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Geriatricians understand that age is merely a number, and their compassion knows no bounds. These medical specialists provide comprehensive healthcare tailored to elderly patients, which includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of age-related health concerns. 

Their expertise extends beyond medical aspects, addressing the unique physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs of each individual, ensuring personalised care. They adopt a collaborative approach, partnering with affiliated medical experts to deliver multidisciplinary support. If you or a loved one are navigating the golden years and seeking guidance, rest assured in the hands of these devoted healthcare providers.

How We Chose the Best Geriatricians in Toronto

How Much Does a Consult with a Geriatrician Cost in Toronto?

If you’re a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident, there’s no fee for visiting a geriatrician as long as you provide your provincially-registered health card.Consult with your healthcare provider or insurance company for a clearer understanding of potential costs and coverage options. 

Qualifications: We selected geriatricians with extensive experience in caring for the elderly and who are board-certified in this area. We also reviewed their educational background, research involvement, and hospital affiliations.
Areas of Expertise: We took careful note of the scope of geriatric conditions they treat, as well as any specific areas of interest they may have. This accounts for the diverse range of issues that impact older adults.
Bedside Manner: We selected those who exhibit empathy and genuine care, particularly in their interactions with older patients. Additionally, we evaluated their attentiveness, patience, and communication style.
Availability: We factored in aspects such as appointment scheduling, waiting times, and responsiveness to align with the unique needs of patients.
Facilities: We prioritised geriatricians who are affiliated with reputable hospitals and clinics, ensuring access to cutting-edge medical equipment that contributes to enhanced patient outcomes.
Follow-up Care: We evaluated their commitment to monitoring and optimising patients’ treatment plans for effective aftercare.

1. Dr. Samir Sinha

Dr. Samir Sinha's Homepage
ADDRESSSuite 475 600 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 586-4800 Ext. 7856

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Samir Sinha is one of Canada’s finest minds when it comes to geriatric care and medicine. He completed a Geriatrics fellowship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, followed by master’s and doctorate degrees at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Sinha’s commitment to advocating for geriatric care extends beyond clinic walls. He consults for medical organisations across North America, the UK, and China. As the Architect of Ontario’s Seniors Strategy, he champions advanced frameworks that enhance access to care, reducing disease risk and extending life for elderly patients worldwide.

Presently, Dr. Sinha serves as the Director of Geriatrics at Toronto’s Mount Sinai and University Health Network (UHN) Hospitals. He teaches across diverse departments at the University of Toronto and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he holds an Assistant Professorship in Medicine.


  • Significant contributions to geriatric healthcare in Canada
  • Extensive medical background in geriatrics
  • Highly-respected and world-renowned practitioner
  • At the forefront of medical advancements in his field
  • Provides comprehensive care


  • Limited availability due to high demand

Patient Reviews

He is the top doctor in his field and is compassionate, kind, and caring

“Highly recommend Dr. Samir Sinha for Seniors 65+. He is the top doctor in his field and is compassionate, kind, and caring. Toronto is fortunate to have him, especially Mount Sinai Hospital. Thank you for taking care of our mom.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

Canada’s most compelling voice for the elderly

“At the ripe age of 37, Dr. Samir Sinha is emerging as Canada’s most compelling voice for the elderly. In 2012, as the lead author of Ontario’s seniors strategy report, Sinha called for improving health care for older Canadians—and keeping them as physically active as possible—at a time when our ballooning aging population makes this a critical social issue.” – Maclean’s Magazine, The 50 most important people in Canada

2. Dr. Fabio Varlese

Dr. Fabio Varlese's Homepage
ADDRESS55 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 3L2
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 785-2500 Ext. 2613

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Fabio Varlese is one of the country’s major proponents when it comes to preventative medicine for geriatric and acute patients. He boasts Summa Cum Laude honours from the University of Rome, alongside postgraduate training in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto.

With an interest in preventative care, Dr. Varlese prioritises treating ailments at their source to avoid the risk of potentially life-threatening diseases related to old age. As such he founded the Toronto Clinic and Global Medical Consulting, where innovative medical techniques and frameworks are cultivated to elevate patients’ quality of life during their later years.

At Baycrest Health Sciences and Mt. Sinai Hospital, Dr. Varlese serves as a Staff Specialist. Moreover, he holds roles as VP of Medical Affairs and Chief of Staff at Runnymede Hospital and Honorary Medical Director at Villa Colombo Vaughan.


  • Strong focus on preventative medicine
  • Solid network of medical affiliates
  • Optimises time spent with patients
  • Establishes genuine doctor-patient relationships
  • Warm and friendly clinic and clerical staff


  • Some delays in appointments 

Patient Reviews

My 93-year-old friend has never been treated with so much respect and nurturing

“I can’t imagine a better experience. Every staff member is kind, calm, and very professional. Best of all, everyone actively listens. As Dr. Varlese’s patient, my 93-year-old friend has never been treated with so much respect and nurturing. He and his staff make her feel there is no one else but her, and helping to make her life the best for her is all they want to do. We feel blessed to be his patient.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

A brilliant gem in the medical field

“Dr. Varlese’s skills, knowledge, and excellent bedside manners make him a brilliant gem in the medical field. He listens and pays attention when a patient talks and kindly approaches the topic with clear answers. After months of suffering and frustration from the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, I am glad to have met Dr. Varlese to care for and encourage me in this new phase of my life.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

3. Dr. Marica Varga

Dr. Marica Varga's Homepage
ADDRESS30 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M6R 1B5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 530-6000 Ext. 3149

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Dr. Marica Varga is a dedicated advocate for empowering geriatric patients to have a say in their medical care. A highlight of her esteemed career was initiating a teaching partnership between Elderly Community Health Services (ECHS) and the U of T. ECHS, the referral clinic at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, offers crucial medical assessments to vulnerable geriatric individuals, aiming to link them with community services for an improved life quality beyond nursing homes.

Through the ECHS, Dr. Varga’s impact resonates globally, drawing medical students, nursing trainees, and social workers from various corners of the world to SJHC for comprehensive geriatric care training. Today, she imparts her wisdom at the Department of Medicine at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, where she also holds the high position of Chief of Geriatric Services.


  • Extensive knowledge of aging-related conditions
  • Compassionate and very responsive towards patients
  • Strong advocate for elderly care
  • Holistic approach to healthcare for aging adults
  • Well-respected in the elder care community


  • Relatively long wait for scheduling appointments

Patient Reviews

It’s rare to meet a doctor with so much warmth and humanity

“My 86-year-old father is a patient of Dr Varga. She treats us with respect and humanity and is warm, knowledgeable, and reassuring. So happy to have her as my father’s gerontologist. It’s rare to meet a doctor with so much warmth and humanity.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

An extraordinary person with such good care and patience for her patients

“Doctor Varga has been seeing both my parents for several years now. My father was referred to her when they were seeing if a hip replacement would be a viable option. Dr. Vargas is an extraordinary person with such good care and patience for her patients. We look forward to our visits with her.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

4. Dr. Adam Krajewski

Dr. Adam Krajewski's Homepage
ADDRESS1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M3M 0B2
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 242-1000 Ext. 21800

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Dr. Adam Krajewski, an MD graduate from the University of Medical Science Poznan, brings decades of expertise in geriatric care and internal medicine. He completed his residency at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut and attained a Clinical Fellow status from the U of T’s Vascular and Interventional Radiology Department.

A specialist in acute pain service, Dr. Krajewski adeptly responds to postoperative pain and symptoms. Leveraging his fellowship experience, he specialises in diagnostic and interventional radiography. Moreover, he’s a strong advocate for Humber River Hospital’s Geriatric Rounds program, vital to their geriatric care excellence. 

With a decade of commitment at Humber Health, including a tenure as Head of Geriatrics, Dr. Krajewski’s dedication to the geriatric community is truly evident. Presently, he serves as a physician in Humber Health’s Department of Critical Care and holds a staff physician role at Bridgepoint Hospital.


  • Specialises in treating Alzheimer’s disease
  • Provides supportive follow-up care
  • Comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to treatment
  • Fellowship-trained in radiology


  • Delays in responses
  • Few reports of inattentive approach
  • Disorganised with medical records 

Patient Reviews

He was so helpful and considerate

“I have been going to see this doctor with my mother for many years. He was so helpful and considerate and made it much easier to deal with her Alzheimers.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

Very clever, thorough, and one of the few doctors who are always on time

“Amazing doctor. Really cares about his patients. Very clever, thorough, and one of the few doctors who are always on time – no waiting.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

5. Dr. Giovanni Marotta

Dr. Giovanni Marotta's Homepage
ADDRESS2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 480-4076

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Dr. Giovanni Marotta’s entire medical education unfolded at U of T, culminating in residencies in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. He joined UHN’s Toronto Rehab Institute part-time in 2007 as a geriatrician and internist. In 2012, he dedicated himself fully to Sunnybrook Health Sciences, Division of Geriatrics.

Here, Dr. Marotta wears multiple hats: a staff physician, Chair of the Research Protocol and Selection Committee, and a driving force in multidisciplinary assessments and elderly acute care, long-term care, and complex rehabilitation.

His interest in clinical research is evident in his role as Director of the Consortium of Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research. Dr. Marotta aims to streamline care efficiency for the elderly, especially those with chronic pain. Notably, he’s also recognised for his initiatives on CBAO’s Senior’s Day Program geared towards patients with dementia.


  • Committed to long-term care and complex rehabilitation
  • Adopts a collaborative approach to treatments
  • Active in clinical research
  • Strong advocate for dementia patients


  • No fellowship training
  • Inadequate follow-up care
  • Reports of rude and dismissive secretary

Patient Reviews

Values even small improvements and is a knowledgeable expert in his field

“Dr. Marotta is a geriatric specialist who has a special interest in memory. If you can manage to get your elderly parent to him your life will be so much easier… I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Marotta but I will try: he treats patients and caregivers with dignity and respect, he values even small improvements, of course, he is a knowledgeable expert in his field, he never rushes, he is thorough, thoughtful and holistic.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

He is adept at making one feel comfortable and understood

“Extremely knowledgeable and very interested not only in the patient but in the caregiver’s well-being. Very patient, caring, and does not rush you out of his office even when his waiting room is full….Dr. Marotta is humble, compassionate, very respectful, and empathic to the impact of an illness on the patient and also the family. He is adept at making one feel comfortable and understood. He injects reality without being harsh and while still creating an atmosphere of hope.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews