Best Real Estate Agents in Toronto

The 5 Best Real Estate Agents in Toronto

Do you want to sell a property or feel like it’s finally time to get your own place? Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste: you should let the best real estate agents in Toronto find you the best deals on desirable properties.

We’ve already rounded up the top ones, actually. You can find out who they are below… though we’ll talk about how much they cost first, as that’s usually something people want to know.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Cost in Toronto?

The typical real estate commission in Toronto and other cities in Ontario is around 5%, which is usually shared evenly between the buyer’s and seller’s agents.

For example, if a $500,000 property is sold in Toronto, the total real estate commission paid would be $25,000—or $12,500 to each agent.

Sellers usually cover commissions for both agents. However, there are no regulations dictating how much of the sale should go to the buyer’s agent.

As a buyer, this may imply that you aren’t viewing all of the available properties that meet your requirements. To avoid this situation, it’s a good idea to express your concerns to your real estate agent ahead of time.

You may be able to negotiate a cheaper rate with your agent if you’re not keen on paying 5% in real estate commission fees. Keep in mind, however, that agents who have lower rates may not be able to provide more than the absolute minimum of services.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Toronto

Access to more listings and the added convenience of not having to deal with negotiations and contracts naturally comes at a price. If you accept this caveat, the following are the finest real estate agents around.

1.   The BREL Team

The BREL Team's Homepage
SERVICESBuy properties, sell properties, investment, downsizing & upsizing, staging, marketing, renting
ADDRESS3091 Dundas West, Toronto ON M6P 1Z9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 274-2068
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 8:00am-11:00pm

COVID-19 has definitely changed the real estate market, but the BREL team has updated their services to meet new clients’ needs. These days, they prioritize virtual communication and have more inclusions when it comes to the scope of their offerings.

All their in-house staff members are focused on marketing and administration. This means that their agents are freed up to solely match sellers with buyers.

As a buyer, you can expect the team to handle advanced negotiations to get you the home that you want within your accepted price range. As a seller, you can be confident that you’re letting go of your property at the highest possible price in the least amount of time on the market.

Led by Brendan Powell and Melanie Piche, the BREL Team of 22 qualified members has overseen a total of 1900+ transactions amounting to over $600 million. They’ve managed to do so because of their online slant, connecting buyers to sellers virtually.

It’s also pretty easy to get hold of the BREL Team, with them not even having weekends off. If they don’t respond to your message within 12 hours, they even donate $20 to your charity of choice!


  • Staging and marketing in-house experts
  • Large team
  • Online portal
  • Loaded with monetary guarantees


  • Commissions are steep with bespoke realty

Customer Reviews

Check out these two glowing reviews for the BREL Team:

“I had a good experience with BREL. I was short on time and new to Toronto but still wanted to find the best place for me and they helped me do that. Finding a place when you’re new to the city and with no particular attachment here can be daunting but I ended up finding a great apartment with their help. Kevin, the agent who worked with me, was particularly helpful and understanding of my requirements and overall situation. I would definitely work with him and BREL again in the future.”

– Mossia

“Kellye was so incredibly patient and kind while we navigated this current market.  She explained each step, made sure all of our questions were answered promptly, and gave evidence-based advice.  We purchased a wonderful home and are so thrilled with the service we were provided.”

– Katie Bookman

2.   Wins Lai – Toronto Real Estate Agent

Toronto Real Estate Agent's Homepage
SERVICESCondo sales, house sales, pre-construction sales, MLS listings, renting, properties for first time home buyers, assignment sales for investors
ADDRESS7 Hayden Street, Toronto ON M4Y 2P2
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 975-9889
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

Wins Lai is the perfect real estate agent for you if you’re more comfortable transacting in Cantonese and Mandarin. Of course, the majority of her clients are English speakers, but we appreciate the extra proficiency.

Born and raised in Markham, Lai attended the University of Toronto and became a condo owner at 19 and a homeowner at 21. We could say that that’s a testament to her grasp of Toronto’s real estate market even at an early age.

She garnered awards from 2014-2020, including the President’s Award and the Rookie of the Year Award from the International Home Marketing Group. This is not at all surprising because of her expansive knowledge of the current market trends.

Recently, she sold a piece of property at University Ave. for $1,470,000! If you decide to go with Wins, you’ll first be shown a list of other properties she has sold and purchased for other clients to gain your confidence.

The rest of her services are pretty extensive, especially for sellers. She can take care of the home evaluation, marketing, staging, showings, and updates.

If you think this is too much for one person, she’s backed by over 500 agents in her brokerage. Overall, Wins Lai is a solid choice if you’re looking to buy or sell property in the busiest areas of Toronto.


  • Real estate market whiz
  • Proficient in three languages
  • Consistent accolades
  • Part of a brokerage


  • Not upfront about rates

Customer Reviews

Take a look at these reviews for Wins Lai’s services:

“I had a wonderful experience with Wins Lai. When I wanted to sell my King West property in a hot market, I needed someone who knew the market landscape, was professional, and quick to respond. Wins was able to do all the small things, drum up interest, and finalize a seamless transaction for well over asking. Not only did the property have near triple digit showings, but it sold in record time and set history for the building in King West.”

– T Kayilas

“I was a first time buyer in Toronto. Wins was absolutely great. If I could leave 6 stars, I would. She gave great advice on the properties I looked at, gave recommendations for more options, showed an intuitiveness about my interest, answered within an hour most of the time, even on weekends. She arranged viewings quickly and was always available. Our trust in her was well placed.”

– Allen Smith

3.   The Christine Cowern Real Estate Team

The Christine Cowern Real Estate Team's Homepage
SERVICESSell properties, buy properties, coaching
ADDRESS2010 Yonge Street, Toronto ON M4S 1Z9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 291-7372
[email protected]

Christine Cowern’s team has six members dedicated to helping clients navigate the Toronto real estate landscape. Buying and selling properties with this team occur in streamlined processes, which is helpful if you want an overview of what’s to come.

To give you an idea, buying starts with financing (including mortgages), picking your agent, checking out properties, submitting offers, selecting a lawyer for the paperwork, then closing.

The marked difference with Christine and her team is their individualized approach to real estate. Of course, buying or selling property is an extremely personal experience because so much is at stake.

However, many real estate agents out there can be pretty antiseptic. They just want to take the commission and call it a day.

That’s not the case with Team Cowern. They try to be candid with their clients, pointing out potential red flags with property sales and divulging which Toronto neighbourhoods to avoid.

Christine, the leader, did not always work in real estate. She used to be in public relations and advertising, which gives her the edge when it comes to negotiation and social skills.

The rest of the team are experts in sales, and they have one member dedicated to client care. Among all of them, there’s nothing they haven’t encountered in buying and selling real estate.


  • Streamlined process
  • Moves fast
  • Always works as a team
  • Supports causes
  • Coaches other agents


  • Not geared towards investors

Customer Reviews

Christine and her team has a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Here are the most recent ones:

“I’m extremely happy to have worked with Ali and the Christine Cowern Team! They made everything so easy and simple. They were very thorough with the entire process of purchasing a home. Ali was so down to earth and easy to communicate with and was very responsive when needed. I would recommend this team to anyone who is looking to purchase a home! I can’t thank them enough!”

– Janeen Baksh

“We recently sold a condo with Tara. While this can be a stressful process, primarily when you are residing out of the province, our experience was quite pleasurable. She was truthful, provided great feedback, helped explain all details clearly and managed the actual sale negotiation skilfully. In addition, we greatly appreciate the fact that she was highly responsive to every one of our questions, no matter how small those were. As we consider future opportunities to purchase or sell a piece of real estate in the Toronto GTA, we are decidedly confident Tara would be the right partner to help us navigate this new adventure!”

– Julien Dion

4.   Alex Prasoulis – Toronto East Real Estate Broker

Toronto East Real Estate Broker's Homepage
SERVICESSell properties, buy properties, home evaluation, market news, commercial services, mortgages
ADDRESS895 Don Mills Road, Building 2, Suite 900, Toronto ON M3C 1W3
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 901-8777
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

Born and raised in Toronto, Alex Prasoulis is an award-winning real estate broker with a background in corporate software sales. He put his experience in the corporate world to good use, and that’s what makes his brokerage high-volume and technology-driven.

In fact, Alex’s team can take on so much that they’re one of the only firms that specialize in commercial services. Commercial real estate is much more complex than the residential kind because the financing is much tougher.

If you’re thinking about investing in, selling, or leasing commercial property, this is the team to get in touch with. They’re qualified to handle the legal aspect of these transactions, even going as far as negotiating with banks.

We know that the team is always in the loop when it comes to Toronto’s real estate market. They even have a monthly market report that everyone can subscribe to.

Alex is also known to usually get sellers higher rates than their original asking price. This is something that your regular run-of-the-mill agent can’t do.


  • Expertise in commercial real estate
  • Online portal
  • Great resource for the RE market
  • Manages mortgages
  • Responds quickly


  • Not transparent with commission rates

Customer Reviews

There are no negative reviews for Alex Prasoulis and his team. Here are two of the their most recent ones:

“Alex was a very attentive, hard working agent. He always had the best interests of my elderly father and was very considerate and professional in all our interactions. Thank you Alex for selling my father’s house for well over the asking price and in only five days and for helping him to find a beautiful new condo to move into!”

– Luca Maniaci

“I found Mr. Alex Prasoulis to be very caring and understood what I was looking for in a house. I know you won’t get everything you are hoping for, but Mr Prasoulis came very close. He sold my house in Scarborough and got me over $20,000.  of the asking price. When you place a call with Mr. Prasoulis he returns your call within hours or less. I found his follow-up calls, asking me how everything was going after many months since I bought my new house, awesome.Thank you Alex Prasoulis for being totally amazing.”

– Shelley Ward

5.   The Julie Kinnear Team

The Julie Kinnear Team's Homepage
SERVICESSell properties, buy properties, mortgage solutions
ADDRESS2100 Bloor St W #7B, Toronto ON M6S 1M7
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 762-5949
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 9:00am-7:00pm
Hours might differ on Canada Day

Julie Kinnear started her real estate consulting business back in 1993. Behind her are a team of four agents with a combined experience of 30 years and a bunch of other specialists in marketing, staging, home inspections, and webmasters.

Julie and her team’s services are pretty standard, but that’s probably why they’ve been in the business for so long. In most cases, we all simply need straightforward servicing, minus the bells and whistles.

However, this isn’t to say that their operation is behind the times. Quite the contrary, Julie’s team has many automatic systems in place, including a prospecting one that will sweep the entire MLS® for your needs.

You, as a buyer or seller, will have access to the same listings as your agent. That means absolutely no bamboozlement on both ends.

Julie and her team also serve as mortgage brokers, and they have much lower rates than traditional banks. For example, a bank’s rate for one fixed year is 3.14%, while theirs is at 1.64%.

So even in your initial stages as a home buyer where you haven’t even gotten pre-approved for a mortgage yet, Julie can help you out.


  • Reasonable rates
  • Mortgage solution
  • Free home evaluations
  • Pillar in the industry


  • Outsources specific jobs

Customer Review

Here are two glowing reviews from the Julie Kinnear Team:

“We worked with Holly for the sale of our property. She guides you through each step and makes the process smooth. The staging was perfect and we were listed for only a few days with excellent choices on offer night. Holly knows her business, gets done what needs to happen and is friendly and warm. She has a great team at Julie Kinnear. Would strongly recommend her. Thanks, Holly.”

 – Angela Bowers

“Highly recommended! Holly Chandler of the Julie Kinnear Team is an incredible real estate professional, with strong knowledge of the Toronto market and impressive communication and negotiation skills. She was 100% responsive, keeping us up to speed throughout the selling process and making things as easy and straightforward as possible for us. Her patient, calming presence was exactly what we needed. Holly sold our condo well over asking, and we could not have been happier with the experience! Thank you Holly, and the rest of the JKT!”

– Stefanie Buszynski

The Benefits of Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent

Now that you can take your pick of the best real estate agents in the city, here are a couple of reasons that should solidify your choice.

Buying or selling property is no cakewalk, and the right real estate agent should make the process a lot less intimidating.

1. You get paid more if you’re a seller.

Selling a piece of property on your own seems like the economical choice because you won’t be paying commission, right? Wrong.

On average, FSBO (for sale by owner) properties fetch 30% less than properties listed through agencies. What you have to understand about commissions is that they’re factored into deals.

So through an agent, you widen your scope for potential buyers who can exceed your initial asking price.

2. You don’t have to worry about the fine print.

Buying and selling properties can be quite an ordeal, especially if you’re not good with tons of documents. The right real estate agent can walk you through the process and fill you in on what you would ordinarily miss.

Of course, REAs are far more familiar with this kind of paperwork. Remember, missing a detail or two are costly mistakes.

3. They’re bound by their fiduciary duties.

Real estate agents have qualifications that bind them to a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. This means that they’re legally obligated to work in their clients’ best interests.

As a buyer, seller, or investor, you naturally want your transactions to be managed by someone who has a legal obligation to keep your information confidential. Plus, you can take action and be protected by the law if a real estate agent wrongs you in any way.

4. They know where to look.

Looking for the perfect property can also be a long, arduous process. With the help of a real estate agent, you’d have access to listings that will match your needs.

A good REA will usually do the dirty work like checking for furnace issues, mold and insect infestations, roofing problems, and structural complications. If you plan on doing all this legwork on your own without the proper knowledge, it could take a long time to find the property that’s worth investing in.

FAQs about Real Estate Agents

There you have it, the best real estate agents in Toronto. These guys can help you navigate the often crazy Toronto real estate market.

If you need someone to help your real estate agent with tricky financial transactions, obtaining titles, and scrutinizing purchase agreements, these are the best real estate lawyers in Toronto that we recommend.