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Top 5 Places to Get the Best Facial in Toronto

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

As we all know, our skin takes a good beating every day from pollution to daily stress. Like an armor of suit for our body, it won’t do its job without proper care.

With this in mind, getting the best facial in Toronto is a small yet effective step to get started. Consider these places we’ll mention in today’s review to get the care you deserve.

The Cost of Facials in Toronto

There are various types of facials you can get and this drives the cost. Other than that, the cost tends to go up with higher-end spas with luxe treatments.

The most affordable facial you can get usually ranges from $35 to $120. If you’re getting a facial in a mid-range spa, the cost easily starts at $100.

In luxurious spas, it’s not shocking to see facials starting at the $200 price range. But these types of spas may also offer basic facials that can be around $120.

The Best Facial Clinics and Spas in Toronto

In selecting our top picks, we looked into availability and value for money. In this case, we don’t mind adding higher-priced spas if the overall experience makes up for the costs.

We also assessed their level of customer satisfaction. We reached out to past clients, looked into shop reviews, and saw which places had the most positive experience testimonials.

1. Skin Expert Kate Medical Aesthetics

SERVICES Basic facials, advanced facials, natural facials, IPL, add-ons, skincare products
ADDRESS1200 Bay St., Suite 505 Toronto, ON M5R 2A5
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(416) 356-6585
OPERATING HOURSTuesday to Friday (10am to 7pm)
Saturday & Sunday (10am-5pm)

At Skin Expert Kate Medical Aesthetics, we experienced a wide range of facial services catering to various skin concerns. Our visit began with a thorough consultation to address our specific needs and goals. The clinic’s efficiency was evident as they promptly scheduled our appointment and accommodated our preferences. We appreciated the attention to detail during our treatments, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience. Our skin felt rejuvenated and refreshed after each session, reflecting the quality of their services. Despite the high quality, we found the pricing to be reasonable compared to similar clinics in the area. Overall, our experience at Skin Expert Kate Medical Aesthetics was positive, and we would recommend it to anyone seeking professional facial treatments.


  • A wide variety of facials to choose from
  • Offers add-ons to facials
  • Average prices
  • Excellent staff


  • No promos yet

Customer Reviews

“At Skin Expert Kate, we welcome everyone! We cater to all skin types and most skin problems. Our custom treatments made specifically for you and our constant love for the skincare community is what makes us the best.” — Kate Uy Cruz

“Kate did an amazing job for my laser. The thing ! liked most about them is they won’t push you to take any of the service.. they will explain nicely whatever they have been asked for and will work according to your needs.” — Jas Gill

2. Pure + Simple King West

Pure + Simple King West
SERVICES Virtual services, elemental facials, advanced facials, natural facials, IPL, add-ons, skincare products
ADDRESS725 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2W9,
CONTACT DETAILS+1 416-366-8558
OPERATING HOURSMonday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

If you like having a lot of options like us, then you’ll like Pure + Simple in King West. This facial spa offers a wide variety of skin care services under three major categories.

Their elemental facials are best for those who want deep pore cleaning and hydration. The prices range from $70 to $130 – great for those who want beauty on a budget.

The set of advanced facials they offer takes facials to another level. This time, the results involve drastic changes in the appearance using technology,

Some of the advanced facials include aquabrasion and sea salt microdermabrasion. These are more complex treatments that cost $125 to $225.

Now, if you want something more holistic, they also offer super natural facials. The treatments range from AFA clay and gel peels to LED treatment.

These natural facials lie in the mid-range in terms of prices going from $150 to $175. It’s kind of like a combination of natural products and tech to achieve great results.

Apart from these, what we also liked is their set of add-ons that can totally lift your look. Some of our favorites are the fruit enzyme peel, radiant eye lift, and oxygen treatment.

Finally, we also took interest in their virtual services that you can try anywhere. For $60, you can get virtual facial coaching plus a complimentary skin consultation.


  • A wide variety of facials to choose from
  • Offers add-ons to facials
  • Average prices
  • Virtual facial coaching available with a complimentary skin consultation


  • Certain issues with online appointments 

Customer Reviews

Leaves skin clean and glowing

I can’t say enough about this place and the care and attention they lavish on me. Brilliant products and very knowledgeable staff. I’ve had IPL, facials and peels from most of the practitioners there and each has left me with clean and glowing skin. Colleagues are actually commenting on my complexion for the first time in my life. Recommended. – Stephen Lynch

A relaxing experience

Had a lovely hydrating facial with Diana. It was my first facial and Diana explained everything she was using, how I can maximize the benefits, and how to take care of my skin at home. Left with my skin looking amazing  and had such a relaxing hour. Would absolutely recommend Pure+Simple and their facial with Diana! – Michelle Perelchtein

3. Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary
SERVICES Custom organic facials, express custom organic facials, skin care products, naturopathy, meditation, brow & lash treatment, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, osteopathy
ADDRESS1554 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T8
CONTACT DETAILS+1 647-479-5525
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Province Apothecary is best known in Toronto for its line of skincare products. But beyond this, they also offer a couple of services from facials to acupuncture and even osteopathy.

Let’s focus on their facials first. They provide five different organic facials best for holistic treatments.  

These custom organic facials are made to strengthen, detoxify, and hydrate the skin. For first-timers, the facial costs $140 and takes 75 minutes to complete.

If you end up liking it, you can come back as a returning customer for your next facial. This time, you’ll only have to pay $120 for a 60-minute session.

What we liked about this set of treatments is that you actually get an option to speed things up. They offer an express edition of these custom facials that reduces session time for up to 30 minutes.

The express custom organic facials cost only $95 for first-time customers. An express facial for a returning client costs $85 for a 30-minute facial treatment.

As we said, they have a prominent skincare line that you can try out if you like. And since it’s under the same clinic, your service plus product matches so you don’t have to switch between ingredients.

In addition to all these, they also offer virtual skin consultations for $20 to $70. They’ll give you a thorough skin analysis, recommended products, and help you create a home care plan.


  • Best for custom organic facials
  • Lower prices for return customers
  • Has express facial for faster facials
  • Offers virtual skin consultations


  • Limited variety of facials

Customer Reviews

Best facial experience

I had a facial with Vanessa and it was the best facial I have ever had!

Vanessa was so knowledgeable and pleasant, and my face was absolutely glowing after. The room was also very cozy and relaxing. I have had many facials before but I never left feeling this great after, skin- and mind-wise. I’ve become a fan of Province Apothecary products since last year and have slowly been switching up my skin care routine to incorporate more of their products. They are just simple and very effective. The skincare industry is so saturated but with their products you realize that less is more…Now that I tried the facial I’m excited to try the custom serum. Vanessa also got me thinking about getting into dry brushing.  And I will definitely be back for more facials. I couldn’t recommend this place more for one’s skincare needs! And book a facial with Vanessa, you won’t regret. – Olga Dadabayeva

Beautiful and relaxing space

Cassandra was super helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first ever facial and she really made me feel comfortable. The customized serum and tonnes of samples I walked away with, plus the personalized follow-up email, were the lovely cherry on top. It’s a beautiful, relaxing space and I can’t wait to book my next appointment! – Sarah Valant

4. Hammam Spa by Céla King West

Hammam Spa by Céla King West
SERVICES Steam rituals, signature treatments, RMT, specialty massage, spa packages, body treatments, skin therapy, waxing, nail rituals
ADDRESS602 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6
CONTACT DETAILS+1 416-366-4772
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

If you want a more luxurious experience for your facials, Hamman Spa is a wonderful choice. Of course, now that there’s luxury in the picture, you’ll have to pay higher prices too.

Their most notable facial treatment is their signature custom facial. With this, your esthetician will assess your skin to custom-craft a treatment for you.

This signature facial includes masquing, exfoliation, and facial massage for the ultimate treatment. While you’re getting this facial, you get effleurage on your hands, shoulders, neck, and arms.

The signature facial costs $190 for a 60-minute session. But if you’re pressed for time, you can try their mini facial instead.

This option takes only 30 minutes to complete at $145. Expensive, but many past clients said that it left their skin feeling firmer and looking more radiant.

Another thing that we looked into is their gentlemen’s custom facial. It’s basically the same as the signature facial, but the techniques and products used are more suitable for men.

Apart from these facials, they also offer Oxygeneo Facial, Intensive Facial Peel, and various medical facials. If you don’t know which one to get, you can book a free 15-minute consultation to give you a personalized plan.

Speaking of this consultation, they use SkinCeuticals SkinScope technology for skin assessment. This is a high-tech full-face diagnostic tool that helps detect skin concerns.


  • Can pair facials with other services under certain packages
  • Best for a more luxurious and sensorial facial
  • Offers facials suitable for men
  • Free 15-minute consultation
  • Uses SkinScope technology for skin assessment


  • Can be difficult to contact at times

Customer Reviews

Reasonable prices for great services

Seriously the best spa on Toronto. The quality of service, and experience that I have here is on point EVERY time. Prices are very reasonable for the quality. I’ve had facials, mania & pedis here. I’d rather pay just a couple of dollars more and have my nails last. Phoebe is so lovely and I look forward to seeing her in the spa. Thanks guys! – Jordana Blumberger

Makes any experience a treat

My experience at Hammam Spa is always a treat! The front desk is friendly, professional and competent. I recently had a facial with Anna K. her expertise in skin care made my experience a absolutely terrific one.  Thank you,  Hammam Spa.  I would recommend visiting the spa the next time you need to relax and be pampered. – Gem

5. Dermalogica Royal Bank Plaza

Dermalogica Royal Bank Plaza
SERVICES Facials, face mapping skin analysis, skin treatments, skincare products
ADDRESS200 Bay St. Suite K101, Toronto, ON M5J 2J5
CONTACT DETAILS+1 416-806-4939
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Since 1986, Dermatoligca has been providing clients with custom skincare solutions. The best part is, the prices are all affordable and the treatments are super fast.

The highlight of all their services is the customer favorite Pro Power Peel 30. This treatment is ideal for dealing with acne breakouts, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

Now, this facial is their strongest peel that uses a three-acid approach. If you want a more tamed-down version, you can choose either the ProSkin 30 or ProSkin 60.

ProSkin 30 takes 30 minutes and is best for toning with exploitation and deep serum treatment. ProSkin 60 is great for brightening, firming, and smoothing, which is done using enhanced treatments.

They offer other notable facials based on your needs, but they can be summed up in two ways. One, quick treatments, and two, high-quality services minus the luxurious experience.

Other than these, the other thing we liked is the digital experience they offer. You can book a virtual consultation with a skin expert to assess your skin.

One of these services includes face mapping skin analysis. This 10-minute session addresses your concerns while giving you treatment recommendations.


  • Complimentary virtual skin consultation 
  • 35 years in business
  • Best for quick facial treatments
  • Among the cheapest facials in Toronto
  • Offers face mapping skin analysis


  • Located within a busy and rather loud commercial area

Customer Reviews

Great experience from start to finish

I had such a lovely visit with Maicy. I arrived a few minutes early and saw her sanitize everything very well. We had a consultation where I voiced my skin concerns and she did an analysis of my skin before starting a treatment. She checked in on me throughout the treatment and explained the process. We did a walk through of the products she used and she made a few recommendations to my routine before I left. I highly recommend this service. My skin has never looked better! – Katrina Gillett

Makes skin look supple, glowy, and healthy

Such a great experience! The treatment itself targeted my most frequent skin concern – dehydration – and I left with supple, glow-y, and healthy skin. Nyssa is a true professional in her field and made my overall experience informational, as well as fun and relaxing. I left with some recommendations and samples, and will definitely book with her/the RBP location again. – Arina Terentjeva

FAQs About Facials in Toronto

Getting facials isn’t just about feeling beautiful, it’s also about being healthy and happy with your skin! For other things about cosmetics, browse some of our reviews: