Toronto may have been the second most walkable city in Canada for a time, but longer distances still need the help of four wheels. This is why we compiled the best transport services in Toronto for those times when you aren’t a pedestrian.


If you don’t own a vehicle yet but require the speed, comfort, and convenience of one, we’ve got your back. We reviewed the top car rental services in Toronto with affordable rates and a good selection of car models for every occasion.


For more formal events, why not consider getting the top limousine services in the city? You can arrive in style at sophisticated gatherings and places minus the anxiety of where to park.


You can also plan out-of-town trips with your entire family or favourite friends without worrying about how everyone will fit in a car. Read up on our recommendations for the best van rental companies in Toronto listed here and weigh all their pros, cons, and value-added services.


And if you need to move out from your current place to a new home, you can look up the best movers in the city to make the transition easier for you. We made sure to single out those with reasonable rates and handlers who are careful with your possessions.


So for any transport needs you may have—whether it’s for a single day or a full week—you can rest assured we got you covered. We’ll regularly provide resources on the best transportation services in Toronto here.