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5 Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Toronto

Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Toronto
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Navigating adulthood is tough, and filled with difficult decisions. That’s why we deserve a treat at one of Toronto’s top hot pot spots– where the only dilemma is choosing between beef or pork.

Join me on a journey through comforting simmering bone broths and yummy sizzling meat choices, as we explore the top hot pot restaurants in Toronto. 

How much does it cost to dine in a hot pot restaurant in Toronto?

Our featured hot pot restaurants in Toronto present a range of prices, spanning from $18 to $60 per person. 
Pricing depends on the restaurant type, whether it’s a budget-friendly AYCE spot like Happy Lamb Hot Pot or a more upscale a-la-carte hot pot joint like Haidilao, coined as “The Ferrari of Hot Pots.”

How We Chose the Best Hot Pot Restaurants in Toronto

Broth Quality: We picked hot pot restaurants that excel in offering rich, varied broths, combining both traditional and innovative flavors.
Ingredient Freshness: We selected places that offer top-notch quality and fresh meats, seafood, vegetables, and other hot pot essentials.
Ambiance: Our selected hot pot spots offer a cozy ambiance, combining cleanliness, tasteful decor, and overall comfort for an enjoyable dining experience.
Service Efficiency: We’ve chosen hot pot establishments known for efficient and attentive service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
Tableside Equipment: Our chosen hot pot restaurants provide clean and functional tableside equipment. This includes well-maintained heating elements, induction cookers, and convenient serving utensils.
Vegetarian and Dietary Options: We’ve identified hot pot destinations that cater to diverse preferences, offering high-quality vegetarian and other dietary-specific options.
Value for Money: We chose hot pot spots that provide excellent value for money, considering generous portion sizes, quality, and an overall satisfying dining experience.

1. Liuyishou Hotpot 

Liuyishou Hotpot
ADDRESS254 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 777-1682

OPERATING HOURSMon-Thurs: 11:30 AM–9:30 PM

Fri-Sun: 11:30 AM–10 PM

Founded in 2000, Liuyishou Hotpot has grown from a single location on a small street in Chongqing, China, to over 1,300 locations worldwide. From Canada and the U.S. to Dubai and France, it has become one of the biggest hotpot chains globally.

Guests can first choose from sliced meat, marinated beef, organs, tofu, mushrooms, seafood, handmade balls, and various veggies. Then, they’re offered five dipping sauce options –  we suggest their house special soy sauce for its deep umami flavor. 

Their nine soup choices include Malaysian laksa, spicy Tom Yum Kung, and coconut chicken. We highly recommend pairing their spicy soup base with marbled beef for a comforting yet delicious kick.

They accommodate nut allergies by suggesting alternative broths for safety. Plus, they sanitize cutlery and plates with UV light.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Over 1,300 locations worldwide
  • Offers 5 dipping sauces and 9 soup bases
  • Accommodates nut allergies
  • Sanitizes cutlery and plates with UV light
  • Offers coupons for T&T shoppers
  • Has a VIP Points program


  • Long wait times
  • Soup base not included in all-you-can-eat (AYCE) price

The quality of the meat here is exceptional

“Visited this hot pot spot for the second time, and they continue to impress. The staff’s welcoming and proactive nature immediately stood out. They took the time to explain the extensive menu, making our choices much easier. What’s even more remarkable is their accommodation for nut allergies. They recommended a different broth to ensure our safety. Their commitment to customer well-being is truly appreciated. The quality of the meat here is exceptional. We left with our taste buds satisfied and a sense of gratitude for such a wonderful dining experience. We’ll definitely be returning for more! Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5. Recommended dishes: Hot Pot Combo, Spicy Soup Base, Handmade Noodles.”

Tejean Smith, Google Review

Super attentive staff

“Came here with a party of 11 for a friends celebration, service was super fast once we all started. Super attentive staff at all times who were accessible when we needed more food/drinks. It wasn’t our first time here, but the first time with over 3 people. Would recommend for anyone who wants to bring a party here 🙂 Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5. Recommended dishes: Spicy Soup Base, Dipping Sauce.”

Georgia Ray, Google Review

2. Chine Legendary Hot Pot & BBQ

Chine Legendary Hot Pot & BBQ
ADDRESS327 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2E9
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 979-1776


Established in 1998, China Legendary Hot Pot & BBQ boasts over 700 locations. Renowned for its authentic Szechuan hot pot and legendary noodles featured on “Taste of China,” this gem also offers a halal option.

The restaurant boasts control induction cookers at each table. Guests can also create their own dipping sauces from their sauce bar.

With over 10 soup bases and a variety of proteins like tenderloin pork slices, beef, chicken feet, fresh shrimp, and more, this all-you-can-eat spot caters to every taste.

Opt for the golden pumpkin broth for a mild, creamy taste, especially delicious with their Kobe beef. 


  • 25 years of experience
  • Over 700 locations
  • Offers halal hot pot options
  • More than 10 soup bases
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Free WiFi 
  • Garage, street, and bike parking


  • Cash and debit cards only
  • Hot temperature indoors

For the price you pay, it was an excellent assortment of food

“Chine Legendary Hot Pot was an amazing experience. Went today for their lunch meal hot pot.  It was delicious and satisfying. The lunch meal: choose the combo you’d like (we opted for the beef combo – $15.99); then choose the soup base (one person chose the tomato non-spicy broth, one chose the chicken and pork both – add $2.00); then choose the carb (one chose the ramen, while the other chose udon – no charge). From there, you can choose to pay for add ons, desserts, or snacks. We did get the crispy taro rolls  ($3.99/2 pcs) and golden bread with condensed milk ($2.99/6 pcs) – just couldn’t resist. As you can see from the image, portions were generous, fresh, and each lunch combo comes with a nice assortment of vegetables, mushrooms, and seafood sides.  The tomato soup was tart and savory; the chicken and pork broth was a nice base for all the ingredients. The ramen had a nice bite and chew as was the udon. I can’t rave enough about the food. For the price you pay, it was an excellent assortment of food and the soup was delicious, truly. Staff was attentive and polite.  There is a sauce area for you to build your own sauces to dip your cooked foods. So much fun and so tasty. Make sure to grab a soup bowl from that area to eat your cooked foods. It was our first time so we needed a lot of support! Best part of all of this: place was clean. Bathroom was clean as well (always a bonus!). The crispy taro rolls and golden bread – also yummy – crunchy and sweet! We were so satisfied – quality food, clean, polite staff, and overall a pleasurable experience. Will definitely be back!”

Eve Rythingelse, Google Review

Perfect hot pot restaurant for a family party

“This is a perfect hot pot restaurant for a family party. Personally I would recommend the tomato broth. The quality of food is good especially the lamb and beef slice. The crispy taro roll and sweet sticky rice cake are my favorite desserts. Servers are friendly and careful. Their washroom is so clean. We’ll definitely come back with more friends. Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5.”

M C (Mosha), Google Review

3. Haidilao Hot Pot

Haidilao Hot Pot
ADDRESS237 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 1N8
CONTACT DETAILS(437) 778-1068


Founded in 1994 in Sichuan Province, Haidilao Hot Pot has earned the title “Ferrari of Chinese hot pots” according to the LA Times. This is because they’re globally renowned for their heavy focus on customer service.

For instance, they provide a lot of extra perks not seen in other hot pot joints. Their front waiting area offers complimentary beverages, snacks, free manicures, neck messages and various game boards. 

Aside from these perks, their hot pot offerings are also top-notch. We recommend trying their mushroom and pork bone broth – they’re both rich in flavour and perfectly complement their quality beef cuts.

They also provide free popcorn – a tasty treat to enjoy during your meal. 

Another unique feature is their use of “magic words.” For instance, if you tell a server, “Your snacks are yummy,” you’d be given free snacks, and if you ask “Do I look like a kid to you?” you’ll be given a small toy.


  • 29 years of experience
  • Hailed as the “Ferrari of Chinese hot pots”
  • Waiting area offers free snacks and drinks, free manicures, and board games
  • Free popcorn
  • Use of magic words


  • Pricey since they serve an a-la-carte-only menu
  • Long wait times on weekends

My favourite hot pot in North America

“As one of the famous restaurants worldwide, I like it and always take someone to Haidilao, not only in Canada but also in China. 1. My favourite Hot pot in North America. Because: Always fresh ingredients; Always nice service; Always delicious. (I am very sensitive to the quality of food; I will be sick if I eat something not fresh) 2. Kris and Ping are great; they are friendly and kind. I believe it is their nature. And they have good memories. They are always with a lovely smile 😊. Warm my heart. Ping is always considerate. Kris is the best manager not only in Haidilao. Her performance is excellent. She is humble, and her problem-solving skills are outstanding. 3. I like the restaurant a lot. I recommend Haidilao to my schoolmate, to my friends. They are enjoying their experiences here.”

Zoey Z, Google Review

Our server cares, and she is enthusiastic and friendly

“I am from Thailand Impressed with the amazing taste and service. I was not disappointed at all in Toronto. Because I met Fer, it was because of her that I wanted to go back again and again. She is so cute and amazing. She cares about serving us. She does it with enthusiasm and friendliness. And thanks to the exciting noodle show, I really liked it. Thanks again Fer for making it a very enjoyable dinner. I will definitely come back. Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5. Recommended dishes: Two Flavor Hotpot.”

Dollaya Charoenratchatabhan, Google Review

4. Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Happy Lamb Hot Pot
ADDRESS421 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W4
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 792-8885


Fri-Sun: 12 PM–10:30 PM

Emerging from Inner Mongolia, Happy Lamb Hot Pot planted its roots in Boston and has since flourished with over 100 restaurants worldwide. 

It provides a casual all-you-can-eat experience featuring an authentic Mongolian-style hot pot. This style generally consists of thinly sliced lamb, cellophane noodles, tofu, and leafy Chinese greens.

Ideal for small group gatherings, the restaurant provides cushioned booth seating and spacious marble tables. 

They also have a sauce bar, a side dish station, and a self-serve drink station, where water, soy milk, and plum juice are offered. They even have cute robot servers!

For those craving spice, we recommend their spicy butter soup base. But, those opting for a milder option should go for their tomato-based broth.

When it comes to meats, don’t miss out on their Angus beef, pork belly, and, of course, their renowned AAA lamb. 

To add a sweet note to your dining experience, try their green tea and red bean ice cream.


  • Over 100 restaurants worldwide
  • Specializes in Mongolian-style hot pot
  • Offers AAA lamb, Angus beef, and pork belly
  • Spacious seatings for groups
  • Sauce, side dish, and self-serve drink stations
  • Has cute robot servers
  • Competitively-priced


  • Has a long wait list
  • Reports of unfriendly staff

This place was bliss

“This place was bliss. Probably because my first time trying Hot Pot. However, it was just super delicious, super fast service and clean, and great preparation. The food is very fresh and delicious. Please see my photos attached for more info. Vegetarian options: Less options for veg. Dietary restrictions: If you have allergies this place is NO for you. Don’t even try everything will have allergens. Parking: Paid street parking is mostly available. Kid-friendliness: I don’t think they have a kids menu. Wheelchair accessibility: The entrance is big enough and have a good setting in the restaurant allowing our wheelchair or stroller friends to get in comfortably.”

Zainil Samnanin, Google Review

Happy Lamb has the yummiest hot pot experience

“Happy Lamb has the yummiest hot pot experience. With a variety of meats, veggies, and other variety of food presented to your order, you can cook at your own pace with your own personal hot pot. Temperature is in your control! For cold winter nights in Downtown Toronto – to summer gathering with friends or family, I cannot recommend this cozy restaurant enough! The mango popsicle was a great way to finish such an indulgent meal. Update – went a month later, still delicious as ever! Shrimp cake was neat in the hot pot!”

Nicholas Rai, Google Review

5. Vintage The Hot Pot AYCE

Vintage The Hot Pot AYCE
ADDRESS3355 Steeles Ave E Unit 1, Toronto, ON M2H 3S8
CONTACT DETAILS(416) 493-5555

OPERATING HOURSMon-Thurs, Sun: 11:30 AM–11 PM

Fri-Sat: 11:30 AM–1 AM

Vintage The Hot Pot AYCE is the GTA’s first Sichuan all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet. Known as Xianhezhuang in Chinese, it’s co-owned by celebrities: actor Chen He, director Li Chen, and host Zhu Zhen.

Stepping into the restaurant feels like a blast from the past, thanks to its retro designs and charming tables.

The all-you-can-eat menu offers a selection of over 70 meats, vegetables, marinated items, snacks, and desserts. Don’t miss their signature pork bone soup and traditional spicy soup.

Diners can craft their own dipping sauces at their sauce station. The dessert station also provides unlimited jelly and tofu pudding refills.


  • Specializes in Sichuan hot pot 
  • Cool retro design
  • Over 70 meats and vegetables
  • Has a sauce and dessert station
  • Free dining for kids under 3
  • Monday to Thursday discount
  • Free parking


  • Pricey
  • Comparatively limited soup base options

One of the best hotpot restaurants I’ve ever been

“One of the best hotpot restaurants I ever been. Fresh food. Strongly recommend lamb roll and handmade fish noodle. Taste very good. Every dish comes with small portion which good for those would like to try everything. You need pay hotpot base unless you have 6 or more people.”

 Ella Liang, Google Review

Overall 10/10 experience

“So excited to find this place! We went on a Thursday evening and it was very quite so it was a calming fun experience! The interior design is super aesthetic. Love the wood decals and the white stone tables! As for the Food- 10/10. You MUST try the Mushroom Soup base. It’s very umami. It’s fair to say I’ve never eaten so many mushrooms at once before!!! As for service; it was also very good. Quick and catering! Love the little body diffuser as you leave too, good for getting rid of that post hotpot smell. Overall 10/10 experience. Definitely worth the money especially for all you can eat!”

Justina Hogan, Google Review