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Where to Find the Top Psychiatrists in Toronto for Expert Mental Health Support

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

My friend recently moved to the 6ix and asked me for recommendations on the best psychiatrists in the area for her son. 

While I haven’t had much experience with psychiatrists myself, I dutifully asked around and did some research. I came up with a list of the best Toronto psychiatrists based on word-of-mouth, patient reviews, and their specialties. 

She thanked me profusely, but I told her not to mention it—I’m just glad I could help out.

In the hopes of helping other people, here are the top psychiatrists in Toronto to consider for top-notch mental health support.

How much does a psychiatrist cost in Toronto?

The cost of seeing a psychiatrist in Toronto typically ranges from $200 to $400 per session. Some psychiatrists may offer sliding scale fees based on income. Insurance coverage can also impact out-of-pocket costs.

Factors that may affect the price include the psychiatrist’s qualifications, the length and type of session, and whether it’s a private practice or a clinic. 

How We Chose the Best Psychiatrists in Toronto

Board Certification: We looked for psychiatrists who are board-certified and have the appropriate credentials.
Years of Practice: We prioritized psychiatrists with extensive experience in the field, ensuring a deep understanding of various mental health conditions.
Patient Reviews: We considered feedback from patients, focusing on those with consistently high ratings and positive testimonials.
Specializations: We sought psychiatrists with expertise in specific areas, such as child and adolescent psychiatry, addiction, or anxiety disorders.
Therapeutic Approaches: We looked for psychiatrists who offer a range of treatment modalities, including medication management, psychotherapy, and holistic approaches.
Accessibility: We prioritized psychiatrists with flexible scheduling options and availability for urgent appointments.
Insurance Acceptance: We looked for psychiatrists who accept a variety of insurance plans to accommodate different financial situations.

1. Dynamic Health Collaborative


Business Address: 778 Sheppard Ave W Suite 103



Contact: (647) 347-5000

Business Hours: Mon – Thurs: 9 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Dynamic Health Collaborative was founded in 2017 by Leah Weisberg. She has over 15 years of experience as a Registered Nurse specializing in psychiatry, mental health, and integrative medicine.

Patients start with a complimentary assessment with the clinic nurse. Then, their Mental Health Nurse Practitioner assesses and treats adults aged 18-60 with ADHD, mood, and anxiety disorders. 

Speaking of ADHD, assessments can take up to 90 minutes for the initial visit. You can choose between virtual or in-person appointments, which we think is very convenient.

During your visit, you’ll discuss your current symptoms, concerns, and any other medical issues. They also ask about your childhood experiences and how you function at work, alongside screenings for anxiety and depression. 

We like that no referral is required to see the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, making access easier.

The only downside is the cost—60-minute intake appointments are $300, and follow-up appointments are $225. 


  • Founded in 2017
  • Complimentary assessment
  • Specializes in ADHD, mood, and anxiety disorders
  • No referral is required


  • Pricey

Dynamic Health Collaborative has been the best experience I’ve had

“I’ve tried therapy a few times throughout my life but Dynamic Health Collaborative has been the best experience I’ve had. They do a really good job matching you up with someone who suits your needs and take personalities into consideration as well which can make a really big difference. I really like that they offer good prices to fit your needs and that they have someone who checks in every now and again to make sure you’re happy with your specialist and service so that if you aren’t you can talk to someone other than the specialist you’re seeing. Overall they provide amazing services all around!”

                            Alannah Delgado, Google Review

Super friendly, accommodating, and helpful

“I had a great experience at Dynamic Health. Everyone at the clinic that I’ve had a chance to interact with has been super friendly, accommodating, and helpful. From the very beginning, they made me feel welcomed and comfortable. I’ve had both in-person and online appointments, and my experience has always been wonderful. Special thanks to Nicky and Elisheva!”

                                                                                  Amy K, Google Review

2. The Possibilities Clinic


Business Address: 1920 Yonge St Suite 200



Contact: +1 833-482-5558

Business Hours: Mon – Sat: 9 AM – 5 PM

The Possibilities Clinic specializes in ADD and ADHD. They also treat disorders that often coexist with attention differences, such as Tourette Syndrome, anxiety disorders, and learning disabilities. 

We like that they don’t aim for “just good enough.” Their goal is to use science and expertise to help patients achieve real victories.

They cater to children, teens, and adults across Ontario, offering both in-person and telemedicine assessments and treatments. This flexibility makes it accessible to a wide range of patients. 

One of their most popular psychiatrists is Dr. Doron Almagor, the Clinic Director. He’s an expert in diagnosing and treating ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and he’s also the President of the Ontario Psychiatric Association.

Sadly, we heard about some communication mishaps, which made some patients a tad frustrated.


  • Specializes in ADD and ADHD
  • Tourette, anxiety, and learning disabilities
  • Caters to children, teens, and adults
  • In-person and telemedicine
  • Psychiatrist is OPA President


  • Communication mishaps

Absolutely amazing clinic!

“Absolutely amazing clinic! Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. I love how there is a team approach to assessments, which allows for input from various areas of expertise. I also love that after the assessment has been completed, the clinic offers further support such as coaching to assist you on your treatment path. Cannot say enough good things about the Possibilities Clinic and would 100% recommend to anyone requiring this type of service.”

                              Darcy Hobe, Google Review

Dr. Almagor and his team are exceptional

“I highly recommend the Possibilities Clinic. Dr. Almagor and his team are exceptional. They are very responsive and provided clear communication to ensure we were comfortable and well informed at every step. More importantly they are all incredibly kind, caring and supportive. We are very grateful to the Possibilities Clinic family for the help and support they provided our family.”

                               h vo, Google Review

3. PathWell


Business Address: 161 Bay St. 27th Floor



Contact: (647) 241-5438

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6 PM

PathWell offers innovative, collaborative, and solution-focused therapy and counseling services in Toronto, all grounded in science to enhance mental well-being. 

We learned that their resident psychiatrist, Dr. Joan Tucker, primarily treats adults. She believes in a holistic approach to healing, which is evident in the book she has written.

Notably, Dr. Tucker has worked as a medical consultant for two disability insurance companies and provided numerous Independent Medical Exams for employers and insurers. 

Speaking of exams, PathWell offers adult ADHD assessments. They also provide ADHD coaching, a non-pharmacological intervention aimed at improving core ADHD impairments like planning, task completion, time management, and goal setting.

We recommend booking a free, friendly 15-minute introductory call to learn more about their ADHD-related services geared towards adults.

However, watch out for rude clinicians.


  • Primarily treats adults
  • Highly experienced psychiatrist
  • Offers adult ADHD assessments
  • Also offers ADHD coaching
  • Free 15-minute introductory call


  • Reports of rude clinicians

Fantastic clinic!

“Fantastic clinic! Have been so helpful in treating a family member. Therapist is wonderful and the client service is impeccable. 5 stars all around.”

                  Sandra Levy, Google Review

They actually care about the work that they’re doing

“Pathwell has been nothing but helpful for me. I highly recommend them and their services. Right from the get-go you can tell that you’re not just a number and they actually care about the work that they’re doing. 10/10”

                                                 Daniel, Google Review

4. Felix Yaroshevsky


Business Address: 920 Yonge St #808



Contact: (416) 967-2600

Business Hours: Mon – Sat: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Dr. Felix Yaroshevsky’s interest in psychiatry sparked in 1964 while consulting in a psychiatric hospital. What impressed us is that he developed a new method for individual and group psychotherapy, which became the subject of a documentary!

His pioneering work continued with his Ph.D. thesis in psychophysiology, where he developed the “psychosomatograph.” It’s the first Russian polygraph capable of measuring multiple psychoneurological reactions simultaneously. 

From the Soviet Union, he finally settled in Canada. Since 1982, Dr. Yaroshevsky has been a consultant psychiatrist in the Child and Family Clinic and the Clinical Director for The Family Life Foundation.

We admire his belief that prescribing medication should only be a last resort, emphasizing the human capacity for self-reprogramming and retraining under professional guidance. 

Despite some reports of him being a tad rude, his holistic approach and various achievements make him a noteworthy option for those seeking psychiatric care.


  • Developed a new method for psychotherapy
  • Developed a psychosomatograph
  • Clinical Director for The Family Life Foundation
  • Believes in prescribing medication as a last resort


  • Can be a tad rude

By far one of the best therapists I’ve had

“Dr. Yaroshevsky was by far one of the best therapists I’ve had. Years after being his patient, to this day, I continue to reflect and implement ways of thinking that not only saved my life, but that allow me to grow and live the life that I want for myself. Some comments in the reviews of him being “rude” are being misunderstood. Real and rude are different. If you are willing to help yourself, this is a therapist that WILL help you get there. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”

                            Anya Ilyenko, Google Review

Showed me my options to have a happy and emotionally healthy life

“As a grateful patient of Dr. Felix Yaroshevsky, I am deeply indebted to him and his office staff for their remarkably supportive and caring treatment. Dr. Yaroshevsky is genuinely caring, astute, sincere and empathetic. He has over fifty years of medical experience in guiding kids, adults and families to achieve an optimum quality of emotional health and well-being. Throughout my treatment, he carefully listened to me and truly understood my concerns. I could see that his first priority was my well-being. His manner of treatment is clear, direct, pertinent and practical. He showed me my options to have a happy and emotionally healthy life. I am deeply indebted to him and his office staff for their care.”

                                                            Ric Ric, Google Review

5. BeWell


Business Address: Prudential House, 55 York St.



Contact: (647) 715-3900

Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM

BeWell wants you to focus on what truly matters: yourself, your loved ones, and your path to wellness.

We like that they welcome LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, and culturally and linguistically diverse patients. With their Collaborative Care model, you have access to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers all in one place. 

A personal Wellness Concierge is available to connect you with the right tools, services, and therapists so you never feel lost.

For psychiatric services, BeWell offers free consultations and both virtual and in-person sessions. Their team also provides ongoing medication management and refills, with the option for in-house therapy sessions if needed. 

Their go-to psychiatrist is Dr. Andriy Samokhvalov, who is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian. He specializes in Addiction Medicine Services and serves as Medical Director at Homewood Health.

We did, however, hear about patients feeling like they were given the runaround.


  • Welcomes LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC patients
  • Has a personal Wellness Concierge
  • Free consultations 
  • Virtual and in-person sessions
  • Ongoing medication management and refills
  • Fluent in Russian and Ukrainian


  • Some patients felt they were given the runaround

Access to psychiatrists is such a huge value add

“BeWell is a great concept, much needed in the downtown core where we are all impacted by stress and anxiety. Having access to all these mental health practitioners specifically psychiatrists is such a huge value add. I have been going to their first clinic Simcoe Place health clinic for all my health care needs and that’s how I found out about recently opened BeWell clinic. The clinic itself is stunning with beautiful views and so different than the typical dingy clinics but having been to the Simcoe Place Clinic I expected no less. Best part is I am able to book appointments online. Would like to see more services added like reiki and yoga etc hopefully those will come soon.”

                                         Sam Brown, Google Review

Absolutely changed my life for the better

“After many nightmare-ish experiences with mental healthcare professionals in the city (in particular psychiatrists), I finally found BeWell. It truly is the the most holistic approach to mental health, having all of these services under one roof is incredible.

They have absolutely changed my life for the better and reduced so much of the stress that comes with taking care of your mental health. Can not recommend BeWell enough.”

                                                Ashley Proulx, Google Review