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The Best Antique Stores in Toronto That May Cause Serious Vintage Addiction

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

For me, antique stores always seemed a little stuffy—dusty furniture, rows of china figurines—not exactly my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. That was until I dragged myself along with my friend to a little place tucked away on a side street.

Let me tell you, I was wrong. SO wrong. 

Everywhere I looked, there were incredible finds—a vintage gramophone, a rack of sparkling costume jewelry, and even a collection of old board games with fantastical artwork. 

After our jaunt, I managed to snag a gorgeous antique lamp for my living room.

Needless to say, I was hooked. Now, weekends often involve antiquing adventures, either solo or with a few friends—it’s like a treasure hunt every time.

So, for all you curious minds out there, or seasoned antique lovers who need a new haunt, here’s a guide to Toronto’s best antique stores!

Larger, more unique pieces such as antique furniture, art, or rare collectibles can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

Authenticity of Items: We prioritized stores known for selling genuine antiques. This includes proper documentation and provenance verification.
Variety of Selection: We looked for stores with a wide range of items such as furniture, jewelry, art, collectibles, and other unique vintage pieces.
Quality of Items: Stores were chosen based on the condition and quality of their antiques. This encompasses well-preserved items, professionally restored pieces, and those free of significant damage or defects.
Knowledgeable Staff: We valued stores with staff who are knowledgeable about antiques. This means having experts who can provide insights into the history, value, and care of the items.
Fair Pricing: We considered stores that offer fair and transparent pricing and reasonable price tags that reflect the item’s value and the option for appraisals.
Customer Reviews: Stores with positive customer reviews were prioritized. This pertains to feedback on customer service, the quality of items, and the overall shopping experience.
Unique Finds: Stores with unique and rare items were given priority—one-of-a-kind pieces that stand out and offer something special for collectors.
Additional Services: We considered stores that offer extra services. Examples include appraisals, restoration services, delivery options, and hosting antique fairs or events.

1. Of Things Past

ADDRESS185 Bridgeland Avenue, Toronto ON M6A 1Y7

(416) 256-9256


Of Things Past on Bridgeland Ave. is a consignment and antique showroom overflowing with potential treasures! This isn’t your grandma’s dusty antique store—think luxury home furnishings and decor on a rotating consignment basis. 

For those looking to unload their antique items—a designer chair gathering dust, etc.—We recommend consigning it here and splitting the profits when it sells.

For treasure hunters, the appeal is obvious: unique finds and a good variety of used and antique furniture, paintings, crystals, and more. They even have fancy Murano glass bowls and crystal chandeliers—however, note that some items can be a bit pricey! 

We also learned that new inventory arrives daily, so there’s always something fresh to tempt you. The beauty of consignment is that prices drop every few weeks until they find a buyer, so if you’re patient, you might snag a high-end piece at a steal.


  • Spacious consignment and antique showroom
  • Focuses on luxury home furnishings and decor
  • Used and antique furniture, paintings, and crystals
  • Murano glass bowls and crystal chandeliers
  • New inventory arrives daily
  • Prices drop every few weeks


  • Can be pricey

Plenty of beautiful “one of’s” and antiques

“Plenty of beautiful “one of’s” and antiques. A nice place to browse. Guaranteed to find something of interest. Service was incredibly helpful with the moving and loading of our purchase. Great small business. Glad to have it in the community. Keep it up. Bless.”

clickBAEt, Google Review

Fabulous place for treasure hunters and seekers

“This is a fabulous place for treasure hunters and seekers of high quality used furniture, fine art, funky art deco, mirrors, oriental rugs, glass and China etc. New stuff all the time. Place is well managed and really quite huge. Shopping, sauntering at your leisure. You’ll be tempted!”

Tom Nowers, Google Review

2. Military Antiques Toronto

ADDRESS51 Lesmill Rd North York, ON. M3B2T8

(647) 436-0876


We think history buffs and military memorabilia fanatics would love Military Antiques Toronto, a North York-based collectors haven for over 30 years. Definitely not your average army surplus store—we’re talking museum-quality stuff here.

Their shelves are overflowing with authentic military collectibles, from badges and medals to uniforms and helmets. They even have personal items like engraved cigarette cases, offering a glimpse into the lives of soldiers throughout history.  

The best part is that most medal groups come with documentation proving their origin, a huge plus for serious collectors.

But Military Antiques Toronto isn’t just about the loot, it’s about the passion. Their staff is a bunch of military history buffs who are more than happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions, whether you’re browsing online or visiting their Toronto shop.

Sadly, we did hear rumblings about a potentially grumpy owner who might not be the friendliest with emails. 


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Specializes in military memorabilia
  • Most medal groups come with documentation
  • Staff of military history buffs


  • Reports of a rude owner

Perfect place for anyone who loves collecting

“My cousin-in-law is a fan of military history and he came to Toronto to travel. We brought him here and he was so excited. He also found some items for his own collection. They buy and sell, so it’s a perfect place for anyone who loves collecting. Also, the staff were so nice and even shared their military history knowledge.”

Ms. T Journey, Google Review

By far the best I’ve encountered

“I have visited several military stores in North America for years and I usually get the experience that owners are not as friendly or helpful as a store owner should be, even going borderline neurotic and rude just for looking around their stores. Military Antiques Toronto is totally the opposite. This is the first store I have visited in years in which I, not only got the chance to handle the items in a proper manner, but also their staff was even enjoyable to talk to. Their inventory ranging from books to original items is by far the best I’ve encountered. I bought an original leather belt, a bunch of bronze buttons and a WW1 book. The staff knows their stuff and I do really hope to go visit once again.”

Diego Segura, Google Review

3. Williams Design

ADDRESS387 Keele Street Toronto ON M6P 2K9

(647) 931-0077

OPERATING HOURSTue - Fri, Sun: 11 AM – 6 PM

Saturday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Tucked away near Dundas & Keele, Williams Design is packed with unique antique finds waiting to be unearthed. 

For decades, they’ve been stockpiling cool furniture, lighting, pottery, and even architectural salvage. Examples include reclaimed wood beams, vintage light fixtures, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces with a past.  

We’re also impressed that they proudly rent out their unique pieces to film, television, and theatre productions. So, if you’ve ever seen a killer vintage lamp on a period drama, there’s a chance it came from Williams Design!

While the store itself is small, its website offers a glimpse into its vast inventory. The site differentiates between “In-Store” and “In-Warehouse” items, with warehouse finds taking a couple of weeks for delivery to the store.  

We did hear reports about customers saying it was a challenge to get in touch with them.  


  • Have been around for decades
  • Furniture, lighting, pottery, and architectural salvage
  • Rents out their unique pieces
  • Website displays “In-Store” and “In-Warehouse” items


  • Hard to get in touch with

Pleasant antiques and whatnot shop

“Pleasant antiques and whatnot shop. Nice people. Selection of lab glassware is interesting. I’ve bought a map drawer and various parts (cabinet handles, etc) plus the occasional Life magazine, etc. Don’t skip the basement!”

Clement Kent, Google Review

Best of all the vintage stores in Toronto

“Very friendly and helpful staff! They have a very good collection of unique and distinct items! The best of all the vintage stores I have visited so far in Toronto!”

Emma Thomas, Google Review

4. The Art of Demolition

ADDRESSKeele St, Toronto, ON M6P 2K8, Canada

(416) 760-9898


If you’re strolling through Toronto’s Junction neighborhood, don’t miss The Art of Demolition. This charming antique shop is perfect for vintage lovers, repurposed treasure hunters, and anyone who digs unique home decor.

Forget dust bunnies and cobwebs—navigating the store is easy since everything is clean and uncluttered, making it easy to browse their wide variety of stuff. Think retro serving carts, quirky knick-knacks like brass bells, and reclaimed architectural salvage!

While some reviewers told us about their higher price tags, the quality and uniqueness of the finds seem to justify the splurge for many. 

And, if you’re looking for a truly custom piece, The Art of Demolition offers made-to-order furniture from salvaged materials. Imagine a bookshelf designed specifically for your space, with matching end tables to complete the look—gorgeous!


  • Retro and quirky antique items
  • Clean and uncluttered shop
  • Made-to-order furniture from reclaimed materials
  • Helps out with the design


  • Pricey

We absolutely love this charming place

“We absolutely love this charming place.The staff is lovely, navigating the store is easy and uncluttered, everything it its place make its easy to see all the store has to offer. This store also made us 2 custom pieces for our business made from salvaged wood. We will be back.”

Sarah Montgomery, Google Review

Such astounding antiques and items

“Such astounding antiques and items, great costumer service and a super retro vibe once you walk in. I one hundred percent recommend to check it out!”

quincy jackett, Google Review

5. Bernardi’s Antiques

ADDRESS699 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2N4

(416) 483-6471


Located on Toronto’s Mount Pleasant Road, Bernardi’s Antiques has been a go-to spot for collectors for over 48 years. They specialize in English and French furniture, with a focus on quality and authenticity.

Spread across two floors, their 2,500-square-foot showroom is packed with ornately carved armoires, chandeliers, and delicate china sets. We also found an assortment of smaller treasures like figurines, art glass, and even rare curiosities.

They also boast extensive photo galleries online, showcasing many of their pieces available for purchase and shipping. If you see something you love or have a specific item in mind, you can easily contact them via phone, fax, or email for more info.

Sadly, a few reviewers we spoke to mentioned encountering a less-than-friendly staff member. It’s always a good idea to approach any antique store visit with a spirit of exploration and patience.  


  • Has been around for over 48 years
  • Specializes in English and French furniture
  • Has a two-floor 2,500-square-foot showroom
  • Can easily be contacted for more info


  • Reports of unfriendly staff members

One of my most preferred stores for sourcing antiques

“One of my most preferred stores for sourcing antiques. I had the benefit of a sale being planned that overlapped with my birthday and got 20% off. These guys get my first preference for finding antiques in my pattern before I even think of looking at other stores. Kudos to David for looking out for me! I’ve been using my purchase every day since.”

Panfriedpuppies, Google Review

Such a beautiful collection of well curated antiques

“They had such a beautiful collection of well curated antiques, all in great condition. Upon entering we were greeted by Laura and David Zammit, who kindly answered all of our random questions and even stayed open longer for us. I recommend visiting Bernardi’s to anyone who enjoys antiques, whether shopping or watching :)”

Asal Sabeti, Google Review