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10 Best Restaurants in Burlington, ON

Best Restaurants in Burlington
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Burlington consistently ranks as one of the best places to live and raise a family in Ontario, Canada. It’s known for its excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and of course,  amazing restaurants!

So, if you’re craving gourmet burgers, authentic Italian cuisine, or mouthwatering comfort food, then check out our curated list of the top 10 restaurants in town. It’s time to satisfy those cravings – because you deserve it!

Factors such as the restaurant’s location, cuisine type, and menu offerings may also affect pricing.

Fresh and Local Ingredients: Our selection emphasizes restaurants that prioritize locally sourced and fresh ingredients, ensuring quality and sustainable dining.
Great Service: We’ve highlighted restaurants known for providing exceptional service, with attentive staff.
Ambiance and Atmosphere: We’ve curated restaurants that offer inviting and captivating atmospheres.
Dietary Accommodations: We’ve prioritized restaurants that offer diverse and inclusive menus, accommodating various dietary preferences and restrictions.
Value for Money: We’ve chosen restaurants that provide excellent value for money, offering generous portion sizes, reasonable pricing, and overall affordability.
Unique Culinary Experience: Our selection features restaurants that offer unique culinary experiences. Examples include chef-driven tasting menus, interactive dining concepts, or themed dining events.
Positive Reputation: We’ve selected restaurants with a stellar reputation and positive reviews from diners and critics alike.
Community Engagement: Our chosen restaurants actively engage with the local community through partnerships, events, and initiatives.

1. Scaddabush

ADDRESS2429 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7R 2E3

(905) 333-3339

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs, Sun: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 11:30 aAM – 11 PM

Scaddabush welcomes guests with its inviting atmosphere, blending modernity and tradition. True to their Italian roots, they craft everything from scratch.

For a front-row seat to the action, diners can sit at the mozzarella bar and witness expert chefs hand-stretching mozzarellas and crafting pizzas. 

Among their famous dishes is their flavorful chicken parmesan, featuring panko-crusted fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce over Alfredo fettuccine. 

Another must-try is their grilled chicken with sautéed shrimp in a spicy tomato bacon cream sauce. And, an additional crowd fave is their signature 1/2 lb meatballs.

On Wednesdays, guests can indulge in half-priced bottles of wine. Also, unlike other restaurants, they reserve a portion of tables daily for walk-in diners.

Impressively, they give back through their “Bread for Water” program. They donate a portion of Charity Bread sales to Wells of Hope to support families in Jalapa, Guatemala.


  • Distinct Fine Art Timeless White studio style
  • Great remarks from past clients
  • 45 5-star reviews on Google
  • Very friendly and professional
  • Comprehensive and systematic website with an aesthetic look and feel
  • Different packages for various budgets
  • Very active on social media and responsive


  • Raw photos are not part of the package
  • Unaltered images cost extra 

Food was fantastic & delicious drinks too!

“Rachel was absolutely amazing! She’s so welcoming, knowledgeable, and made our girls night such a great experience! Food was fantastic & delicious drinks too!”

Jennifer Cuthbert, Google Review

Going here for several years and we are never disappointed

“We have been going to Scaddabush in Burlington on a regular basis for several years now and we are never disappointed. Our waitress Marta now knows us and is always so pleasant and of course very efficient. We have already planned our visit for next month!”

Luce Raquier, Google Review

2. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
ADDRESS3130 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3J3

(905) 681-1810

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs, Sun: 4 PM – 10 PM

Friday: 4 PM – 11 PM

Saturday: 3 PM – 11 PM

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar was founded in 1971 by George Tidball. With over 100 locations and more than 30 years in business, The Keg became known for combining great food with good times. 

Speaking of food, they’re famous for their buttery soft ‘Keg Steaks,’ aged for extra flavor and tenderness and cooked to perfection with Keg seasoning. 

Another crowd-pleaser is their bone-in rib steak, served with sides like garlic mashed potatoes or keg fries. 

You can cap off your meal with their iconic Billy Miner Pie, featuring mocha ice cream, chocolate crust, fudge, caramel, and almonds. 

The Keg also caters to all tastes with its menus for casual plates, wine, and even kids. 

Guests can unwind on their outdoor patio. Additionally, The Keg offers complimentary amenities such as free WiFi and parking.

Notably, they established the Keg Spirit Foundation to help youth and development programs.


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Known for their aged ‘Keg Steaks’
  • Also offers casual plates, wine, and kids’ menus
  • Has an outdoor patio
  • Free WiFi and parking
  • Established the Keg Spirit Foundation


  • Opens late at 3 to 4 PM

I have never had better food before!

“It was our first time in The Keg and we absolutely loved it. We ordered some wine and bread while waiting for starters and main course. The flavours were just melting in my mouth, I have never had better food before! For starters we ordered calmari, weren’t a fan of it, but it was more of a personal dislike of calmari rather than something wrong with it. For main course we ordered a ceaser salad and a steak + lobster. The experience was amazing and we enjoyed the patio. Our waiter Max was absolutely amazing!”

Greta Baig, Google Review

One of the best Keg outlets I have ever been to

“Wow! One of the best Keg outlets I have ever been to great service, great food and great ambiance! Our server Danielle was absolutely amazing! My parents were visiting Canada and they loved the experience because of the service and food! The steak was so well cooked and the lobster was also great! Danielle gave us a free dessert and was such a pleasant server! I highly recommend this Keg and the service from Danielle was spectacular!”

Kensho Ando Heng, Google Review

3. Russell Williams Family Restaurant

Russell Williams Family Restaurant
ADDRESS20 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON L7T 2B9

(905) 634-2929

OPERATING HOURSMon - Wed, Sun: 8 AM – 3 PM

Thurs - Sat: 8 AM – 8 PM

Russell Williams Family Restaurant is a classic mom-and-pop eatery. Owned by Chris and Mary Plessas, this cozy establishment has been serving up home-cooked goodness for over 75 years. 

Customers can indulge in their all-day breakfast, featuring the iconic Russell Williams Special. This is a hearty platter complete with pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, home fries, toast, and jam. 

Omelet enthusiasts can also customize their creations with a choice of meat, veggies, or cheese fillings. 

For a taste of tradition, don’t miss their crispy and satisfying fish and chips, made with traditional battered deep-fried haddock. 

They also cater to dietary preferences with options like salads, gluten-free bread, vegetarian dishes, and turkey bacon substitutions. 

Children can enjoy kiddie meals, while adults can unwind with bar drinks and decadent desserts, making it a dining destination for everyone.

As a bonus, guests can enjoy endless cups of coffee with complimentary refills.


  • Over 75 years of experience
  • All-day breakfast
  • Russell Williams Special
  • Build-Your-Own Omelet
  • Free coffee refills
  • Caters to various dietary preferences
  • Offers kid’s meals, bar drinks, and dessert


  • Reports of inattentive servers

The All-Day Breakfast meals we ordered were absolutely amazing!

“The All-Day Breakfast meals we ordered were absolutely amazing! I never knew hash browns can taste this good, and same with the breakfast burger. You can’t go wrong with this place when it comes to great tasting food. The big chain breakfast and brunch restaurants have nothing on this place. Our compliments to the chef. They definitely know what they’re doing.”

Arshad Kazi, Google Review

Hands down the best brunch in Burlington

“Hands down the best brunch in Burlington. Always worth the wait.”

Christine Kinahan, Google Review

4. Jake’s Grill & Oyster House

Jake's Grill & Oyster House
ADDRESS950 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON L7N 2G2

(905) 639-4084

OPERATING HOURSMon - Sun: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Jake’s Grill & Oyster House is a famous Burlington spot that has been serving up culinary delights since 1985. They have a charming nautical ambiance adorned with model ships and fish imagery, ideal for seafood enthusiasts. 

Customers can indulge in their selection of market-fresh oysters sourced from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as a variety of fresh fish and shellfish. 

Don’t miss their signature lobster roll, featuring a freshly baked and grilled brioche bun filled with succulent lobster salad from a just-steamed PEI lobster. 

Seafood aficionados will also like their delectable steamed mussels, served with a choice of white wine, butter, and herbs, or spicy tomato sauce. 

For meat enthusiasts, their hand-cut steaks made from fresh Canadian AAA-aged beef are grilled over a natural hardwood fire. 

For brunch lovers, they serve weekend brunch served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM.


  • 39 years of experience
  • Charming nautical ambiance
  • Market-fresh oysters
  • PEI lobsters
  • Canadian AAA-aged beef 
  • Serves weekend brunch


  • Some food issues

Super happy with the food at Jake’s Grill & Oyster House!

“Super happy with the food at Jake’s Grill & Oyster House! My boyfriend & I had the most delicious meals. My bf made a reservation in advance and we didn’t have to wait! We were welcomed by the staff and they guided us right away to our table. Lighting is a big standout for me so it was a bit dark in here but not a big deal since it set the mood of the restaurant. The menu could use an upgrade to its design but the names/ description sounded so delicious, wish I could have gotten everything. The food IS amazing and that’s all I would have to say.”

Sabrina Le, Google Review

Food was excellent, service was even better

“Jake’s is amazing! We had the absolute pleasure of having Sarah T as our server. She was exceptional in her service through our entire experience here. Food was excellent, service was even better. Definitely would recommend and will return to see Sarah T!”

Chris Parvanyik, Google Review

5. Cherry House Restaurant

Cherry House Restaurant
ADDRESS3106 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3J3

(905) 632-1316

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs: 12 PM – 10 PM

Friday: 3 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 4 PM – 10 PM

Sunday: 4 PM – 9 PM

Cherry House Restaurant, founded by Michael Cherry and led by Executive Chef Anthony Trenton, is driven by the philosophy that “moments matter.” This inspires them to provide memorable moments for their patrons.

Their menu showcases North American cuisine infused with the flavors of French culinary tradition. 

Their grilled ribeye with bordelaise sauce is a frequent favorite. Another beloved option is their veal and scallops dish, featuring grilled provimi veal medallions paired with seared scallops and a creamy mushroom marsala cream sauce. 

In addition to lunch and dinner, they boast a specialty cuts menu featuring premium Wagyu selections, including tenderloin, striploin, and tomahawk cuts. 

For those seeking halal options, they have a halal menu, unlike other restaurants. 

Guests can complement their meal with a carefully curated selection of over 200 of the world’s finest wines from their wine menu. 


  • North American and French cuisine
  • Has a specialty cuts menu
  • Has a halal menu
  • Over 200 wines
  • Free parking
  • Can be booked for special events


  • Reports of food quality issues

Chef is top tier and creates masterpieces for all palates

“Exceptional experience, immaculate service; the chef is top tier and creates masterpieces for all palates with a concise and refined menu, which also includes kids items so no one is left out. I’m well versed in fine dining, and this restaurant has a bright future for many decades to come. I highly recommend this venue for all occasions where you expect all-encompassing 5 star service, 5 star atmosphere, and most importantly, 5 star cuisine. My compliments to the chef and all staff that made my first impressions one of the best in recent years.”

Ryan DeMelo, Google Review

Beautifully presented and every dish exquisitely delicious

“We’re still in awe from our dining experience at Cherry House restaurant. Their attention to detail, coupled with their professionalism in servicing their customers, made it so special! The meal was beautifully presented and every dish exquisitely delicious. Highly recommended for any special occasion or treating a loved one to an unforgettable experience. A special thank you to Mr. Cherry!”

Nancy Violi, Google Review

6. Burro

ADDRESS484 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G9

(289) 337-5154

OPERATING HOURSMon - Thurs, Sun: 11:30 AM – 9 PM

Fri - Sat: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Burro is a taco and tequila bar, offering an array of chef-inspired tacos catering to meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike. The restaurant’s name, an ode to Mexico, is echoed in its decor with red and green tones, reminiscent of the Mexican flag.  

Notably, Burro’s menu is entirely gluten- and peanut-free, ensuring a safe and inclusive dining experience for all patrons. 

Among their crowd favorites is ‘The O.G. Fish,’ a delicious fish taco featuring fried fish, chipotle mayo, sweet onion salsa, pickled red onion, and cilantro. 

And, their chorizo and pork belly nachos are a must-try, boasting a savory blend of flavors from the two types of meat, plus red beans, pickled jalapenos, and pico de gallo.

They also have a selection of tequila, cocktails, and bourbon, while those with a sweet tooth can choose between their apple snaps and churros. 


  • Offers chef-inspired tacos
  • Entirely gluten- and peanut-free
  • Known for their fish tacos
  • Also offers nachos
  • Selection of tequila, cocktails, and bourbon
  • Offers apple snaps and churros


  • A bit crampe

Very good food!!

“Were at Burro last night before a live music show which was nice as it was so close nearby. Very good food!! Fresh, flavourful and interesting and extensive drinks menu to try. Love the flights option.”

Cindy J., Google Review

This place is a gem!

“Are you ready for Taco Tuesday? I am always ready for some tacos and guacamole & chips! This place is a gem! It is located in Burlington and they serve tacos, cocktails and different appetizers! 😎Their menu is 100% gluten free and they have some vegan and vegetarian options on their menu too! 🥸Honestly, all their tacos are calling for me, they are flavours that you would not be able to find elsewhere.”

Vanessa Ho, Google Review

7. Pepe and Lela’s Eatery

Pepe and Lela's Eatery
ADDRESS1893 Appleby Line, Burlington, ON L7L 0G5

(905) 333-1000

OPERATING HOURSTue - Thurs: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, 5 PM – 9 PM

Friday: 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, 5 PM – 10 PM

Saturday: 4:30 PM – 10 PM

Pepe and Lela’s Eatery was founded by couple Ricardo and Sue.

Originating from the hotel industry, Ricardo migrated to Canada 27 years ago, where they met and married within a year. In 2019, they fulfilled their culinary dream, naming the eatery after their children’s nicknames.

Their mission is simple: to serve fresh, locally sourced ingredients with a twist of traditional Mexican flavors and modern innovation. 

Specializing in daily features made from scratch, Pepe and Lela’s offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Among their culinary delights, their Ontario lamb barbacoa is quite popular, featuring slow-roasted lamb topped with pickled red onion and tomatillo salsa.

Another must-try is their sinfully delicious tres leches cake, with its vanilla-infused cream and strawberry coulis.

For those craving a DIY experience, they have a make-your-own taco dinner takeaway option.


  • Over two decades of industry experience
  • Specializes in modern Mexican flavors
  • Offers daily features made from scratch
  • Has vegan and gluten-free options
  • Make-your-own taco takeaway option
  • All meat sourced from small-scale farmers


  • Some food complaints

The food was AMAZING

“I was there this evening for a work event for the travel industry. Everyone who worked there had a smile on their face and was so welcoming. Sarah was our server and she was fabulous. The food was AMAZING. It was fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine. I would highly recommend it. I can’t wait to go back with my family.”

Perfect Planners – Vicky Nicholas, Google Review

Had pretty high expectations, but it still exceeded my expectations!

“I went in with pretty high expectations after reading several reviews, but it still exceeded my expectations! Cute, intimate place. Our waitress was wonderful, the owner came by a couple times to make sure we were happy with everything. The food blew us away. We started with the chips with guacamole and salsa. The guacamole was SO good. The chicken mole tacos were absolutely incredible, and the tres leches cake was to die for. We also had a couple margaritas and these were delicious too. We will definitely return to try more of the menu! Highly recommend!”

Steffi Thomas, Google Review

8. Culaccino Bar & Kitchen

Culaccino Bar & Kitchen
ADDRESS527 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R 2G6

(905) 635-4626

OPERATING HOURSTue - Thurs: 5 PM – 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 5 PM – 11 PM

Culaccino Bar & Kitchen presents modern Italian-inspired cuisine and craft beer culture. 

Owner Jerod McCrory’s interest in craft beer began when his university graduation coincided with his father’s retirement from Molson’s, sparking a shared interest in craft brewing. Now, they offer over 100 Ontario beers from 70 breweries.

A favorite dish since day one is their fried chicken, marinated in buttermilk and served with reduced balsamic, signature peppercino hot sauce, and a hint of lemon zest. 

Another crowd-pleaser is their fried brussel sprouts, featuring caramelized parmesan aioli, herbed bread crumbs, and grated parmesan.

For those craving classic Italian fare, Culaccino also offers pizzas, pasta, and desserts, including vegan options. 

And, their bar boasts an extensive selection of wines sourced from Italy and California, alongside old- and new-school cocktails.

Moreover, Culaccino provides an exclusive Vault and Lounge space, ideal for private bookings accommodating 6-20 guests.


  • Over 100 Ontario beers from 70 breweries
  • Specializes in classic Italian fare
  • Offers vegan options
  • Wines sourced from Italy and California
  • Old- and new-school cocktails
  • Exclusive Vault and Lounge space


  • Reports of poor service

Food, atmosphere, service was nothing less than a 10+

“Great evening spent with friends. Nothing really to say except for the food, atmosphere, service was nothing less than a 10+. So delicious that we are still raving about it the next day. Started with appetizers and drinks to all of our main dishes that were so delicious. Looking so forward to our next visit. THANK YOU for such a great experience.”

Sharon Tarka-Douthart, Google Review

What a wonderful discovery in Burlington downtown

“What a wonderful discovery in Burlington downtown. Craft brew house with some of the best pizza around. Traditional thin crust Italian with a delicious semolina dusting on the bottom, the pizza have a crispy experience and a soft chewy interior, and that’s just the crust. The toppings are excellent as well.”

Rick Leung, Google Review

9. Rust BistroBar

Rust BistroBar
ADDRESS1801 Walkers Line unit 7, Burlington, ON L7M 0H6

(905) 336-3555


Sunday: 9:30 AM - 4 PM

Rust BistroBar offers a charming dining experience with warm decor and laid-back vibes, complemented by jazz tunes. They also offer various seating choices, from a spacious harvest table to a cozy 6-seat chef’s counter and even near a live fire grill.

Under Chef Paola Iaboni, they showcase Italian influence and diverse cultural inspirations, using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients from trusted vendors. Plus, their menu evolves with the seasons.

In terms of food, their risotto shines with seared scallops, butternut squash, and flavorful field mushrooms. Another yummy offering is their cabernet-braised beef with its tender texture and rich flavors. 

Additionally, the restaurant offers planks featuring assorted meats, cheeses, and accompaniments, perfect for sharing and savoring with friends and family.

A rotating craft beer menu and an extensive wine catalog are available as well.


  • Warm, laid-back vibe with jazz tunes
  • Various seating choices
  • Italian influence with diverse cultural inspirations
  • Has planks featuring assorted meats and cheeses
  • Rotating craft beer menu
  • Extensive wine catalog


  • Reports of slow service

The food here is on another level

“Rust was small and unique which I love! The staff were very nice and friendly. Although we didn’t have reservations, they sat us down pretty quickly. The food here is on another level, everything we had was delicious and would recommend this place to anyone! I highly recommend the short rib, just don’t eat too much of the appetizers because the portion is large.”

Marck Davenport, Google Review

One of our favourite restaurants for date night in Burlington

“One of our favourite Restaurants for date night in Burlington. We have celebrated anniversaries and our engagement and come for happy hour and really any day of the week! We have had just about everything on the menu. It’s ALL delicious. Great staff, awesome chef and cooks and the bartenders are the best. Shoutout to Jessie and Paula for running such a great place. We love coming here. We bring our friends here. Best service and cool atmosphere. Lively and buzzing.”

Teo Manning, Google Review

10. The North Coal Kitchen & Bar

The North Coal Kitchen & Bar
ADDRESS399 Elizabeth St #8, Burlington, ON L7R 0A4

(905) 634-7999


Wed - Thurs: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 11:30 AM – 11 PM

Sunday: 11:30 AM – 9 PM

Founded in 2018, The North Coal Kitchen & Bar offers a cottage-themed ambiance paired with Canadian-inspired cuisine. Its concept stems from the desire to recreate the feeling of escaping city life and embracing the cozy atmosphere of Northern Ontario. 

Their menu highlights their sumptuous whiskey steak bowl. It’s a tender 6 oz flat iron steak atop a bed of fragrant basmati rice, accompanied by sautéed onions, red peppers, and seared corn.

Alternatively, guests can sink their teeth into their Baffin Burger. This is crafted with a juicy brisket patty layered with crisp bacon, melted provolone cheese, and maple aioli, nestled between a soft brioche bun.

Their handcrafted cocktails are also popular with a featured cocktail of the week. A bestseller is their signature purple cocktail ‘Empress Me,’ featuring Empress gin infused with natural botanicals.

Online ordering and gift cards are also available on their website.


  • 8 years of experience
  • Cottage-theme with Canadian-inspired cuisine
  • Known for their whiskey steak bowl
  • Also known for their brioche burgers
  • Has a featured cocktail of the week
  • Has a signature purple cocktail


  • Reports of food quality issues

Everything was amazing here!

“Yummy yummy yummy! Everything was amazing here! The food portions are great along with the quality! It’s a 10 out of 10 will definitely come back! Also the waitstaff were really nice.”

Brigitte LaChapelle, Google Review

Great Canadian food with cottage vibes

“Great Canadian food with cottage vibes, friendly staff and cool cocktails. My wife and I shared the Cabin Caesar salad with grilled chicken and the Whiskey Steak Bowl. Both were excellent. Our server Emma was extremely friendly and courteous, and very attentive. 10/10 will be back.”

Marc Baggetta, Google Review