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5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

Best Chinese Restaurants in Toronto
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Let’s be real—there’s just something about the sizzle of a hot wok, the spice-filled air, and the perfect mix of savory and sweet that keeps us craving that good ol’ Chinese grub. It’s a good thing that Toronto has some stellar Chinese restaurants!

We’re talking about iconic dishes like crispy Peking duck, mouthwatering dim sum, and flavorful beef and broccoli. So, join us as we spill the soy sauce – and the deets! – on where to get the best Chinese food in the city.

How much does dining in a Chinese restaurant cost in Toronto?

Dining for two in our featured Chinese restaurants would set you back $30 to $90.

Our list includes budget-friendly joints such as Asian Legend and Yueh Tung and upscale Chinese restaurants like DaiLo.

How We Chose the Best Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

Authenticity: We selected restaurants renowned for delivering an authentic taste in their Chinese dishes, capturing the true essence of regional flavors.
Quality of Ingredients: The best Chinese restaurants in Toronto prioritize the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure a premium dining experience.
Menu Selection: We considered establishments that cater to a range of Chinese culinary traditions, from Sichuan spice to Cantonese dim sum.
Sustainability Practices: Recognizing the importance of sustainable dining, we highlighted restaurants committed to eco-friendly practices.
Ambiance: Beyond the plate, We selected Chinese restaurants that provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

1. Hong Shing

Hong Shing
ADDRESS195 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C7
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 977-3338


Friday: 12 PM–12 AM

Saturday: 3 PM–12 AM

Sunday: 3 PM–11 PM

24-year-old Colin Li injected new life into Hong Shing, a 19-year-old gem. Taking over from his Chinese-immigrant parents. For example, he brought the restaurant into modern times by painting the restaurant black for a sleek vibe.

They’re famous for their spicy deep-fried shrimp, which are stir-fried with white rice noodles. We recommend pairing this with an ice-cold glass of Tsingtao beer!

Another crowd-pleaser is their General Tao’s chicken, which you can order with plain or fried rice. It’s a delicious and satisfying mix of battered, fried chicken and tangy, slightly spicy sauce.

If you’re into complimentary soups, ask for the ‘lei tong’ for a surprising and comforting addition to your meal. 


  • 19 years of experience
  • Free soup when requested
  • Has free WiFi
  • Has bike and street parking
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Offers catering services
  • Open until 11PM to 12AM


  • Reports of order mix-ups
  • Place is a bit dim

Everything was amazing here!

“Everything was amazing here! It was upscale Chinese food in this area. The baijiu cocktail bar in the restaurant was incredible. I had such a great experience. The bartenders were so lovely. The creativity of cocktails was amazing. Definitely check it out!”

Tida P., Google Review

Hong Shing is truly a hidden gem in Toronto

“Hong shing is truly a hidden gem in toronto. Ranger our bartender was an absolute  weath of knowledge on everything they had to offer.  Their bar setup is elegant  yet functional and their cocktails incredibly well made. Will definitely  be back”

Michael King, Google Review

2. Asian Legend

Asian Legend
ADDRESS418 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G2
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 977-3909

OPERATING HOURSMon-Thurs, Sun: 11 AM–9:30 PM

Fri-Sat: 11 AM–10 PM

Since 1988,  Asian Legend has been serving authentic Northern Chinese cuisine, like dim sum and stir fry. This is because owner Michael Wang wants customers to feel like they’re eating in a Chinese park even though they’re surrounded by towers in Toronto.

Asian Legend’s chefs are on a mission to whip up dishes that are not only tantalizing but also mindful of nutrition. This means delicious and satisfying Chinese food made with less oil, less salt, and definitely no MSG.

A hearty dish that we recommend is their braised beef noodle soup. The quality of the short rib is top-notch – it practically melted in our mouths!

They’re also famous for their dim sum, kung pao chicken, bao, and their pièce de résistance – their whole Peking duck. This succulent duck is served with pancakes and a thin hoisin sauce that’s quite addicting.


  • 36 years of experience
  • Specializes in authentic Northern Chinese cuisine
  • Has a focus on healthy food
  • Serves beer and wine
  • Has street and bike parking
  • Kid-friendly spot


  • Reports of staff asking for tips
  • Some issues with food quality

One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Toronto

“One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Toronto. The portion size is slightly smaller than House of Gourmet but the quality and freshness of their ingredients are much better. Service has been superb and consistent every time I’ve been there.”

Bo-Shiun Lai, Google Review

My go-to Chinese food place

“My go-to Chinese food place. When my parents visit, we always come here. I have ordered different dishes and never once disappointed! I’d said their soup dumplings are top notch, probably the best in Toronto. I also really liked their green beans, dim sum, and ma po tofu.”

Fen H., Google Review

3. DaiLo

ADDRESS503 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A5
CONTACT DETAILS(647) 341-8882


DaiLo, translating to “big brother” in Cantonese, embodies respect and love for elders, and a connection to past and future generations. Owner and chef Nick Liu takes his customers on a culinary journey fueled by childhood memories. 

Growing up with a multicultural background (Chinese-South African mom and Chinese-Indian dad), he honors traditional dishes but is also inspired by French cuisine.

Liu’s childhood favorites – like his parents’ steamed fortune cakes dipped in salted butter – now grace their menu as a succulent dessert. We personally recommend their crispy octopus tacos –  tender and succulent fried octopus placed in soft taco shells.

Other must-try items are their beef carpaccio, fresh fish dishes, refreshing salads, fried rice, and mouthwatering braised pork! If you’re looking for unique, Asian-inspired cocktails, try their signature Tom Yum Booze – spicy and sour goodness in one glass!

For those willing to splurge, they also offer multi-course tasting menus.


  • Specializes in Chinese-French fare
  • Offers multi-course tasting menus
  • Outdoor seating available
  • Has a full bar
  • Offers catering
  • Bike and street parking


  • Closed on Mondays
  • A bit pricey

One of the best dining experiences I have ever had

“We had the premium tasting menu sitting at the bar. Unexpectedly, the bartender knew every single thing about the food we were having, even though he was not the one serving it to us. The wine pairing alongside the tasting menu was incredible, and Ben paired cocktails from their diverse cocktail menu perfectly to each course for me on the fly. Hands down, one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Thank to you to the chef, bar manager, FOH, and everyone involved. Dietary restrictions: They will adapt their tasting menu to dietary restrictions.”

Truman Thompson, Google Review

One of the best I’ve had anywhere in the world

“After trying a la cart, came back to an Incredible tasting menu. One of the best I have had anywhere in the world…amazing flavours that balance throughout the course. Recommend the dumplings, egg noodles, duck, pretty much everything.”

Jonathan Li, Google Review

4. Yueh Tung

Yueh Tung
ADDRESS126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 1P5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 977-0933


Friday: 12 PM–9 PM

Saturday: 2 PM–9 PM

Sunday: 2 PM–8 PM

Yueh Tung is owned by sisters Jeanette and Joanna Liu. Their story started with their parents who left India, hoping to wow Toronto with their Hakka cuisine – which is known for its distinctive meat-centric dishes along with staples like rice and tofu. 

This led them to open the city’s first-ever Hakka-Indian eatery. You should definitely try their chili chicken, a creamy and spicy dish that’s brought from their childhood in India. 

To cater to Torontonians who are intimidated by the name “chili chicken,” they added Manchurian chicken to the menu. It’s a curry-infused dish – minus the chili – which became a hit and put them on the map.

Another must-try is their keu nguk – slices of succulent 12-hour braised pork belly – paired with muy choy or pickled greens, all bathed in a delectable sweet soy sauce. It’s sweet, salty, and comfortingly fatty!


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Toronto’s first-ever Hakka-Indian eatery
  • Specializes in Hakka cuisine
  • Has a full bar
  • Offers group seatings
  • Has vegan and vegetarian fare


  • A bit noisy
  • Reports of overly oily food

One of the best Hakka in downtown Toronto

“One of the best Hakka in downtown Toronto. We had the soup small size and chicken chilli on rice. While the soup was okay, chicken chilli rice was quite delicious and was enough to share between two of us. Although we didn’t order the chicken pakoras, the seemed delicious too and on our list to try next there.”

Hadi Curtay, Google Review

One of the best Hakka Chinese restaurants in the city

“One of the best Hakka Chinese restaurants in the city, I have mostly taken away from this restaurant. I would highly recommend visiting this place for Chinese Hakka cuisine. Out of which the chilli chicken and fried rice is a  must have. The portions are great, the location is prime downtown just behind Nathan Phillips Square. The service is real quick. It’s usually busy on weekends so ensure you have enough time with you.”

Kanchan Kumar, Google Review

5. House Of Gourmet

House Of Gourmet
ADDRESS484 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 217-0167


Fri-Sat: 10 AM–2 AM

For over 20 years, The House of Gourmet has been offering a whopping 800-item menu spread across two iconic pamphlets (red and green). Unsurprisingly, its expansive selection caters to everyone – from morning congee cravers to late-night owl diners. 

You should try their crunchy deep-fried yao tiu wrapped in steamed rice rolls. Come dinnertime, they offer multi-course family feasts – we recommend their crispy orange beef. 

They also offer BBQ combos featuring suckling pig, duck, or char siu on a bed of rice or in noodle soups. 

If you’re in a hurry, choose from their green menu for quick bites, such as noodles, dim sum, or congee.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • 800-item menu
  • Open until 1 to 2 AM
  • Offers multi-course family dinners
  • Has promos and combos
  • Free slow-simmered soups


  • Reports of food being subpar
  • Some issues with customer service

Delicious food, generous portions, affordable

“Delicious food, generous portions, affordable, and very fast service. I recommend the shrimp rice noodle rolls, the roasted pork on rice dish, the shrimp wonton egg noodle soup, and the Young Chow fried rice with shrimp and BBQ pork. The stewed noodles with wonton and BBQ pork were good. We took home leftovers and had another dinner for two. There is a lively and large dining area. No lineup when we went on a Friday night at 5:30 pm.”

 Janice T., Google Review

The food tasted amazing and had a lot of flavor

“The food tasted amazing and had a lot of flavor, it would be perfect if all the food was hot when served though. I got the Roast duck, Roast BBQ pork, Chinese sausage fried rice and deep fried shrimp dumplings. Although they tasted amazing, the meats were not hot. (I was too hungry by the time the rice arrived so I forgot to get an untouched photo.) Only received a 4 instead of 5 for food and service because not all the food was hot, and although our server was friendly and helpful, she was probably stretched thin and we had a long wait for our food.”

Tara Anozie, Google Review