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Gynaecologists dedicate themselves to promoting the health and well-being of women's reproductive systems, much like skilled gardeners tending to a precious garden. They play a vital role in cultivating fertile ground for expectant mothers while also guiding young women in harmonising with the natural rhythms of their menstrual cycles.  

Their role extends beyond those mentioned, as they specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of a diverse range of gynaecological conditions for all age groups, such as fertility concerns, pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal balance. Such matters impact the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and vagina. If you’re looking for medical attention in these areas, trust these experts to nurture your reproductive well-being.

How We Chose the Best Gynaecologists in Toronto

How Much Does a Consult with a Gynaecologist Cost in Toronto?

If you’re a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident, there’s no fee for visiting a gynaecologist as long as you provide your provincially-registered health card.Consult with your healthcare provider or insurance company for a clearer understanding of potential costs and coverage options. 

Qualifications: We selected gynaecologists possessing the necessary designations and extensive field experience. Our evaluation included a review of their educational background, research involvement, and hospital affiliations.
Specialisations: We noted their sub-specialties and areas of expertise, recognising that gynaecology encompasses a broad range of conditions.
Bedside Manner: We assessed their ability to empathise and provide personalised care while being respectful of different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, we considered their attentiveness and communication style, ensuring they convey thoughtful and easily understandable concepts.
Availability: We considered factors such as appointment scheduling, waiting times, and responsiveness to meet the needs of patients.
Facilities: We prioritised gynaecologists affiliated with trusted hospitals and clinics, ensuring access to state-of-the-art medical equipment and use of modern treatment approaches for improved patient outcomes.
Follow-up Care: We evaluated their commitment to monitoring and optimising patients’ treatment plans to provide effective aftercare.

1. Dr. Mara Sobel

Dr. Mara Sobel's Homepage
ADDRESS600 University Avenue Toronto, ON M5G 1X5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 586-8273

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Mara Sobel has been practising general gynaecology at Mount Sinai Hospital and Women’s College Hospital since 2015. Her journey in this field started with the completion of her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, where she now holds an Associate Professor position. Following her residency, she furthered her skills through a fellowship in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery at McMaster University.

Dr. Sobel specialises in minimally invasive surgery, including procedures like laparoscopic hysterectomy and endometriosis surgery, which involve small incisions and a miniature camera attached to a lighted tube. Her commitment extends to the surgical management of women with endometriosis and the optimization of perioperative care.

Beyond the patient setting, she is an active contributor to medical research and has co-authored over 50 published studies. These focus on various laparoscopic procedures, diagnostic and treatment approaches for Adenomyosis, and addressing concerns related to pregnancy.


  • Impressive surgical skills
  • Involved in clinical research
  • Wonderful team with excellent bedside manners
  • Provides induction of labour and C-sections
  • Committed to positive outcomes through peri-operative care


  • Limited work on non-surgical interventions

Patient Reviews

Dr. Sobel’s care and dedication to her patients are truly outstanding.

“Despite years of grappling with Endometrois-induced agony, countless doctor visits, and previous surgeries, I was fortunate enough to be treated by Dr. Mara Sobel and her team, which has been life-changing. Since being under her care, I have finally become pain-free and feel better than ever… Coupled with her impressive surgical skills and talent, Dr. Sobel’s care and dedication to her patients are truly outstanding.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

She caters to your every need and makes what seems so scary, so simple

“Dr. Mara Sobel is by and far the best doctor I have ever encountered. Beyond her kindness and intelligence, she caters to your every need and makes what seems so scary, so simple. There are not enough stars to review her with.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

2. Dr. Melanie Caetano

Dr. Melanie Caetano's Homepage
ADDRESS1243 Islington Avenue, Toronto, ON M8X 1Y9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 231-7878

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Dr. Melanie Caetano is a dedicated member of St. Joseph’s Health Centre’s Obstetrics & Women’s Health Program. Prior to establishing her medical practice in 2003, she completed her medical school and residency training at U of T. Today, she holds esteemed roles as a clinical associate and lecturer within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Dr. Caetano’s commitment extends beyond medical expertise; she actively engages in her patients’ personal journeys and plays a vital role in educating medical students and residents at a community teaching hospital, a contribution that earned her an excellence award.

Her areas of expertise covers a broad spectrum, including pregnancy care, menstruation, menopause, infertility, pelvic floor issues, urinary incontinence, and general gynaecology. 

With a focus on patient comfort and overall well-being, Dr. Caetano provides minimally invasive techniques such as endometrial ablations, hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy, as well as providing birth control and sterilisation options.


  • Specialises in non-invasive surgery 
  • Strong academic background
  • Thorough and attentive care
  • Emotionally connected approach


  • Long wait times due to high demand
  • Lapses in communication due to disorganised staff

Patient Reviews

She emotionally connects with you and gets to know you

“Dr.Caetano is fantastic! I had the best experience seeing her throughout my entire pregnancy. She emotionally connects with you and gets to know you, unlike other doctors. If you have any concerns she takes her time going over them with you-never feel rushed. She is a very pleasant, caring, knowledgeable, and professional doctor. Highly recommend her!” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

Personable, takes the time to explain, and is extremely cautious

“Dr. Caetano is an incredible and amazing OBGYN. She delivered all three of my children and I am indebted to her for saving my son’s life during my first pregnancy as he was delivered via emergency c-section due to extremely low amniotic fluid… Dr. Cateano is personable, takes the time to explain and answer all your questions and most importantly she is extremely cautious. If she has any doubts she will send you for tests and ultrasounds.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

3. Dr. Maja Gans

Dr. Maja Gans Homepage
ADDRESSSuite 309 29 Gervais Avenue, Toronto, ON M3C 1Y9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 385-3431

OPERATING HOURSCall for availability

Dr. Maja Gans has been a valued physician at Michael Garron Hospital since 1999, contributing to the Surgical Gynaecology and Family Birthing Centre divisions. Before specialising in gynaecology, she spent her first two years as a general practitioner and emergency room physician. 

Following this, Dr. Gans pursued a year-long residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Philadelphia. She continued the rest at the U of T, which culminated in a fellowship status. Today, she’s a dedicated lecturer at the same university, passionately training residents in areas like midwifery, one of her areas of interest.

Dr. Gans has developed a niche in reproductive and surgical care, addressing issues like endometriosis, menopausal and postmenopausal issues, prolapse, and ovarian cysts. Notably, she’s part of the team that pioneered Toronto’s first outpatient hysterectomy with Michael Garron’s Surgical Gynaecology division.


  • Specialises in midwifery and surgical procedures
  • Caring and attentive during appointments
  • Performs outpatient hysterectomy 
  • Dexterous and gentle surgeries


  • Has a record of cancelling appointments
  • Lapses in communication due to disorganised staff
  • Reports of rude receptionist

Patient Reviews

She was extremely efficient and just a pleasure to work with

“Dr. Gans performed my total hysterectomy in October of 2008 and I couldn’t have asked for better care. I experienced no discomfort or pain AT ALL, other than the usual gas pains after any surgery. She was extremely efficient and just a pleasure to work with. I only have two thumbs, but if I had more, I’d certainly give her all of my thumbs up.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

She seemed to genuinely care about my problems, and getting to the root cause

“I’ve never felt rushed at all and she’s always been able to answer all of my questions. I’ve never been pregnant so I’ve never seen her for that, but I see her in her private practice as well as for surgery at TEGH… She seemed to genuinely care about my problems, and getting to the root cause, unlike any other doctor I’d seen. I’m a little younger than most other patients in the waiting room but she always makes me feel so at ease about it” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

4. Dr. Grace Yeung

Dr. Grace Yeung's Homepage
ADDRESS1275 Finch Ave W Suite 107, North York, ON M3J 0L5
CONTACT DETAILS(647) 341-0281

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Dr. Grace Yeung provides comprehensive care for a broad spectrum of gynaecological conditions, both surgical and non-surgical. While consultations and follow-up care occur at her private clinic, all procedures are conducted at Humber River Hospital. 

During her post-grad training, Dr. Yeung completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Western University. She later pursued a fellowship at U of T, specialising in minimally invasive surgery, robotic procedures, and advanced pelvic floor surgery. She’s not only an esteemed educator at the same university but also serves as an assistant professor at Queen’s University and McMaster University.

Dr. Yeung attends to patients across the age spectrum, from adolescence through menopause. Whenever feasible, she prioritises minimally invasive surgeries to expedite recovery and minimise blood loss risk. This approach ensures minimal downtime, enabling patients to swiftly resume their daily activities.


  • Wide range of gynecologic care
  • Accommodating and responsive staff
  • Reliable follow-up care and support
  • Specialises in laparoscopic surgeries
  • Easily accessible through remote contact


  • Long wait times spanning months
  • Some reports of no-shows and delayed appointments

Patient Reviews

Dr. Yeung is exceptionally kind and very skilled

“Dr. Yeung is the most caring, compassionate and extremely professional doctor who is an expert in her field. She took care of me throughout my pregnancy and I cannot recommend her enough. She always listens to your concerns, answers all your questions, and understands the anxiety first-time mothers feel. Dr. Yeung is exceptionally kind and very skilled. The receptionist Mia is also very amazing.” – Tania Rusanava, Google Reviews

Upbeat, answers all of my many questions, and doesn’t make me feel rushed

“Dr. Grace Yeung is an amazing OB who has given me the best care. My first appointment was after 2 months of the worst, constant morning sickness I’ve ever experienced. Thankfully, Dr. Yeung was caring, compassionate and put together a treatment plan that allowed me to get back to work and back to being a mom.  Every visit she is upbeat, answers all of my many questions, and doesn’t make me feel rushed.  I’m so thankful to have been referred to her and recommend her to all of my friends.” – Meghan Murray, Google Reviews

5. Dr. Elaine Herer

Dr. Elaine Herer's Homepage
ADDRESS2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3M5
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 480-4680

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Dr. Elaine Herer is a distinguished Deputy Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where she has been a dedicated medical professional since 1988. She is deeply invested in medical education, serving as an Associate Professor at U of T. Her contributions extends beyond the clinical realm, as evidenced by her numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, both authored and co-authored.

Collaborating with a skilled team of obstetricians and gynaecologists at Sunnybrook, Dr. Herer specialises in minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy. Her expertise spans across the spectrum of women’s health, as she attends to patients from adolescence to menopausal stages. This includes individuals dealing with conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and gynaecological cancers. 


  • Involved in clinical research
  • Extensive experience in the medical profession 
  • Patient-centric approach 
  • 35 years in practise


  • Curt and unhelpful secretary

Patient Reviews

Incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and comprehensive in her treatment

“Dr. Elaine Herer was the first Gynecologist/OBGYN to truly make me feel seen and heard. She was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and comprehensive in her treatment of me. She accepted my concerns/worries and included me in the conversation about my body and reproductive health. It was so empowering to be talked to instead of at… She is a fierce advocate of reproductive health, compassionate care, and the evolution of language around care to be as inclusive to all humans.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

I was in good hands and her knowledge and experience were obvious

“Dr. Herer is the best gynaecologist. She was amazing through my entire pregnancy I felt confident that I was in good hands and her knowledge and experience were obvious. She is very informative and very friendly. She helped put my mind at ease when I worried about things. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an OBGYN. Thank you Elaine for taking such great care of us throughout the prenatal care, and delivery.” – Anonymous, RateMDs Reviews

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