and looked after her so well. So it went for five years, until Mom died a few months ago in just the way we wished for her — at peace in her home sweet home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our friends at Briton House.”

Cathy Collins, Google Review

Best in retirement/senior care living in downtown Toronto

“As a local Toronto Realtor who often works with seniors, I have experienced many retirement/senior care facilities across the GTA. The Briton House has been an almost weekly destination for me over the past 25 years and I have personally experienced all the facility has to offer. This is a first class organization with the unique benefit of being owned and operated by a caring family personally dedicated to the well being of all who reside there. The administration, staff, medical care, building amenities and maintenance are second to none. Without hesitation, the Briton House has always been, and remains, my first choice of recommendation to anyone looking for the best in retirement/senior care living in downtown Toronto.”

Norman Hathaway, Google Review

4. The Village of Humber Heights

ADDRESS2245 Lawrence Ave W, Etobicoke

(416) 235-0201

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: Open 24 hours

The Village of Humber Heights was created with the idea of a supportive community. They’ve been around for over 30 years, creating a network of “villages” that cater to different senior needs.

Their “Emma’s Neighbourhood” is specifically designed for residents with memory loss. They offer private studio or one-bedroom suites, but with access to shared spaces and activities to keep things social. 

We’re wowed by their program called “LIVING in My Today” which focuses on a resident’s strengths and current abilities. They also offer daily activities and programs to keep minds and spirits engaged.

Basic needs are covered, with three meals a day, medication management, and personal care assistance. Residents also enjoy a clean and comfortable environment with daily bed-making, weekly housekeeping, and assisted bathing.

Note that there have been some mentions of short-staffing, so we think that’s something to consider. 


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Has an Emma’s Neighbourhood
  • Has a LIVING in My Today program
  • Medication management and personal care assistant
  • Daily bed-making, weekly housekeeping, and assisted bathing


  • Reports of being short-staffed

AMAZING staff who really care and appear to enjoy their jobs

“Fabulous place. Clean surroundings. AMAZING staff who really care and appear to enjoy their jobs. My mother has had better care there then she had with all the doctors she had before when she lived on her own.  I leave there after every visit knowing she is safe and cared for”

canadianshadowrider, Google Review

I have nothing but amazing things to say 

“My dad is a resident of this wonderful home. I have nothing but amazing things to say and am blessed he is in such a loving and caring home. Making the decision to put them in a home is always hard. He has advanced Alzheimer’s and the staff at Alderwood floor has taken my dad in like family, they are amazing.  Every time I see him which is almost daily he is always clean and smells good and most important well taken care off.  I can honestly say all staff in the village are wonderful and friendly.”

Paola Montecinos, Google Review

5. One Kenton Place

ADDRESS1 Kenton Dr., Toronto, ON M2R 2H6

(647) 932-7913


One Kenton Place is focused on creating a life filled with meaning and joy for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They take a whole-person approach, recognizing each resident’s unique experiences and needs.

Imagine a secure, structured environment with specialized caregivers who offer guidance and support. This helps minimize confusion and anxiety, allowing residents to feel safe and comfortable.

But it’s not all about routines—One Kenton Place also offers a ton of engaging activities such as pet therapy, music therapy, memory games, and even occupational therapy. It’s all about keeping minds and spirits active.

We love their beautifully appointed living spaces, low staff-to-resident ratios for personalized attention, and multiple lounges. Natural light and outdoor views also create a calming and inviting atmosphere.

We did notice that the admission process seems to take a while. 


  • Structured environment with specialized caregivers
  • Wide range of engaging activities
  • Beautifully appointed living spaces
  • Low staff-to-resident ratios
  • Multiple lounges
  • Natural light and outdoor views


  • Admission process seems to take a while

One of the best communities for individuals with dementia

“One Kenton Place is one of the best communities for those individuals with dementia. The team is very knowledgeable and supportive.”

Marie Josee Lafontaine, Google Review

My mom is in One Kenton and the care is amazing

“My mom is in One Kenton and the care is amazing. She had previously two full time caregivers and I was the organizer and driver.  Now when I visit I’m just the visitor and all the care functions are looked after professionally and compassionately. I wish my mom didn’t have domestic but since she does One Kenton is the best place I’ve found to care for her. In fact, since she moved in there she actually improved.”

Norm Ten, Google Review