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19 Best Maternity Stores in Toronto

Best Maternity Stores in Toronto
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Let’s be honest: pregnancy and nursing, while symbolizing two precious seasons in a mother’s life, are not exactly the most physically comfortable. That’s why the entire range of maternity essentials is a sizable investment in itself!

If you’re from Toronto, we’ve saved you the trouble and rounded up some of our favorite maternity shops in the city – from clothing and accessories to other must-haves that make postpartum more bearable. Read on and take note!

Secrets From Your Sister


Address: 560 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K1, Canada

Contact details: (416) 538-1234

Operating hours: Appointment Only Tues-Sat

    Secrets From Your Sister changed how women shop for bras in Toronto a decade ago, and it’s still improving. 

    They’ll help you find the right style and ensure the band can expand with you as it’s a good idea to have at least two bras in your collection during this period.

    Love Me Do Baby & Maternity


    Address: 1142 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1L1, Canada

    Contact details: (647) 347-7619

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday: 10 AM – 5 PM
    • Tuesday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    • Wednesday: 10 AM – 5 PM
    • Thursday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    • Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM
    • Saturday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    • Sunday: 11 AM – 4 PM

    Love Me Do Baby & Maternity, in Liberty Village for over a year, is all about moms and little ones. They offer cute, sporty maternity wear like tanks, easy dresses, and skinny jeans that work even for the largest baby bumps.

    Seven Women Maternity


    Address: 7690 Yonge St #1, Thornhill, ON L4J 1W1, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 949-6687

    Operating hours: 

    •  Monday to Friday: 11 AM – 5 PM
    • Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
    • Sunday: 12 PM – 4 PM

    Since 2002, Seven Women Maternity has been offering stylish clothing from international designers like Seraphine, Tiffany Rose, and more. 

    They offer free shipping across Canada on their best-selling nursing and maternity tops and dresses. Inside their store, you’ll find well-organized clothing racks to make maternity clothes shopping more enjoyable and efficient.

    Maternity Warehouse


    Address: 111 Tycos Dr Unit 104, Toronto, ON M6B 1W3, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 703-1744

    Operating hours: 

    • Closed on Sunday
    • Monday to Wednesday: 1 PM – 6 PM
    • Thursday: 1 PM – 7 PM
    • Friday: 12 PM – 6 PM
    • Saturday: 12 PM – 5 PM

    Maternity Warehouse has its own brand made in Toronto, offering a variety of maternity clothing like tops, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, and intimate wear. Prices cater to different budgets so clients can find items in their preferred ranges.

    The store operates with regular hours but can be flexible, offering some appointments. It’s not your typical storefront as it’s situated in a commercial structure, with items for discerning moms-to-be.

    Carry Maternity


    Address: 110 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 921-3116

    Operating hours: 

    • Closed on Monday
    • Tuesday to Wednesday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    • Thursday to Friday: 11 AM – 7 PM
    • Saturday: 11 AM – 6 PM
    • Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM

    Carry Maternity, led by owner Pat Gillespie and her daughter, creates clothing at their Yorkville boutique. They design stylish patterned dresses suitable for events to maternity lines from top brands, adorable swimwear, and skincare for moms-to-be.

    Understanding the challenges of pregnancy shopping, Carry Maternity provides a welcoming space. Here, everyone can share their dreams and concerns while exploring new options such as nursing bras, tops, dresses, sleepwear, and leakproof pads

    August Kinn


    Address: 1374 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1M9, Canada

    Contact details: (647) 970-1374

    Operating hours: 

    • Closed on Monday
    • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

    August Kinn offers a variety of maternity wear for expectant and new moms. They also have bath and body products for moms such as stretch mark creams and oils, as well as housewares for your home and nursery.



    Address: 1 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3, Canada

    Contact details: (855) 272-7007

    Operating hours: 

    • Opens daily from 10 AM – 9 PM

    H&M’s maternity collection has most moms’ favorite styles in comfy materials that adjust to their bodies as they change during pregnancy. Whether you need dresses for special occasions, cozy leggings, or practical nursing clothes, they’ve got you covered. 

    They offer maternity swimwear and lingerie for a comfortable fit. From work attire to loungewear, you can find everything you need for a stylish and comfortable pregnancy.

    Ella Bella


    Address: 9 Milvan Dr Unit 304, North York, ON M9L 1Y9, Canada

    Contact details: (647) 533-6170

    Operating hours: 

    • Closed Saturday to Sunday
    • Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM

    Ella Bella Maternity Boutique began in 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, and has grown into Canada’s leading maternity, nursing, and baby boutique.

    The Ella Bella Basics Line features comfy and adorable outfits designed by their team. The collection includes clothing mostly made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex to make them fit and flatter growing bellies and bodies.



    Address: 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 434-3486

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Friday: 10 AM – 9:30 PM
    • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM
    • Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

    Hailing from Japan, some of Uniqlo’s bestselling maternity must-haves are the smart ankle maternity pants, maternity extra stretch jeans, and the maternity extra stretch leggings pants. They also have inner support such as maternity shorts.



    Contact details: (416) 937-7636

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 6 PM
    • Thursday: 10 AM – 7 PM
    • Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
    • Saturday: 11 AM – 5 PM
    • Sunday: 12 PM – 4 PM

    Luna specializes in fashionable maternity wear, catering to all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum with a collection of high-quality basics and unique special occasion clothing. 

    Take note: they operate by appointment only.



    Address: 260 Yonge St Space E-1, Toronto, ON M5B 2L9, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 599-8802

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Friday: 10 AM – 9:30 PM
    • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM
    • Sunday: 10 AM – 9:30 PM

    Gap offers maternity leggings to support your growing belly, as well as tops like the GapFit Maternity Breathe T-Shirt to complete a comfy yet stylish look.

    Their bedtime collection includes PJ sets, shirts, pants, shorts, and joggers designed for extra softness and comfort. If you prefer something cooler but still comfortable, check out their maternity dresses, jeans, nursing tops, bras, and more.



    Address: 220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 591-7247

    Operating hours: 

    • Opens daily from 10 AM – 9 PM

    RW&CO. is a Canadian brand with almost a century of history, and Thyme Maternity is its maternity line. Thyme Maternity is known for providing stylish and comfy maternity clothes for expecting moms, such as the French Terry Ankle Jogger Pant 



    Sonday creates modern maternity and nursing wear for today’s moms as the designs fit you well before, during, and after having a baby. 

    They prioritize sustainability, using organic materials in their clothes and reimagining other items like hang tags. The entire process, from design to production, happens in Canada at local sewing studios where fair and transparent wages are a priority.



    Address: Gerrard Square (Toronto) Store, 1000 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 3G6, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 461-8778

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM
    • Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

    Walmart has a diverse range of maternity clothes, including leggings, pants, dresses, swimwear, tops, nursing bras, and more. They offer options for every stage of pregnancy, from conception to delivery.

    You can also plan ahead for postpartum clothes. Try to check their physical and online store for specials and seasonal sale items – which may even include their Youthink Maternity Belt – which is a polyester multifunctional breathable adjustable maternity belt.

    Old Navy


    Address: 260 Yonge St 2 Below, Toronto, ON M5B 2L9, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 593-2551

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM
    • Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

    At Old Navy, you can find comfortable and trendy maternity items from soft t-shirts and cozy hoodies to business casual blouses and pants. They also have maternity workout clothes such as workout leggings, yoga pants, shorts, and athleisure favorites.



    Address: 294 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, Canada

    Contact details: (416) 364-6060

    Operating hours: 

    • Monday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 7 PM
    • Thursday to Saturday: 10 AM – 8 PM
    • Sunday: 10 AM – 7 PM

    Knix is a Canadian brand known for innovation such as its bodysuit and sports bra. At the same time, they offer maternity lingerie that suits your changing body and makes nursing easy, especially in terms of your clothing. 

    Bonus points for supporting nursing moms, embracing stretch marks, and positively portraying the reality of postpartum. Their designs are made for the needs of expecting moms from the first trimester to post-delivery.



    Luxurious materials and superior workmanship define Alday’s products, proudly Canadian-made with a 100% design and manufacturing process based in Toronto. They are ethically manufactured in clean, happy, and safe working environments. 

    The garments prioritize eco-friendliness, utilizing OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabric to ensure no harmful chemicals come in contact with you or your baby. Tag-free and sensitive skin-friendly, they prioritize comfort.