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The 5 Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto

Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Does Toronto have good Indian food? You bet it does – that’s why we’re listing the top best Indian restaurants in Toronto to help you pick out and manage your expectations when it comes to savory, sweet, and spicy food!

What is the average price of an Indian meal in Toronto?

Based on our featured restaurants, the average cost of an Indian meal in Toronto is approximately $30 per person. 

How We Chose the Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto

Quality of Food: We chose Indian restaurants that prioritize authenticity to provide a culturally enriching dining experience.
Food Variety: Our picks offer classic Indian fare to those infused with local or unique ingredients to make each dish stand out as truly authentic to its roots yet blend in with Toronto’s current culture.
Price: We chose spots that cater to different budgets, with most of them being in the lower range to allow diners to experience more diversity in terms of food choices.
Customization Options: Our selections offer customization options, allowing you to personalize your Indian dishes, especially in spiciness levels. Some add-ins include additional spices or substitutions to suit your preferences.
Ambiance: The Indian restaurants we recommend are noted for their coziness, decor, and seating.
Additional Services: We’ve chosen venues that also offer desserts or treats to follow with the meals.

1. Banjara Bloor

Banjara Bloor
ADDRESS796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L7, Canada



OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM, 5 PM - 10:30 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 12 PM - 3 PM, 5 PM - 10:30 PM

What was once known as Mr. Maharaja, a beloved Indian eatery, transformed into the vibrant Banjara Indian Cuisine, by finding its new home at Bloor Street in September 2006. 

The journey began when Chef Raj Veerella, inspired by the accolades given to the restaurant for its exceptional taste and quality, decided to start a new culinary chapter.

The menu at Banjara is a masterpiece, with flavors offering a diverse array of dishes. From the sizzling Tandoori delicacies to rich curries, fragrant biryanis, and freshly baked naans, each item on the nearly 70-item a-la-carte menu is a culinary experience.

Vegetarians too, find their places in this culinary paradise with a thoughtful selection of vegetarian dishes. This 147-seater spot not only caters to in-house parties but also extends its warm hospitality to catered events.


  • Diverse food choices
  • Indoor patio
  • Can seat over 140 people
  • Authentic Indian decor
  • Can and usually cater to large groups
  • Serves alcohol and tap beer 
  • The place is surrounded by banks, shopping centers, and subway stations
  • Free and paid street parking is available


  • Some dishes can be a bit pricey
  • Parking can be challenging during peak hours

Lots of authentic Indian food choices

“Delicious food, great service and love the ambiance. We ordered the house mixed grill (a mix of fish, prawn,  chicken, kebab), chicken saag, palak paneer, daal makhani, veggie biryani. Serving size per order is a lot. We had some leftovers to take home. The staff were friendly, accommodating and kind enough to answer our questions regarding preparation of the food.

Vegetarian options: Lots of selection for vegetarian options.

Parking: Parking can be a bit difficult when the restaurant is busy.”

 Ed, Google Review

Great vegan selections

“Excellent vegan options! Tried take out Chana masala, and roasted eggplant (bhaighan bartha) medium hot, and it was very tasty and spicy! The portion size was big and good value.

Also comes with some papadums.

Vegetarian options: Good vegan options with clearly labeled vegan items. They can also make some of the vegetarian options vegan.

Dietary restrictions: Good vegan options with clearly labeled vegan items. They can also make some of the vegetarian options vegan.”

Steve McCann, Google Review

2. The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine
ADDRESS796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L7, Canada



OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday: 11:30 AM - 3 PM, 4 PM - 9:45 PM

Friday: 11:30 AM - 10:45 PM

Saturday: 11:30 AM - 10:45 PM

Sunday 11:30 AM - 9:45 PM

Chef Sanjeev Sethi co-founded The Host Fine Indian Cuisine in 1989, starting as a server and drawing culinary inspiration from his mother. Alongside his brother, Jay Sethi, they opened multiple successful locations, now boasting five in total.

Chef Sanjeev’s expertise of over 30 years shapes The Host’s menu, blending traditional recipes with creative presentations. Co-Founder Jay Sethi, holding degrees in Physics and PR, oversees all locations and catering. 

Chef Ashish Sethi, with a Culinary Institute of America degree, brings a fresh perspective. Archana Sethi, with over 23 years of experience, ensures clients’ visions are met.

Combo lunches include vegetables, chicken, butter chicken, beef, goat, lamb, and seafood. They typically include rice, naan, aloo gobi, daal curry, rice pudding, and your choice of veggie or meat.

A must-try is Banjara’s Gulab Jamun, deep-fried milk balls in saffron and cardamom syrup. A crowd favorite is their Rasmalai, milk balls in saffron and almond-infused sweet milk.


  • Diverse food choices
  • Fine dining aesthetics with white-linen table service
  • Outdoor patio
  • WiFi connection available
  • Free and paid street parking is available


  • Some dishes can be a bit pricey
  • Table service may be a bit rushed during peak hours

Spicy, flavourful, and fantastic service

“This was such a wonderful experience. I ordered from the Summerlicious menu and every selection was a well-balanced combination of perfectly blended spices. The presentation was beautiful and the flavours … well, my mouth is watering just revisiting my three-course foray into an incredible experience in Indian cuisine. The service was also lovely (Bharatie, in particular)—attentive and personable without being intrusive (this was true for every member of the staff with whom I had the pleasure of interacting); all courses were perfectly timed. The cocktails and wine selection … also great! The atmosphere is also very inviting—beautiful decor, great music playing in the background (nothing that would detract from conversation). I’ll be back soon!”

Rheba Moore-Nash, Google Review

Great service even for a large group

“Brought a group of 12 people for lunch, the food was great (as it always is at the Host).  The table service was excellent, the servers clearing our dirty plates as my group went to get seconds (or thirds!) of the lunch buffet.

Mamun was a excellent attentive host regarding the lunch service answering questions about the food, making sure the buffet was stocked during the busy lunch period, and meeting the other requests my table had during our visit.

Will be back again!

Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetarian options during the Lunch Buffet.”

Allister Cirko, Google Review

3. Pukka

ADDRESS778 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 1B6, Canada



OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday: 5 PM - 9:30 PM

Friday: 5 PM - 10:30 PM

Saturday: 5 PM - 10:30 PM

Sunday: 5 PM - 9:30 PM

In the heart of Toronto, Pukka offers an unparalleled experience in forward-thinking Indian cuisine. Family-style sharing plates reveal a decadent journey of full-size flavors, transforming traditional Indian curry into modern bites to catch the eye and taste buds.

Harsh Chawla, born in Northern India, co-leads Pukka with Derek Valleau, bringing Indian flavors to Canada. With chefs Kirti Singh and Dinesh Butola, they showcase diverse spices that highlight their culture. 

Sommelier Peter matches wines to Indian cuisine, creating an engaging atmosphere with quick service. Choose from mixed combo platters like Chicken Trio, Seafood, Kebab, or ala carte options, including Tandoori choices and various curry dishes.

For dessert, try the Kulfi, which is their homemade pistachio ice cream, or the Kesari Kheer, which is saffron rice pudding. For a bit of a healthier option, try the Gajjer Halva, which is grated carrot pudding with dried milk and nuts.


  • Diverse food choices
  • Has outdoor seating
  • WiFi connection available
  • Can accommodate and geared towards large groups


  • Some spots in the restaurant may not be securely placed
  • Spiciness is toned down a bit to cater to Canadian taste buds

Best spots for authentic Indian cuisine

“We had an amazing evening at Pukka. The food and service is always amazing here.

A cozy place, we started the evening with refreshing Indian inspired cocktails like Lady Grey or Bombay Sour.

The food is delicious, elevated Indian dishes full of flavor. On the menu are a variety of seafood, chicken, lamb and short rib in aromatic classic Indian Curries and Masala. Presentation here is always on potent! There is a variety of amazing vegetarian dishes that you should try as well.

The dishes are generous and moderately priced. If you need help, the servers are there to guide you in the right direction for a great experience 🍽️

One of the best places in the city for Indian cuisine! If you haven’t been here, you should definitely put this place on the top of your list.”

Joanne Cheung, Google Review

Great service even for a large group

“The food was really good, the service was polite, and the decoration, especially the wall painting was nice. I had seen some good reviews about the food before I went, and I had my heart set on dining near that beautiful painting. However, it turns out that part of the restaurant is geared more toward large groups. The restaurant was packed. Nevertheless, it didn’t bother me too much and I enjoyed the food immensely.

We ordered Pukka Chat, Stuffed Panner and Veg Pakora. Each had a delicious taste, and the textures were quite pleasing. I spent around 2 hours there, eating slowly and enjoying a peaceful Friday evening.

I definitely recommend dining at this restaurant.

But there’s one thing to be aware of. When I stepped outside, the area around the restaurant didn’t feel very safe. There was something in the air that made me want to leave quickly. There’s a captivating painting on a wall in a narrow lane just behind the restaurant, and I asked the staff if it was safe to go see it. They advised against it for safety reasons.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that while the menu had limited options, they were excellent for North Indian cuisine. It appears this restaurant caters to Canadian tastes, so don’t expect overly spicy dishes. Their food allowed the individual ingredients to shine, and they struck that perfect balance with the spices, appealing to both Canadian and Indian palates.

I showed my appreciation by leaving a generous tip for the great food and service they provided. I’m deducting one star solely due to the safety concerns I mentioned, which I understand are not under their control.

Vegetarian options: Available but limited.”

Allister Cirko, Google Review

4. Curry Twist Restaurant

Curry Twist Restaurant
ADDRESS3034 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z3, Canada




Tuesday: 4 PM - 9 PM

Wednesday to Saturday: 4 PM - 9:30 PM

Sunday: 4 PM - 9 PM

The Curry Twist stands as a testament to the richness of Ayurvedic recipes. Guided by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this restaurant mixes the profound philosophy that shapes Indian cuisine to harmonize the mind, body, and soul.

The driving force behind The Curry Twist’s culinary journey is Chef Anat V Singh. He fashions a feast featuring Veggie Samosas, Butter Chicken, Chili Shrimp, Saag Paneer, Basmati Rice, Fish Magic, and Naan.

The Curry Twist’s menu showcases a balanced blend of chilies, coconut, paprika, carom seeds, garam masala, garlic, fenugreek, ginger, turmeric, and more. Just note that some dishes can be a bit more pronounced for most Canadian tastes.

Patrons enjoy the creative cuisine in the casual and hip ambiance – with some opting for takeaway, especially during rush hours. If you’re new to Indian food or want to gauge its authenticity, try the ever-reliable butter chicken and let your taste buds judge this spot.


  • Diverse food choices
  • Has outdoor seating
  • WiFi connection available
  • High chairs are available
  • Free and paid street parking is available


  • Some spots in the restaurant may not be securely placed
  • Spiciness, sweetness, and overall taste are adjusted for Canadian taste buds although some of the spices may come out stronger

Authentic, in-house Indian food

“This was an unplanned dinner decision that we were thrilled to have made! The ratings for this place don’t lie; greeted with a warm welcome & smile from all members of the staff upon entry, and leaving with a belly filled with delicious authentic meals, this place gets a 10 out of 10!

We tried the home style chicken curry (such a flavourful dish with a lovely coconut to it)  the butter chicken (also incredibly flavourful and delicious) with garlic naan. Not only are their portions deceivingly large, their naan is made fresh in house and is to die for!!

I appreciated our waiter giving us the dish recommendations, he was spot on. This is a great place for a casual meal. Anyone who loves Indian dishes will surely find gold here!!

Vegetarian options: This place has plenty of vegetarian options as well.”

Jennifer Bigirimana, Google Review

Great service even for a large group

“What we ordered and our thoughts on the food:

– Garlic naan: nice and chewy, but could be rolled out a little thinner.

– Butter chicken: we were looking forward to this, but it had a very strong cardamom / clove taste to it, and is a tad too sweet.

– Home-style curry chicken: this was delicious, in contrast to the butter chicken.

– Samosas: this one is our favourite. we’re not typically fans of too much cumin, but the samosas were delicious when paired with the tamarind chutney. we will definitely be ordering this again!

Overall, not a terrible spot for indian take out. Might have some hit/miss but we’d love to order again and try out other dishes!”

hazariah siti, Google Review

5. Cumin Kitchen

Cumin Kitchen
ADDRESS1820 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1H8, Canada



OPERATING HOURSSunday to Thursday: 12 PM - 9:45 PM

Friday to Saturday: 12 PM - 10 PM

Cumin Kitchen is a haven for Indian gastronomy with a diverse menu and Ontario tap beer. This cozy spot transforms from a laid-back lunch destination to a romantic evening retreat, complete with luxe cushions and sultry curtains.

Phandindra, a seasoned artisan with 24 years of global culinary expertise, masterfully curates freshness in every dish. Guided by Krishna’s creative vision, Cumin Kitchen offers artfully plated Indian cuisine and craft beer in a sophisticated setting. 

Renowned for an impressive presentation, oven-cooked meats, and a variety of vegan dishes, diners enjoy the Tandoori chicken along with other favorites. The butter chicken works well with the milder Canadian taste as it’s not that spicy.

If spice is the goal, then the kabobs are the real deal – especially the lamb kabobs. Most find it too strong and spicy, but for the adventurous palate looking for authentic Indian fare, this place hits the right spots.


  • Diverse food choices
  • Free and paid street parking is available


  • Some spots in the restaurant may not be securely placed
  • Adjustments in spiciness, sweetness, and overall flavor, though some spices may be less pronounced to compensate for Canadian palate

Great decor, delicious food though not as flavourful

“Awesome ambiance, in-restaurant decor was the highlight of dining here. Lots of decorative articles placed all over the store.

About the food: For appetizers, we tried haryali kabab and Manchurian which were delicious.

As for the maincourse we ordered Navratan sabzi and Paneer tika which was okay, wasn’t as flavourful as expected. Enjoyed the Lacchha paratha and cheese naan.”

Harini Thakkar, Google Review

Random pick turned out amazing

“Random picked restaurant in the area.  It was a small Indian restaurant,  not busy on a hot summer day.  Server was nice and friendly.

Special choices of local brewed beer, we ordered tandoori chicken and shrimp, it was juicy.  Food taste good and at a very affordable price.  I didn’t have much expectations in the beginning, but to my surprise, overall experience is amazing.”

Barry Ip, Google Review