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8 Best 24-Hour Grocery and Convenience Store in Toronto

Best 24-Hour Grocery and Convenience Store in Toronto
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Hunger? Cooking experiments? Or just plain tired – and the neighbourhood stores are just closed? 

Your best bet is your friendly grocery or convenience store nearby – and here are 8 outlets that may help you with your unexpected needs!

Rabba Fine Foods


Address: 256 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5B 2J4, Canada

Contact details: 416-595-9679

Rabba Fine Foods has a store on Front Street East, not far from the St. Lawrence Market. It’s open 24 hours, serving condo residents across the city as they offer same-day delivery. 

Rabba has many locations, all open 24/7, where you can find household essentials, pantry items, and various food options, including subs and a reliable deli section. 

Pro Tip:
Check out their selection of fresh organic produce, better-for-you products, hot and ready meals, and fresh bakery and dairy goods.

Busy Bee Convenience


Address: 675 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M9, Canada

Contact details: 416-504-9372

Busy Bee’s customers are often young couples or single individuals in the neighborhood, living in condos. They drop by for regular groceries or stumble in after a night out at nearby clubs. 

While their produce stock may run low sometimes, they offer vegan snacks and a variety of ice cream. The shop boasts a vast drink selection, including imports, and offers many excellent vegan and dairy-free options. 

Pro Tip:
They also stock a variety of items such as healthy snacks, pet food, daily alternatives, eco-friendly products, toiletries, medications, and phone cards.

Sam’s Food Stores


Address: 339 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S2, Canada

Contact details: 416-924-0606

The College Street branch of this 24-hour chain has a fantastic menu of ready-made food. They offer delicious chana masala and palak paneer from Sam’s Indian Kitchen at incredibly affordable prices.

You can find the shop at the northeast end of College and Augusta, right as you enter Kensington Market. Kensington Market is a unique neighborhood where you can easily walk around the various specialty grocery stores, bakeries, and cheese shops. 

Pro Tip:
Look out for trendy bars, cafes, and international restaurants that can also be found in the area.

Hasty Market – Davisville and Yonge


Address: 21 Davisville Ave, Toronto, ON M4S 1G3, Canada

Contact details: 416-487-8675

Hasty Market is a successful food store chain with more than 150 locations in Ontario, Canada. Known for variety, quality, and convenience, they’ve been efficiently serving local communities since 1981. 

While not all Hasty’s stores are open 24 hours, the Davisville and Yonge location is one of them. It’s a local favorite, mainly because of its takeout counter offering delicious shawarma with homemade garlic sauce.

Pro Tip:
They offer a range of products and services, including fresh deli, fresh produce, in-store bakery, dairy, frozen food, grocery, lottery, snacks, soft drinks, and gift cards.

Aisle 24


Address: 310 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1X2, Canada

Contact details: 647-932-1037

Every lively neighborhood should have convenient ways to get everyday groceries. Aisle 24 transforms regular stores and unused spaces in apartments into useful spots since their goal is to save shoppers time so they can concentrate on important things.

On days and nights when you don’t want to chat awkwardly at the checkout, visit this automated grocery store. It’s entirely cashier-free, and you do everything on your phone, from opening the store door to doing your shopping.

Pro Tip:
Make things easier for yourself – get their app, check out what they’ve got, pick out what you want, and use the kiosk in the store to scan and pay with your mobile wallet, debit, or credit.



Address: 334 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W9, Canada

Contact details: 416-944-9490

The best convenience store globally is still as popular among Torontonians as it first opened, and the one at Bloor and Spadina holds a special spot in our hearts. Get some candy, batteries, or taquitos – or whatever you might need at that moment.

You can also choose from a variety of hot meals and Snacks, including hot breakfasts and other delicious options. And don’t forget to check their regular fares and seasonal promotions.

Pro Tip:
They have your basic coffee bar to get your caffeine fix – especially for those times you need a little pick-me-up.

Shoppers Drug Mart


Address: 465 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1X4, Canada

Contact details: 416-408-4000

The Canadian pharmacy at Yonge and College has different hours for its locations, but the two-story one is always open. They offer a range of pharmacy services like A1C testing, flu vaccinations, and online prescription photo submission. 

On top of these, they also offer Opioid Agonist Therapy, Refill Prescription Online, and Travel Health Consultations. You can find beautyRx Skin Care and fresh produce at their Food Store. 

Pro Tip:
They also have a Canada Post Office, passport photo service, and PC Financial® ATMs available.

Circle K


Address: 144 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3, Canada

Contact details: 416-340-1968

This Circle K outlet is a bit larger than others in the downtown area. They offer special coffees, slushies, and some hot foods – typical with most convenience stores found on this list.

You can find most of the items you’d typically see in other convenience stores there. If you’re into slushies early in the morning, check out this convenience store with many spots across the city, often linked to an Esso. 

Pro Tip:
The store has two entrance doors: one for those who can walk and one that’s wheelchair accessible.