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The Best Walk-in Clinics in Toronto That Locals Can Always Rely On

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Okay, so recently, my brother suddenly felt woozy and asked me to take him to the nearest walk-in clinic. Cue low-key panic mode because, to be honest, I had no clue where to go. 

But hey, shoutout to my awesome friends who came to the rescue and guided us to one of the best walk-in clinics in Toronto. Crisis averted, and my brother was feeling better in no time. 

Now, I’ve gathered all these recommendations from my local pals to save you from the same sweaty palm situation. Because when it comes to your health, ain’t nobody has time for guessing games!

Additionally, fees may vary based on the complexity of the medical issue and any required tests or treatments.

Accessibility: We assessed the clinic’s proximity to public transportation hubs and parking availability to ensure ease of access for patients.
Waiting Time: We evaluated the average wait times to see a healthcare provider, prioritizing clinics with shorter waiting periods for patients.
Quality of Care: We examined patient reviews and ratings to gauge the overall satisfaction with the medical services provided.
Services Offered: We considered the range of medical services available, including general consultations, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, and minor procedures.
Insurance Acceptance: We verified the acceptance of various health insurance plans to accommodate patients with different coverage options.
Affordability: We analyzed the cost of consultations and additional services, considering affordability for patients without insurance or with high deductibles.
Multilingual Staff: We prioritized clinics with multilingual healthcare providers and staff to ensure effective communication with patients from diverse backgrounds.
Operating Hours: We assessed the clinic’s operating hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate patients with busy schedules or urgent healthcare needs.
Cleanliness and Hygiene: We evaluated the cleanliness of the facility and adherence to hygiene protocols to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for patients.

1. PinPoint Infinity Health

ADDRESS39 Lower Simcoe Street Toronto, ON M5J 3A6

(416) 504-0628


Sat - Sun: 10 AM – 3 PM

PinPoint Infinity Health is situated just a stone’s throw away from Union Station. This modern clinic offers both in-person and virtual appointments, catering to everyone, with or without an OHIP card.

In terms of specialization, they cover sports medicine, women’s health, and mental health. Chiropractic services and massage therapy are offered, as well as physiotherapy and vaccinations for your next trip.

But, they’re mostly known for their walk-in and same-day appointments. 

We like the fact that patients can book online to skip the waiting room woes. And thanks to their advanced scheduling system, you’ll be in and out in no time, often seen on the same day you call.

Beyond basic medical care, they also provide health programs for weight management, corporate wellness, and motor accident rehab.

The only downside we noticed is that non-OHIP visits can be a tad pricey at $160.


  • In-person and virtual appointments
  • Caters to those with or without OHIP cards
  • Sports medicine, women’s health, and mental health
  • Walk-in and same-day appointments
  • Advanced scheduling system
  • Offers health programs


  • A bit pricey

Well-organized clinic that offers physio, orthotics, and walk-ins

“Well-organized clinic that offers everything from physio to orthotics to walk-in doctor visits! Compared to many clinics around Toronto, this one is so much more advanced in terms of efficiency and patient care!”

Natasha Bush, Google Review

I would highly recommend this clinic!

“I would highly recommend this clinic! I went here for physiotherapy with Tim Lin and I am so glad I made this decision. I began seeing improvements immediately and countless times, Tim went above and beyond to ensure I was receiving the best care possible. I couldn’t be happier with the results from my physio sessions. The rest of the staff was excellent as well. The booking process is very fast and efficient, and they are accommodating if you need to reschedule. 10/10 would recommend Infinity Health and Physiotherapy with Tim Lin!”

Kara MacKinlay, Google Review

2. Sanomed Medical Clinic

ADDRESS1000 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5S 3A8, Canada

(416) 923-7770


Saturday: 10 AM – 3 PM

Located near the University of Toronto St. George Campus, SanoMed Medical was founded in 2017 by Pouya and Nikoo Toulabi. They’re all about catering to your non-urgent medical needs.

SanoMed accepts various insurance plans including OHIP, UHIP, and more. If you’re uninsured, their $100 consultation fee is comparatively budget-friendly, though it’s due before your appointment.

We appreciate the wide range of services they offer under one roof, from walk-in care to family practice, plus specialized treatments. And an added bonus—there’s a pharmacy right there for all your medication needs!

They’re your one-stop shop for travel needs too, offering consultations, vaccinations, and tests to keep you healthy on the go.

On the other hand, we’ve heard through the grapevine that some patients felt their appointments were a bit rushed. Meaning, they felt their doctor was just going through the motions without really diving deep.


  • Comparatively lower walk-in fee
  • Over 7 years of experience
  • Wide range of specialties
  • Has its own pharmacy
  • One-stop shop for travel needs


  • Some reports of perfunctory consultations

Sanomed is the best walk-in clinic in the whole city

“Sanomed is the best walk-in clinic in the whole city. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Always explain questions, medications and inquires, this clinic tends to get busy but that’s just how good it is. Dr. Mark Broussenko is the best of the best. He’s very attentive and always helps comfort patients with their needs. I can’t stress how good he is. I’ve seriously seen many doctors and I finally found one that really is passionate and cares about their job. Definitely give this clinic a try!”

 Kevt, Google Review

My favourite clinic and pharmacy in Toronto!

“My favourite clinic and pharmacy in Toronto! Anytime someone I know is looking to see a physician, I always recommend this place. It is easy to get an appointment and the reception staff are very kind, helpful, and punctual. Dr. Mark is amazing, extremely knowledgable and helpful and always willing to take as much time as needed to answer all your questions. The pharmacy is really fast as well and the service is very friendly and helpful. Strongly recommend this clinic to anyone!!”

Aamir Wahhab, Google Review

3. Cloud Care Clinics

ADDRESS55 Dundas St E, Toronto ON, M5B 1C6

(416) 361-6000


Tuesday: 9 AM – 12 PM, 3 PM – 7 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM – 12 PM

Friday: 10 AM – 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM – 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM – 12 PM

Up next is Cloud Care Clinics—your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness. They cover everything from basic walk-in care to their fancy pain care clinic.

What’s cool about Cloud Care is its focus on teamwork. They’ve got this integrated practice thing going on, making sure your care is seamless across their skilled crew.

They’ve got a wide range of walk-in services, from treating minor lacerations, sprains, and burns to sore throats, STD screenings, and UTIs. 

We also like their super chill vibe—their mission is to create a supportive, less “medicalized” atmosphere. Translation: you won’t feel like you’re just a number here. 

They even offer unique stuff like diet consultations, travel vaccines, and prescription renewals—talk about convenience!

But hey, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as we’ve heard a few rumblings about their booking system being a bit wonky.


  • Wide range of walk-in services
  • Encourages cross-referrals
  • Less “medicalized” atmosphere
  • Offers diet consultations and travel vaccines


  • Some booking issues

Great walk-in clinic

“Great walk-in clinic. Arrived at 8:05AM, was seen by the doctor, counseled and out the door WITH my prescription filled by their pharmacy by 8:45AM.”

Breanna Quan, Google Review

Very caring service

“Very caring service. Quickly enough for being a walk in clinic. Very tidy and clean. The guys who work at the pharmacy are so lovely, so kind and respectful hope they get everything they want in live.”

Nix Woods, Google Review

4. Patient Networks Family Medicine

ADDRESS157 Yonge St Toronto ON M5C 1X7

(416) 362-8822


Patient Networks Family Medicine has been in the game since 2006, and they’re focused on providing fairness and top-notch care. They take their staffing seriously so that you’re always in good hands with the best doctors on deck.

We like their nifty patient management system that keeps tabs on the flow of folks coming in and out—you can even check real-time wait times for their walk-in clinic!

For family practice patients, you can skip the phone tag and book your appointments online with their secure login system. 

They’ve got your back after hours too, teaming up with the Centenary After Hours Clinic for any late-night medical needs.

Furthermore, if you need to check on your lab results, you can peep those results online whenever you need to since Patient Networks has partnered with Lifelabs.

On the other hand, some folks told us about their run-ins with not-so-friendly receptionists, but hey, every crew has its off days, right? 


  • Open since 2006
  • Can check real-time wait times for their walk-in
  • Can book appointments online
  • Can provide after-hours care
  • Can check lab results online


  • Reports of rude receptionists

100/10 best walk in I’ve been to

“I almost want to write a bad review so that I can keep this gem to myself haha. Such fast and accurate (I either wait exactly as long as the website says or less) wait times, and amazing doctors (I’ve seen 2 so far). I saw Doctor So (so sorry if I misspelled that) and he answered all my questions and follow-up questions descriptively and patiently. He was able to provide me helpful diagnoses for my issues and short and long term steps to alleviate and recover from them. He went above and beyond, thank you. 100/10 best walk in I’ve been to (I’ve been to 10?)”

Phil, Google Review

Best walk-in clinic I’ve ever been to!

“This is the best walk-in clinic I’ve ever been to! I’ve seen a few different doctors at this clinic and all of them are truly amazing. They actually listen to my concerns without interruptions. Despite the fact that the doctors take their time to listen carefully to every patient, the wait time isn’t too long for walk in patients (around 30 minutes on average). If I had to recommend one walk in clinic to my friends and family, it would definitely be Patients Network!”

Arina Gurich, Google Review

5. HealthOne

ADDRESS110 Harbour St. Toronto, M5J 0B7

(416) 663-5433


HealthOne—a one-stop health shop—was born from a dream shared by a passionate team of healthcare providers. 

Their goal is to help Canadians live their best, healthiest lives. They’re big on community, seeing everyone around them as part of one big family—from their friendly practitioners to the nice folks passing by.

In terms of convenience, we like that you can see all your healthcare peeps in one spot, and you can even snag a same-day appointment. 

Walk in for issues like illnesses, injuries, or urgent care needs, and you’ll get top-notch treatment from their emergency-trained staff, with shorter wait times than the ER.

Onsite facilities for blood work and immunizations are also available.

What’s unique about them is their mission to educate and inspire you along your wellness journey with workshops and events.

Some folks, however, have mentioned last-minute cancellations.


  • One-stop full-service medical walk-in clinic
  • Emergency-trained staff
  • Onsite facilities for lab work 
  • Hosts workshops and events


  • Reports of last-minute cancellations

Fantastic walk-in experience at HealthOne!

“Fantastic walk-in experience at HealthOne! Got me in quick. Took care of my needs. Sent me on my way! And I can’t say enough about Nurse-Practitioner Laraselle. Always helpful, kind, efficient, and super-professional. Thanks HOne!”

Jay Baydala, Google Review

Front desk staff + doctors have been top notch

“Review for their walk-in: I’ve been here many times to see a doctor and time and time again their front desk staff + doctors have been top notch. Despite them being busy, as all healthcare workers are, they don’t fail to make me feel comfortable and cared for. Thanks to the health one medical team! Much appreciate your work.”

Berenda Sayadof, Google Review