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10 Best Little Italy Toronto Restaurants

Best Little Italy Restaurants in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Little Italy, also known as College St., is a food lover’s paradise. It boasts top-notch eateries, vibey bars, fun diners, unique brasseries, and craft beer haunts.

To help you discover diverse and delicious flavors in Toronto, we sampled fare from several eateries and rated the top 10 restaurants in Little Italy. Make sure to bring your appetites as you eat your way through foodie paradise!

However, there are also budget-friendly options available, with some eateries offering dishes for as low as $10 to $20 per person.

Ambiance: From cozy trattorias to chic bistros, we’ve chosen eateries with inviting atmospheres that enhance your dining experience.
Attentive Staff: We’ve selected restaurants known for providing excellent service.
Positive Reviews: Our recommendations are based on customer feedback, prioritizing those who receive consistent praise.
Fresh Ingredients: Our featured restaurants prioritize using fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring each dish bursts with flavor.
Wine Selection: We’ve curated a list of restaurants with extensive wine selections, offering the perfect pairing to complement your meal.
Dessert Delights: Indulge your sweet tooth at our selected restaurants, known for their decadent desserts and irresistible Italian treats.
Cozy Atmosphere: Enjoy a cozy and intimate dining experience at our featured restaurants, where you can relax and savor every bite in a welcoming setting.
Value for Money: We’ve chosen restaurants that offer excellent value for money, providing delectable cuisine at reasonable prices.
Bar Raval
ADDRESS505 College St, Toronto, ON M6J 2J3
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]


Located in Toronto, Bar Raval is a captivating pintxo bar with a Barcelona-inspired atmosphere, spearheaded by restaurateur Grant van Gameren. 

Named after the lively Raval neighborhood in Spain, the establishment boasts a cozy ambiance and eye-catching, colorful decor. The owner’s goal is to transport guests to the heart of Barcelona.

They specialize in serving pintxos – small snacks synonymous with northern Spain, served on skewers and toothpicks. 

Noteworthy dishes include their house-smoked mussels infused with chili and fennel. Equally yummy is their pancetta paired with rhubarb, showcasing a balance of savory and sweet elements.

For those seeking more traditional fare, Bar Raval also offers classic dishes such as plates of manchego cheese and Serrano ham. 

To complement their culinary fare, the bar presents a curated selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines. A cocktail list is also available.


  • Cozy ambiance and eye-catching, colorful decor
  • Specializes in serving pintxos
  • Known for their house-smoked mussels
  • Manchego cheese and Serrano ham plates
  • Curated selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines
  • Has handcrafted cocktails


  • Does not take reservation

Drinks, food, service 10/10

“Drinks, food, service 10/10. I have a soft spot for this place and lovee that there’s a waitlist which allows you to easily book yourself a spot at this standing only bar and tapas place. Definitely see the Barcelona vibes in the interior. Always a great spot for quick bites and drinks. The ambience is also awesome. Food wise I would recommend getting the steak. It’s a small tapas size but it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Perfection. Drinks wise, go with the server’s recs based on your palette and preference. Cocktails are amazing.”

Zenith Taskin, Google Review

Bar Raval boasts exquisite craftsmanship across the board

“Bar Raval boasts exquisite craftsmanship across the board. The ambience transports you to a fairy dwelling in an enchanted forest, with hand carved wood finishes suffused by candlelight. The food arrives and hits all the right senses – casually classy plating and rich aromas are followed by punchy flavours that do not disappoint. The smoked mackerel in a rosemary-infused olive oil was a great starter; the octopus was wonderfully charred and bouncy; the steak perfectly cooked with a buttery celeriac purée reminiscent of Corn Pops; juicy shrimp drowned in a sauce that begs for extra bread. Portions are smaller but perfect for two to share. The drinks were good but not great – order the Sioux for a toasty coconut profile, or the Seraph for a stronger cocktail with a cinnamon-heart finish. If you want a strong limenade, the Porcelina will do.”

Megann Davidson, Google Review

2. Bar Isabel

Bar Isabel
ADDRESS797 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1C7

(416) 532-2222

OPERATING HOURSMon - Fri, Sun: 5 PM – 11 PM

Saturday: 3 PM – 11 PM

Another Grant Van Gameren-owned restaurant is Bar Isabel, a Spanish-inspired, rustic gem in Toronto. Under the expert guidance of maitre d’ and partner Alessandro Pietropaolo, their menu includes pintxos, conservas, meat dishes, and seafood.

Since 2013, they’ve garnered numerous accolades. Examples include listings in the Michelin Guide and recognition as the best new restaurant in Canada by Enroute Magazine in 2013. 

In terms of food, patrons rave about signature dishes like their smoky grilled octopus, decadent roast veal bone marrow, and fresh seabream ceviche with chips. 

To round off the meal, we recommend their yummy basque cake and sherry cream.

Complementing the delectable fare is an extensive Iberian-focused wine list featuring Spanish wines, ciders, and cocktails, particularly those highlighting sherry.

As a bonus, reservations are accepted for gatherings of up to 8 guests.


  • Specializes in Spanish-inspired rustic cuisine
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Garnered numerous accolades
  • Known for their grilled octopus and roasted bone marrow
  • Iberian-focused wine list
  • Accepts reservations for parties of up to 8 guests


  • Some food quality issues

Never have I ever given a place 5 stars this fast

“Absolutely amazing! Never have I ever given a place 5 stars this fast. The taste of every dish we had was immaculate and not a single dish disappointed us. Me and my husband went for the tasting menu and it was approx $200 and we had 12 dishes. Mind you when they say tasting menu, all the dishes were full size dishes on the menu and if was well worth the money we paid!”

 parinaz elavia, Google Review

This place remains my favourite night out in the city

“So many other bars and restaurants have come (and gone) since Bar Isabel opened, but this place remains my favourite night out in the city. And that’s really all I need to say about this cozy, intimate spot and its top notch menu.”

 Amir Soltani, Google Review

3. DaiLo

ADDRESS503 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

(647) 341-8882


Wednesday: 5 PM – 11 AM

Thursday: 5 PM – 1 AM

Fri - Sat: 5 PM – 2 AM

Chef Liu’s DaiLo is a two-level Asian brasserie in Toronto, offering French-inspired Chinese Hakka cuisine with a modern twist. They believe that eating well leads to living well, so they use fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable ingredients. 

Notably, they’ve been recognized as one of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2017 and featured in The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life.

One of their crowd favorites is their crispy whole fried ‘giggie’ trout with nahm jim and green curry aioli.

Another is their comforting truffle Hainanese chicken served with foie fat rice and crispy garlic.

Diners can also choose their Chef’s Tasting Menu, featuring carefully curated selections that highlight the restaurant’s offerings. Servers are also on hand to explain each dish.

Plus, guests can dine al fresco, and for special occasions, private rooms can be booked.


  • Modern French-inspired Chinese Hakka cuisine
  • Has been recognized in the media
  • Known for its crispy whole-fried trout
  • Truffle Hainanese chicken
  • Chef’s Tasting Menu
  • Outdoor patio is available
  • Private rooms can be booked


  • Reports of slow service

The taste-testing menu is phenomenal and so worth it!

“The taste tasting menu is phenomenal and so worth it! Everything was so well plated and somehow the combinations worked so well! We started of with crispy fried chicken strips that had a spicy yet tangy flavor to it. Then we were served octopus tacos that had been wrapped in thinly sliced radish along with this small salad with cruchy panko bits. The drinks were also very good, and so pretty. Then we had the fried watermelon where my tastebuds were confused by the amount of savory yet sweetness it had. There was also this Korean short rib braised ragú sauce that was yet again, delicious and juicy. Then a whole fried trout came in with three different sauces. By this point we’re really full, but finished strong with the dessert, that was a lemon sorbet. Marvelous experience with the nicest staff. Can’t wait to come back again!”

 Jane T, Google Review

One of the most creative tasting menus in the city!

“Attended as a trio – each of us got the tasting menu at $108/person. Everything was exceptional! My favorite dining experience I’ve had thus far due to a combination of superb service. Our waitress was extremely kind/talkative about each dish – the plating was exceptional – and I tip my hat to Chef Nick Liu and Chef Dennis Jay for creating one of the most creative tasting menu’s in the city!

 Hendrick Scheele, Google Review

4. Giulietta

ADDRESS972 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A5

(416) 964-0606


Rob Rossi opened Giulietta, a sleek and authentic Italian eatery, in 2018. His passion for food and creating memorable dining experiences is evident in his acclaimed culinary ventures. 

For instance, his skills earned him recognition as a runner-up in the first season of Top Chef Canada. Rob also secured Giulietta’s spot on En Route Magazine’s Canada’s Best New Restaurants list.

At Giulietta, guests are treated to an array of wood-fired pizza, house-made pasta, and seafood-focused sharing plates. 

A favorite is their tonnarelli cacio e pepe, featuring traditional Roman pasta adorned with Kampot black pepper and pecorino cheese. 

Another must-try is the braciola di maiale, showcasing Spanish Iberico pork chop complemented by spiced fennel and aged sherry.

Guests can also opt for Chef Rob Rossi’s Family Style Menu, ideal for groups of 8-10 guests. 

Additionally, Giulietta offers a unique Chef’s Bar where diners can enjoy front-row seats to the culinary action.


  • 8 years of experience
  • Runner-up in the 1st season of Top Chef Canada
  • En Route Magazine’s Canada’s Best New Restaurants
  • Known for their tonnarelli cacio e pepe
  • Has a Chef Rob Rossi’s Family Style Menu
  • Unique Chef’s Bar


  • Reports of the space being too loud

Amazing Italian fare that goes beyond pasta and pizza!

“What a great spot. Amazing Italian fare that goes beyond pasta and pizza! Their Negroni bianco was delicious and herbaceous. The Barbera d’asti was a tasty new bottle we hadn’t tried. Then the food! The grilled octopus is insanely good and the salsa verde with it was a perfect complement. The branzino was an incredible treat, the amount of dill was perfect, and the butter sauce was divine. Broccolini on the side was fantastic too. Topped off with great service too!”

Bryan Vanderkruk, Google Review

Amazing service and delicious food!

“Loved the vibe. Amazing service and delicious food! The octopus was so tender.

The butternut squash pasta was so good. The tiramisu and the gelato were incredible. And the cocktails were probably my favourite! So full of flavour.”

 Anya Dimac, Google Review

5. Quetzal

ADDRESS419 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1

(647) 347-3663


Quetzal is a Mexican restaurant helmed by executive chef Steven Molnar. His mission is to honor the rich culinary traditions of Mexico while offering a modern, fine dining experience. 

Molnar’s Japanese and Hungarian background infuses the menu with Asian influences, resulting in unique flavors and seasonal offerings cooked over a 28-foot wood fire. 

Noteworthy dishes include their sumptuous bone marrow with wild Argentinian shrimp, glazed with a pasilla chili-infused mixture, and served with house-made tortillas. 

Other Quetzal favorites include their smoky grilled squid with salsa macha and their juicy lamb barbacoa empanada. 

For dessert, their bestseller is their coconut nicuatole, which features masa and coconut cream, pineapple, hibiscus meringue, mezcal, and mint

Furthermore, guests can opt for their curated menu at $120 per person or beverage pairings at $90 per person. They even offer an Ossetra caviar service from $145 up.

Note that walk-ins are welcome. 


  • Mexican cuisine with Japanese influences
  • Bone marrow with wild Argentinian shrimp
  • Serves dessert
  • Offers a curated menu and beverage pairings
  • Ossetra caviar service
  • Walk-ins are welcome 


  • Pricey

We did the curated menu, and every course was outstanding

“AMAZING. Highly recommend. My husband and I sat at the chef’s table and were able to watch the action which was fun. We did the curated menu with beverage pairings and every course was outstanding. Particularly loved the scallops, the beets, the duck, and the dessert was delicious. Also probably the best drink pairings I’ve ever had – the flavours complemented each other incredibly well. You definitely smell a bit smokey after if you sit at the chef’s table because of all the grills going, but it’s totally worth it – trust me. Will absolutely be back!”

 Kelsey LM, Google Review

Wood fired cooking and elevated dishes with delicious ingredients

“Wood fired cooking and elevated dishes with delicious traditional ingredients. Atmosphere is elegant but simple.  I’m a bit of a foodie, this place is great for trying something new and ideal for good conversation and a good mezcal or tequila cocktail. Recommended!”

 Mat Barros, Google Review

6. Birreria Volo

Birreria Volo
ADDRESS612 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4

(416) 531-7373


Fri - Sat: 2 PM – 2 AM

Sunday: 2 PM – 10 PM

Birreria Volo, run by siblings Julian and Tomas Morana, continues the family tradition from Bar Volo by offering a diverse selection of craft beers and small plates. 

Speaking of small plates, favorites include their arancini rice balls with ragu and mozzarella, and formaggi artisanal cheeses with preserves and crostini. Pizzas and paninis are also available.

Notably, their crunchy fried chicken sandwich is a crowd-pleaser. 

In terms of beer, they focus on wild-fermented and farmhouse styles, including an extensive collection of lambics and barrel-aged sours. They also offer Ontario’s best brews and sought-after picks from global microbreweries like Oxbow and Cantillon.

To round out the experience, guests can also indulge in wine and cocktails. 

Plus, with gift cards available, Birreria Volo offers the perfect present for beer aficionados or a treat for oneself.


  • Specializes in craft beers and small plates
  • Known for their arancini rice balls
  • Fried chicken sandwich 
  • Wild-fermented and farmhouse beers
  • Offers wine and cocktails
  • Gift cards available


  • A bit pricey

Such an amazing spot in Little Italy

“Such an amazing spot in Little Italy, it’s so quaint and I was living for the aesthetics of the whole place. We had a few small plates and some beers and cider here as a late afternoon stop – would recommend for any time of the day though. Definitely a perfect date spot! Their beer selection is some of the best in the city and a really interesting range of ciders as well. Beef carpaccio and muffaelata sandwich were to die for, kale Caesar needed a lil work. Make sure to to check out the back patio in season, it’s everything!”

Ryan MacLean, Google Review

Best chicken sandwich I’ve had in the city

“Nice patio. Best chicken sandwich I’ve had in the city. Our friends got some of the bread which looked amazing. Espresso martini on tap, not as good as a cocktail, but does the trick when you want to keep them flowing and stay awake for the next leg of your night.”

John Mac, Google Review

7. Imm Thai Kitchen

Imm Thai Kitchen
ADDRESS651 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B7

(416) 532-6888


Sunday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Imm Thai Kitchen brings contemporary flair to traditional Thai cuisine with authentic regional recipes straight from Thailand. In Thai, “imm” translates to “full,” capturing the essence of satisfaction and contentment after enjoying a delicious meal.

To complement her dishes, Chef and owner Mo introduces a sleek ambiance. The restaurant has a modern rustic motif, accented by traditional Thai wood carvings at the bar.

Regulars flock to enjoy specialties like Khao Soi, featuring fresh egg noodles in a golden curry sauce. Crispy chicken lovers also rave about the tender breaded chicken thighs served with homemade sweet chili sauce. 

Imm Thai Kitchen crafts desserts from scratch, offering bowls of ice cream topped with caramelized pumpkin or whipped cream. They also offer mango sticky rice, a traditional Thai treat featuring fresh mango paired with coconut sticky rice.

Unique tea-based cocktails, wines, and beers are also on the menu.


  • Modern Thai cuisine
  • Sleek rustic motif
  • Offers Khao Soi
  • Also known for their chili chicken
  • Makes ice cream from scratch
  • Has mango sticky rice
  • Tea-based cocktails, wines, and beers


  • Reports of food quality issues

One of, if not, the best Thai restaurant in the city

“One of, if not, the best Thai restaurant in the city. It is much better than even Thai restaurants that have gotten a “Michelin star”. Usually I would write up a big paragraph on the food but simply put the food here is amazing as it has so much flavour, looks amazing with its presentation and colours and has a great portion for the price you pay. Honestly, just recommend anyone to try it out.”

Vijey Packiyanathan, Google Review

Finally, we found one good / great Thai restaurant in Toronto

“Finally we found one good / great thai restaurant in Toronto. Staff was humble & helpful. The food taste was great. Experience was amazing. This is hidden gem for people who love thai food! Must try dish – Spring Role.”

Darshan Soni, Google Review

8. Chiado Restaurant

Chiado Restaurant
ADDRESS864 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3

(416) 538-1910

OPERATING HOURSMon - Fri: 12 PM – 2:30 PM, 5 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 5 PM – 10 PM

Chiado Restaurant is a seafood lover’s paradise crafted by the visionary chef Albino Silva. Silva’s “Progressive Portuguese” cuisine, with its bold flavors and innovative presentations, has garnered critical acclaim.

Their grilled squid is popular due to its delicate flavors such as fresh coriander, lemon, and garlic. Another must-have is their tartar of Atlantic salmon, paired with refreshing apple, cucumber, and avocado. 

For meat enthusiasts, their roasted Australian rack of lamb served with a rich Douro wine rosemary sauce, is a bestseller.

To pair with their food, they offer a thoughtfully curated selection of wines, cocktails, and port. 

Guests can also explore the flavors of Portugal at home with Chiado’s offerings of natural sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, available for purchase.

Chiado Restaurant goes beyond dining, offering private dining options, wine tastings, culinary tutoring, and catered events.


  • Specializes in “Progressive Portuguese” cuisine
  • Seafood-forward menu
  • Also offers a roasted Australian rack of lamb
  • Curated selection of wines, cocktails, and port
  • Sells natural sea salt and extra virgin olive oil
  • Private dining options
  • Hosts wine tastings, culinary tutoring, and catered events


  • Reports of reservation mix-ups

Chiado is my favourite seafood restaurant in the city, no doubt

“Always a superb meal to be had here. The fish is always fresh and cooked to perfection. The service is efficient and extremely helpful. Chiado is my favourite seafood restaurant in the city, no doubt.”

Angela Au, Google Review

Still one of the best seafood restaurants in the GTA

“Still one of the best seafood restaurants in the GTA. Service was excellent.”

Michael Lio, Google Review

9. Utopia Cafe & Grill

Utopia Cafe & Grill
ADDRESS586 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B3

(416) 534-7751

OPERATING HOURSMon, Wed - Thurs: 11 AM – 9 PM

Friday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Sunday 10 AM – 9 PM

Since 1995, Utopia Cafe & Grill has remained a Little Italy hotspot, offering homemade, hearty meals and a cozy dining atmosphere. 

Renowned for its all-day breakfast and brunch options, the menu boasts delectable choices. These include their hearty breakfast burrito and tantalizing Weekday Specials.

Not to be missed is their iconic Utopia Burger, a succulent creation featuring a house burger crowned with layers of cheddar and provolone. It also has peameal bacon, smoked bacon, scotch bonnet mayo, and house-pickled banana peppers.

Vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten sensitivities need not worry, as Utopia offers a range of dishes catering to diverse dietary needs. 

Additionally, their beverage selection includes an array of wines and local beers, with options like Jelly King Sours. 

Sports lovers can also catch up on games on their TV, while those seeking to enjoy the outdoors can opt for patio seating.


  • 29 years of experience
  • Known for their all-day breakfast and brunch options
  • Signature Utopia Burger
  • Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options
  • Wines and local beers
  • Can watch sports on TV
  • Outdoor patio


  • Reports of rude staff

What a fantastic neighborhood gem!

“What a fantastic neighborhood gem! So glad we tried this spot out. The food was amazing, both in quality and quantity. It has that classic hearty homemade taste that just hits the spot. I really enjoyed the Utopia burger, but the steak sandwich was quite good as well. Also, we were quite impressed by the amount of vegetarian/vegan options on the menu, so there is definitely something on the menu for everyone. Would recommend for groups of 2-4.”

Khoi Pham, Google Review

Food is always amazing, super delicious, and very reasonably priced

“My partner and I have been here more times than I can count. We’ve brought friends multiple times as well and everyone has said good things. Amazing menu customization with tons of vegan/vegetarian options, huge portion sizes, staff is always incredible and friendly, food is always amazing, super delicious, and very reasonably priced. All the seating areas are very comfy and cozy. Seriously one of my favourite spots in the city.”

 Ash, Google Review

10. Nile River Restaurant

Nile River Restaurant
ADDRESS598 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4

(416) 901-7766

OPERATING HOURS Mon - Thurs: 11 AM – 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 12 PM – 12 AM

Sunday 12 PM – 10 PM

Owner Ahmed’s childhood memories of his mother’s homestyle cooking in Egypt inspired a lifelong love for food. Teaming up with partners and fellow foodies Reza and Liton, they turned their dream into reality by opening the Nile River Restaurant. 

The menu is a fusion of traditional home-cooked recipes passed down through generations and innovative Egyptian street-style food. Also, they serve 100% halal food.

Guests rave about their falafel, handmade with a blend of chickpeas, fava beans, and aromatic spices, served alongside creamy tahini sauce. 

For a hearty and satisfying meal, their Koshari Signature Plate is a must-try, featuring a flavorful mix of lentils, spaghetti, macaroni, chickpeas, and tangy tomato sauce.

Carnivores will also love their Kofta Dinner – skewers of seasoned ground lamb and beef infused with aromatic herbs and spices. 

Additionally, Nile River Restaurant offers a diverse selection of pastas, sides, and salads.


  • Home-cooked recipes and Egyptian street-style food
  • 100% halal
  • Known for their falafels
  • Koshari Signature Plate
  • Kofta Dinner
  • Pastas, sides, and salads
  • Serves vegetarian food


  • Reports of disappointing fare

    Exquisite Egyptian Food in Toronto!

    “You absolutely need to try this restaurant for exquisite Egyptian Food in Toronto! Our server was amazing and she made our entire experience that much better. Everything we tried was so flavourful we would definitely go back for a second time + the drinks were delicious!”

    Toronto Duo, Google Review

    Authentic Egyptian cuisine!

    “Ahmad was fantastic and helped guide us through enjoying authentic Egyptian cuisine! The Molokhaia dinner with Turkish coffee hit the spot.”

    Nathaniel Jackson, Google Review