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What Can You Do at Eaton Centre?

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What Can You Do at Eaton Centre?

Eaton Centre, Toronto’s largest shopping mall, offers colossal surprises to all types of visitors. Here are a few things you can do while you’re in this icon of a commercial establishment.

Spoil Yourself With a Shopping Spree

Sometimes a deep-tissue massage isn’t enough to untangle the stress inside your body. And while it can definitely bore a hole in your pocket, treating yourself to a shopping spree is worth every penny. 

The first three levels of Eaton Centre are a retail paradise for those who love in-mall shopping. If you don’t know where to start, remember that the levels kind of represent the price range - the higher you go, the more you’ll spend.

The ground floor is where you’ll find fast-fashion brands such as Forever 21 and H&M. But if you want to feel more like a high-fashion model, the 3rd floor is the best place to go for high-end boutiques.

Apart from clothing, the mall is, of course, also a great location for home essentials. You can score a new mattress for your bed or other decorative pieces to upgrade your interior design.

Satisfy Your Cravings at the Food Court

While the Eaton Centre isn’t exactly a foodie’s dream destination, you can surely dive in delicious meals here. The food court is brimming with all types of shops, showcasing various tasty dishes to try.

If you want to enjoy a laid back brunch, Joey Restaurant is among our top picks. Plus, you get to enjoy a menu that crosses continents so it feels like a travel galore without leaving Toronto.

For those who’d love to pair their bar favorites with delicious comfort food, Hendriks Restaurant and Bar is worth the shot. It’s just a bit upscale-y though so you may want to relax on the meals you order.

And you want to finally take a break from your usual cafe spot, why not enjoy some drinks at Real Fruit Bubble Tea? The bubble teas are made from real fruits so it won’t make you feel super guilty after.

Enjoy Fascinating Views of the Mall

Apart from the typical mall madness, Eaton Centre also has wonderful sights that you can enjoy. You can do this after exploring its over 250 shops, which will probably make your fitness trainer proud and beaming with joy.

Cool art installations aren’t reserved for art galleries alone. In fact, you only need to look overhead to see Michael Snow’s fiberglass geese that seem to soar up the skies while overlooking the guests below.

By the way, the mall’s ceiling itself is kind of like a peek into the clouds as well, giving you a full view of the skies. It may not be an art piece, but it can be just as relaxing as a day in the spa.

Finally, you can drop by experiential shops for a different kind of experience beyond shopping. For example, there’s the Samsung Experience Store where you can see various fun tech stuff. 

Use this guide to plan out your future trips at Eaton Centre. Enjoy a weekend with family and friends in this historic place in Toronto.